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Old 10-01-2009, 01:03 PM
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Not a problem. I have a tendency to not believe most people’s claims. It is amazing how many Viet Nam era posers there are. During that time I knew many vets who denied being involved. Now days its “cool” to be a vet so all the wannabes are claiming all kinds of stuff.
It’s very hard to believe someone when they are telling you things that are contrary to what you believe to be fact. Not too long ago is someone had told me they were SF and that their MOS started with 18, I would of cried BS. The military is always changing. Not always for the better
I don’t really care if I am believed or not. If someone really gets serious about not believing me they can always press charges against me under the Stolen Valor Act. Let the courts prove that I am what I am.
As far as Farmboy is concerned, I did a lot of checking and he is actually more than he claims to be. He is very well respected in the SF community.
Thank you for the welcome.
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