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I was recently asked, ‘as an independent cuss’, who I felt were among the most productive and forthright presidents (and truly great men alike) - that our nation has ever produced! And seeing as I was asked, I will attempt to answer that question -“In My Opinion” (and in this category), I would say that the answer to this is:

“George Washington”, number one and the man that the British would have hung, if they were ever able to catch him! “Thomas Jefferson”, the man whose magnificent performances and creativity - certainly speaks volumes! “Ben Franklin”- The Gent whose brains and achievements certainly speak for themselves! “Andrew Jackson”, a man with the heart and soul of a lion!” “Abraham Lincoln”, The Super-Courageous Man who held “Our Nation” together during some pretty horrendous times! “Teddy Roosevelt”, the gent who put the welfare of “Our Country” first and foremost! “Franklin D. Roosevelt”, the gentleman who guided us through the horrendous years of WWII! “John F. Kennedy” who most of our people loved from the time that he skippered the PT 109, and who uttered those now historic words : “Ask Not What Your Country Can Do For You - “Rather Ask, What You Can Do For Your Country!” “Ronald Reagan”, the great orator, and a man who truly lived the part of president! And “Donald John Trump”, the business-titan who truly looks and acts the part of a national leader - and a gentleman who commands (and deserves) the respect and the admiration of the entire world, “Hank Tavares” - my father, and a man who served through three beach-heads and six battle stars in North Africa and Europe during World War II, and who also served upon the shop committee (for well over twenty-years after that war), and this for the nation’s (then) premiere car manufacturer! And of course – There Is My Step-Dad, George, a brilliant man, who certain gave “A Whole-Lot More Than He Ever Should Have Had To! And of course – there is ‘Junior Morgan’ as well, who served upon destroyer- escort duty in the Frigid North-Atlantic during that war!”

And lastly – “and these are but my own personal opinions”, there are thousands of other names that I feel also belong within this grouping as well! And after all is said and done, these gentlemen (and millions more just like them), who truly left their un-dying mark upon –

Our Memories, Our Nation, Our Lives and “Our History As Well!!”

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