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Old 11-30-2003, 10:02 AM
pedro martori

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Default Re: [**] Cuba Next?

"Kenpangborn" wrote in message
> >From: Jim Nelson

> >Newsgroups: alt.politics.radical-left, alt.politics.socialism,

> >soc.culture.cuba

> >I don't think it will happen until Castro dies. I think the Bush white

> will then show the appalling ignorance that they seem to produce in

> and try another Bay of Pigs-style invasion.
> I don't think the Bush people are stupid enough to think an invasion of

> could work.

It could work...more than what kaSStro and you might think...
but only takes brains and corage to provide a good strategy and
tactics...paired to a will to get rid of the satanic dictator...

If instead of arrogance and self-sufficiency...the ones at the top level in
Planning could be humble and wise enough...and they listen to ordinary
cuban people in exile...the plannings to get at the SOB could be succeful
and without too many losses of lives.

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