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Old 11-28-2022, 07:13 PM
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Unhappy Talk Alone


“Talk alone is but a damned good starting point!” The problem however, is that most people fully (if but unconsciously) realize this, but have failed (and will continue to fail), to ever get beyond the talking stages and to act-out legally, affirmatively, reasonably and decisively, to get done what needs to be done “and that too is a fact!”

“But maybe we have become a race that is content to engage in idle rhetoric alone?” Granted, “Freedom of Speech” is a splendid thing and a super starting point! Unfortunately, however, it is only a starting point, as any journey of a thousand miles (or more) may truly begin with but a single step? But unless we are willing to “legally and thoughtfully” continue to advance one foot in front of the other, we may find that marking time alone, “Will Never Move You From Point A to Point B - and Beyond?”

Remember That: It is not a crime to reiterate the obvious” and talking a good show alone is all well and good! But had “Our Forefathers” stopped at just running their mouths, “We as a Nation of Liberty-Loving People” might still be breaking for tea every afternoon, instead of standing tall for those ideals that we all now cherish?

The bottom line here people is that – this is still “Our Nation”, and it does not belong to any one political faction alone, but rather, it is ours (United) to stand behind “OR TO SURRENDER” to anyone with a perverted, aggressive or limitless ambition!

And just because an individual may have been granted a position of authority, it does not necessarily mean that they are always correct, they are forever just or that they are eternally and absolutely within their rights alone?

Remember – Humanity had a conscience (and a soul) - long before it ever had mortal laws, or even human dictates - “And This Too – Is Also A Damned Hard Fact!”

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