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Smile American Heritage Museum

Last week we were asked to bring the Museum to White Water High School here in Fayette County and it was wonderful. Class after class came to the museum and I don't think there was one student in those going through didn't learn something in passing by the many displays or showed the least bit of disinterest in what they were looking at. Pastor (Retired Army Chaplain) Knox established and built the museum and I was just the guy that drove in the nails and used the paint brush but you can view the history of what made America what it is today starting with the Revolutionary War all the way through the "War on Terror" today.
Itemized on the walls are the number of American Armed Forces along with how many of the enemy they fought and the number of American causalities lost. Displayed is the armaments per conflict used. There's even a mobile "alter" that was taken out in the field to the troops that couldn't get to their Chapel.
Around noon the head of the Board of Education showed up at the door and spent almost 2 hours learning how much blood was spilled in the name of freedom and liberty and what makes America the greatest nation in the world.
The last class had left the museum and we were just hooking it up to the truck to take it back to where it's kept when one of the American History teachers comes running out to us and gave Pastor Knox a hug.
In October we'll be taking the museum out to an air show in Peachtree City and for 5 days anyone will be able to go through it.
With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all
thanks to the brave who serve their Country
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