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Smile Growing Grassroots Wildfires!

?There is nothing like a wildfire (figuratively and hypothetically speaking) to ignite the passions of times past!? That same blistering passion that stirred the true patriots of yore to affirmative action and helped to create the impetus of resolve that made us what we are today, or rather what we were but a short time ago!

Apparently that spark of zeal still exists today! The very same zeal and elan that carried us over rough times in the past. The fervor that saw the birth of a brave new nation, and that drives the fires that feeds the fuel of democracy, even as we speak!

Granted, there is still that small army of drag-alongs who sit back and wait to see what happens or what kicks loose before committing themselves to manhood. Those drones of society who will latch on to a cause, only after the majority have already come onboard and committed themselves! But their help too is essential if righteous change, or even redirection, is to be achieved! ?And such is often the case in our society, and if the Almighty wills it, and we keep our moral powder dry, we can survive forever!?

Cases in point - The Bill (Honor Our Fallen Prisoners of War Act) was just such a grass-roots effort and it caught the eye and ethical dignity of those with the power to make it law! Hopefully, by March, but two short months from now, it will become the long overdue ?Law of the Land!!?

Another effort that is grass-root based is the drive to stand behind law enforcement. Granted, there are bad and good in all quarters of life, even within our uniformed law enforcement community! But to chastise, or even imprison those who serve and protect, because of foreign demands, is a sad reflection of thanks, in an often-thankless job!

Such is fast becoming the case (unfortunately) within our society. A society that often seems far more concerned about international opinion or political correctness, than in championing the rights and freedoms of those who champion ours!

There are many who feel that our military is being forced to fight by the other guy's rules, or are being curtailed or chastised in their thankless tasks by some of the very people that they have sworn to serve and protect!

Such, unfortunately, is also the case (in my opinion) as concerns the recent trial and conviction of two Border Patrol Agents whom many feel were just doing their assigned jobs, and again, often thankless jobs they are!

Real or perceived, to prosecute those who are dedicated to protecting our way of life, or our borders, is a sad reflection upon certain Powers That Be! And when foreign and alien dictates become far more quintessential than the public mandate of the voting, law-abiding majority, then we are in big trouble! ?Who do these bureaucrats serve and protect anyway - the tax-paying, law abiding, voting (American) public, or the eternal demands of foreign hypocrites! (Beware of everlasting foreign entanglements)

Either ?We the People? control our own government and destiny. Or we do not - which is it? ?Something to remember when next we vote!!?

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