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Another one, in Oregon...


"The Uppertown Firefighters Museum houses an extensive collection of fire fighting equipment and memorabilia dating as far back as the 1880's. There are hand-pulled, horse-drawn and motorized fire engines and vivid photographic displays of some of Astoria's most spectacular fires.

The historic 1896 building originally was part of the popular North Pacific Brewery which was closed by Prohibition in 1915. In 1928 the City of Astoria rebuilt the building as the Uppertown Fire Station #2. In 1960 it was retired and in 1989 the City of Astoria gave the building to the Clatsop County Historical Society for use as a museum. Much of the historic equipment on exhibit was also donated by the City."

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One in Derry, New Hampshire...

"TOURIST ATTRACTIONS - One tourist attraction in Derry is the Robert Frost Homestead. The Bicentennial and Firefighters Museums are also in Derry."

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One in Denver...

"The Denver Firefighters Museum is located in historic Denver Fire Station No. 1. The building was constructed in 1909 for Engine Company No. 1 by Glen W. Huntington, noted Denver architect, as one of the largest fire house ever built in Denver. The building served as a working fire station until 1974. The building was designated a Local Landmark on February 11, 1974 and listed on the National Register of Historic Places on November 14, 1979.

Today the Denver Firefighters Museum is open to the public six days a week year round. Hands-on activities combined with the Museum?s exhibits, provides information about fire safety and prevention as well as the history of the Denver Fire Department and historic Fire Station No. 1. Try on firefighting equipment, slide down a pole and ride on our fire truck designed just for kids as you pretend to put out fires. Or watch videos and play video games to find safe ways out of the house on fire.

Museum Hours: Monday through Saturday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Admission: Adults $4.00, Seniors $3.00, Children 14 and under $2.00.

Group Tours: Scheduled at 10:00 a.m., 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. Please call for reservations and group rates.
Be sure to visit our gift shop!

You'll find toys, apparel, gifts, jewelry, decorating items, books, and more! Visit online!

The mission of the Denver Firefighters Museum is to preserve the history of the Denver Fire Department and firefighting through the collection and preservation of artifacts, documents and photographs. The purpose of the Museum is to educate the public about fire safety and the history of firefighting in Denver from its inception to the present. This is accomplished through interpretive exhibits, educational programming and scholarly research.

Education is the primary focus of programs at the Museum. Educational program content is guided by it?s relevance to the mission statement. Programs are designed to provide the participants with opportunities to understand how fire safety and prevention directly affect their daily lives.

It is the vision of the Denver Firefighters Museum to present exhibits that are tangible expressions of the history of the Denver Fire Department. The goal in presenting exhibits is to entertain, educate, and guide the public in the pursuit of new interests. Exhibits also are designed to provide the public with a better understanding of the origins and growth of present community interests, activities, and attitudes. These goals are accomplished by using objects, documents and photographs to interpret the Denver Fire Department?s past and present experiences with the community."

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Here's something about Fire horse tack...

Historic Fire Fighting Equipment Fire Horse
"We have a wide range of horse tack for both English and western riders. Let us help you find English tack for hunter jumpers, eventing, and dressage or western tack for trail riding, barrel racing, and cutting. Tack accessories such as halters, blankets and saddle pads and horse boots are also available. Our horse tack selection fits the needs of horses, ponies and riders of all ages.

The Internet can be a great source of information, and right at your fingertips. But sometimes it's hard to come across good worthwhile sources of information on the internet as there are so many websites to browse through. But don't be despondent, there are however, a lot of good informational websites about historic fire fighting equipment fire horse. It's just a matter of browsing through all the search engine results until you find a site that can offer you the information you are looking for."

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Found one in Toledo...

"Dedicated to over 150 year history and heroes of the
Toledo Fire Division


Saving a Life


Conveniently located five minutes from downtown Toledo.
Toledo Firefighters Museum
918 Sylvania Ave.
Toledo, OH 43612
(419) 478-FIRE (3473)

Click here for map

Here's to the firefighters, one and all
Always at your beck and call
Vigilant and unafraid
Volunteer or city paid

Solentific men are these
Fighting fires or a dread disease
Challenging a flaming hell
At the ringing of the bell

Unknown heroes clad in blue
They give up their lives just for you
Pray for them as they go past
As every ride may be their last

By: Nick Kenny


T.F.D Homepage


The T.F.D. has been protecting the lives and
property of Toledoans since 1837. It has evolved from
a volunteer "bucket Brigade" into a highly-trained
workforce schooled in the most current methods of
modern-day fire fighting and life-saving
technology. Authorized strength is 525
firefighters. They are responsible for
protecting Toledo's 333,000 residents
living throughout an 84 square mile area.

Old Fashioned Training


The Toledo Fire/Police Alarm Office - Report from 1937


Founded in 1976 for the purpose of preserving the history of the
Toledo Fire Division and educating citizens about fire prevention
and safety. In memory of fallen firefighters, the two-story museum
is located in a working fire station, "Old Number 18 Fire House",

circa 1920, which was replaced by a new station in 1975.

Old #18 Fire House


The museum's million dollar display includes many large pieces
of vintage fire fighting equipment. The centerpiece of the museum
is the 1837 "Neptune", Toledo's first fire pumper. Lovingly restored
by Toledo Firefighters, the hand-pulled, hand-operated Neptune
required a 20-man crew and could deliver about 300 gallons
of water per minute.

Other major fire equipment includes:

1927 American-LaFrance pumper
1929 Pirsch pumper
1936 Schacht service ladder truck
1969 Willy's Fire Jeep NEW

Steam Pumper No. 2


Toledo Steamers
by Tim Boaden, Historian - reprinted from The Hook and Letter, fall 2002

The first steam fire engine or "steamer" as they were commonly known, made its appearance in Toledo even before there was a paid fire department. Two of the early volunteer companies purchased steamers from the H.C. Silsby Island Works Company of Seneca, New York in 1861, six years before Toledo started paying its firemen.

Although the technology had been around for several decades, the first practical working steamer was used in Cincinnati in 1852. Its arrival signaled the end of large volunteer departments in most big cities, which by this time had become a political embarrassment because of fighting more with each other than fighting fires.

Since it only required two men to operate a steamer with an additional four to six hosemen as opposed to the 20 to 40 men it took to operate each hand engine, it is easy to see why city governments quickly adopted the steamer.

Between the first steamer purchased in 1861 and the last one in 1908, the Toledo Fire Department had a total of 23 from such manufacturers as the aforementioned Silsby, along with Amoskeag, Clapp and Jones, Ahrens and LaFrance.

When the department ultimately decided to convert to motorized fire engines, many of the steamers were relatively new so tractors replaced the horses.

The last steamer went out of service at Number 5 station on March 1, 1930, thus ending an era that spanned nearly 60 years. Although the last of the Toledo steamers went with the scrap metal drives of early World War II, the Toledo Firefighters Museum is actively seeking to buy or acquire one on loan.


Photos of some items at the Toledo Firefighters Museum


Old Alarm Office
Firehouse Gongs
Helmet Display Case
Models of old rigs
Speaking Trumpet & Helmet
Museum Study/Research Ctr.
Fire Marks/Old Equipment
TFM Stained Glass Window

The Firefighting "Ladies"


Ornate speaking trumpets, sweat sticks used to sweep lather
from the horses, fire gongs, bells, badges, buckets and...

Hundreds of antique fire toys
Watchman's desk and tape register
Vintage uniforms
Command officers room
Toledo area memorabilia
Firefighters sleeping quarters

Old #16's Firehouse


Over one-hundred fifty years of Toledo fire fighting history
can be found on the second floor of the museum. An
extensive collection of scrapbooks, reference materials
and Toledo Fire Division journals dating back to the
1800's is housed in the museum's library.

Hundreds of photographs of notable fires and Fire Division
history can be found throughout the museum.

In addition, the chronological history of the T.F.D.
is displayed on the first floor of the museum.

This turn of the century display was made possible through
the combined efforts of area businesses, local labor
organizations and the City of Toledo.


Click HERE for a report (Spring, 1985)
on the Toledo Firefighters Museum
from the Ohio Professional Fire Fighter

Wayne Trail Gasoline Tanker Fire


Located near the second floor library is the safety
and learning center that was once the firefighters
sleeping quarters. "Jed's Bedroom" and
"Fireman Freddy's Fire Station" were constructed
to allow children to actually role play situations
they might encounter in their home.

Under the trained supervision of the Fire Prevention
Bureau, children are taught how to roll out of bed,
keep low in case of smoke, and feel the door for heat
with the back of their hand. Families are encouraged
to plan escape routes from their homes, designate a
common meeting place, and test smoke
detectors regularly.


The Man Who Created Fireman Freddy
Home Fire Escape Drill - Escape Plan and
Practicing your Plan
Home Fire Escape Tips
The Thank-You Board - from children who visited TFM


Click on Spot
for history of


The Toledo Firefighter's Museum, Inc., a non-profit
organization, was founded in 1976, as part of the
City of Toledo's celebration of
America's Bicentennial.

The museum's first display was located in the
Museum of Science in the Toledo Zoo.
As the collection grew, it became evident
that larger facilities were needed.
"Old Number 18 Fire House" seemed the perfect
home to display this collection.

"Neptune" built in 1837


Click here for information on becoming a Lifetime Member of the Toledo Firefighters Museum.


If you have items in your attic, basement, garage, etc., consider donating them to the museum so everyone can enjoy seeing them. Items can also be loaned to the museum, if you wish.
We also have fund donations set up including the Stamp Fund to help us pay newsletter mail costs, and the Coloring Book Fund.
Contact us for further information (419-478-3473)
or e-mail us.
We are a 501c3 charitable organization and all donations
are tax deductible for those who itemize.


Summer: Saturday 12-4 pm
Winter: Saturday 12-4 pm

Group Tours
Also available weekdays or
evenings by appointment

Always Free!

All public areas handicapped

For more Info...
(419) 478-FIRE

Visit our Gift Shop!

Museum Patches Available


Play music? Old Fire
Sheet music here!


Taking the Museum
On the Road


The Last Alarm
(List covering 10 years of TFD
firefighters who have passed on)
If I Knew...a poem


The Ultimate Sacrifice
(Those who died in the line of duty)


Five Chiefs Reminiscing -
200 years aggregate of fire-
fighting in Toledo


Toledo Firefighters Federal
Credit Union Homepage
Toledo Firefighters Health Plan
Toledo Convention/Visitor Bur.


Volunteers Painting the Fire Museum
We have provided links to
our various pages as
well as others.
The Firefighter's Prayer
Fire Museums listing
Jim the Fire Horse
Toledo Fire Horses
The Fireman's Wife
The Fireman's Dream
Hall of Flame
Music -Hear
The Midnight Fire Alarm
Society Preserving Old Fire
Vehicles (SPAAMFAA)
"Hand Tubs"
(Neptune-like vehicles)
Fire Collector News
Twas the Night Before Christmas for Firemen
Creation of a Firefighter
What is a Fireman?
The Saddest Job
Firefighters Humor
The Chief's Laws
Misc. Fire Pictures


The Littlest Firefighter
10/05/01 Symphony Photos
"When I Grow Up, I Want To Be A Fireman"

God Bless Firefighters
See our tribute to 911"

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Bonanza!!! (Found on Yahoo "Firefighters Memorials" search...)

US National Memorials
The National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial
Law Enforcement Officer Memorial: By Joe Davis. For all of the United States.
Police Memorial Directory: By J. Meredith. Page similar to this one.
Officers Killed In The Line Of Duty: From the American Police Hall of Fame and Museum.
1994 The Last Roll Call: From CLEAT in Texas.
1995 The Last Roll Call National: CLEAT's national honor page for 1995.

US State & County Memorials
Kansas City Missouri Memorial: Memorial to the officers of Kansas City PD killed in the line of duty. Dated back to 1881.
A Tribute To those Who Died: From Carter County, Oklahoma a page about their memorial stone tribute.
Massachusetts State Trooper Dedication Page: Honor page.
Honor Roll of NY State Troopers: For the New York State Police.
Officer Down!!: Page by Burt Thomas of the Jacksonville, Fl. Sheriff's Office. Gateway to Honor Page, poems, "war stories", etc.
Fallen Officers Memorial: For the Ohio State Highway Patrol; includes support personnel as well.
The Line Of Battle: A Memorial: Site by Sgt. Robert L. Snyder of the Vernon Township Police Department in Crawford County, Pennsylvania.
In Memory Of: A memorial page for officers of the Pawtucket, Rhode Island police department.
The State of Texas Last Roll Call - 1995!: Also from
Killed In The Line Of Duty: Pennsylvania State Troopers memorial.
Jackson County Sheriff's Dept Memorial: Florida.
Missouri's Officer Down Page
Orange County Police Memorial
Oxnard Police Memorial Page
Sacramento Police Sheriff's Memorial Foundation
Shasta County Officer's Memorial
Texas Fallen Troopers
California Peace Officers Memorial

US Individual Memorials
Tribute to Officer Martin Ganz "2M74": Of the Manhattan BeachPolice Department, California.
Memorial: Memorial to Deputy James W. Cook, Dewitt County Sheriff's Department, Illinois.
Harlend G. Orsburne Memorial: A Wisconsin deputy.

Other US Police Services
Agent Down: US Border Patrol Memorial.
Requiem To A Fallen Agent: Tribute to a Border Patrol agent.
US Army Military Police In Memoriam: To honour army military police.

Memorials Not Classified
Officer Down!
For The Trumpet Shall Sound: RCMP Honour Memorial Page.
OPP Honour Roll: From the OPPA.
Officer Down Memorial Page Canada


Roll of Honour 1985 - 1995 UK: Page to honour police officers in the UK.


Roll of Honour 1997: Maintained by DC Jim McNulty of Strathclyde Police, Scotland. It honours police personnel around the world who lost their lives this year.
Roll of Honour 1996: Maintained by DC Jim McNulty of Strathclyde Police, Scotland. It honours police personnel around the world who lost their lives in 1996
The Garda Siochana Museum Archives Memorial: Ireland.


K-9 Valor: Memorial to Police Dogs killed in the line of duty. Pictures and bio.


National Fallen Firefighters Memorial: United States memorial.
he Last Alarm
The Last Alarm: Kansas City Fire Department memorial to those who died in the line of duty.
New York State Firefighters Memorial
Unhappy Valentine's Day: Pittsburgh Fire Memorial.
Firefighters Memorial: Seattle, Washington.
Remembering A Firefighter: Lt. Lawrence "JuJu" Roche Hanrahan, LA.
Firefighter's Creed and Memorial: Seattle, WA.
Fire & EMS Online Memorials
Iowa Firefighters Memorial Park
Craig Michael Amone: Connecticutt.


The National EMS Memorial Home Page


Partners In Safety USA-UK: A program to provide vests for UK police officers. Please check this out officers.
Project Security Blanket: A memorial blanket project at Officer Mike Simmons page.
My Father's Badge: Poem by Brian K. Eddy dedicated to those who have made the ultimate sacrifice.
The Last Shift: A memorial poem written by Linda Syverson Dent, a daughter and sister of cops.
Firefighters Creed
A Fireman's Prayer
The Fireman's Prayer
Law & Order: Collection of Police, Fire, EMS and Criminology, Forensics, Law & Prison links.
The Grief and Loss Resource Centre: Excellent information and counselling resources.
Writings On The Wall: Collection of poems and short items for police officers. Inspirational, enlightening. Excellent.

Please Sign The Kir-Shalom Guestbook
Return to Memorials Collection
Return to Grief & Loss
Go to Law & Order
Go to Sponsors page


Memorials: Police, Fire & EMS
1045 King Crescent
Golden, BC V0A 1H2
E-Mail: Charlene Fairchild
This site optimized for
Microsoft Internet Explorer
Page layout & design ? 1996-2005
Spirit Communication
Hosting provided by
Rocky Mountain Internet Junction

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I think this one is National...

"The United States Congress created the
National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

to lead a nationwide effort to remember America?s fallen firefighters. Since 1992, the tax-exempt, nonprofit Foundation has developed and expanded programs to honor our fallen fire heroes and assist their families and coworkers.
The Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, located in Emmitsburg, Maryland. It is registered as a corporation in the State of Maryland. The Foundation receives funding through private donations from caring individuals, organizations, corporations, and foundations.

A grant from the Department of Justice's Bureau of Justice Assistance supports programs for survivors of fallen firefighters. The Federal Emergency Management Agency partners with the Foundation to sponsor many of the National Memorial Weekend activities. The National Institute of Standards and Technology supports work on a national research agenda to prevent line-of-duty deaths."

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Here's a lead on Wildland firefighters... (I actually have considerable personal knowledge about this one)

News & Reports

" Headlines Click the WLF News Search option for our News Page using Google News with several customized scripts and current event categories. Other options for breaking fire news are also available including the Hot List Forum and WildWeb Dispatch.
National Fire Situation Report
~~ html format
~~ pdf format
The daily Situation report listing fire summary, large fires, and resources being used. This report is in html format (immediate loading). Click on the top archived NICC Incident Management Report.
This pdf version of the SIT report requires Adobe Acrobat and some time to load.
National GACC Website Portal Fire Intelligence by GACC: Situation Report & Morning News

Northern California - Sit - News
Southern California - Sit - News
Northwest - Sit - News
Alaska - Sit - News
Northern Rockies - Sit - News
Eastern Great Basin - Sit - News
Western Great Basin - Sit - News
Rocky Mountain - Sit - News
Southwest - Sit - News
Eastern - Sit - News
Southern - Sit - News

NIFC's Fire News National Interagency Fire Center's fire news - and Large Fire Map, during fire season only.
NPS Morning Report Daily reports from - the National Park Service.
USFS Morning Report Fire summary - during the season - updated each morning from U.S. Forest Service Fire & Aviation Management
Wildlandfire News & Fire Information This page provides links to our Hot List Forum of breaking fire news, the WildWeb Dispatch page, the Google wildland fire news search, fire maps and scanners, and more.
Practical: The Paperboy Comprehensive, searchable listing of around 5,000 newspapers worldwide, Internet news services, media resources, and online magazines. For digging deeper.


NICC: National Weather Service Quick links to all National Weather Service area forecasts. . .and much more.
CA Fire Weather North Zone &
CA Fire Weather South Zone Fire Weather Predictive Service Forecasts from CWCG
Northern Area (Redding) and Southern Area (Riverside).
NOAA Satellite Services A super site for checking fire locations and smoke patterns!
GOES 8 & 10 main page Western hemisphere satellite weather images main page. See also the link below.
GOES 8 Interactive To see animated smoke plumes of specific North American fires, click the link, set controls on Show an "Animation" and Quality: "100%". Then click the state or region you want to view close up. (Do not click the large blue "Animate image below" button.) It takes a few moments to load. There's also GOES West.
NASA GHCC NASA Global Hydrology & Climate Center (world wide satellite images).
RAWS (Interagency) Remote Automated Weather Stations.
ROMAN Real Time RAWS Info: Maps, weather summary, wind speeds, Rh, precip, etc.
National Fire Weather Page Red Flag Warnings and Fire Weather Watches
MesoWest Weather summaries from around the US. Click on a location and get current conditions. Choose a fire and get current conditions near that location. Useful easy-to-access site for basic current information.
Intellicast Main page for US and world weather forecasts, radar, & satellite images.
The Weather Channel More weather.
Lightning Explorer From Global Atmospherics, a nice site. Another good lightning site.
Fire Danger Map Fire danger from the Wildland Fire Assessment System (WFAS).
Fire Potential Map Fire potential from the WFAS.
Drought Monitor Map Monitors drought. From the National Drought Mitigation Center.


MS Terraserver Microsoft Terraserver page. View and print satellite images/topo maps of most US areas.
Current Earthquake Activity Seismicity maps of recent earthquake activity in the USA or around the world.
GEOMAC From the Geospatial Multi-Agency Coordination Group. Click the GEOMAC button on the left to go to current wildland fire sit maps.
Detected Large Incidents Map From NIFC
Detected Hot Spot Map From NOAA
Maptech Mapserver Maptech free online mapper. Topo, nautical, aero charts, & navphotos. Printable. Sometimes slow.
MapQuest Online travel planner, address finder, route mapper. Printing options.
Google Maps Excellent new mapping utility and travel planner - versatile.
California Road Closure Site Enter the road number and see if it is closed to traffic due to wildfire or anything else.

Federal Pages

Find a USFS Employee Search for US Forest Service employees, find their email address, work location, and telephone numbers.
Find a DOI Employee Same as above, except ya can find Department of Interior/ BLM/ NPS employees, among others.
NWCG Sit / 209 NWCG sit report and 209, requires password to enter.

Type I IIM Teams (National) &
Type II IIM Teams (Regional) &
Area Command &
Fire Use Management Teams Find out where the Teams are fighting fire.
Links to National Type I Interagency Incident Management Teams and GACCs page.
Links to Type II Interagency Incident Management Teams page.
Links to Area Command website page.
Links to Fire Use Management Teams (FUMT) page.
Mobilization Info IIMT, Area Command and Buying Team rotation schedules, National Mobe Guide, Military Use Handbook, and lots of forms here from NICC.
ROSS For dispatchers with questions about the Resource Ordering and Status System.
USDA's Home Page US Department of Agriculture home page.
USDA Forest Service National Page Documents, mission statements, links, etc.
USFS National Alphabetical Links Basically a site map - easy to find info on the FS including links to forest locations, maps and phone numbers, publications, speeches, documents and congressional records, to name a few.
US Forest Service Fire & Aviation The main page of the largest wildland firefighting organization in the world.
FAM Links to People in Fire A page of links to hotshot info, helitack, handcrews, partners, smokejumpers.
USFS T & D Center Publications All the publications from the USFS Technology & Development Centers in Missoula and San Dimas. User name= t-d. Password= t-d. Check out new safety items, equipment and ongoing projects.
US DOI BLM Fire & Aviation US Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, Fire & Aviation Page.
Alaska BLM Fire What's happening up North?
NM BLM Fire NM Fire site
US DOI NPS Fire Net US Department of Interior, National Park Service - Fire Net
BIA NIFC Fire Bureau of Indian Affairs, Fire and Aviation Management
FEPP Federal Excess Personal Property, a source for used firefighting equipment.
Practical: Find out how OWCP works. A message board where firefighters can ask questions about benefits and processes relating to Office of Workers Compensation Programs claims. KRS - a hotshot who was severely injured - is moderator.
Practical: Contact Your Congressional Representative From InfoSearch, simply click on the map and you're linked. Speak your mind. Email your views. Also for snail-mail addresses and phone numbers: US Senate Directory House of Representatives Directory
If you don't know who they are, go HERE, enter your zip code only and your reps in both houses will be selected.
Competitive Sourcing Resources All you ever wanted to know on the competitive outsourcing madness, including how to influence the outcome of legislation.
ICS Unit Identifiers for R5 Forests ICS unit identifiers for National Forests in CA and links to them (quick).
ICS Unit Identifiers for R3 ICS unit identifiers for all units in the Southwest Region (AZ, NM and West TX) (quick).
ICS Unit Identifiers ICS unit identifiers for ALL cooperators in the US in rich text format.

State Pages including State Wildland Fire Pages

Alaska Div of Forestry Alaska Division of Forestry with several nice fire pages.
Arizona State Land Arizona State Land Department.
Colorado State Forest Service Colorado FS and Fire.
California Dep't of Forestry All about the CDF FIRE. If you can't find it here, the Site Map for the easiest way to navigate.
Florida Div of Forestry Florida Fire and Forest Protection.
Georgia Forestry Commission Has fire danger ratings, current GA fire news releases and photo maps.
Hawaii Div of Forestry and Wildlife Fire Management in Hawaii.
ID Dep't of Lands Fire Page Idaho Department of Lands, Fire Management.
Iowa DNR Rural Fire Prevention and Protection
Indiana Dep't of Natural Resources Indiana Dep't of Natural Resources.
Michigan Natural Resources As stated.
Minnesota Dep't of NR From the land 'o lakes. Fire
Montana FAM Montana Fire & Aviation Management.
Nevada Division of Forestry Fire Info in NV.
North Carolina DOFR NC Division of Forest Resources with a link to NC Fire Weather/Fire Danger page.
Oklahoma Forestry Oklahoma fire info.
Oregon Department of Forestry Lot'sa good info here, this link will take you to their photo gallery.
PA Forestry & Fire Protection All about fire protection in Pennsylvania.
SC Forestry Commission South Carolina Forestry and Fire.
South Dakota State Forestry Nice site for Fire Info. (They're using one of our fire photos.)
Tennessee Forestry Fire Tennessee Fire Info from fire weather to daily fire report.
Texas Forest Service Fire Pertaining to . . . Texas Fire!
Utah Forestry Utah Division of Forestry, Fire & State Lands.
Washington DNR Fire Washington Forest Fire Information. Also Prevention
Wisconsin Dep't of NR WI Dep't of Natural Resources.

Worldwide Wildland

FireGlobe Website of the Global Fire Monitoring Center (GFMC), an Activity of the UN International Strategy for Disaster Reduction. Many links, some nice photos.
FireBreak On bushfire with some nice photos of Aussie fires and some good links.
FireNet Another fire website with info on Australian bushfire.
New South Wales Fire Brigades What these Aussie firefighters do, photos, glossary of fire terms, etc.
NSW Rural Fire Service Info about New South Wales (AU) bushfire.
Australian National Parks & Wildlife Service Park closures and links to some fire news.
Country Fire Authority Victoria The Linton Inquiry involves the death of 5 firefighters in a vehicle burnover in Australia in December 1998.
Country Fire Service, South AU With info on Aussie homeowner protection, current fire bans, incidents and media releases.
New Zealand's Rural Fire Page As stated.
Forest Fire in Canada National fire site from the Canadian Forest Service, in English and French.
Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Center Fire Intelligence British Columbia
Quebec (in French) (in English)
New Brunswick

Canadian Sit Report Canadian Forest Service Fire Situation Report.
Practical: Online Conversion Converts measurements of all kinds from all over the world so you can understand what you're reading.

Sunrise-Sunset Compute and print sunrise, sunset, & twilight charts for cities and airports worldwide in local time zone.
Airport Identification Find that elusive airport acronym by city, name, identifier, or browse by State.
NOTAM Check your submitted NOTAMs for accuracy.
Aviation Safety System Including links to Safecoms, Safety Alerts and Reports and the Aviation Mishap Information System, an electronic data (files) storage based system encompassing all aspects of aviation mishap reporting within the U.S. Forest Service.
Office of Aircraft Services Office of Aircraft Services, DOI.
Assn. AirTanker Pilots The Association of AirTanker Pilots and Aerial Support People

Miscellaneous Wildland Pages
CA Fire Links, 2004 Information on the California Fires, 2004.
FIRE Links, 2004
A list of all large and small wildland fires of 2004 that have websites with info, maps, photos, and press releases. Arranged by state and then chronologically.
Southern California FIRE Links, 2003 Information on the SoCal fires, Fall 2003.
FIRE Links, 2003
A list of all large and small wildland fires of 2003 that have websites with info, maps, photos, and press releases. Arranged by state and then chronologically.
FIRE Links, 2002 A list of all large and small wildland fires of 2002 that have websites with info, maps, photos, and press releases. Arranged by state and then chronologically.
California, Washington & Oregon FIRE Links, 2001 A list of FS FAM and CDF links to fires that burned in 2001. Photos and maps available at most incident sites. Great for research or browsing the past fire season.
Wildland Firefighter Foundation The Wildland Firefighter Foundation, a nonprofit organization, provides emergency financial assistance to the families of fallen firefighters, and helps support their young children. Families left behind often find themselves with few resources, and the Foundation steps in to help.
A Hotshot Photo Journal An ex-hotshot's photos.
Firegirl's Page A nice homepage featuring wildland firefighting. One of the originals on our links page.
Spotfire Images By Mike McMillan. A fine fire photojournal site.
National Agricultural Library This one is in an obscure place. Some cool historic photos here, but they are all in GIF format, so they are big. For some examples, see our Equipment 2 Photo Page.
IMWTK Inquiring Minds Want to Know firefighting history. If you have any additions, send 'em in. Ab.
Funny Fire Terms & Nicknames Terms we use and names we call ourselves and each other. All in good fun. Ab.
Quotes to Live By A few quotes that are thought provoking; some are serious and some are for fun. If you have any additions, send 'em in. Ab.
SCRATCHlines One Liners from wildland firefighters. Send us your own! Ab.
Just One More Time...
Memories of those who have seasons of firefighting under their belts and might be looking at retirement... Are you nearing retirement? Have any memorable moments to share?
I Remember How aspects of firefighting have changed... Send in any additions. Ab.
Wildland Firefighter Awards Who we honor.
Wildland Memorial Sites There are many memorials and at least one Monument to fallen wildland firefighters on forests and in parks around the West and across the US. Here's the beginning of our list.
Memorial to Paul Gleason Father of LCES.

Job Related Links

Interagency Hotshot Crew List Current listing of National Interagency Hotshot Crews with contact links.
California Interagency Hotshot Crews Historical and up-to-date info to California IHC websites. Recording the history.
Redding Smoke Jumpers Redding California Smokejumpers home page.
National Association of Smokejumpers Anything you want to know about Smokejumping.
Federal Office of Personnel To search for fire related positions use the 0462 (forestry) or 0455 (range) series.
USFS Fire Employment Forest Service specific fire employment with many "How To" and other links.
BLM Fire Employment Bureau of Land Management specific fire employment.
NPS Fire Employment Information on fire hiring for the National Park Service.
National Forests by Region You need to know the region or forest you are interested in, an excellent source of phone numbers.
Our Jobs Page Updated at least twice a week, it contains links to OPM Series 462 and 455 listings.
Firefighter Wanta Be's Q&A Questions from those wanting to be wildland firefighters with answers from professional wildland firefighters on topics ranging from what is a redcard and how do I get one to how do I get the training, etc.

Training & Education

List of IFPM Web-based Courses and Universities offering them from U Idaho *For Fire Managers seeking to meet new professional requirements* Scroll down mid-page and click ON-LINE or click here for the ON-LINE Courses download (EXCEL Spreadsheet)
Wildland Fire Training Good training website. It has great links to training courses offered in different Geographic Areas, MATS, NWCG training, and other links.
Fire Leadership for the Professional For the Do It Yourselfer: Lots of good leadership stuff with enough leadership reading material to keep you occupied for a year or so. Maybe longer.
Safety Refresher Training Resources Wildland Fire Safety Training Annual Refresher (WFSTAR)
Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program Wildland Firefighter Apprenticeship Program, under the auspices of R5 FAM, with the goal of making wildland firefighting your profession. Located at McClelland CA (Sacramento). Wildland firefighters, you must be hired to be sponsored for this program. Contact your forest or your local sponsoring agency. Ab note: College students who want to make wildland fire a career, ask about the STEP program.
Alaska Training Click Training in the header.
Colorado Wildfire Academy and
Great Plains Wildfire College Held annually in June (large academy) and January (smaller training group) respectively, both provide interagency training courses ranging from basic FF1 to advanced IMT training to more than 900 people annually.
CPS Information on the Campbell Prediction System and the course Wildland Fire Signature Prediction Method, a stand alone course, invaluable for those wanting to understand fire behavior.
Interagency Aviation Training Features fire aviation position descriptions and requirements; online modules (web-based training); instructor-led class schedule; registration for on-line and classroom training; commonly asked questions; news and events; IAT program information; and an outstanding fire aviation glossary. Full list of OAS Training.
National Advanced Fire & Resource Institute (NAFRI) A national level center for strategic planning, development, and implementation of fire, fuels, resource, and incident management skills and educational processes. Formerly NARTC.
National Fire Academy U.S. Fire Administration fire training academy.
NWCG Publications, including D-310-1 and the
310-1, new Links to the Wildland Fire Qualifications (D-310-1), Wildland Rx Fire Complexity Rating System Guide, NWCG National Fire Equipment System Catalog, ICS forms other NWCG docs (some in .pdf format). PMS 310-1, that provides national minimum requirements for wildland firefighting personnel.
FSH 5109.17 USFS Fire & Aviation Management Qualifications Handbook - primary position qualification requirements guide for Forest Service employees; supplements the NWCG Wildland and Prescribed Fire Qualification System Guide, PMS 310-1.
NWCG Taskbooks Task books for air operations, command and staff, expanded dispatch, finance, logistics, ops, planning, and prescribed fire.
NY Wildfire & Incident Mgt. Academy New York's interagency academy, offering courses meeting NWCG standards.
National Interagency Prescribed Fire Training Center The NIPFTC utilizes a program in which trainees complete parts of the NWCG approved prescribed fire task books under the guidance of fire training professionals. Located in Tallahassee FL.
Utah Wildfire Academy Training in Utah.
Southwest Fire Use Training Academy FUTA focuses on classroom training with an emphasis on prescribed burning in southwestern fuel types. Located in Albuquerque NM.
University of Montana Fire Training Joint training information effort from The University of Montana, the Southwest Montana Geographic Zone of the Northern Rockies Coordinating Group, and Global FIREnet.
CA Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) No cost, California Regional Occupational Training Programs (ROP) in Fire Science, FF1, S130, S190, First Responder, etc.
2- and 4-year Schools in Fire Science A page of links to 2 and 4-yr Junior Colleges, Colleges and Universities with fire science and fire ecology/forestry programs.
Wildfire Education Links for Teachers For school TEACHERS, a page of wildland links to materials including wildfire safety, fire ecology, stories, lesson plans, etc. Also links to info on creating defensible space - and educating the adult public.

Federal Employees Pages

The Federal Diary Keep abreast of what Washington is doing by reading Stephen Barr's column in the Washington Post.
FWFSA The Federal Wildland Fire Service Association. Go to their page, download the application form and join NOW! It's never too late to make a difference!
2004 Salaries & Wages Federal GS wage tables from OPM.
Federal Per Diem Rates Quick link to find nationwide travel and per diem rates.
National Finance Center The most important federal page in existence! You will need a PIN (personal identification number).
Federal Thrift Savings Plan Check your account balance and current rates of return on your retirement investment. PIN required.
Federal Office of Personnel
Management That would be the OPM page for short. Excellent site, easily navigable, tons of information.
Employee Express Federal workers can check/change tax deductions, payroll deductions, and much more from here.
FEDweek Electronic weekly newsletter for Federal Employees, free but heavy self-advertising.

Wildland Fire Lessons Learned Center An Interagency Resource Center that focuses on Research and Analysis, Knowledge Management, and Information Transfer with the objectives of sharing knowledge to improve safety, performance, efficiency and organizational learning throughout the entire wildland fire community.
Fire Leadership Excellent collection of resources to develop leadership skills, thereby improving safety.
Six Minutes for Safety Federal Fire & Aviation Safety Team (FFAST) with NIFC present short safety review "lessons". One a day...
SAFENET Wildland Fire Safety & Health Network. The purpose of SAFENET is: (1) To provide reporting and documentation of unsafe situations or close calls. (2) To provide a means of sharing safety information throughout the fire community. (3) To provide long-term data that will result in identifying trends. Provide information online via the SAFENET site. If necessary, you may call. The phone number for providing a verbal safenet is 888.670.3938. You can leave a detailed message, which will be transcribed and posted to the Internet database.
10 & 18's 10 Standard Fire Orders & 18 Watchouts.
LCES Lookouts - Communications - Escape Routes - Safety Zones.
Interagency Resource Pocket Guide
(little yellow book all firefighters should carry with them) Including "How to Properly Refuse Risk", that is how to turn down an unsafe assignment, scroll down to doc p29 (pdf file) or if you have the book, it's on p 18.
Work Capacity Test or Pack Test Work Capacity Testing Information, including informed consent form, health screening questionnaire, and more.
Wildland FF Fatalities 1990-1998 Summarizes the causes of death for 133 persons who died while involved in fighting wildland fires in the US, analyzed by geographic area and by agency.
Firefighter Safety Awareness Study
Phase I Phase II Phase III A three part study to identify the organizational culture, leadership, human factors, and other issues impacting firefighter safety and to set and implement goals for improving safety. Phase III has problems if you try to open the whole large pdf file. Instead, open the document by chapters and you'll get it all. Interesting reading. Ab.
1995 Human Factors Workshop Findings from the 1995 Human Factors Workshop
2004 Human Factors Workshop On the IAWF website.

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