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Old 05-31-2006, 02:39 PM
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Your story is wonderful and is the best way to celebrate Memorial Day. My first Grandchild arrived only last week and I can only hope that one day, he and I can also share a day such as yours. It is so special to have a family member to show interest in our fallen heros, especially if that family member is a child. I'm sure, with your help, another future patriotic American will be encouraged to respect and remember not only her Papa's service, but also the service of all military veterans and as you say, the real heros, those already buried all around the nation and indeed, all around the world. Semper Fi
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Old 06-08-2006, 08:34 PM
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Fox 2/1 My cousin and best friend Richard Wolcott served with 2/1 from December 68 thru febuary 1969 he was a RTO with the call sign of pink panther, He is just now realizing why he acts the way he doe's and the theropy sessions at the VA are working wonders with him. for over thirty years he would not talk about the war or the marines. But I bought two books called We Remember and I kept 1 and gave him the other and after reading what you guys went through I could see why he chose to try and black that time in his life out. Rich and I discuss his battles during the war and during his life after. You can see the difference in him now that he is dealing with his past. I just wanted to say you Mud Grunts did a good Job and welcome home.
May you be in Heaven 3 days before the Devil knows your dead
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Old 06-09-2006, 08:24 PM
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Sorry for the delay in answering, I don't check here very often. I'm still not much on sharing wih others, but I am trying harder, its therapy for me.
Thank you for sharing this info with me about your cousin. I don't recall him, but times were difficult back then. I served with 2nd Platoon, Foxtrot 2/1 from 11/68-12/69. I wasn't trained as a RTO, my MOS was 0311, but I did hump the PRC-25 for a few months. It was heavy and the duty sucked, always on some type of radio watch, when not humping it. I outgrew or out-survived it and moved on to point man and eventually squad leader. My only qualification for any of these occupations, I was a fast learner and somehow managed to survive when others did not. Experience and survivability and good fortune meant I was destined for a fast track to become an NCO. I became a good bush Marine but I will always be haunted by decisions that I made, the awsome responsibility of command, even at my lowly rank of Corporal carried with it a heavy burden of survivor's guilt. So as you can see, I identify with your cousin's reticence and I know only too well the legacy of both our burden of demons and our responsibility to remember for the sake of our brothers that will remain young forever. Thanks for the kind words, I still remember when Vietnam vets were invisible to everyone, and for awhile, I even lost myself. Semper Fi
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Old 06-10-2006, 09:32 AM
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2/1 as you get more treatment, and go to your group, sharing will come easier. At first it is hard to open up and let go of things that are eating you up insided. It will get better though.

If your going to suceed your going to have to know how to deal with failure. (Joe Torre).
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