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Old 03-27-2009, 03:04 PM
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Question Afganistan, USA old allie Taliban, terrorists, Al-Queda & Drug Lords ... can anyone ?


Okey, this post is here not to make anyone angry, or spread any theories etc - i might not know a lot about this issue but i have so many different peaces of info and it all does not fit together well. Everyone i have asked have so different idea of this and all of them are convinced they are right.
Also sorry about my poor english

I am talking about Afghanistan. I want to know why USA/NATO is there (public & real reasons), what they try to accomplice & how well its has been going and how well it will continue under Obama? There is SO many questions i have and it's helpful if you answer any of them.
In 2007 about 93% of world opiates was coming Afganistan. So and because UN & USA already is in one other endless, useless "one of the most costly wars in history": *War in Drugs* & it's clear it's not really working out as they hoped... - then i just have to touch also the drug issue here, because i haven't understand is drugs one of the extra reasons or extra excuse ?

As i know Taliban was before USA alli when they needed them for fighting against Russians (or would be more right to say Taliban grow out from the group USA supported against Russia?). People say that "this Taliban that USA supported is not the same as the taliban from 90's - 2000" - so what happened whit the "old" one? Other say "taliban 2001 is not same taliban as it is 2009" - well, this i understand a little bit more as they was as government before but now they are just terrorists?
Also as i know, USA give somewhere 2001 Taliban/Afgan government 43 million dollars ( G. W. Bush singed this one, not a lot of money but still, small note) - did Taliban make drugs illegal before or after that? & what for this money was? I have read to many different versions. How soon after that & why USA decided to take town Taliban, was this idea was just generated after 9/11? & what is Taliban connection whit Al-queda? Looking from internet it raises many guestions:

[this part here might not be so factual]
Also is it confirmed or is it just story that CIA/USA is supporting DrugLords now on fight against taliban? Drug Lords before already did not like that taliban tax every poppy field whit 10% so and after Taliban made poppy illegal they really are no big fan of taliban, heroine profits for drug dealers are about 1000% now if they sale heroin... Also according to many places i have read and interviews i have seen these new weapons Drug Lord's have, are really handy against Iran border guards. Long time ago i heard stories that CIA was supporting afghans and provided tips how to produce heroin more efficiently (so Afghans can rise more money for war against soviets) & locals started to replece average opium crop whit more potent "heroin poppy" (ok the last part sounds to much conspiracy to me.. but now farmers (specially the druglords crops) clearly prefer heroin poppy because it's stronger and benefits are a lot higher). Well mostly i was writing this off as soviet propaganda before but now basically identical story's emerge (and this story's are not from Gary Webb writings), anyone can comment on this? Well, some way i can understand how all this would be useful - then again....

So and what is Obama deal whit Afghanistan (take out troops from Iraq & send them to Afghanistan)? I think no one has ever in history win war in Afghanistan. One of my online contacts who is probably clearly biased (because he is Muslim) told that Obama decision dealing whit outside world is also a lot affected by this that noticeable amount of hes advisers are Jews - for some reason, i haven't heard any Muslims who like him, not even one, maybe because he changed hes religion and by some radicals only reasonable punishment for that would be death. After all, Secret Service code name for Obama is Renegade not sore why they choose this one...

If anyone would be so brilliant and helpful & can just put all this mess to some kind of chronological order whit some basic reasons what happened why.. i would be really thankful, you are also really welcome to write off all my ideas. For there is not a lot of logic: - taliban rise to full power, they change law from taxeission to "we kill everyone who is growing poppy", they weaken they position whit this decission, same time drug lords stack up their warehouses whit drugs, usa attacks and takes taliban off from power fast, usa started to support drug lords for fight against taliban, drug trade & poppy sky rocketed - now its basically 2 times as much poppy as in taliban time ever had - and what people forget, that now they have different type of poppy - the kind u can produce heroin 3-4 times more & it's easy to grow & will not gett ill (so logically u need to grow less this..). Here is some other info about it: Opium_production_in_Afghanistan Opium_production_in_Afghanistan If you can go even more back then 30-40 years would be great. I currenty can not really see how war in afrganistan would be useful for USA so please, can someone explain.

Thank you
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Old 03-27-2009, 04:01 PM
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Personally I would pull all American troops out and drop a 30 or so, mega ton Nuclear war head on the area. No more problem for us and the rest of the world.
Oh yea welcome Waffa. The rag heads are so nice. I just would be a little nicer.

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Old 03-28-2009, 03:28 AM
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Well, we would also need to leave some nukes for Mr. Kim Jong's country, some for soviets, some for chinks, some for.. well i think we just cant nuke everyone we do not like

But yeah, this is one solution you give & guarantee that bombs all over USA cities would start to go off killing way more people then ever in US ( you really think people over there would not have money to buy bombs from other fanatics, some left over uranium from soviets for example etc). You know this many virtual huge terror camps Fox was talking about after 911 and u maybe wonder, why basically no terror attacks have been happening in USA? Well, then you can be sore there will be some real bombings & difference is that they want to die to get to the heaven but we western people do not want.. so they will not be afraid...
Anyway, but now, if someone actually is brave and knowledgeable enough to discuss this Afganistan subject, i am waiting.

do i need to add, that afganistan is bordering Pakistan (95% Muslims), and no way USA can afford take on Pakistan (and their friends..) also (like if u try to something so stupid like nuke as last poster told)

Thread is not expiring because the issue is not expiring before there is some kind of solution in Afghanistan.
It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice! :)

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afghanistan, al qaeda, drugs, obama, opium

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