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Old 10-26-2005, 06:27 AM
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Question Moving Backwards In Time?

If you would have told our troops returning home back in late 1945 that the world would be in as big of a mess as it is now, they would have probably tossed you overboard in mid ocean!

Once upon a time, we raised patriots! Men and women who strove to make this nation the greatest that the world had ever seen. People to whom this country came first, and not some vested ideology, the needs of the selected few, or the demands of Foreign Caesars.

Had you even hinted, but a short six decades ago, that we would go to war for purely economic reasons or that even God Himself would be under attack by a political mainstream, you would have been tarred and feathered and run out of town! For these were values that Europe and Asia only dreamed of, but could never capture!

And when in our brief history had we ever allowed any minority view to overshadow the mandates of the majority, until that is, the majority itself became contorted and misdirected. And when have our direction, even when voted upon and approved of by the majority, ever been redirected by nine pseudo gods? Individuals who are no longer being driven by the rule of law, but rather by those who pull their strings, economically, politically, or by virtue of absolute power alone! It is, and always has been my view that the Supreme Court must be 100% independent of political control, as they are the final word when it comes to legality! ?Unfortunately, such is not the case!!?

Yes indeed, we are moving in leaps and bounds - unfortunately (in my opinion), in the wrong direction. We are fast becoming that which we have fought to control and dissuade! And worse of all, we are doing it with our eyes wide open and our conscience shut tight!

An article that I read and posted yesterday talked about the temporary stature of our once great nation! WE have (had) the power to break that mold. To introduce what God intended from square #1. An independent (independent no more) society that was free to advance our race and to insure that (if not Eden) at least we could secure for eternity (or close to it), the true meaning of humanity!

?Stop and think for a moment!? Do you really want to leave your kids a godless inheritance? A New World Order of Chaos, Servitude to Foreign Dictates, and a Les Miserables Existence. Do you want to leave them the mess that is now being created by the moral descendants of the likes of Nero, Genghis Khan, the Robber Barons of the late Nineteenth Century, or even an absolutist like Antonio Lopez de Santa Ana, who in my opinion, is still alive, if but in spirit?

Did our Forefathers create this great nation, only to have it assimilated by the same brand of international failure that polluted old Europe and the orient in times past? And has the disease of international intrigue gained such a foothold that we can no longer legally resist?

Take off those rose colored glasses, if but for a moment, and look around you with your mind clear. Look at our economy, our involvement in political/economic warfare, our near abandonment of morality, our drug culture, our political intrigues, and then ask yourself (truthfully), is this what our Founders had in mind, and is this really what you want for your children! For if it is, then I put it to you that the United States (OUR UNITED STATES) is ours no more! We have traveled the path of Rome, and come full circle in but two hundred years!!

?Again, these are but my own opinions!?

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