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Old 05-07-2002, 06:38 AM
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Default contemporary ships & aircraft

Hi, I look for the following information, can you help?

Amiens (French sloop 1919) line drawing
Debrecen (Hungarian river gunboat, ex k.u.k. Lachs) since when armed like in 1944?
Enterprise (1926, British cruiser) line drawing (of her original condition without the catapult!!!)
Ilmar (carried E-boats S1, S3, S5 to Spain in 1937) how was she rebuilt for the E-boat-ferry job?
LCA with forward coxwain position in production since ? (p.e. as LCA.365)
Marne (French sloop, 1917) when was her armement altered to 4x10,0 cm guns?
Mariupol ex-Ion C. Bratianu (Soviet ex Rumanian river monitor) since when did she carry the 1944-armament? What did she carry as armament then?
Mekong, Le (French supplier 1929) line drawing
PT 69, 70, 791-796: line drawings
S 301-425 (1945, German MTBs, S-boats or E-boats) line drawing
Zhelezniakov (Soviet river gunboat) Is this the original condition? If not, since when did she looked like this?
Does somebody own a picture of the Brasilian riverine gunboat Parnaiba (built 1937) in her original condition?

Blackburn Iris II: line drawing
English Electric P.5 Kingston III: line drawing
Hiro H4H: please see
Kellet KD-1/ XO-60 / YO-60: line drawings
Supermarine Southampton III: line drawing

Adventure (British minelayer 1927) line drawing
Bridgewater, Hastings, Hindustan, Shoreham, Indus, Bittern (British corvettes 1930s) line drawings
Protector (British netlayer 1937) line drawing
Medway, Resource, Maidstone (British tenders 1930s) line drawings
Shkval (Russian river gunboat 1911) line drawing

Identification please: Which S-Boot is shown here?

Thank you very much in advance!!
Lots of links, pictures of all kinds, book reviews, my questions... permanently under construction. The site is a back-up information source for people searching for good homepages related to aircraft, airships and ships.
The FriedrichFiles
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