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Old 07-21-2009, 07:33 PM
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Default Introducing Digital Beauty

Hello, I was very happy to find your website today. My husband, SP5 Bobby Brooks, served with the 15th Medical Battalion, 1st Cavalry Division in An Khe Vietnam in 1965-1966. Col. William Downey was the Executive Officer at that time. I was reading old posts about folks who have not been able to attend a reunion yet. 2008 was the first year that Hubby and I attended one and it was with great hesitation and aniticpation. All that melted away as we walked into the room and were greeted with hugs and handshakes and they became our extended family. Since the reunion was held in Biloxi in 2008, I figured I'd let hubby spend time with the guys, telling war stories and I'd spend most of my time at the beach. WRONG!!!!
I could not believe how drawn I was to these men and their stories. I came away from the 3 days with a completely different view of Vietnam and those who served. My passion is digital scrapbooking so I began to design commemorative scrapbook pages for both the 2008 and 2009 reunions. As I sat with each man, scanning photos of them in Vietnam, gathering the information the would want on dog tags and each of the medals and commendations they had won, I felt I was being given a rare glimpse into the soul of each of them. How that touched my heart I cannot put into words. This past March 29th I was honored to make a presentation to family members of the 9 men from Cumberland County Tennessee who had died in Vietnam. There is a duplicate copy of each scrapbook page hanging in our local military museum. God was with me the day of the presentation, holding my weak knees up and helping to keep my voice from breaking as I gave my speech to the families gathered for the Annual Welcome Home Vietnam Vets. There was not a dry eye in the crowd, including mine. Since going to the 15th Med Bn Assoc. reunions I have gained an extended family and a deeper respect for those who serve. God Bless each of you...Past, present and future.

I would like to put a copy of that speech here for all to read.

Digital Beauty Designs
Linda Brooks, Designer
I recently saw a photo of a man standing with a young child at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall in Washington D.C.
As I sat and looked at the picture it seemed to come to life…

The man was holding his young daughter's hand as they walked along the Wall. He seems to hold her hand tightly as if to gather strength from her innocence. As they walked along, passing the many visitors there, with curiosity the little girl looked up at him and asked, "Daddy, why are there so many names on the Wall?
Taking a deep breath, he knelt down beside her, "Sweetheart” he said, “These are the names of the American's who died during the Vietnam War."

With a child's acceptance, she smiled and they continued on. As they walked along she quietly watched the people and what they were doing. Soon she tugged on her Daddy’s arm again and asked "Daddy, why is everybody touching the wall?" Her daddy smiled down at her and gently said, "When someone touches the names on the wall, it is their way of touching the heart of the one they love.”
The little girl pondered for a moment, and then she motioned for him to bend down so she could whisper in his ear. As she looked around, she whispered "but Daddy, why are they crying?"
He drew in a deep breath, choking back his own tears. Then he gently picked his daughter up and holding her close, he said, "Sweetheart, they cry because their loved ones are touching them back."

I've had the honor of working with the photo of your loved one for a while now and each day his face looked back at me and he touched my heart in a way I cannot explain. My hope for you is that as you look at this scrapbook page and gently touching the face of your loved one, you will feel him reaching out and touching you back.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for the honor of allowing me to do this for you.
God Bless you!

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Old 07-23-2009, 11:23 AM
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Default DB,...

You reflect great compassion for: "America's Finest" & accordingly put out some truly fine words.
They got through to even this insensitive, mean & crusty old fart.

But then,...maybe I just got a little dust in my eyes?
Regardless, Welcome Aboard!

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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15th med bn, an khe, vietnam, welcome home

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