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Old 08-27-2003, 05:38 AM
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Cool Rangers Under Siege

Rangers Under Siege

I didn't feel the need to write again because the situation settled a bit with the new CSM. 12 ranger students accused of drinking in the barracks were re-enrolled in the course because one of the student's dad is a 3 star. Eaton has set a dangerous precedent.

Over the weekend several recycles drank in the student barracks, a hand full of them went to Auburn for a party, the rest stayed here. When the TAC NCO got wind of this he called HHC 1SG and the MPs. The students then took a breathalyzer. The majority failed. Those who did not have been enrolled in the course normally. Those that did fail where put on probation, and counseled by the BN CDR. He recommended drop. COL Kidd dropped them, until BG Freakley had lunch with the LTG Inge, Ranger Inge and his accomplishes who did not go on the field trip to Aubryn have been readmitted into the ranger course with a modified POI.

Everyone at every level has speculated that if Ranger Inge was with the Auburn group they all would have stayed. They where not trained in Hand to Hand or given any of the Land Nav orientation we give to new students. They simply took a 5 mile run test and we then put back in the course with their peers. CSM Greenway was almost fired last night because of his refusal to get on board with this new line of bull****. CSM Greenway assured the RI in 4th RTBN that none of the students would be re-admitted, and this makes him look like an ass. COL Kidd folded again.

A ****ed Ranger Instructor


SSgt. Roger A.
One Proud Marine
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