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Old 04-28-2002, 12:38 PM
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Default LRRPS [James]


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Posted 01-09-2001 at 12:11

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Posted: 2001-08-21 21:42
But the grunts stick around and finish them off!: ]
The Road goes on forever and the party never ends.


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Posted: 2001-08-22 08:53
OF COURSE!!!!!!! we'd piss em off--you'd straighten em out--thats why you wore helmets and we didn't, they hamper running

Self made a perfect LRRP esp when he found out that their motto is-"he who fights and runs away will fight again another day" This is my own philosophy on how to fight a war--the grunts have to stay and slug it out with whoever shows up--I was one long enough to know. (actually my philosophy is to stay home and make lots of money)
Paratroopers will NEVER EVER retreat but since we were always surrounded and outnumberd by 5 to, say, zillions, attacking towards the rear was always a legitimate tactic.
Good to see ya again Frankie. Let me catch you up on my claim--Filed way back in Feb, heard nada for 3 months, now for the past 3 months, every month I get a form letter saying basically, your in the pipeline but we can't get to you for a while
Ive still got all yr stuff, read it all and am also in contact with others who went thru it, so Ive got lots of support when I need it, thanks again
Good to see you again, hope all OK

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