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Old 05-04-2003, 07:26 AM
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Angry Dealing In Death!

?Warfare has a tendency to bring out the baser side of mankind - not only in practice, but also in aftermath!"

Obliterating humanity wholesale certainly points to the fact that some creatures have not evolved much beyond the cave. And even though warfare is often forced upon a nation, the encore performances engaged in by some creatures, prove that this insanity can be never-ending!

Without going into ?Wars Past?, conflicts that witnessed the violent deaths of untold millions, the last war, although not as lengthy or destructive in scope, still points to a common thread - ?The Seeds Of War Are Self Perpetuating!?

Back after World War II, the world was in a race to gain control of the nuclear genie. Not for it?s peaceful energy potential alone, but also for it?s ability to destroy humanity wholesale! If the science & military communities of some nations could not develop the atomic beast on their own, greed entered the equation! Human carrion, either through nationalist fervor or mass insanity, lusted after the absolute power over life and death, and they would do whatever it took to attain it! The secrets of nuclear obliteration were stolen, sold, bartered away and traded, and not always for the sake of survival alone, but usually for something far more base! That being - ?POWER AND GREED!?

With the war in Iraq (formally) declared over, and many a ?Wanna-Be Bad-Boy? licking his chops in anticipation of vast fortune, national-historic treasures were not the only prize sought after by the weak-minded! What a huge furor it created when the Baghdad Museum was looted of irreplaceable human treasures, but even these historical icons paled when compared to some recent thefts.
?Stealing man?s past is one thing, but stealing his future is quite another!?

Archaeological artifacts are a valuable link to times departed, but the theft of nuclear materials is something quite different! For with these destructive elements in the hands of fools, mankind may not be around to amass any addendums to his past history!

Granted, the looting of common necessities probably was the act of the desperate, the hungry and the mindless, but those who pilfered museums had a deeper agenda. And those who now pirate nuclear materials in Iraq, are the most grotesque of all of Eden?s Cast-Offs! ?For these people seek their fortunes at the cost of millions of innocent human lives!?

Yes, war does bring out the absolute worse in some beings, and no matter how hard we attempt to deny it, there are (and always will be) those who seek to de-evolve this race called man! ?And I fear (at times) that these heartless ass-holes are winning!!?

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