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Old 11-20-2002, 05:30 PM
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Thumbs down Truth Talks - B S Walks!


December 8 is a strange deadline indeed - the day that a formal declaration of war was requested by FDR against yet another (formerly) decadent empire!

Well here we are again boys and girls, delivering an ultimatum to yet another ?Profit and Power ($$$$) Hungry Aggressor?, half a world removed from one enemy that now rests some six decades behind us! And this ?War Lord? (Hussein) too, would have us believe that he is a ?Born Again Human Being - Toro-Estiercol!!?

One must always keep a wary eye upon the eternally sardonic, agreed, but what pisses me off the most, is nations like France, Germany, Russia and now China! Countries that have redundantly thrust forth an open hand, closed hearts, and eroded memories! Far too much vodka, fermented grape, schnapps and rice wine me thinks! (opinion) Not to offend, as if I give a rat?s hinny, make mine cold suds!

And to think that all of this time, some thought I didn?t even know the meaning of diplomacy? ?Hell, the only truly effective diplomat, is one with a snoot-full, and I don?t mean snot! And as for that prancing United Nations ?Cathartes aura? that constantly sticks it?s stabbing beak into the dealings of ?Freedom Defending Sovereign Nations? (the Caffeine Man), he is in my opinion, a splendid specimen of ?Dr. Doolittle?s Push Me-Pull You?, and both of his faces are immovably pointed in the direction of ?Absolute UN Power!?

This ?Decaffeinated Cat? (or is that Secretary General) is now insinuating that it is the Coalition that may be in violation of UN Resolutions, and that Iraq was not criminal in firing upon Coalition Aircraft in the No Fly Zone! ?What the hell are you smoking bub!??

Well Mr. Annon, why don?t you take a break from all of that ?Bogus-Grandiosity? and plunk your backside into the back seat of a coalition aircraft (as an observer), and take a flight of fancy over the ?Lead-Hot NFZ (No Fly Zone)?? Of course, you had best bring along a sizable supply of Pampers for yourself to fall back upon, as that splattering sound you hear just might be the echoes of your own excrement bouncing off of the canopy!

And when you do return from your ?A-Ticket Ride over Hell?s Half Acre?, you just might be some 20 or so pounds lighter and far more appreciative of the Coalition?s efforts to protect people like you!?

Also might I suggest that, upon your return from this unannounced junket into ?No Man?s Land?, you totally dismantle that 39-story, 18-acre bordello on the East River, and ship it over to Baghdad! ?I mean what the hell, in my humble opinion, you have sold it to them anyway!??

Of course, these are but my personal opinions, and although I am not from Harry Truman?s neck of the woods in the ?Show Me State?, I still don?t believe one damned word that flows like goose-crap from the fly-trap of Saddam The Terrible! So please excuse me for being so damned cynical or untrusting, but ?Fool Me Once - Shame On You, Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me!? And for the record, our Uncle Sam don?t grow too many fools!!

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