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Default Q&A: A winning couple

Q&A: A winning couple

10-13-2010 04:00 AM

ShareThis Published:
Wed, 2010-10-13 11:50

Q&A: A winning couple

Newlywed game winners Captain Eric Mowles and Brittany Mowles on their wedding day. Photo courtesy of the Mowles

Q&A: A winning couple

Heather Joy

You are newlyweds new to the RAF Mildenhall community what do you do for fun one weekend night? Well if you are Captain Eric Mowles and his wife of six months Brittany you take part in the 100th Force Support Squadron’s Newlywed Game competition hosted by the Bob Hope Community Center.
Mowles, Chief, Aerospace Fuels Laboratory and his wife beat five other couples at the game fashioned after the popular television game show to win a gift certificate from RAF Mildenhall’s Information, Tickets and Travel office. Stars and Stripes sat down with the couple to see what it was like to compete and win.

S&S: Why did you enter the newlywed game?
Capt. Mowles: She made me.
Brittany: (laughing) thought it would be fun.

S&S: What question did he get wrong that you thought he should get right?
Brittany: What was our bedroom activity like? He said deep impact, and I said as good as it gets.

S&S: What about her?
Capt. Mowles: Not really.

S&S: Was there a question that either of you were surprised you got right?
Capt. Mowles: Food dishes, I was kind of hesitant, I was surprised that she got it right. She actually put what I wrote.
Brittany: I was debating between the chicken and the steak, telling myself, I hope I pick right.

S&S: Was there a question you really didn’t want to answer?
Brittany: There was one about are favorite outfit that the men like to see us in. I didn’t know if they were talking like lingerie or a specific outfit so I put orange and white polka dotted outfit. Nobody else really knew what the meant, but we both know what it means.
Capt. Mowles: Exactly.
Brittany: But, when they all saw the answer, they were like oooh. So the other guys (competitors) were like the pink outfit.
Capt. Mowles: So that was one I didn’t want to answer, but I did anyway.

S&S: Would you ever play the newlywed game again?
Brittany: Yeah, I think so. As long as they have different questions.

S&S: What advice would you give other couples about to play the newlywed game?
Brittany: You got to know your partner and have fun with it.

The couple has been considering celebrating their win by using their prize certificate to visit Paris or Italy.

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