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Old 07-26-2003, 11:15 AM
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Question An Army Of One

I keep hearing all of this "Bureaucratic Hoopla? about being a team player. Yet every time that I turn around, I see some politician (either party at times) quickly snapping up the credit for victory, while passing the buck during the agonies of perceived political defeat!

Harry S. Truman once said, although I know not if he originated it, the "Buck Stops Here!?? Nowadays, however, only the laurels stop at the top, whereas most of the blame is quickly shuffled on down the line, or so it appears to me?!

?Oh, how some things have changed!? When I was a kid, I was taught that a ?MAN? accepts the responsibility for his own mistakes and shortcomings!!

The military operation that was quickly put together to capture or eliminate the two Hussein Boys, was a magnificent piece of work! However, I took great exception when an entrenched politico went the extra step to (in my opinion) gift most (if not all) of the credit to the President alone!

In my opinion, the personnel of 101st ABD, Task Force 20, and all the rest of those who helped to put an end to ?Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dum Hussein? (directly and logistically), deserve "MOST" of the credit, even if they never will be piped aboard a floating city!

I also noted that during the onset of accusations over this (so-called) ?African Nuclear Connection?, the ?Damning Buck? was passed back and forth faster than a hooker could drop her draws! ?Apparently, the accolades are always (quickly) snapped up at the top, whereas, the stench of error is almost immediately pushed-off to anyone who haplessly gets in the way of deflection!!

This ?Plausible Denial B.S.? (another word or two for ?Lying Like Hell?) is not limited to the ?Halls of Olympus? either! I recently noted that this ?Political Team Mentality Scenario? rapidly evaporates when it is the upper rungs of any vassal bureaucracy that are taking the heat!

?Case in point? - When one such bureaucracy, using it?s ?Army of Tax-Supported Lawyers? and ?Billion$ In Gifted Resources? was on the attack, the feeding frenzy (like piranha) was maddening! When however, the intended prey(s) stung back in defense, the upper echelon of said bureaucracy was often quick to resort to but five little words - those being ?WELL, THAT?S WHAT HE SAID!??

By doing so, ?Defensive Distancing? was quickly inserted between a live (political) round and it?s point of impact! This was done (opinion) in order to apply a buffer, should this hypothetical round blow up in the faces of certain lordly powers within the system!

Hey, this bothers me not, as someone always takes the fall for those far too lofty and far too cringing to accept their own shortcomings (nothing new here, and no one in particular referenced)!

When any lesser bureaucrat takes his seat of power, he knows right from the start that: ?When the excrement begins to roar down hill, his job is to bite the bullet! ?If he wants to feast upon the splatter, he must also be willing to dine upon the droppings!?

?Now don?t take me wrong?? I personally detest the sometimes-cringing way of life in the fast lane!? But there are those out there who would eagerly stand forever in that line for their own opportunity to behave like soulless parasites! And some of these international types are the jokers who usually start wars, and then take a step back to see what kick$ lose!

I further detest those who throw a political punch, incite violence, and then kiss the backsides of the infamous, immediately after the brawl is successfully completed! This is not a game of chess, as the fallen here are never merely picked up, dusted off, and set up anew, while the chess master gleefully accepts the fruits of another?s sacrifices!

In short, this ?Team Play Scenario? goes a lot deeper (I feel) than just two sides of the same dinner line! A line where one side buys, cooks and serves the grub, and the other - where the man (or woman) seated at the head of the table, merely pigs out, farts and leaves the feast without so much as a howdy-do!

In a genuine family, all share in the work of preparation and service in order to relish in the feed! Also within that family, all suffer the pains of indigestion when the feast goes bad! (opinion)

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