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Default Military Acronyms and Abbreviations

Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: A

A2 Air Force Intelligence Staff Officer (component level)
AA (1) Attack Assessment; (2) Attrition Analysis; (3) Antiaircraft; (4) Avenue of Approach; (5) Automatic Associator
AAA (1) Antiaircraft Artillery; (2) Air Avenue of Approach
AAAOB Antiaircraft Artillery Order of Battle
AABNCP Advanced Airborne National Command Post
AAC Alaskan Air Command
AACB Aeronautics and Astronautics Coordinating Board
AACE Army Alternate Command and Control Element
AACOMS Army Area Communications System
AACS Attitude and Antenna Control Subsystem
AAD Airborne Assault Division
AADC (1) Army Air Defense Command; (2) Area Air Defense Commander
AADCCS Area Air Defense Command and Control System
AADP Area Air Defense Plan
AADS Antiaircraft Defense System
AAE Army Acquisition Executive
AAF Army Airfield
AAFES Army & Air Force Exchange Service
AAFIF Automated Air Facilities Information File
AAG Army Artillery Group
AAI Air-to-Air Intercept
AAIFF Air-to-Air Identification Friend or Foe
AAM Air-to-Air Missile
AAO Analysis of the Area of Operations
AAR (1) Active Array Radar; (2) After Action Report
AAS Analyst Automation Segment
AASLT Air Assault
AATS Automated Architecture Tool Suite
AAVS Aerospace Audiovisual Service
AAW Anti Air Warfare
AAWC Anti Air Warfare Commander
AB Air Base
AB2 Air Battle Command System (ABCS) Brigade and Below
ABC Airborne Corps
ABCCC Airborne Battlefield Command and Control Center
ABCOMM Alternate/Backup Communications
ABCS Army Battle Command System
ABIC Army Battlefield Interface Concept
ABIT (1) Airborne Imagery Transmission; (2) Airborne Information Transmission Program
ABM (1) Antiballistic Missile; (2) Automatic Building Machines
ABMA Army Ballistic Missile Agency
ABN/Abn Airborne
ABNCP (1) Airborne Command Post; (2) Airborne National Command Post
ABR Available Bit Rate
ABW Air Base Wing
AC (1) Air Crew; (2) Active Component; (3) Air Conditioning; (4) Alternating Current
A/C Aircraft
A2C2 Army Airspace Communications and Control
AC-130 AFSOF Spectre Gunship
AC2SMAN Alaskan Command and Control System Military utomated Network
AC2MP Army Command and Control Master Plan
ACA (1) Alternate Command Authority; (2) Airspace Control Authority
ACAAM Air Courses of Action Assessment Model
ACACS Army Command and Area Communications System
ACAT Acquisition Category
ACC (1) Access Control Center; (2) Air Control Center; (3) Aviation omponent Commander, (4) Air Component Commander, (5) Air Combat Command; (6) Army Component Command
ACCB Army Configuration Control Board
ACCHAN Allied Command Channel
ACCIS Allied Command and Control Information System
ACCISS (1) Automated Command and Control Intelligence upport System; (2) Alaskan C2 Intelligence Support System
ACCO Army Central Control Office
ACCS (1) Airborne Command and Control Squadron; (2) Airborne Command and Control System; (3) Advanced Communications Control System
ACDA Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACDS Advanced Combat Direction system
ACDUTRA Active Duty Training
ACE (1) Allied Command, Europe; (2) Advance Communications Element; (3) Aviation Combat Element; (4) Analysis Control
Element; (5) Assistant Corps of Engineers; 6) Airborne Command Element
ACES Automated Command and Control Evaluation System
ACEVAL Air Combat Evaluation
ACF Alternate Command Facility
ACFT Aircraft
ACI Airborne Controlled Intercept
ACINT Acoustic Intelligence
ACIS Arms Control Intelligence Staff
ACL Access Control List
ACLANT Allied Commander Atlantic
ACO (1) Access Control Officer; (2) Airspace Control Officer
ACOC (1) Area Communications Operations Center; (2) Air Combat Operations Center
ACOM Atlantic Command
ACOS Assistant Chief of Staff
ACOS/I Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence (Navy)
ACOUSTINT Acoustical Intelligence
ACP (1) Alternate Command Post; (2) Assault CP; (3) Allied Communications Publications; (4) Airspace Control Plan
ACPERS Army Civilian Personnel System
ACQ Acquisition
ACR (1) Armored Cavalry Regiment; (2) Automated Change Recognition
ACS (1) Afloat Correlation System; (2) Aerial Common Sensor; (3) AUTODIN Switching Center; (4) Airborne COMINT System; (5) Assistant Chief of Staff
ACS/I Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence
ACSA Allied Communications Security Agency
ACSB Amphibious Contingency Support Briefs
ACSC Air Command and Staff College
ACSI Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence, HQ USAF
ACT (1) Air Combat Tactics; (2) Advanced Concepts and Technology Program
ACTD Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration
ACTEDS Army Civilian Training, Education, & Development System
ACTS (1) Advanced Communications Technology; (2) Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACUS (1) Area Common User Systems; (2) Army Common User System
ACV (1) Armored Command Vehicle; (2) Air Cushion Vehicle; (3) Armored Combat Vehicle
ACW (1) Aircraft Control and Warning; (2) Anticarrier Warfare; (3) Air Control Wing
AD (1) Air Defense; (2) Destroyer Tender; (3) Air Division; 4) Artillery Division; (5) Active Duty
A/D Analog/Digital
ADA Air Defense Artillery
ADACP Alcohol & Drug Abuse Control Program
ADAPCP Alcohol & Drug Abuse Prevention & Control Program
ADAPT Automated Decisionmaking and Program Timeline
ADARS Army Defense Acquisition Regulation Supplement
ADATS Air Defense Antitank System
ADBT Advanced Data Base Technology
ADC (1) Aide-de-Camp; (2) Air Direction Center; (3) Assistant Division Commander; (4) Air Data Computer; (5) Air Defense Coordinator
ADCAP Advanced Capability
ADCC Air Defense Command Center
ADCCP Advanced Data Communications Control Procedures
ADCOM (1) Aerospace Defense Command (now SPACECOM); (2) Administrative Command
ADCON Administrative Control
ADCSOPS Assistant Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations and Plans
ADD (1) Air Defense District; (2) Assistant Deputy Director (DIA)
ADDIS Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery System
ADDISS Advanced Deployable Digital Imagery Support System
ADDO Associate Deputy Director of Operations
ADDO(MA) Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Military Affairs (DIA)
ADDO(MS) Associate Deputy Director of Operations for Military Support (NSA)
ADDS Army Data Distribution System
ADDU Additional Duty
ADE (1) Audio Deception Emitter; (2) Aerial Delivery Equipment
ADEW Airborne Directed Energy Weapons
ADF Automatic Direction Finding
ADFH Air Deployable Forward Headquarters
ADG Deperming Ship
ADI Air Defense Initiative
ADIC Aerospace Defense Intelligence Center
ADIEC Army Deployable Imagery Exploitation Capability
ADIO Additional Duty Intelligence Officer
ADISS Advanced Defense Intelligence Support System
ADIZ Air Defense Identification Zone
ADL (1) Ada Design Language; (2) Armistice Demarcation Line
ADLP Advanced Datalink Protocol
ADM (1) Atomic Demolition Munitions; (2) Advanced Development Model; (3) Acquisition Decision Memorandum Admin Administration/Administrative
ADNET Antidrug Network
ADOC Air Defense Operations Center
ADP (1) Automated Data Processing; (2) Airborne Data Processing
ADP-MIS Automated Data Processing Management Information System
ADP-T (1) Automated Data Processing and Associated Telecommunications; (2) Automated Data Processing and
Associated Training
ADPCM Adaptive Differential Pulse-Code Modulation
ADPE Automated Data Processing Equipment
ADPS (1) ASARS Deployable Processing Station; (2) Automated Data Processing System
ADPSSM Automated Data Processing Systems Security Manual
ADPSSO ADP Special Security Officer
ADPSSP Automated Data Processing System Security Program
ADRG Advanced Digitized Raster Graphics
ADRI Arc Digital Raster Imagery
ADS (1) Automated Data System; (2) Air Defense Sector; (3) Airlift Defensive System; (4) Acoustic SOF Detection
System; (5) Advanced Distributed Simulation
ADSS Aerospace Defense Systems Subcommittee
ADSTAR Advanced Document Storage & Retrieval System
ADSW Active Duty for Special Work
ADT (1) Active Duty For Training; (2) Additional Duty Training
ADTLP Army Doctrine and Training Literature Program
ADTOC Air Defense Tactical Operations Center
ADTS Adversary Threat Squadron
ADV Advance(d)
ADVAL Air Defense Evaluation Test
ADVON Advanced Echelon
ADW Air Defense Warning
ADX Air Defense Exercise
ADZ Air Defense Zone
AE (1) Atomic Energy; (2) Assault Echelon; (3) Ammunition Ship; (4) Aerial Exploitation; Application Entity
AEAO Airborne Emergency Action Officer
AEB Aerial Exploitation Battalion
AEC ASARS Exploitation Cell
AEDS Atomic Energy Detection System
AEELS (1) Automatic ELINT Emitter Location System; (2) Airborne ELINT Emitter Location System
AEICC Area Emergency Information Coordination Center
AEM Missile Tender
AEMS Automated Edge Measurement System
AEN Arbitrary ELINT Notation
AEOS Advanced Electro-Optical Sensor
AEROFLOT Former Soviet Union Civil Airline
AES (1) Atomic Energy Site; (2) Airborne ELINT System
AESC Aerospace Environmental Support Center
AETC Air Education and Training Command
AETCAE Army Europe Technical Control and Analysis Element
AEV Armored Engineer Vehicle
AEW Airborne Early Warning
AEW&C Airborne Early Warning and Control
AF (1) Air Force; (2) Armed Forces; (3) Stores Ship
AFAC Airborne Forward Air Controller
AF ACSI Air Force Chief of Staff Intelligence
AFAITC Armed Forces Air Intelligence Training Center (Goodfellow AFB, TX).
AFAL Air Force Armament Laboratory
AFAMPE USAF Automated Message Processing Exchange
AFAMRL Air Force Aerospace Medical Research Laboratory
AFAP Artillery-Fired Atomic Projectile
AFARN Air Force Air Request Net
AFAS Advanced Field Artillery System
AFATDS Advanced Field Artillery Tactical Data System
AFB (1) Air Force Base; (2) Airframe Bulletin; (3) Antifriction Bearing
AFC (1) Automatic Frequency Control; (2) All-source Fusion Center (Marine Corps)
AFC4A USAF Command, Control, Communications and Computer Agency
AFCA Air Force Collection Assets
AFCC (1) Air Force Communications Command; (2) Air Force Component Command
AFCEA Armed Forces Communications Electronics Association
AFCENT Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO)
AFCS (1) Automatic Flight Control System; (2) Army Facility Component System
AFCSC Air Force Cryptologic Support Center
AFDB Auxiliary Floating Drydock (large)
AFDD Air Force Doctrine Document
AFDIGS Air Force Digital Graphic Systems
AFDL Auxiliary Floating Drydock (small)
AFDM Auxiliary Floating Drydock (medium)
AFDT AEELS Fixed Downlink Terminal
AFEOC Air Force Emergency Operations Center
AFEWC Air Force Electronic Warfare Center
AFFIS Airfield Facilities Information System
AFFOR Air Force (Component) Forces
AFGCCS USAF Global Command and Control System
AFGL Air Force Geophysics Laboratory
AFGWC Air Force Global Weather Central
AFGWC/FNOC Air Force Global Weather Center/Fleet Numerical perations Center
AFGWS Air Force Ground Weather Stations
AFIA Air Force Intelligence Agency
AFIC (1) Air Force Information Center; (2) Air Force Intelligence Command; (3) Air Force Intelligence Center
AFICE Air Forces Iceland
AFICP Air Force Intelligence Communications Plan
AFIES Armed Forces Imagery Exploitation System
AFIISP Air Force Intelligence Information Systems Plan
AFIO Association of Former Intelligence Officers
AFIP Air Force Intelligence Plan
AFIS Air Force Intelligence Service/Study
AFISA Air Force Intelligence Support Agency
AFIT Air Force Institute of Technology
AFITC Air Force Intelligence Training Center
AFIWC Air Force Information Warfare Center
AFLAN AFSOC Local/Wide Area Network
AFLANT U.S. Air Forces, Atlantic
AFLC Air Force Logistics Command
AFLE Air Force Liaison Element
AFLO Air Force Liaison Office
AFM Air Force Manual
AFMD/GF Air Forces of the Military District/Group of Forces
AFMC Air Force Materiel Command
AFMIC Armed Forces Medical Intelligence Center
AFMPC Air Force Military Personnel Center
AFMSIS Air Force Modeling and Simulation Information System
AFMSS Air Force Mission Support System
AFNET (1) Air Force Network; (2) Air Force Data Network
AFNORTH Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)
AFNORTHWEST (1) Allied Forces Northwest Europe (NATO); (2) Air Forces Northwest Region
AFOC Air Force Operations Center
AFOE Assault Follow-On Echelon
AFOSI Air Force Office of Special Investigations
AFOSP Air Force Office of Security Police
AFOSR Air Force Office of Scientific Research
AFOTEC Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center
AFR (1) Air Force Reserve; (2) Air Force Regulation
AFRES Air Force Reserve
AFS (1) Air Force Station; (2) Combat Stores Ship
AFSAA Air Force Studies and Analyses Agency
AFSAC Air Force Special Activities Center
AFSAT Air Force Satellite
AFSATCOM Air Force Satellite Communications System
AFSC (1) Air Force Systems Command; (2) Air Force Specialty Code; (3) Armed Forces Staff College
AFSCOORD Assistant Fire Support Coordinator
AFSCF Air Force Satellite Control Facility
AFSCN Air Force Satellite Control Network
AFSIP Air Force Satellite Intelligence Program
AFSOB Air Force Special Operations Base
AFSOC Air Force Special Operations Command
AFSOD Air Force Special Operations Detachment
AFSOE Air Force Special Operations Element
AFSOF Air Force Special Operations Forces
AFSOS Air Force Special Operations School
AFSOUTH Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO)
AFSOUTHCOM Air Force Southern Command
AFSPACECOM Air Force Space Command
AFSPC Air Force Space Command
AFSPCIP Air Force Space Command Intelligence Plan
AFSPOC Air Force Space Operations Center
AFSSE Air Force Space Surveillance Element
AFSST Air Force Space Support Team
AFSTC Air Force Space Technology Center
AFTAC Air Force Technical Applications Center
AFTACIES Air Force Tactical Imagery Exploitation System
AFTF Air Force Task Force
AFTFWC Air Force Tactical Fighter Weapons Center
AFV Armored Fighting Vehicle
AF/VC Air Force Vice Chief of Staff
AFWAL Air Force Wright Aeronautical Laboratory
AFWARNS Air Force Warning System
AFWCCS Air Force Wing Command and Control System
AFWL Air Force Weapons Laboratory
AG (1) Adjutant General; (2) Miscellaneous Auxiliary Ship
AGARD Advisory Group for Aerospace Research and Development (NATO)
AGB Icebreaker
AGC Automatic Gain Control
AGCCS Armyís Global Command and Control System
AGDS Deep Submergence Support Ship
AGE Experimental Auxiliary
AGEF Frigate Research Ship
AGEH Experimental Auxiliary (Hydrofoil)
AGER Intelligence Research Ship
AGES Advanced Ground Exploitation System
AGF Miscellaneous Command Ship
AGHS Patrol Combatant Support Ship
AGI Intelligence Collection Ship
AGL (1) Buoy Tender; (2) Above Ground Level
AGM (1) Air-to-Ground Missile; (2) Missile Range Instrumentation Ship
AGMR Major Communications Relay Ship
AGMS Armored Ground Mobility System
AGOR Oceanographic Research Ship
AGOS (1) Ocean Surveillance Ship; (2) Air-Ground Operations School NATO); (3) Air-Ground Operations System
AGP Patrol Craft Tender
AGR Army Guard Reserve
AGS (1) Hydrographic Survey Ship; (2) FSU Automatic Grenade Launcher
AGT Agent
AGZ Actual Ground Zero
AH (1) Hospital Ship; (2) Alternate Headquarters
AHFEWS Army High Frequency Electronic Warfare System
AI (1) Airborne Intercept; (2) Air Intelligence; (3) Artificial Intelligence; (4) Air Interdiction; (5) Airborne Interceptors; (6) Area of
Interest; (7) All-Source Intelligence
A3I Accelerated Architecture Acquisition Initiative
AIA (1) Army Intelligence Agency; (2) ACE Intelligence Architecture; (3) ACE Interface Architecture; (4) Air Intelligence Agency
AIAA American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
AIA/IRD Air Intelligence Agency/Intelligence Reserve Detachment
AIAWS Automated Intelligence Analyst Workstation
AIB Atlantic Intelligence Board
AIC (1) Atlantic Intelligence Command; 2) Afloat Intelligence Center
AICBM Anti-Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
AID (1) U.S. Agency for International Development; (2) Aerospace Information Digest; (3) Army Information Digest;
(4) Accident, Incident, Deficiencies; 5) Active Integral Defense
AIDES (1) Analyst Intelligence Information Display and exploitation System; (2) Automated Intelligence Display and
Exploitation System
AIDS (1) Acoustic Intelligence Data System; (2) Advanced Identification System; (3) Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
AIF (1) Automated Installations Intelligence File; (2) Army Industrial Fund; (3) Airfield Installation File; (4) Air Intelligence Flight;
(5) Automated Installation File
AIFV Armored Infantry Fighting Vehicle
AIG (1) Address Indicator Group; (2) Air Intelligence Group
AIIC Advanced Imagery Interpretation Course
AIIF Automated Installation Intelligence File
AIIRS Automated Intelligence Information Retrieval System
AIM (1) Air Intercept Missile; (2) Active Inert Missile; (3) ADCOM Intelligence Memorandum
AIMD Aircraft Intermediate Maintenance Department
AIMP (1) Army Intelligence Management Plan; (2) Army Intelligence Master Plan; (3) Advanced Imagery Management Program;
(4) Automated Information Management Program
AIMTB Artificial Intelligence Module Testbed
AIN Advanced Intelligence Network
AIO Air Intelligence Officer
AIOEC Association of Iron Ore Exporting Countries
AIP (1) Architecture Implementation Plan; (2) Anti-Surface-Warfare Improvement Program
AIPR Automated Information Processing Request
AIR American Institute for Research
AIRA Air Attache
AIRCENT (1) Air Forces Central Region (NATO); (2) Allied Air Forces Central Europe
AIRCOM Air Command
AIRCOMTERM Airborne Communications Terminal
AIRES Advanced Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System
AIRES II Airborne Reconnaissance Electronic System II
AIREW Airborne Infrared Early Warning
AIRK Area Interswitch Rekeying Key
AIRLO Air Liaison Officer
AIRREQRECON Air Request Reconnaissance
AIR (1) Replenishment Oiler; (2) American Institute of Research
AIRS (1) Advanced Inertial Reference Sphere; (2) Automated Information Retrieval Systems
AIRTAPS Aerial Imagery Reconnaissance Tracking and Plotting System
AIS (1) Automated Indicator System; (2) Advanced Indications Structure; (3) Advanced Indications System; (4) Army
Intelligence Survey; (5) Automated Information System; (6) Air Intelligence Squadron
AISA Automated Intelligence Support Activity
AISS Automated Information Systems Security
AIST Air Intelligence Support Team
AITE Advanced Indications Technology Experiment
AIU Army Interrogation Unit
AIWO Air Intelligence Warning Officer
AIWS Advanced Interdiction Weapon System
AJ Antijamming
AJCC Alternate Joint Communications Center
AJFP Adaptive Joint Force Package
AJNPE Airborne Joint Nuclear Planning Element
A/JSIC Alternate JSIC
AK (1) Cargo Ship; (2) FSU Kalashnikov Family of Assault Rifles; (3) Automatic Remote Rekeying
AKA Also Known As
AKDC Automatic Key Distribution Center
AKD/RCU Automatic Key Distribution/Rekeying Control Unit
AKL Light Cargo Ship
AKM (1) Apogee Kick Motor; (2) AK-47 Assault Rifle
AKMC Automated Key Management Center
AKMS Automated Key Management System
AKR Vehicle Cargo Ship
AKTCAE Army Korea Technical Control And Analysis Element
ALAIRCOM Alaskan Air Command
ALARM Alert, Locate and Report Missiles
ALASAT Air-Launched Antisatellite
ALASCOM Alaskan Communications Inc.
ALB Air-Land Battle Doctrine (FM 100-5)
ALBM Air-Launched Ballistic Missile
ALC Accounting Legend Code
ALCATS Automated Lines of Communication and Target System
ALCC Airlift Control Center
ALCE Airlift Control Element
ALCM Air-Launched Cruise Missile
ALCOM Alaskan Command
ALCOP Alternate Command Post
ALCOR ARPA Lincoln C-Band Observable Radar
ALCS Airborne Launch Control System
ALD Airlift Division
ALE (1) AIRES Lifecycle Extension; (2) Automated Link Establishment
ALERT Attack and Launch Early Report to Theater (AF)
ALES AIRES Life Extension System
ALF Auxiliary Landing Field
ALFA Advanced Liaison Forward Area
ALL Airborne Laser Laboratory
ALMS Automated Logistics Management System
ALO (1) Air Liaison Officer; (2) Authorized Level of Organization
ALOC(S) Air Line(s) of Communication
ALPS Accidental Launch Protection System
ALRAAM Air-Launched Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile
ALRP-S Army Long-Range Plan for Space
ALRPG Army Long-Range Planning Guidance
ALS (1) Active Laser Seeker; (2) Airborne Link Segment
ALSA Air-Land-Sea Application (Center)
ALSS Advanced Location Strike System
ALT (1) Alternate; (2) Altitude
ALTAlR ARPA Long-Range Tracking and Instrumentation Radar
ALTREV Altitude Reservation
ALUSNA American Legation U.S. Naval Attache
ALUSNLO American Legation U.S. Naval Liaison Officer
ALWT Advanced Lightweight Torpedo
ALWTIC Annual Land Warfare Technical Intelligence Conference
AM (1) Ante Meridian (Before Noon); (2) Amplitude Modulation; (3) Asset Manager; (4) Aerographers Mate
AMAB Air Mobile Assault Brigade
AMASS (1) Advanced Marine Airborne SlGlNT System; (2) Advanced Marine Air Support System
AMBISS Automated Map-Based Intelligence Support System
AMC (1) Airspace Management and Control; (2) Army Materiel Command (Formerly DARCOM); (3) Air Mobility Command;
(4) Air Mission Commander
AMCC (1) Ashore Mobile Contingency Communications; (2) Ashore Mobile Command Center
AMC/IN AMC Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
AMCIT American Citizen
AMCM Airborne Mine Countermeasures
AMD Activated Metal Decoy
AMDT AEELS Mobile Downlink Terminal
AME Airspace Management Element
AMEMB American Embassy
AMETS Artillery Meteorological System
AMF Allied Command Europe Mobile Force (NATO)
AMH Automated Message Handling
AMHA Army Management Headquarters Activity
AMHS Automated Message Handling System
AMIDS Airborne Mine Detection System
AMIM Army Modernization Information Memorandum
AMIP Army Model Improvement Plan
AMIRS Army Multispectral Imagery Requirements Study
AMIS Advanced Microwave Imaging Sensor
AMM Army Modernization Memorandum
Ammo Ammunition
AMMS (1) Allowance Material Management System; (2) Acquisition Milestone Management System
AMOPES Army Mobilization and Operations Planning and Execution System
AMOPS Army Mobilization Operations and Planning System
AMOS Air Force Maui Optical System
AMP (1) Amplification; (2) Army Modernization Plan; (3) Acquisition Master Plan
AMPDS Automated Message Processing Dissemination System
AMPE Automated Message Processing Exchange
AMPHI Aerial Mission Photographic Indoctrination
AMPHIB Amphibious
AMPL Amplitude
AMPS (1) Automated Mission Planning System; (2) Automated Message Processing System; (3) Aim Point System
AMRAAM Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Missile
AMRWS Advanced Remote Miniaturized Weather Station
AMS (1) Automated Message System; (2) Auto-Manual System; (3) Autonomous Message Switch; (4) Advanced Mapping Spectrometer
AMSAT Amateur Radio Satellite
AMSC Advanced Military Spaceflight Capability
AMS-H Advanced Missile System Heavy
AMSSA Assured Mission Support Space Architecture
AMST Advanced Medium STOL Transport
AMT ACTS Mobile Terminal
AMTF Airmobile Task Force
AMTP Army Mission Training Plan
AMU Astronaut Maneuvering Unit
AMW Amphibious Warfare
AN (1) Net Tender; (2) Army/Navy
ANALIT Analyst-to-Analyst Message Format
ANC African National Congress
ANCC (1) Ashore Navy Communications Capability; (2) Automated Network Control Center
ANDVT Advanced Narrowband Digital Voice Terminal
ANEX Analyst-to-Analyst Exchange Message Format
ANFO Ammonium Nitrate Fuel Oil
ANG Air National Guard
ANGB Army National Guard Base
ANGLlCO Air and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
ANL Net-Laying Ship
ANLYS Analysis
ANMCC Alternate National Military Command Center
ANMIC Alternate National Military Intelligence Center
ANR (1) Alaskan NORAD Region; (2) Active Noise Reduction
ANRPC Association of Natural Rubber-Producing Countries
ANSI American National Standards Institute
ANVIS Aviatorís Night Vision Imaging System
AN/VRC Army Navy Vehicle Radio Communications
ANZUS Australia, New Zealand, United States
AO (1) Action Officer; (2) Oiler; (3) Authenticator Organization; (4) Area of Operations; (5) Aerial Observer
AOA (1) Amphibious Objective Area; (2) Angle of Attack; (3) Angle of Arrival; (4) Airborne Optical Adjunct
AOB (1) Air Order of Battle; (2) Advanced Operational Base
AOBTS Air Order of Battle Textual Summary
AOC (1) Air Officer Commanding (U.K.); (2) Air Operations Center; (3) Army Operations Center
AOCC Area Operations Control Center
AOCS Aviation Officers Candidate School
AOE Fast Combat Support Ship
AOFDA U.S. AID Office for Foreign Disaster Assistance
AOG Gasoline Tanker
AOI (1) Area of Influence; (2) Area of Interest
AOIC Assistant Officer in Charge
AOIR (1) ACE Operational Intelligence Requirements; (2) Area of Intelligence Responsibility
AOL Area of Limitation
AO&M/NM Administration, Operations, and Maintenance/Network Management
AOO Air Operations Order
AOP (1) Area of Probability; (2) Air Operations Plan
AOR Area of Responsibility
AOS (1) Special Liquids Tanker; (2) Amphibious Objective Study; (3) Area of Separation
AOSG Amphibious Operation Support Graphic
AOSS Automated Office Support System
AOT Transport Oiler
AOTF Acoustic-Optic Tunable Filter
AP (1) Armor-Piercing; (2) Air Police; (3) Transport Ship; (4) Associated Press; (5) Ammonium Perchlorate; (6) Antipersonnel; (7) Application Processor
AP-I Armor Piercing Incendiary
APB (1) Self-Propelled Barracks Ship; (2) All Points Bulletin; (3) Antipersonnel Bomb; (4) Acquisition Program Baseline
APC (1) Armored Personnel Carrier; (2) Area of Positive Control; (3) Adaptive Predictive Coding
APCC Alternate Processing and Correlation Center
APFSDS Armor-Piercing, Fin-Stabilized, Discarding Sabot
APHIS USDA Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service
APL (1) Barracks Craft (non self-propelled); (2) Applied Physics Laboratory (Johns Hopkins University)
APM Army Program Memorandum
APMS (1) Automated Production Management System; (2) Advanced Precision Measurement System
APO (1) Army Post Office; (2) Air Post Office
APOD Aerial Port of Debarkation
APOE Aerial Port of Embarkation
APORTS Aerial Ports File (JOPES)
APP Application
APPS Applications
Appl Application
Approx Approximately
APPS Analytical Photogrammetric Position System
APS (1) ASARS-II Processing Segment; (2) Air Planning System
APT (1) Automatic Picture Transmission; (2) Airport
APU Auxiliary Power Unit
APVO FSU Air Defense Aviation
APW American Prisoner of War
AR (1) Advanced Readiness; (2) Army Regulation; (3) Action Required; (4) Repair Ship; (5) Agent Report; (6) Army Reserve; (7) Army
ARABSAT Arab Satellite (Communications Organization)
ARB Battle Damage Repair Ship
ARC (1) Cable Ship; (2) Acquisition Review Committee; (3) Armored Reconnaissance Carrier; (4) Air Reserve Component
ARCENT U.S. Army Forces Central Command
ARCENT-K USACENT forward element-Kuwait
ARCENT-SA USACENT forward element-Saudi Arabia
ARCH Architecture
ARCOM Army Command
ARDC Air Research and Development Command
AREC Air Element Coordinator
ARCS (1) Automated Reproduction and Collating System; (2) Acquisition Radar and Control System
ARD Auxiliary Repair Drydock
ARDF Airborne Radio Direction Finding
ARDM Auxiliary Repair Drydock
AREPT Agent Report
ARF Airborne Relay Facility
ARFCOS Armed Forces Courier Service
ARFOR Army Force(s)
ARG (1) Amphibious Readiness Group; (2) Internal Combustion Engine Repair Ship
ARIS Advanced Range Instrumentation Ship
ARL (1) Landing Craft Repair Ship; (2) Airborne Reconnaissance Low; (3) Army Research Lab; (4) Aerial Reconnaissance Liaison
ARL-I Airborne Reconnaissance Low-Imagery
ARLEA Army Logistics Evaluation Agency
ARLO Air Reconnaissance Liaison Officer
ARM (1) Antiradiation Missile; (2) Atmospheric Radiation Measurement
ARMA Army Attache
ARMISE Army Reserve Military Intelligence Support Element
ARMLO Army Liaison Officer
ARMS Automated Resource Management System
ARNG Army National Guard
ARO (1) Area Records Officer; (2) Auxiliary Readout
ARP Alert Response Plan
ARPA Advanced Research Projects Agency
ARPAC Army Pacific
ARPANET Advanced Research Projects Agency Network
ARPS Advanced Radar Processing System
ARPV Advanced Remotely Piloted Vehicle
ARR Radiological Repair Ship
ARRC (1) ACE Rapid Reaction Corps; (2) Allied Rapid Reaction Corps
ARRN Andean Ridge Radar Network
ARRS Aerospace Rescue and Recovery Service
ARS (1) Salvage and Rescue Ship; (2) Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance; (3) Airborne Receiver System; (4) Air Rescue Service
ARSA (1) Annual Reevaluation of Safe Areas; (2) Airborne Reconnaissance and Surveillance Architecture
ARSGS Airborne Reconnaissance SIGINT Ground Systems
ARSO Assistant Regional Security Officer
ARSOA Army Special Operations Aviation
ARSOC Army Special Operations Command
ARSOF Army Special Operations Forces
ARSOFE Army Special Operations Forces, Europe
ARSOFSUPCOM Army Special Operations Forces Support Command
ARSOTF Army Special Operations Task Force
ARSP Advanced Reconnaissance Support Program
ARSPACE Army Space Command
ARSPACECOM Army Space Command
ARSPOC Army Space Operations Center
ARSST Army Space Command Space Support Team
ARSTAF Army Staff
ART (1) Aerial Reconnaissance Team; (2) Amateur Radio Transceiver
ARTADS Army Tactical Data System
ARTAS-K Army Training and Support-Kuwait (former name for ARCENT-K)
ARTBASS Army Training Battle Simulation Systems
ARTCC Air Route Traffic and Control Center
ARTEP (1) Army Readiness Training Evaluation Program; (2) Army Training and Evaluation Program
ARTISS Advanced Requirements Tasking Information and Support System
ARTPP Airborne Reconnaissance Technology Program Plan
ARTS Automated Remote Tracking Station
ARTY Artillery
ARV (1) Armored Recovery Vehicle; (2) Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle; (3) Aircraft Repair Ship
ARW Air Refueling Wing
AS (1) Submarine Tender; (2) Air Surveillance; (3) Analysis Subsystem; (4) Air Station; (5) Anti Spoofing; (6) Advanced Sensors
ASA Army Space Agency
ASA (M&RA)Assistant Secretary of the Army (Manpower and Reserve Affairs)
ASAB All-Source Analysis Branch
ASAC All-Source Analysis Center
ASAP (1) As Soon As Possible; (2) Advanced Sensor Applications Program
ASAR Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ASARC Army Systems Acquisition Review Council
ASARS Advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar System
ASART (1) AEELS Support Analysis Reporting Terminal; (2) Analysis Support and Reporting Terminal
ASAS All-Source Analysis System
ASAS-AS All-Source Analysis System All-Source Workstation
ASAS-E All-Source Analysis System-Extended
ASAS-SS All-Source Analysis System Single-Source Workstation
ASAS-W All-Source Analysis System WARRIOR
ASAT (1) Antisatellite; (2) Antisatellite Treaty; (3) Advance Satellite Antenna Technology
ASB (1) Air Surveillance Broadcast; (2) Army Science Board
ASC (1) AUTODlN Switching Center; (2) Army Service Component; (3) Army Space Command; (4) Advanced Systems Course
ASCAMP Advanced Single-Channel Manpack
ASCII American Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCC (1) Air Standardization Coordinating Committee; (2) Alternate Space Control Center
ASCII American National Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCM Antiship Cruise Missile
ASCON Automatic Switched Communications Network
ASD Assistant Secretary of Defense
ASD (C3I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence)
ASD (C4I) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence)
ASD (ISA) Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
ASD (S&R) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Strategy and Requirements
ASD (SO/LIC) Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict
ASDC Advanced Space Data Corporation
ASDEP Army Space Exploitation Demonstration Programs
ASDIA All-Source Document Index
ASDIAZ All-Source Document Index Automated File-Compartmented
ASDIAZO All-Source Document Index Automated File-ORCON
ASDIC Armed Services Documents Intelligence Center
ASDS (1) Automated SlGlNT Dissemination System; (2) Advanced SEAL Delivery System
ASDV Auxiliary SEAL Delivery Vehicle
ASE (1) Aircraft Survivability Equipment; (2) Airborne Support Element
ASEAN Association of Southeast Asian Nations
ASED Army Space Exploitation Demonstration
ASEDP Army Space Exploitation Demonstration Program
ASEMA Army Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
ASF All-Source Format
ASFC All-Source Fusion Center
ASG Area Support Group
ASGOBS Army Standard Ground Order of Battle System
ASI (1) Additional Skill Indicator; (2) U.S. Army Space Institute; (3) All-Source Intelligence
ASIC All-Source Intelligence Center
ASICC All-Source Intelligence Coordinating Center
ASIDS Airborne Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
ASIP All-Source Imagery Processor
ASIPS Army Standard Intelligence Plotter System
ASIS Army Space Initiatives Study
ASIT Adaptable Surface Interface Terminal
ASM (1) Air-to-Surface Missile; (2) Antiship Missile; (3) Attache Support Message
ASMD Antiship Missile Defense
ASMT Assessment
ASN (RDA) Assistant Secretary of the Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition)
ASOC Air Support Operations Center
ASOG Air Support Operations Group
ASOS Air Support Operations Squadron
ASP Ammunition Supply Point
ASPAC Asian and Pacific Council
ASPADOC Alternate Space Defense Operations Command
ASPB Assault Patrol Support Boat (Riverine Warfare Craft)
ASPIC Armed Services Personnel Interrogation Center
ASPJ Airborne/Advanced Self-Protection Jammer
ASPO Army Space Program Office
ASPS All-Source Production Section
ASR (1) Submarine Rescue Ship; (2) Airport Surveillance Radar; (3) Adaptive Situation Recognizer
ASRP (1) Airborne SlGlNT Reconnaissance Program; (2) Airborne SIOP Reconnaissance Plan
ASRRS Army Survivable, Recovery and Reconstitution System
ASSC Alternate Space Surveillance Center
ASSET All Source Satellite Evaluation Tool
ASSIST (1) Army System for Standard Intelligence Support Terminals; (2) Automated Special Security Terminals; (3) Automated Special Security Information System; (4) Automated Information System Security Incident Support Team
ASSM Antiship Surface Missile
ASSOTW Airfields and Seaplane Stations of the World
ASSR Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
ASST (1) Antiship Surveillance and Tracking; (2) Assistant
ASSW Antisurface Ship Warfare
ASTAG Army Service and Technology Advisory Group
ASTEC Advanced Satellite Technology and Extremely High Frequency Communications
ASTERIX Automated Analyst Support Tools
ASTMP Army Science and Technology Master Plan
ASU (1) FSU Airborne Self-Propelled Antitank Gun; (2) Approved for Service Use
ASUW Antisurface Warfare
ASU SWA Administrative Support Unit Southwest Asia
ASUWC Antisurface Warfare Commander
ASV Armored Support Vehicle
ASW (1) Antisubmarine Warfare; (2) Aircrew Survival Weapon
ASWC Antisubmarine Warfare Commander
ASWCCS Antisubmarine Warfare Command and Control System
ASWOC Antisubmarine Warfare Operations Center
ASWTF Antisubmarine Warfare Task Force
AT (1) Antitank; (2) Air Transit; (3) Simple Antenna (Electronic Component); (4) Air Technician; (5) Awaiting Transportation;
(6) Antiterrorism, (7) Annual Training
ATA (1) Actual Time of Arrival; (2) Ocean Tug; (3) Air Transport Association; (4) Advanced Tactical Aircraft; (5) Air Traffic
ATAC ASAP Technical Advisory Committee
ATACC Advanced Tactical Air Command Center
ATACMS (U.S.) Army Tactical Missile System
ATACMS ER Army Tactical Missile System Extended Range
ATACS (1) Analyst-to-Analyst Communications Service; (2) Army Tactical Communications System
ATAF Allied Tactical Air Force (NATO)
ATARS Advanced Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance System
ATAS (1) Air-To-Air Stinger; (2) Automatic Terrain Avoidance System
ATB (1) Air Technical Battalion; (2) Advanced Technology Bomber
ATBM Antitactical Ballistic Missile
ATC (1) Air Traffic Control; (2) Air Training Command, USAF; (3) Air Target Chart; (4) Mini-Armored Troop Carrier (Riverine
Warfare Craft)
ATCAE Army Technical Control and Analysis Element
ATCC Air Traffic Control Center
ATCCS Army Tactical Command and Control System
ATCH ASW Torpedo-Carrying Helicopter
ATCU Airfield Traffic Control Unit
ATD (1) Actual Time of Departure; (2) Advanced Technology Demonstration
ATDB ACE Target Data Base
ATD/IFD Advanced Technology Demonstration/Integrated Feasibility Demonstration
ATDL Automated Tactical Data Link
ATDS Airborne Tactical Data System
ATE Automatic Test Equipment
ATETS Atomic Heat and Powerplant
ATF (1) Advanced Tactical Fighter; (2) Amphibious Task Force; (3) Fleet Ocean Tug; (4) Aviation Turbine Fuel; (5) After the Fact
ATFD Automated Tactical Fusion Division
ATGIN Atomic Ground Intercept
ATGL Antitank Guided Launcher
ATGM Antitank Guided Missile
ATH Above The Horizon
ATI Automated Tactical Intelligence
ATIC Aircraft Technical Intelligence Conference
ATIMS Advanced Technical Information Management System
ATL ACE Threat List
ATLIS Airborne Tracking Laser Identification System
atm Atmosphere
ATM (1) Antitank Missile; (2) Air Target Materials; (3) Air Target Mosaic; (4) Antitactical Missile; (5) Asynchronous Transfer
Mode; (6) Air Tasking Message
A-TM Alpha Team (Special Forces Operational Detachment)
ATMDE Army Theater Missile Defense Element
ATMG Arms Transfer Management Group
ATMOS Atmospheric Trace Molecules Spectroscopy
ATMP Air Target Materials Program
ATO (1) Air Tasking Order; (2) Abort-To-Orbit
ATOC Allied Tactical Operations Center (NATO)
AFTOCONF Air Tasking Order Confirmation
ATOL Assisted Takeoff & Landing
ATOS Atlantic Theater Operational Intelligence System
ATP (1) Allied Tactical Publication (NATO); (2) Advanced Technology Program; (3) Advanced Tracking Prototype; (4) Advanced
Tactical Planner
ATP-FO Automated Tracking Prototype Follow-On
ATP/RMBUX Advance Tracking Prototype/Rocky Mountain Basic UNIX
ATR Automatic Target Recognition
ATRS Advanced Tactical Reconnaissance System
ATS (1) Salvage and Rescue Ship; (2) Automated Tasking System; (3) Audit Trail Server; (4) Applications Technology Satellite
ATSS Alaskan Transportable Satellite System
AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph
ATT Technical Assistance Training Team
ATTCS Army Tactical Command and Control System
ATTD Advanced Technology Transition Demonstration
ATTE Assistant Theater Topographic Engineer
ATTG Automated Tactical Target Graphic
ATTN/Attn Attention (to the attention of)
ATTP ACOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
ATWC Atmospheric Tactical Warning Connectivity
AU Air University
AUD Arbitrary Unit Designator
AUGTDA Augmentation Table of Distribution and Allowances
AUM Air-to-Underwater Missile
AUS Army of the United States
AUSA Association of the United States Army
AUSCANUKUS Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, United States
AUSD Assistant Deputy Under Secretary for Defense
AutoID Automatic Identification
AUTODIN Automatic Digital Network
AUTOSEC Automation Security
AUTOSEVOCOM Automatic Secure Voice Communications Network
AUTOVON Automatic Voice Network
AUXCP Auxiliary Command Post
AV (1) Armored Vehicle; (2) Audio-Visual; (3) Air Vehicle; (4) Auxiliary Vector
AVCS Attitude and Velocity Control System
AVF All-Volunteer Force
AVGAS Aviation Gasoline
AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer
AVIM Aviation Intermediate Maintenance
AVLB Armored Vehicle-Launched Bridge
AVMF FSU Naval Aviation
AVMT Aviation Maintenance Trainer
AVN Aviation
AVP Authorized Vendor Program
AVR Aircraft Rescue Vehicle
AVSAT Aviation Satellite System
AVSCOM Aviation System Command
AVT Auxiliary Aircraft Landing Training Ship
AVUM Aviation Unit Maintenance
AW (1) Air Warning; (2) Automatic Weapon(s); (3) Water Tanker; (4) All-Weather
AWACS Airborne Warning and Control System
AWADS Adverse Weather Aerial Delivery System
AWARS All-Weather Reconnaissance System
AWC (1) Air War College; (2) Army War College; (3) Air Warfare Center
AWDS Automated Weather Distribution System
AWE Advanced Warfighting Experiment
AWESS I Automatic Weapon Effect Signature Simulator
AWGN Additive White Gaussian Noise
AWIS (1) Army WWMCCS Information System; (2) Aircraft Wireless Intercom System
AWN Automated Weather Network
AWOP (1) Absent Without Pay; (2) Automated Weaponeering Optimization Program
AWS (1) Air Weather Service; (2) Advance Warning System; (3) Analyst Workstation
AWSS Area Weapon Scoring System
AWT Water Transport
AWWIMS Automated Worldwide Warning Indicator Monitoring System
AWX All-Weather
AXAF Advanced X-ray Astrophysics Facility
AXP Allied Exercise Publication
AXT Training Ship
AZ Azimuth
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: B

BA (1) Budget Authority; (2) Budget Activity
BAA Broad Agency Announcement
BAC (1) Budget Activity Code; (2) Broad Area Coverage
BAD Baseline Assessment Document
BADGE FINDER Proper Name of System
BADGE KEEPER Proper Name of System
BAE Battlefield Area Evaluation
BAG Battalion Artillery Group
BAI (1) Battlefield Air Interdiction; (2) Backup Aircraft Inventory; (3) Battlefield Artificial Intelligence
BALTAP Baltic Approaches (NATO Naval Command)
BAN Base Area Network
BANDIT Bragg Area Network for Digital Intelligence Transmission
BAO Basic Attack Option
BAOR British Army of the Rhine
BARB Beacon-Aided Radar Bombing
BARCS Battlefield Area Reconnaissance System
BAS (1) Broad Area Search; (2) Battlefield Automated Systems; (3) Billet Access System
BASIC Battle Area Surveillance & Integrated Communications
BASOPS Base Operations
BASS Battlefield Surveillance System
BAT-D Battlefield Deception
BATF Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms
BATO Balloon-Assisted Take-Off
BATS Ballistic Aerial Target System
BAWB Bomber Activity Weekly Brief
BB Battleship
BBBG Battleship Battle Group
BBLS Barrels
BBO Booster Burnout
BBS Brigade/Battalion Simulation
B2C2 Brigade and Below Command and Control System
BCA Broadcast Control Authority
BC2A Bosnia Command and Control Augmentation
BCBL Battle Command Battle Lab
BCC Base Communications Center
BCDSS Battle Command Decision Support System
BCE Battlefield Coordination Element
BCI Bit-Count Integrity
BCR (1) Battlefield Communications Review; (2) Baseline Change Request
BCS Broadcast Control Station
BCT (1) Base Consolidated Telecommunications; (2) Betac Command Team
BCTP Battle Command Training Program
BCV Battle Command Vehicle
Bd Baud
BDA (1) Battle Damage Assessment; (2) Bomb Damage Assessment
BDA/PSA Bomb Damage Assessment/Post Strike Assessment
BDE/Bde Brigade
BDM Budget Decision Memorandum
BDP Battlefield Development Plan
BDS (1) Base Development Survey; (2) Bulk Data Service
BDSP Battle Dress System Project
BE Basic Encyclopedia
BEMT Basic Electronic Maintenance Trainer
BENELUX Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg
BER Bit Error Rate
BES Budget Estimate Submission
BETA Battlefield Exploitation and Target Acquisition
BEYOND DUTY Proper Name of System
BF Battle Force
BFA Battlefield Function Area
BFACS BFA Control System
BF(S)BL Battle Focus (Support) Battle Lab
BFCS Ballistic Framing Camera System
BFE Blacker Front End
BFI Battlefield Interdiction
BFM Basic Flight Maneuvers
BFMA Battlefield Functional Mission Area
BFOV Broad Field of View
BG (1) Battle Group; (2) Brigadier General
BGN Board on Geographic Names
BGPHES Battle Group Passive Horizon Extension System
BGW Battlefield Guided Weapon
BGWU Battle Group Workup
BH Busy Hour
B-H Bosnia-Hercegovina
BI Background Investigation
BIACC Basic Integrated Aircraft Command and Control
BIC Battlefield Information Center
BICC Battlefield Information Coordination Center
BICES Battlefield Information Collection and Exploitation Systems (NATO)
BICM Battlefield Intelligence Collection Model
BIDS Battlefield Information Distribution System
BIF Basic Imagery File
BIFF Bistatic Identification Friend or Foe
BIIB Basic Imagery Interpretation Brief
BIIR Basic Imagery Interpretation Report
BIM Ballistic Intercept Missile
BIOLDEF Biological Defense
BIOLOPS Biological Operations
BIOLWPN Biological Weapons
BISS Baseline Intelligence Summary Supplement
BIT Binary Digit
BITE Built-In Test Equipment
BITS Base Information Transfer System
BIU Bus Interface Unit
Bks Barracks
BKS Broadcast Keying Station
BL Bomb Line
BLDG Building
BLEST Berm-Loaded Explosive Simulation Technique
BLEU Belgium-Luxembourg Economic Union
BLIP Background Limited IR Photography
BLOS Beyond Line-of-Sight
BLSS Base Level Self-Sufficiency Spares
BLT Battalion Landing Team
BLUE FLAG ACC command and control exercise
BM (1) FSU Truck-Mounted Multiple Rocket Launcher; (2) Ballistic Missile
BMATT Briefcase Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
BM/C2 Battle Management/Command and Control
BM/C3 Battle Management/Command, Control, and Communications
BMC Battle Management Cell
BMCT Beginning of Morning Civil Twilight
BMD (1) Ballistic Missile Defense; (2) FSU Airborne Combat Vehicle
BMDO (1) Ballistic Missile Defense Organization; (2) Ballistic Missile Defense Office
BMDSCOM U.S. Army Ballistic Missile Defense Systems Command
BMEWS Ballistic Missile Early Warning System
BMG Basic Mission Guidance
BMNT Beginning of Morning Nautical Twilight
BMP FSU Armored Infantry Combat Vehicle
BMSS Ballistic Missile Systems Subcommittee
BN/Bn Battalion
BND Bundesrepublik Nachrichtendienst (German Intelligence Service)
BOA Broad Ocean Area
BOCCA Board for Coordination of Civil Aircraft (NATO)
BOIP Basis of Issue Plan
BOMREP Bombing Report
BOQ Bachelor Officers’ Quarters
BOS (1) Battlefield Operating System; (2) Base Operating Support
BP (1) Battle Position; (2) Bandpass
BPA (1) Battlefield Psychological Activities; (2) Blanket Purchase Agreement
BPE Beacon Precision Enlarger
BPF Bandpass Filter
BPI Bits Per Inch
BPPBS Biennial Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System
BPR Business Process Reengineering
BPS (1) Basic Psychological Operations Study; (2) Bits Per Second; (3) Beachman Processing System
BPSK Burst Pulse Shift Key
BR Blade Rate
B/R Bridge/Router
BR/Br Branch
BRAC Base Realignment and Closure (Commission)
BRDM FSU Wheeled Amphibious Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
BRET Bistatic Reflected Energy Target
BRI Basic Rate Interface
BRIXMIS British Commanders-In-Chief Military Liaison Mission
BRL Bomb Release Line
BRP Bomb Release Point
BRS (1) Beachman Reporting System; (2) Backup and Recovery System (3) Beach Reconnaissance System
BRU Bomb Release Unit
BS Broadcast Service
BSA Brigade Support Area
BSD (1) Battlefield Surveillance Device; (2) Battlefield Surveillance Display
BSS Broadcast Satellite Service
BSSC Battle Staff Support Center
BSSG Brigade Service Support Group
BST (1) Battle Staff Team; (2) Betac Support Team
BSTS (1) Boost Surveillance and Tracking System; (2) Boost Phase Surveillance and Tracking System
BT Basic Training
BTA Best Technical Approach
BTF Battalion Task Force
BTG Basic Target Graphic
BTI Balanced Technology Initiative
BTR FSU Armored Personnel Carrier
BTRY (1) Battery; (2) Field Artillery
BTU British Thermal Unit
BTW By The Way
BUD/S Basic Underwater Demolition/Sea-Air-Land (SEAL)
BUIC Back-Up Intercept Control
BUNT British Underground Nuclear Test
BUR Bottom Up Review
BVITS Baseline Video Imagery Transmission System
BVR Beyond Visual Range
BW (1) Biological Warfare; (2) Bandwidth; (3) Beamwidth; (4) Bomb Wing
B&W Black and White
BWC Biological Weapons Convention
BWP Basic Working Paper
BZ Buffer Zone
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: C

C (1) Crisis; (2) Confidential; (3) Coniferous
C1 Combined Staff Personnel Officer
C2 (1) Command and Control; (2) Combined or Coalition Forces Intelligence Staff
C2S2LAN Command and Control Support System LAN
C2W Command & Control Warfare
C3 Command, Control, and Communications
C3OB C3 Order of Battle
C3S Command, Control, and Communications Systems
C4 Command, Control, Communications, and Computers
C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
C4S Command, Control, Communications, and Computer System
C5 Combined Staff Strategic Planning and Policy Officer
C6 Combined Staff Command, Control and Communications Systems Officer
CA (1) Cryptanalysis; (2) Heavy Cruiser; (3) Civil Affairs; (4) Combat Assessment; (5) Controlling Authority;
(6) COMSEC Account; (7) Command Authority; (8) Counterair
CAA (1) Concepts Analysis Agency (U.S. Army); (2) Combined Arms Army (FSU); (3) Command Arrangement Agreement
CAB (1) Current Analysis Branch; (2) Civil Affairs Brigade; (3) Civil Affairs Battalion
CAC (1) Combined Arms Center; (2) Collection Advisory Center; (3) Control and Analysis Center; (4) Crisis Action Center; (5) Civil Affairs Command; (6) Civil Applications Committee; (7) U.S. Army Combined Arms Command
CACDA Combined Arms Combat Development Activity
CACM Central American Common Market
CACTIS Community/Computer Automated Counterterrorism Intelligence System
CAD (1) Computer-Assisted Design; (2) Conceptual Architecture Document
CADES COMIREX Advanced Exploitation System
CADIZ (1) Canadian Air Defense Identification Zone; (2) Coastal Air Defense Identification Zone
CADOB Consolidated Air Defense Order of Battle
CADS Containerized Ammunition Distribution System
CADST Civil Affairs Direct Support Team
CAE Computer Aided Engineering
CAF (1) Crisis Augmentation Facility; (2) Combat Air Forces
CAFMS Computer-Assisted Force Management System
CAG (1) Carrier Air Group; (2) Collective Address Group; (3) Commander, Air Group
CAI Computer-Aided Instruction
CAIF Command Automated Intelligence File
CAIMS Conventional Ammunition Information Management System
CAJIT Central America Joint Intelligence Team
CaLANdar Da Vinci E-Mail Application
CALS Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
CALT Civil Affairs Liaison Team
CAM (1) Computer-Assisted Modeling; (2) Computer Aided Manufacturing
CAMO Computer-Aided Manual Operation
CAMPS (1) Computer-Aided Management Planning System; (2) Computer-Aided Mission Planning System;
(3) Compartmented All-Source Analysis System Message Processing System
CAMS (1) COMIREX Automated Management System; (2) Communications Area Master Station
CANDOB Consolidated Aerospace Defense Order of Battle
CANR Canadian NORAD Region
CAN Coastal Air Navigation Supplement
CANT Chinese Atmospheric Nuclear Test
CANUK US Canada, United Kingdom, United States
CANUS Canadian - United States
CANUS LANDOP Canada-United States Land Operations Plan
CAO (1) Crisis Action Organization; (2) Chief Administrative Officer; (3) Central Action Office
CAO(SOP) Coordination of Atomic Operations (Standard Operating Procedure)
CAOC Combined Air Operations Center
CAOCC Combined Air Operations Coordination Center
CAP (1) Combat Air Patrol; (2) Civil Air Patrol; (3) Countermeasures Advisory Panel; (4) Crisis Action Planning; (5) Crisis Action Procedures; (6) Capabilities
CAPSULE JACK Proper Name of System
CAR (1) Canadian Airborne Regiment; (2) Chief, Army Reserve
CARC Corrective Action Review Committee
CARDA (1) Continental Airborne Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment; (2) CONUS Airborne Reconnaissance for Damage Assessment
CARE Cooperative for American Relief Everywhere, Inc.
CARG Crisis Action Review Group
CARGRU Carrier Group
CARIBJIC Caribbean Joint Intelligence Center
CARIBROC Caribbean Regional Operations Center
CARICOM Caribbean Common Market
CARIFTA Caribbean Free Trade Association
CARL Category Assignment Responsibility List
CARP Computed Air Release Point
CARS (1) Contingency Airborne Reconnaissance System; (2) Common Automated Recovery System
CARVE Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, and Effect
CARVER Criticality, Accessibility, Recuperability, Vulnerability, Effects and Recognizability
CAS (1) Close Air Support; (2) Calibrated Air Speed; (3) Collision Avoidance System; (4) Crisis Action System; (5) Crisis Action Staff; (6) Combined Arms and Services Staff School
CASC Crisis Action Support Cell
CASE Computer-Assisted Software Engineering
CASIC Combined All-Source Intelligence Center
CASLAN Command Automated Software Local Area Network
CASS (1) Collection Analysis Support Subsystem; (2) Command Activated Sonobuoy System
CAST (1) Catalogue of Approved Scientific and Technical Intelligence Tasks; (2) Canadian Air/Sea Transport Group; (3) Computer-Assisted Self Training; (4) Computer Assisted Satellite Track
CAT (1) Conventional Arms Transfer; (2) Crisis Action Team; (3) Combined Arms Team; (4) Crisis Augmentation Team; (5) Category
CAT-1 RECategory-1 Receive Equipment
CATF (1) Commander, Amphibious Task Force; (2) Civil Affairs Task Force
CATIS (1) Computer-Aided Tactical Information System; (2) Computer-Aided Tactical Intelligence System
CATIS/IESS Computer-Aided Tactical Information System/Imagery Exploitation Support System
CATS (1) Combined Arms Training Systems; (2) Combat Airlift Tactics’ School
CATSS Cartographic Applications for Tactical and Strategic Systems
CAV Cavalry
CAVU Ceiling And Visibility Unlimited
CAWS Commercial Analyst Work Station
CB Chemical, Biological
C-band 3.9 to 6.2 GHz Communications Band
CBD Commerce Business Daily
CBF Common Budget Framework
CBI (1) Complete Background Investigation; (2) Computer Based Instruction
CBI/T Computer-Based Instruction/Training
CBJB Congressional Budget Justification Book
CBM Confidence Building Measure(s)
CBO Congressional Budget Office
CBR (1) Chemical, Biological, and Radiological; (2) Case Based Reasoning; (3) Constant Bit Rate
CBRN Caribbean Basin Radar Network
CBRS Concept Based Requirements System
CBS Combat Battle Simulation
CBT (1) Computer-Based Training; (2) Combating Terrorism
CBTDEV Combat Developer
CBTI Combat Intelligence
CBU Cluster Bomb Unit
CBW Chemical and Biological Warfare
CBZ Confidence Building Zone
CC (1) Command Center; (2) Command Ship; (3) Cloud Cover; (4) Collection Center; (5) Computer Compatible; (6) Communications Controller; (7) Commander
C-C3 Counter Command, Control, and Communications
CCA Communications Control Authority
CCB Configuration Control Board
CCC (1) CARDA Control Center; (2) Consolidated Command Center; (3) Command and Control Center
CCD (1) Conference of the Committee on Disarmament; (2) Charged Coupled Device; (3) Camouflage,
Concealment, and Deception
CCE Contingency Communications Element
CCEB Combined Communications Electronic Board
CCEP Commercial COMSEC Endorsement Program
CCF Collection Coordination Facility
CCF-SS Collection Coordination Facility-Support System
CCG (1) Combat Control Group; (2) Crisis Coordination Group; (3) Combat Communications Group
CCG-NB Communications Control Ground-Narrowband
CCGD Commander, Coast Guard District
CCGP Combat Communications Group
CCHC Headquarters Commandant
CCI Controlled Cryptographic Item
CCIC Concentrated Counterdrugs Intelligence Collection
CCIP Command Center Improvement Program
CCIR International Radio Consultative Committee (French Acronym)
CCIRID Charge-Coupled Infrared Imaging Device
CCIRM Collection Coordination and Intelligence Requirements Management
CCIS (1) Command, Control, and Intelligence Support; (2) Common Channel Intelligence Signaling
CCISCMO Community Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures Office
CCISS Command & Control Intelligence Support Squadron
CCITT Consultative Committee for International Telephone and Telegraph
CCJ1 USCENTCOM Manpower, Personnel, and Administration Directorate
CCJ2 USCENTCOM Intelligence Directorate
CCJ3 USCENTCOM Operations Directorate
CCJ4/J7 USCENTCOM Logistics and Security Assistance Directorate
CCJ5 USCENTCOM Plans and Policy Directorate
CCJ6 USCENTCOM Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems Directorate
CCJA USCENTCOM Staff Judge Advocate
CCM (1) Cross-Country Movement; (2) Counter-Countermeasure
C3CM Command, Control, and Communications Countermeasures
CCMF Consolidated Collection Management Facility
CCN Crisis Communications Network (CIA)
CCO (1) Communication Collection Outstation; (2) COMINT Collection Outstation; (3) Circuit Control Officer; (4) Chief, Combat Operations
CCO/SCO Central Control Office/Sub-Control Office
CCP (1) Consolidated Cryptologic Program; (2) Communications Checkpoint; (3) Contingency
Communications Package
CCPC Critical Collection Problems Committee
CCPDS Command Center Processing and Display System
CCPDS-R Command Center Processing and Display System Replacement
CCS (1) Collection Capabilities Statement (HUMINT); (2) COMINT Collection Subsystem (3) Combat Control Squadron; (4) Communications Control Set; (5) Command and Control Systems; (6) Constellation Control Station
CCS2 Command and Control Subordinate System
CCSA USCENTCOM Scientific and Technical Advisor
CCSC Cryptologic Combat Support Console
CCT (1) Combat Control Team; (2) Combat Coordination Team
CCTC Command and Control Technical Center
CCTF (1) Contingency Communications Test Facility; (2) Combined Coalition Task Force
CCTP Continuously Computed Target Point
CCTS Combat Crew Training Squadron
CCTT Close Combat Tactical Trainer
CCTV Closed Circuit Television
CCTW Combat Control Training Wing
CCWT Command Center Watch Team
CD (1) Controlled Dissemination; (2) Certificate of Destruction; (3) Civil Defense; (4) Coastal Defense; (5) Calendar Day; (6) Committee on Disarmament; (7) Collateral Damage; (8) Compact Disc; (9) Command Ship; (10) Counter Drug; (11) Command Director; (12) Combat Developments; (13) Community/Service-Developed
C&D Cover and Deception
CDA Congressionally Directed Action
CDC (1) Career Development Course; (2) Combat Direction Center; (3) Combat Development Center
CD-ROM Compact Disk-Read-Only Memory
CDAS Central Data and Applications Support
C-Day Day in Which Movement From Origin Begins
CDB Central Data Base
CDCS Communications Distribution Control Segment
CDE (1) Conference on Disarmament in Europe; (2) Compound Damage Expectancy; (3) Center of Distance Education
CDEC Captured Document Exploitation Center
CDF Central Document File
CDI Compact Disc Interactive
CDIP (1) Consolidated Defense Intelligence Program; (2) Council of Defense Intelligence Producers
CDIS (1) Communications Data Interface System; (2) Counterdrug Intelligence System
CDIST Canadian Department of Industry, Science, and Technology
CDL Common (high bandwidth) Data Link
CDLF Consolidated Domestic Launch Forecast
CDM Common Digital Map
CDMA Code Division Multiple Access
CDP (1) Central Data Processor; (2) Company Distributing Point
CDPS Coherent Data Processing System
CDR (1) Critical Design Review; (2) Commander
CDRL Contract Data Requirements List
CDRUSAJFKSWC Commander, United States Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center
CDRWESTCOM Commander, U.S. Army Western Command
CDS (1) Chief of Defence Staff (Canadian); (2) Combat Delivery System; (3) Cryptographic Device Services; (4) Combat Direction System
CDSE Cryptologic Direct Support Element
CDSORG Civil Direction of Shipping Organization
CDST C3CM Data Support Team
CDT (1) Central Daylight Time; (2) Communications Data Terminal
CDTS Computer-Directed Training System
CDU Control Display Unit
CDV Compressed Digital Video
CE (1) Circular Error; (2) Cost Effectiveness; (3) Civil Engineer; (4) Communications-Electronics; (5) Corps of Engineers (U.S. Army); (6) Current Exploitation; (7) Counterespionage; (8) Command Element; (9) Collection Emphasis
C&E Collection and Exploitation
C-E Communications Electronics
CEAO West African Economic Community
CEC (1) Cooperative Engagement Capability; (2) Consolidated Expenditure Center
CECOM Communications and Electronics Command
CED (1) Collection, Exploitation, and Dissemination; (2) Captured Enemy Document
CEE Captured Enemy Equipment
CEI Communications Electronic Instructions
CEL Celestial
CELT Current Emitter Location Testbed
CEM Concepts Evaluation Model
CEMA Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
CENTAF (1) Central Region Air Forces (NATO); (2) U.S. Air Force Component, USCENTCOM
CENTAG Central Army Group (NATO)
CENTAM Central America
CENTCOM U.S. Central Command
CENTJIC Joint Intelligence Center USCENTCOM
CENTLANT Central Sub-Area of Eastern Atlantic Area
CENTO Central Treaty Organization
CEO (1) Communications Electronic Officer (USMC); (2) Chief Executive Officer
CEOI Communications Electronics Operations Instructions
CEP (1) Circular Error Probable; (2) Construction Electrician (Power); (3) Common Electronic Parts; (4) Civil Emergency Planning; (5) Committee for Energy Policy of OECD; (6) Capital Equipment Plan; (7) Concept Evaluation Program
CEPG Combined Exercise Planning Group
CEPIR Current Exploitation Photographic Interpretation Report
CEPR Compromising Emanation Performance Requirement
CER (1) Cryptographic Equipment Room; (2) Communication Equipment Room
CERP (1) Combined Economic Reporting Program; (2) Capital Equipment Replacement Program
CERT Computer Security Emergency Response Team
CES Concept Exploration Studies
CESM Cryptologic Electronic Warfare Support Measures
CEST Contingency Exploitation Support Team
CETA Chinese-English Translation Assistance
CEWI Combat Electronic Warfare Intelligence
CF Canadian Forces
C6F Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet
C7F Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet
CFA (1) Combined Field Army (Korea); (2) Covering Force Area; (3) Combined Force Air Component Commander
CFB Canadian Forces Base
CFC (1) Combined Field Command (Korea); (2) Combined Forces Command (ROK/US); (3) Combined Federal Campaign
CCFC Commander in Chief, ROK-U.S. Combined Forces Command
CFD Common Fill Device
CFE (1) Conventional Forces Europe; (2) Communications Front-End
CFER CFE Replacement
CFE-U Communications Front-End-Upgrade
CFI&I Center for Integration and Interoperability
CFIS Combined Forces Command Information System, (CFC)
CFL (1) Coordinated Fire Line; (2) Cease-Fire Line
CFMS Combat Fuels Management System
CFP (1) Contingency Force Pool; (2) Concept Formulation Process
CFR Commander Force Reconnaissance
CFSO Counterintelligence Force Protection Source Operations
CFSR Contract Funds Status Report
CFV Cavalry Fighting Vehicle
cg Center of Gravity
CG (1) Guided-Missile Cruiser; (2) Consolidated Guidance; (3) Commanding General; (4) Coast Guard; (4) Chairman’s Guidance
CGEUSA Commanding General, 8th US Army
CGF Central Group of Forces (FSU Forces in Czechoslovakia)
CGFMFLANT Commanding General, Fleet Marine Forces Atlantic
CGM Computer Graphics Metafile
CGN Guided Missile Cruiser Nuclear Powered
CGS (1) Coast & Geodetic Survey; (2) Common Ground Station; (3) CONUS Ground Station
CGSC Command and General Staff College (U.S. Army)
CGUSARPAC Commanding General U.S. Army Pacific
cGy/hr CentiGray hour
CH (1) Aviation Cruiser; (2) Channel; (3) Communication Helmet
CHAALS Communications High Accuracy Airborne Location System
CHAALS-X CHAALS Exploitation
CHABNCP Chief, Airborne Command Post
CHAMPUS Civilian Health And Medical Program of the Uniformed Services
CHARS Characters
CHB Cargo Handling Battalion
CHBDL Communications High Bandwidth Data Link
CHCMSA Chief, Cruise Missile Support Activity
CHCSS (1) Chief, Central Security Service; (2) Chief, Cryptologic Support Service
CHG Guided-Missile Aviation Cruiser
CHGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Cruiser
CHIP Communications Handbook for Intelligence Planners
CHJUSMAGK Chief, Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group, Korea
CHJUSMAGPHIL Chief, Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group, Philippines
CHJUSMAGTHAI Chief, Joint U.S. Military Assistance Group, Thailand
CHMAAGDOMREP Chief, Military Assistance and Advisory Group, Dominican Republic
CHMDO JAPAN Chief, Military Defense Office, Japan
CHN Nuclear-Powered Aviation Cruiser
CHODC INDIA Chief, Office of Defense Cooperation, India
CHOP (1) Change of Operational Command; (2) Change of Operational Control
C-HUMINT Counter Human Resources Intelligence
CHUSMLO Chief, U.S. Military Liaison Office
CI (1) Counterintelligence; (2) Counterinsurgency; (3) Current Intelligence
C2I Command, Control, & Intelligence
C3I Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence
C4I Command, Control, Communications, Computers, & Intelligence
C4I2 Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence and Information
CIA Central Intelligence Agency
CIAC Computer Incident Assessment Capability
CIAD (1) Combat Intelligence Applications Division; (2) Command Intelligence Architecture Document
CIAP (1) CIA Program; (2) Command Intelligence Architecture/Planning Program
CIARDSCIA Retirement and Disability System
CIAS Counterintelligence Analysis Section
CIB Combat Infantryman’s Badge
CIC (1) Combat Information Center; (2) Combat Intelligence Center; (3) Combined Intelligence Center
C3IC Coalition Coordination and Communications Integration Center
CICAC Counterintelligence Control and Analysis Center
CICC Consolidated Intelligence Communications Center
CIC Server Combined Intelligence Center Server
CICWS Combined Intelligence Center Workstation
CID (1) Criminal Investigation Division; (2) Combat Intelligence Division
CIDBS Combined Intelligence Center Integrated Database Server
CIDC Combined Interview and Debriefing Center
CIE Communication Intercept and Exploitation
CIEF Consolidated Imagery Exploitation Facility
CIF (1) Corps Interrogation Facility; (2) Consolidated Intelligence Facility
CIFAX Enciphered Facsimile
C4IFTW C4I For The Warrior
CIG (1) Computer Image Generation; (2) Combined Intelligence Group
CIGSS Common Imagery Ground Surface System
CIHS Classified Information Handling System
CIK Crypto-Ignition Key
CIIC Current Intelligence and Indications Center
CIID Command Intelligence Implementation Document
CILMS Covert Infrared Lighting and Marking System
CILO Counterintelligence Liaison Office(r)
CILOP Conversion in Lieu of Procurement
CIM Corporate Information Management
CIMAS CENTCOM Iranian Military Activities Summary
CIMEX Civil Military Exercise (NATO)
C-IMINT Counter Imagery Intelligence
CIMOC Civil Military Operations Center
CIMP COMSEC Interoperability Master Plan
CIN Cargo Increment Number
CINC (1) Commander in Chief; (2) Commander of a Combatant Command
CINCACOM Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Command
CINCAFLANT Commander in Chief, United States Air Forces, Atlantic
CINCAL Commander in Chief, Alaska
CINCARLANT Commander in Chief, United States Army Forces, Atlantic
CINCCENT Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Central Europe (NATO)
CINCCFC Commander in Chief, Combined Forces Command, Korea
CINCEASTLANT Commander in Chief, Eastern Atlantic (NATO)
CINCENT Commander in Chief, Allied Forces, Central Europe
CINCEUR Commander in Chief, U.S. Forces Europe
CINCFOR Commander in Chief, Forces Command
CINCFORSCOM Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Forces
CINCHAN Commander in Chief, Channel (NATO)
CINCIBERLANT Commander in Chief, Iberian Atlantic Area
CINCLANT Commander in Chief, Atlantic Command
CINCLANTFLT Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet
CINCLANTFLTDETSO Commander in Chief, Atlantic Fleet Detachment SOUTHCOM
CINCMAC Commander in Chief, Military Airlift Command (archaic)
CINCNORAD Commander in Chief, North American Air Defense Command
CINCNORTH Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Northern Europe (NATO)
CINCONAD Commander in Chief, Continental Air Defense Command
CINCPAC Commander in Chief, Pacific Command
CINCPACAF Commander in Chief, Pacific Air Force
CINCPACFLT Commander in Chief, Pacific Fleet
CINCPACREP Commander in Chief, Pacific Representative
CINCSAC Commander in Chief, Strategic Air Command
CINCSOC Commander in Chief, Special Operations Command
CINCSO Commander in Chief, Southern Command
CINCSOUTH Commander in Chief, Allied Forces Southern Europe (NATO)
CINCSPACE Commander in Chief, U.S. Space Command
CINCSPECOMME Commander in Chief, Specified Command, Middle East
CINCTAC Commander in Chief, Tactical Air Command
CINCTRANS Commander in Chief, Unified Transportation Command
CINCTRANSCOM Commander in Chief, U.S. Transportation Command
CINCUKAIR Commander in Chief, United Kingdom Air Defense Region (NATO)
CINCUNC Commander in Chief, United Nations Command
CINCUSACOM Commander in Chief, U.S. Atlantic Command
CINCUSAFE Commander in Chief, U.S. Air Forces, Europe
CINCUSAREUR Commander in Chief, United States Army, Europe
CINCUSARPAC Commander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific
CINCUSNAVEUR Commander in Chief, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
CINCWESTLANT Commander in Chief, Western Atlantic (NATO)
CINF Community Imagery Needs Forecast
CINSGCY Counterinsurgency
CIO (1) Central Imagery Office; (2) Chief Information Officer
CIOC (1) Combined Intelligence Operations Center (Korea); (2) Combat Intelligence Operations Center
CIOP (1) Controlled Intelligence Operational Proposal; (2) CIO Program
CIP (1) Consolidated Intelligence Program; (2) Country Information Package; (3) Critical Intelligence Parameter; (4) Combined Interoperability Program; (5) Crypto-Ignition Plug; (6) Correlation and Integration Processor
CIPE (US) CENTCOM Imagery Production Element
CIPEC Intergovernmental Council of Copper Exporting Countries
CIPHONY Enciphered Telephone
CIPL ClNC’s Integrated Priority List
CIPMS Career Intelligence Professional Management System
CIPR (1) Consolidated Intelligence Production Requirement; (2) Counterintelligence Production Registry
CIPS Counterintelligence Periodic Summary
C2IPS C2 Information Processing System
CIR (1) Central Intelligence Report; (2) Continuing Intelligence Requirement
CIRC Central Information Reference and Control
CIRCOL Central Information Reference and Control On-Line System
CIRIS Consolidated Intelligence Resources Information System
CIRK Common Interswitch Rekeying Key
CIRL Current Intelligence Requirements List
CIRT Computer Security Incident Response Team
CIRVlS Communications Instructions for Reporting Vital Intelligence Sightings
CIS (1) Country Intelligence Study; (2) Communications Intercept System; (3) Compensated Imaging System; (4) Canadian Intelligence Service; (5) Chief, Intelligence and Security (Canadian); (6) Combat Instruction Set; (7) Combat Information System; (8) Commonwealth of Independent States; (9) Combat Intelligence System
CISA C4I Integration Support Activity
CISC Counterintelligence Support Cell
C3ISC C3I Systems Committee
CI/SCM Counterintelligence and Security Countermeasures
CISD Command Intelligence Strategy Document
CISE (1) (US) CENTCOM Intelligence Support Element; (2) Corps Intelligence Support Element
CISO (1) Counterintelligence Support Officer; (2) Counterintelligence Staff Officer
CISR Communications Intelligence Security Regulation
C4ISR Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance
CIT Counterintelligence Team
CITA Combat Intelligence and Targeting on Arrival
CITS CENTCOM Imagery Transmission System
CIV Civilian
CIVC Carrier Intelligence Center
CIVIC Civilian Vulnerability Indicator Code
CISION Enciphered Television
CIW (1) Consolidated Intelligence Watch; (2) CMOC Intelligence Watch
CIWC CIW Commander
CIWG Cooperative Interaction Working Group
CIWS Close-In Weapon System
C&J Collection and Jamming
CJB Congressional Justification Book
CJCS Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJCSI Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction
CJIATF-E Commander, Joint Interagency Task Force-East
CJIATF-W Commander, Joint Interagency Task Force-West
CJIT Combined Joint Interrogation Team
CJTF Commander, Joint Task Force
CJTF-AK Commander, Joint Task Force-Alaska
CJTF-FA Commander, Joint Task Force-Full Accounting
CK Compartment Key
CKG Cooperative Key Generation
CL Light Cruiser
C-LAMP Community Laser Measurement Program
CLASS Close Air Support System
Class Classification/Classified
C&LB Coasts and Landing Beaches
CLF Commander, Landing Force
CLMD COMSEC Local Management Device
CLNC Clearance
CLO (1) Counterdrug Liaison Officer; (2) Chief Logistics Officer
CLOCE Contingency Lines of Communication, Europe
CLS (1) Contractor Logistics Support; (2) Clandestine Lighting System
CLSC COMSEC Logistics Support Center
CLSP Composite Launch Sequence Plan
CL/TECH Clear Language Technical Report
cm Centimeter
CM (1) Memorandum by the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; (2) Collection Management; (3) Countermeasure(s); (4) Cruise Missile; (5) Collection Manager; (6) Collection Management Division; (7) Countermine; (8) Countermine Activities
CMA (1) Countermission Analysis; (2) Collection Management Authority; (3) Community Management Account
CMAA (1) Command Master at Arms; (2) Chief Master at Arms
CMAFB Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base
CMAFS Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station
CMAH CINC Mobile Alternate Headquarters
CMAS Cheyenne Mountain Air Station
C-MASINT Counter-Measures and Signature Intelligence
CMB Collection Management Branch
CMC (1) Cheyenne Mountain Complex; (2) Commandant, U.S Marine Corps; (3) Command Master Chief
C/MC Command Master Chief
CMCA Cruise Missile Carrier Aircraft
CMCC (1) Commander in Chief, Mobile Command Center; (2) Component Mobile Command Center
CMCDS Community Multilateral Counterterrorism Database System
CMCI Computed Mission Coverage Index
CMCM Commandant, U.S. Marine Corp Memorandum
CMCS (1) COMSEC Material Control System; (2) COMINT Mission Control System
CMD (1) Collection Management Division; (2) Command
CMDC Command Cell
CMDR Commander
CM&D Collection Management and Dissemination
CME Communications Monitoring Equipment
CMEA Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
CMEC Captured Material Exploitation Center
CMF Combat Mission Folder
CMFC Combined Marine Forces Command
CMIC Combined Military Interrogation Center
CMISE Corps Military Intelligence Support Element
CML Chemical
CMO (1) Collection Management Office; (2) Civil Military Operations; (3) Central MASINT Office
CMOC (1) Cheyenne Mountain Operations Center; (2) Civil Military Operations Center; (3) Central MASINT Operations Cell
CMOS Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor
CMOTF Civil Military Operations Task Force
CMP (1) Combat Mission Planning; (2) Configuration Management Plan
CMPF Confidential Military Purpose Funds
CMPS Compartmented Mode Processing System
CMR Crisis Management Room
CMRS Collection Management Requirements System
CMS (1) Combat Mission Section; (2) Command and Management System; (3) Community Management Staff; (4) Collection Management System; (5) Common Mapping Standard
CMS/RMG Community Management Staff, Resource Management Group
CMSA Cruise Missile Support Activity
CMSI Civilian Multi-Spectral Imagery
CMSS Collection Management Support System
CMST (1) Collection Management Support Terminal; (2) Collection Management System Tools
CMT (1) Crisis Management Team; (2) Critical Mobile Target
CMTC Combat Maneuver Training Center
CMTC-IS CMTC-Instrumentation System
CMTS (1) Critical Mobile Target Server; (2) Compliance Monitoring Tracking System
CMW/CMWS Compartmented Mode Workstation
CN Counternarcotics
CNA (1) Center for Naval Analysis; (2) Coordinates Not Available; (3) Critical Node Analysis
CNAC (1) Customs National Air Command, Oklahoma City; (2) Customs National Aviation Center
CNAD Conference on NATO Armament Directors
CNAVSPACECOM Commander, Navy Space Command
CNC (1) Counternarcotics Center; (2) Computerized Numerical Control
CNCS Cryptonet Control Station
CN-CMS Counternarcotics Command and Management System
CNES Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (French National Space Agency)
CNET (1) Chief of Naval Education and Training; (2) Centre National d’Etudes Des Telecommunications
C3NET Command, Control, and Communications Networks
CNFJ Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Japan
CNFK Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Korea
CNFM Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Marianas
CNI (1) Communicating NATO Intentions; (2) Communications, Navigation, or Identification
CNIC Combined Naval Intelligence Center
CNIN Composite Network, Front-End Internal Network
CNIPS Counternarcotics Information Processing System
CNK Cryptonet Key
CNMI Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands
CNN Cable News Network
CNO Chief of Naval Operations
C/No Ratio of carrier to noise in a 1Hz bandwidth
CNOC (1) Counternarcotics Operations Center; (2) Combined Naval Operations Center
CNOM Chief of Naval Operations Memorandum
CNOR Command Not Operationally Ready
CNR (1) Chief of Naval Research; (2) Combat Net Radio
CNRIU Combat Net Radio Interface Unit
CNS Commercial Network Survivability
CNSWTG Commander, Naval Special Warfare Task Group
CNTL Command Nuclear Target List
CNVFD Color Night Vision Fusion Device
CNWDI Critical Nuclear Weapons Design Information
CO (1) Commanding Officer; (2) Company
CO3 Combined Staff Public and Governmental Affairs Officer
CO6 Combined Staff Judge Advocate
CO7 Combined Staff Command Surgeon
COA Course of Action
COB (1) Close of Business; (2) Collated Operating Base; (3) Chief of Base; (4) Command Operating Budget
COBE Cosmic Background Explorer
COBOL Common Business Oriented Language
COC Combat Operations Center
COCOM (1) Coordinating Committee; (2) Combatant Command
COD Carrier On-board Delivery
CODIS Continuity of Defense Intelligence Systems
COE Common Operating Environment
COEA Cost and Operational Effectiveness Analysis
COFIR Compendium of Future Intelligence Requirements
COFs Central Operating Facilities
CofS Chief of Staff
COG (1) Combined Operations Group; (2) Continuity of Government; (3) Center of Gravity
COI Communities of Interest
COIC Combat Operations Intelligence Center (USAFE)
COIN Counterinsurgency
COINS (1) Consolidated On-Line Intelligence System; (2) Community On-Line Intelligence Network Systems
COINS-II Community On-Line Intelligence System-II
COIR Commander’s Operational Intelligence Requirements
COIS Combat Operations Intelligence System
COLISEUM Community On-Line Intelligence System for End Users and Managers
COLL Collection
COLLECT Collection
COLOP Collection Opportunity (messages)
COLT Combat Observation and Laser Team
COM (1) Computer Output to Microform; (2) Chief of Mission (U.S. Embassy); (3) Collection Operations Management; (4) Commander
COMA Court of Military Appeals
COMACC Commander, Air Combat Command
COMAAFCE Commander, Allied Air Forces Central Europe
COMAFFOR Commander, Air Force Forces
COMAFOSI Commander, Air Force Office of Special Investigations
COMAFSOC Commander, U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command
COMAFSPACE Commander, Air Force Space Command
COMALCOM Commander, Alaskan Command
COMAMC Commander, Air Mobility Command
COMARSPACECOM Commander, Army Space Command
COMASPC Commander, Air Force Space Command
COMAINT Command Maintenance
COMAIR-BALTAP Commander, Allied Air Forces, Baltic Approaches
COMAIRSOUTH Commander, Allied Air Forces, Southern Europe
COMALCOM Commander, Alaskan Command
COMALF Commander of Airlift Forces
COMANR Commander, Alaskan NORAD Region
COMANTDEF-COM Commander, Antilles Defense Command
COMARFOR Commander, Army Forces
COMARSOC Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Command
COMARSOF Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Forces
COMATF Commander, Amphibious Task Force
COMBALTAP Commander, Allied Forces, Baltic Approaches
COMBAT DF Combat Direction Finding
COMBENE-CHAN Commander, Benelux Sub-Area Channel
COMBISCLANT Commander, Bay of Biscay Submarine Area
COMCANLANT Commander, Canadian Atlantic Submarine Area
COMCARGRU Commander Carrier Group
COMCENTAG Commander, Central Army Group, Central Europe
COMCENTLANT Commander, Central Submarine Area
COMCM Communication Countermeasures & Deception
COMCO Canadian SSO
COMCRUDESGRU Commander Cruiser Destroyer Group
COMDT COGARD Commandant, U.S. Coast Guard
COMECON Council for Mutual Economic Assistance
COMEDCENT Commander, Central Mediterranean Area
COMEDEAST Commander, Eastern Mediterranean Area
COMEDNOREAST Commander, Northeast Mediterranean Area
COMEDOC Commander, Western Mediterranean Area
COMEDS CONUS Meteorological Data System
COMEDSOUEAST Commander, Southeast Mediterranean Area
COMEX (1) Committee on Exchanges; (2) Communications Exercise
COMFAIRKEF Commander, Fleet Air Keflavik
COMFIVEATAF Commander, Fifth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southern Europe
COMFLDCOMDASA Commander, Field Command, Defense Atomic Support Agency
COMFOURATAF Commander, Fourth Allied Tactical Air Force Central Europe
COMGIB Naval Commander, Gibraltar
COMGIBMED Commander, Gibraltar Mediterranean Command
COMGTMODEFCOM Commander, Guantanamo Defense Command
COMICEDEFOR Commander, Iceland Defense Force
COMIDEASTFOR Commander, Middle East Force (USN)
COMINEWARCOM Commander, Mine Warfare Command
COMINT Communications Intelligence
COMINTADTSK COMINT Advisory Tasking Message
COMIREX Committee on Imagery Requirements and Exploitation
COMIS Collection Management Information System
COMJAM Communications Jamming
COMJSOC Commander, Joint Special Operations Command
COMJSOTF Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force
COMJTF Commander, Joint Task Force
COMJUWATF Commander, Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
COML Commercial
COMLANDFOR Commander, Land Forces
COMLANDJUT Commander, Allied Land Forces, Schleswig-Holstein & Jutland
COMLANDNORWAY Commander, Allied Land Forces, Norway
COMLANDSOUTH Commander, Allied Land Forces, Southern Europe
COMLANDZEALAND Commander, Allied Land Forces, New Zealand
COMLANTAREA Commander, Coast Guard Atlantic Area
COMLOGNET Combat Logistics Network
COMM (1) Communication; (2) Commercial
COMM(S) Communication(s)
COMMAIRCHAN Commander, Allied Maritime Air Force, Channel
COMMAIRNORLANT Maritime Air Commander, Northern Submarine Area
COMMARBASPAC Commander, Marine Corps Base, Pacific
COMMARDEZSECAK Commander, U.S. Maritime Defense Zone Sector, Alaska
COMMARFOR Commander, Marine Forces
COMMARFORJAPAN Commander, Marine Forces, Japan
COMMARFORK Commander, Marine Forces, Korea
COMMARFORPAC Commander Marine Corps Forces, Pacific
COMMARFORSOUTH Commander, Marine Corps Forces, South
COMMCEN Communications Center
COMMDET Communications Detachment
COMMO Communications
COMMS CTR Communications Center
COMMZ Communications Zone
COMNAVAIR Commander, Naval Air Forces
COMNAVAIRLANT Commander, Naval Air Forces, Atlantic
COMNAVAIRPAC Commander, Naval Air Forces, Pacific
COMNAVBALTAP Commander, Allied Naval Forces, Baltic Approaches
COMNAVFOR Commander, Naval Forces
COMNAVFORK Commander, Naval Forces, Korea
COMNAVINTCOM Commander, Naval Intelligence Command
COMNAVLOG Commander, Naval Logistics
COMNAVMARIANAS Commander, Naval Forces, Marianas
COMNAVNON Commander, Allied Naval Forces, North Norway
COMNAVSCAP Commander, Allied Naval Forces, Scandinavian Approaches
COMNAVSEASYSCOM Commander, Naval Sea Systems Command
COMNAVSECGRU Commander, Naval Security Group
COMNAVSOF Commander, Naval Special Operations Forces
COMNAVSPACECOM Commander, Naval Space Command
COMNAVSPECWARCOM Commander, Naval Special Warfare Command
COMNAVSURF Commander, Naval Surface Forces
COMNAVSURFLANT Commander, Naval Surface Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
COMNAVSURFPAC Commander, Naval Surface Force, Pacific
COMNORECHAN Commander, Northern Submarine Area, Channel
COMNORLANT Commander, Northern Submarine Area
COMNORTHAG Commander, Northern Army Group, Central Europe
COMNSWU Commander, Naval Special Warfare Unit
COMOCEANLANT Commander, Ocean Atlantic
COMOCEANSYSLANT Commander, Oceanographic Systems Atlantic
COMOCEANSYSPAC Commander, Oceanographic Systems Pacific Company
COMOPS Communications Operations Summary
COMP Compatible
COMPACAF Commander, Pacific Air Forces
COMPASS Computerized Movement Planning and Status System
COMPATWINGSLANT Commander, Patrol Wings Atlantic
COMPHIBGRU Commander, Amphibious Group
COMPLYMCHAN Commander, Plymouth Submarine Area, Channel
COMPUINT Computer Intelligence
COMPUSEC Computer Security
COMPW Composite Wing
COMPWING Composite Wing
COMS Collection Operations Management System (HUMINT)
COMSAT Communications Satellite
COMSC Commander, Military Sealift Command
COMSEC Communications Security
COMSECONDFLT Commander, U.S. Second Fleet
COMSEVENTHFLT Commander, U.S. Seventh Fleet
COMSIXATAF Commander, Sixth Allied Tactical Air Force, Southeastern Europe
COMSIXTHFLT Commander, U.S. Sixth Fleet
COMSOC Commander, Special Operations Command
COMSOC-K Commander, Special Operations Command, Korea
COMSOCEUR Commander, Special Operations Command, Europe
COMSOCLANT Commander, Special Operations Command, Atlantic
COMSOCPAC Commander, Special Operations Command, Pacific
COMSOCSOUTH Commander, Special Operations Command, Southern Command
COMSOTFE Commander, Support Operations Task Force, Europe
COMSPOT Communications Spot Report
COMSTAT Communication Status Report
COMSTRATCOMWING ONE Commander, Strategic Communications Wing One
COMSTRICKFLANT Commander, Striking Fleet Atlantic (Afloat)
COMSTRIKFLTLANT Commander, Striking Fleet, Atlantic
COMSTRIKFORSOUTH Commander, Striking Force, South
COMSTS Commander, Military Sea Transportation Service
COMSUBACLANT Commander, Submarine Forces, Allied Command, Atlantic
COMSUBEASTLANT Commander, Submarine Force, Eastern Atlantic
COMSUBGRU Commander, Submarine Group
COMSUBGRU 8/CTF MED Commander Submarine Group (Mediterranean)/Commander Task Force Mediterranean
COMSUBLANT Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Atlantic Fleet
COMSUBMED Commander, Submarines, Mediterranean
COMSUBPAC Commander, Submarine Forces, Pacific
COMSUBWESTLANT Commander, Submarine Force, Western Atlantic Area
COMSUPNAVFOR Commander, Supporting Naval Forces
COMTAFNORNOR Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, North Norway
COMTAFSONOR Commander, Allied Tactical Air Force, South Norway
COMTASKFORNON Commander, Allied Task Force, North Norway
COMTECHREP Complementary Technical Report
COMTHIRDFLT Commander, Third Fleet
COMTRAPAC Commander, Training Command, Pacific
COMTWOATAF Commander, Second Allied Tactical Air Force, Central Europe
COMUKADR Commander, UK NATO Air Defense Region
COMUSAFAK Commander, U.S. Air Forces, Alaska
COMUSAFFOR Commander, United States Air Force Forces
COMUSAFJ Commander, U.S. Air Forces, Japan
COMUSAFK Commander, U.S. Air Forces, Korea
COMUSAFTF Commander, United States Air Force Task Force
COMUSARAK Commander, U.S. Army Forces, Alaska
COMUSARCENT Commander, U.S. Army Forces Central Command
COMUSARFOR Commander, United States Army Forces
COMUSARSO Commander, United States Army Forces Southern Command
COMUSARSPACE Commander, U.S. Army Space Command
COMUSARTF Commander, United States Army Task Force
COMUSASOC Commander, U.S. Army Special Operations Command
COMUSFOR KOREA Commander, U.S. Forces Korea
COMUSFK Commander, U.S. Forces, Korea
COMUSFORAZ Commander, U.S. Forces, Azores
COMUSFORCARIB Commander, U.S. Forces, Caribbean
COMUSFORCNTY Commander US Forces Country
COMUSJ Commander, U.S. Forces, Japan
COMUSJAPAN Commander, U.S. Forces, Japan (also COMUSJ)
COMUSJTF Commander, United States Joint Task Force
COMUSJUWTF Commander, United States Joint Unconventional WarfareTask Force
COMUSKOREA Commander, U.S. Forces, Korea (also COMUSK)
COMUSLANDFOR Commander, United States Land Forces
COMUSMACTHAI Commander, United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
COMUSMARCENT Commander, U.S. Marine Forces Central Command
COMUSMARDEZLANT Commander, U.S. Maritime Defense Zone, Atlantic
COMUSMARDEZPAC Commander, U.S. Maritime Defense Zone, Pacific
COMUSMARFOR Commander, United States Marine Forces
COMUSMARTF Commander, United States Marine Task Force
COMUSMILGP Commander, United States Military Group
COMUSNAVAK Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Alaska
COMUSNAVCENT Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Central Command
COMUSNAVEUR Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
COMUSNAVFOR Commander, United States Naval Forces
COMUSNAVPHIL Commander, U.S. Naval Forces, Philippines
COMUSNAVSO Commander, U.S. Naval Forces South
COMUSNAVTF Commander, United States Naval Task Force
COMZEALAND Commander, Allied Land Forces, New Zealand
CON Control(led)
CONAD Continental Air Defense Command
CONDECA Central America Defense Council
CONF Confidential
CONFIG Configuration
CONG Congress
CONGEN Consul General
CONGINT Congressional Interest
ConNMJIC Contingency NMJIC
CONOBJTR Conscientious Objector
CONOP(S) Concept of Operation(s)
CONOPS (1) United States Army Intelligence Command Continental (United States) Operations; (2) Concept of Operations
CONPG Chairman, Operational Nuclear Planning Group
CONPLAN (1) Concept Plan; (2) Contingency Plan
CONTEXT Conferencing and Text Manipulation System
CONTRA- Against, Opposite (Prefix)
CONUS Continental United States
CONUSA Continental United States Army
CONVL Conventional
COOP Continuity of Operations Plan
COORD Coordination
COP (1) Command Observation Post; (2) Crashout Package
COPG Chairman, Operational Planners Group
COPRA Comparative Postwar Recovery Analysis
COPRL Command Operations Priority Requirements List
COPSTRAT Continuity of Operations Plan (USSTRATCOM)
COR (1) Command Operationally Ready; (2) Central Office of Record; (3) Contracting Officer’s Representative
CORCEN Correlation Center
CORE Contingency Response (Program)
CORL (1) Collection Opportunity Requirements List; (2) Chief of Receive Location
CORM Commission on Roles and Missions
CORPS SAM Corps Surface-to-Air Missile
CORTRAIN Corps/Division Training Coordination Program
COS (1) Combat Operations Staff; (2) Chief of Station; (3) Chief of Staff; (4) Communications Segment
cos Cosine
COSAL Consolidated Ship/Squadron Allowance
COSCOM Corps Support Command
COSIN Control Staff Instructions
COSA Commander, Oceanographic Systems, Atlantic
COSP Commander, Oceanographic Systems, Pacific
COSPO Community Open Source Program Office Cotangent
COTP Captain of the Port
COTR Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative
COTS (1) Commercial Off-the-Shelf; (2) Container Offloading Transfer System
COUNTERMASINT Counter Measurements and Signature Intelligence
COVCOM Covert Communications
CoVRT Commanders (and Staff) Visualization Research Tool
CP (1) Contingency Planning; (2) Command Post; (3) Character Position; (4) Communications Processor; (5) Central Processor; (6) Career Program; (7) Counterproliferation
C&P Characteristics and Performance
C-P Counterproliferation
CPA (1) Chairman’s Program Assessment; (2) Collection Planning Aid; (3) CJCS Preparedness Assessment
CPAT Collection Planning and Targeting
CPB Charged Particle Beam
CPBS (1) Capabilities Programming and Budgeting System; (2) Consolidated Program and Budgeting System
CPC (1) Coastal Patrol Boat; (2) Collection and Processing Center; (3) Central Processing Center
CPE (1) Circular Probable Error; (2) Central Production Element
CPFL Contingency Planning Facilities List
CPI Communications Processor and Interface
CPIA Chemical Propulsion Information Agency
CPIC Coastal Patrol and Interdiction Craft
CPM Cycles Per Minute
CPMIEC China Precision Machinery Import Export Corporation
CPNET Custom Product Network
CPO (1) Command Project Officer; (2) Chief Petty Officer
CPP Communist Party of the Philippines
CPR (1) Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation; (2) Chairman’s Program Recommendations
CPS (1) Collection Problem Set; (2) Correlation Processing Subsystem; (3) Characters Per Second;
(4) COMSEC Parent Switch; (5) Craft Positioning System
CPSB Career Program Selection Board
CPSS Computer Systems Squadron
CPSU Communist Party of the Soviet Union
CPT Command Post Terminal
CPU (1) Central Processing Unit; (2) Communications Processing Unit; (3) Computer Processing Unit
CPX Command Post Exercise
CP OSCAR Command Post Operations Support Center and Rear
CP TANGO Command Post Tactical Air, Naval, Ground Operations
CQB Close Quarter Battle
C-QUIP Combined Quarterly Intelligence Production Listing
CR (1) Crisis Relocation; (2) Combat Radius; (3) Collection Request; (4) Close Range; (5) Collections Requirement
CRAF Civil Reserve Air Fleet
CRB Contingency Reference Book
CRBIF Crisis Basis Imagery File
CRC (1) Command and Reporting Center; (2) Control and Reporting Center; (3) CONUS Replacement Center
CRDC United States Army Chemical Research & Development Center
CRDL Collateral Recurring Document Listing
CRE (1) Combat Readiness Evaluation; (2) Control and Reporting Element
CREST Covert Reconnaissance/Strike
CRF (1) Crisis Response Force; (2) Cable Reports File
CRIMP Crisis Management Plan
CRIS Command Resources Information System
CRISCON Crisis Condition (I&W System)
C-RISTA Counter-Reconnaissance, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Target
CRITIC (1) Critical Intelligence; (2) Critical Intelligence Message;
(3) Critical Intelligence Communication
CRITICOM Critical Intelligence Communications Network
CRJOIC Central Region Joint Operational Intelligence Center
CRL Certificate Revocation List
CRM Collection Requirements Management
CRMA Collection Requirements Management Architecture/Application
CRMO Collection Requirements Management Office(r)
CRMP Collection Requirements Management Program or Plan
CRMS Collection Requirements Management System
CRN Combat Radio Net
CROF Crete Remote Operating Facility
CROM Continuous Read-Only Memory
CRP (1) Control and Reporting Post; (2) COMSEC Resources Program
CRRC Combat Rubber Raiding Craft
CRRES Combined Release and Radiation Effects Satellite
CRRS Customer Requirements Registration System
CRS (1) COMIREX Requirements Structure; (2) Combined Recording Site; (3) Comprehensive Retrieval Subsystem; (4) Catholic Relief Service; (5) Congressional Research Service; (6) Community
Relations Service
CRT (1) Cathode Ray Tube (Terminal); (2) Combat Readiness
Training; (3) Crisis Response Team
CRTA Chief of Rocket Troops and Artillery
CRUDESGRU Cruiser-Destroyer Group
CRWG Current Requirements Working Group
CRYPTO (1) Cryptography/Cryptographic; (2) Cryptologic
CS (1) Combat Support; (2) Communications Subsystem; (3) Constant Source; (4) Chief of Staff; (5) Central Servers; (6) Coalition Support
CS1 Critical-Sensitive Level 1
CSA (1) Chief of Staff, U.S. Army; (2) Central Supplies Agency of NATO; (3) Corps Support Activity; (4) Combat Support Agency(ies)
CSABE Central and South African Basic Encyclopedia
CSAF Chief of Staff, U.S. Air Force
CSAFM Chief of Staff, Air Force Memorandum
CSAM Chief of Staff, Army Memorandum
CSAR Combat Search and Rescue
CSAW Cryptologic Support to Amphibious Warfare
CSB (1) Close Silo Basing; (2) Collection Support Brief (HUMINT); (3) Current Situation Branch
CSBR Commander, Special Boat Squadron
CSC (1) Community Support Center; (2) Customer Support Center; (3) Combat Support Cell
CSCE Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe
CSCG Communications Security Control Group
CSCI (1) Commercial Satellite Communications Initiative; (2) Computer Software Configuration Interface
CSCR Computer System Change Request
CSDS Command Spatial Display System
CSCT Combat Support Coordination Team
CSE (1) Cryptologic Support Element(s); (2) Command Support Element; (3) Client Server Environment; (4) Canadian SIGINT Establishment; (5) Communi-cations Security Element
CSE-SS Client Server Environment-System Services
CSEL Combat Survivor-Evader Locator
CSENCNET Satellite Education Network
CSF Command Support Functions
CSFOCI Force Protection Operations
CSG (1) Cryptologic Support Group; (2) Chairman’s Staff Group; (3) Combat Support Group; (4) Corps Support Group
CSG-SOCOM Cryptologic Support Group/USSOCOM
CSGN Nuclear Strike Cruiser
CSI Commercial Satellite Interconnectivity
C-SIGINT Counter Signals Intelligence
CSIS Canadian Security and Investigative Service
CSMA/CD Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection
CSMO Cryptologic Support to Military Operations
C3SMP Command, Control, Communications System Master Plan
CSMR Coarse Spatial Resolution, Multispectral
CSOC Consolidated Space Operations Center
CSP (1) Communications Support Processor; (2) Crisis Staffing Procedures; (3) Contingency Support Package
CSP/HOL Communications Support Processor/High Order Language
CSPAR (1) Central Strategic Processing, Analysis, and Reporting; (2) CINC’s Preparedness Assessment Report
CSPO Consolidated SAFE Project Office
CSR (1) Current Situation Room; (2) Coastal Surveillance Radar; (3) Controlled Supply Rate; (4) Collection Support Requirement; (5) Combat Search & Rescue
CSRD Communication-Computer Systems Requirement Document
CSRS Civil Service Retirement System
CSS (1) Communications Security System; (2) Communications Support System; (3) Central Security Service; (4) Combat Service Support; (5) Collateral Support System; (6) Contingency Support Study; (7) Communications System Segment; (8) Common Sensor System; (9) COMSEC Subordinate Switch; (10) Combat Surveillance Service; (11) Continuous Signature Service; (12) Coded Switch System; (13) Command Specific Server
CSSA Cryptologic Shore Support Activity
CSSCS (1) Combat Service Support Control System; (2) Combat Service Support Computer System
CSSD Combat Service Support Detachment
CSSE Combat Service Support Element
CSSO Contractor Special Security Officer
CSSP Combined Services Support Program
CSSOC Combat Service Support Operations Center
CSSR CSS Replacement
CSST Combat Service Support Team
CST (1) Central Standard Time; (2) Coastal Survey Team; (3) Coalition Support Team
CSTC Consolidated Space Test Center
CSTIP Combined Strategic Intelligence Training Program
CSTOL Cargo Short Take-Off & Landing
CSTVRP Computer Security Technical Vulnerability Reporting Program
CT ( 1) Training Cruiser; (2) Counterterrorism; (3) Combating Terrorism; (4) Cryptologic Technician
CTA (1) Central Technical Authority; (2) Common Table of Allowances
CTAI Continuous-Tone Aerial Imagery
CTAK Cypher-Text Auto-Key
CTAPS Contingency Theater Automated Planning System
CTB Comprehensive Test Ban
CTBT Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty
CTC (1) Combat Targeting Center; (2) Counterterrorism Center; (3) Combat Training Center
CTD (1) Collective Training Directorate; (2) Charge Transfer Device
CTDR Commercial Training Device Requirements
CT&E Certification Test and Evaluation
CTE Coefficient of Thermal Expansion
CTEA Cost and Training Effectiveness Analysis
CTF/JTF (1) Crisis Task Force; (2) Commander Task Force; (3) Central Training Flight; (4) Combined Task Force; (5) Joint Task Force; (6) Consolidated Training Facility
CTF-B Combined Task Force-Bomber
CTF-BM Combined Task Force-Battle Management
CTF-C2 Combined Task Force Director of Intelligence
CTF PC II CTF Provide Comfort II
CTG Commander, Task Group
CTH Aviation Training Cruiser
CTIA Counter Technical Intelligence Activities
CTIS Commander’s Tactical Information System
CTL Critical Task List
CTLZ Control Zone
CTOC Corps Tactical Operations Center
CTOCSE CTOC Support Element
CTOL Conventional Take-Off and Landing
CTP Consolidated Telecommunications Program
CTR Center
CTRL Control
CTS (1) Course Training Standards; (2) Communications Technology Satellite
CTSCR Critical Time-Sensitive Collection Requirement
CTT (1) Commanders’ Tactical Terminal; (2) Common Task Test; (3) Combat Control Team
CTTA Certified TEMPEST Technical Authority
CTT-H Commanders’ Tactical Terminal-Hybrid
CTTP (1) USCENTCOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Manual; (2) Component Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures Manual
CTU Commander Task Unit
CU Channel Unit
CUBB Collateral Users Bulletin Board
CUBIC Common User Baseline for the Intelligence Community
CUCV Commercial Utility Cargo Vehicle
CUDIXS Common-User Digital Information Exchange System
CUL Combined User Language
CURR Current
CUSRPG Canadian-U.S. Regional Planning Group (NATO)
CUWTF Combined Unconventional Warfare Task Force
CV (1) Multipurpose Aircraft Carrier; (2) Carrier Vehicle; (3) Aircraft Carrier
CUP COMSEC Utility Program
CVA Clandestine Vulnerability Analysis
CVAN CINCPAC Voice Alert Network
CVBF Carrier Battle Force
CVBG Carrier Battle Group
CVG Guided-Missile Aircraft Carrier
CVGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aircraft Carrier
CVH V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVHG Guided-Missile V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVHGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVHN Nuclear-Powered V/STOL Aircraft Carrier
CVIC Carrier-Based Intelligence Center
CVL Light Aircraft Carrier
CVLGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Light Aircraft Carrier
CVLN Nuclear-Powered Light Aircraft Carrier
CVN Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier
CVRT Combat Vehicle (Reconnaissance, Tracked)
CVS (1) Antisubmarine Aircraft Carrier; (2) Commercial Vendor Services
CVSD Continuously Variable-Slope Delta Modulation
CVT Training Aircraft Carrier
CVTS Compressed Video Transmission Service
CVW Carrier Air Wing
CW (1) Chemical Warfare; (2) Carrier Wave; (3) Continuous Wave; (4) CONSTANT WATCH; (5) Composite Wing; (6) Commonwealth
C/W Crisis/Wartime
CWC (1) Composite Warfare Commander; (2) Conventional Weapons Guide
CWG Coordinates Working Group
CWI Conventional Weapons Index
CWIS Crisis Window Information System
CWO (1) Communications Watch Office; (2) Chief Warrant Officer
CWS (1) Compartmented Work Station; (2) Collateral Workstation (ASAS)
CWT Chemical Weapons Treaty
C2X CCTF C2 OBI/CI Support Element
CY Calendar Year
CYCLOPS Fleet Support Message
CZ (1) Combat Zone; (2) Convergent Zone
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: D

5D Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination
D (1) Deciduous; (2) Density
D2 Data Distribution
DA (1) Department of the Army; (2) Long-Range Aviation (USSR); (3) Double Agent; (4) Direct Action
D/A Digital/Analog
DAA Designated Approval Authority
DAB Defense Acquisition Board
DABM Defense Against Ballistic Missiles (Now SDI)
DABS Dynamic Air Blast Simulator
DAC (1) Development Assistance Committee of OECD; (2) Department of Army Civilian; (3) Discretionary Access Control
DACCO Department of the Army Central Control Office
DACCS Digital Access Cross-Connect System/Switch
DACOM Data Communications
DACOS Deputy Assistant Chief of Station
DACOS/I Deputy Assistant Chief of Staff-Intelligence
DACT Dissimilar Air Combat Tactics
DACU (1) Device Access Control Unit; (2) Device Attachment Control Unit
DAD Dual Air Density
DAES Defense Acquisition Executive Summary
DAF Department of the Air Force
DAG (1) Defense Special Security Communications Systems Address Group; (2) Divisional Artillery Group (FSU)
DAIRSDIA Advanced Imagery Reproduction System
DAISY Daily Summary
DAJDIA Office Symbol for JMITC
DALASP Defense Advanced Language and Area Studies Program
DALATS Data Logging and Transmission System
DAMA Demand Assigned Multiple Access
DAMI Department of the Army Military Intelligence
DAMPL Department of the Army Master Priority List
DAO Defense Attache Office
DAP Designated Acquisition Program
DAPA Drug and Alcohol Program Advisor
DAR Designated Area for Recovery
DARC District Area Command
DARO Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Office
DARP Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Program
DARPA Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
DARS (1) Daily Aerial Reconnaissance and Surveillance; (2) Daily Apportionment and Reconnaissance Scheduling; (3) Daily Aerial Reconnaissance Syndicate
DARSC Defense Airborne Reconnaissance Steering Committee
DARSP Defense Academic Research Support Program
DART (1) Developmental Air Reports Tracker; (2) Deployable Automated Remote Terminal
DARTS Digital Antijam Radio Teletype System
DAS (1) Defense Attache System; (2) Data Acquisition Segment
DASC Direct Air Support Center
DASD (1) Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense; (2) Direct Access Storage Device
DASD(I&S) Deputy ASD (Intelligence and Security)
DASH Deployable Automated Support Host
DASPA Defense Attache System Property Accounting
DASR Defense Analysis Special Report
DASVA Defense Attache System Vehicle Accounting
DAT Direct Action Team
DATAINT Data Intelligence
DATEXT Data Extract
DATPS Diver Active Thermal Protection System
DATS Data Automated Tower Simulation
DATT Defense Attache
DAWN Defense Attache Worldwide Network
DAWS Defense Automated Warning System
DAYLT Daylight
dB Decibel
DB Data Base
DBA Data Base Administrator
DBAS Data Base Applications System
DBBL Dismounted Battlespace Battle Lab
DBC Data Base Correlation
DBCTRL Data Base Control
DBD Data Burst Device
dBi Decibel (referenced to isotropic radiator)
DBIDI Data Base of Imagery-Derived Information
DBK Dominant Battlefield Knowledge
dB/K Decibels per Degrees Kelvin
dBm Decibels (referred to 1 milliwatt)
DBMAINT Data Base Administrator
DBMS Data Base Management System
DBQ Data Base Query
DBS (1) Data Broadcast System (also known as SCAMPI); (2) Direct Broadcast Service
dBSM Decibels Per Square Meter
dBw Decibels Referenced to One Watt of Power
DC (1) District Commissioner; (2) Damage Control; (3) Defense Council; (4) Direct Current
DCA (1) Defense Communications Agency; (2) Defense Cooperation Agreement; (3) Defensive Counter Air
DCAEUR Defense Communications Agency Europe
DCAOC DCA Operations Control Center
DCAPSS Dual Criteria Aimpoint Selection System
DCAS (1) Deployable Consolidated Applications Server; (2) Deployable Communications Applications Shelter
DCCC Defense Collection Coordination Center
DCE (1) Defensive Counter Espionage; (2) Data Communications Equipment
D-Cell Deployment Cell
DCF DOCS Certification Facility
DCG Deputy Commanding General
DCGS Distributed Common Ground System
DCI Director of Central Intelligence
DCIA Director, Central Intelligence Agency
DCIB Defense Counterintelligence Board
DCID Director of Central Intelligence Directive
DCII Defense Central Index of Investigations
DCI&S Director of Counterintelligence and Security
DCIIS Defense CI Integrated Information System
DCINC Deputy Commander in Chief
DCIP Defense Counterdrug Intelligence Program
DCL Direct Communications Link
DCM Deputy Chief of Mission
DCMM Database Creation and Management Module
DCMS Database Creation and Management Segment
DCN Defense Communications Network
DCO (1) Defense Communications Office; (2) Deputy Commander for Operations (USAFE); (3) Dial Central Office; (4) Deputy Commanding Officer
DCOS Deputy Chief of Staff
DCOSIPR Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence Plans and Requirements
DCP (1) Disaster Control Plan; (2) Decision Coordinating Paper; (3) Defense Cryptologic Program
DCR Data Change Request
DCRSI Digital Cassette Recording System (Improved)
DCS (1) Defense Communications System; (2) Deputy Chief of Staff; (3) Defense Courier Service
DCS/I Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence
DCS/IN Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence
DCSCA Defense Communications System Central Area
DCSEC Deputy Chief of Staff, Security
DCSI Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
DCSIM Deputy Chief of Staff, Information Management
DCSI/DCSINT Deputy Chief of Staff Intelligence (USAREUR)
DCSINT Deputy Chief of Staff for Intelligence (U.S. Army)
DCSLOG Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
DCSO Deputy Commander for Space Operations
DCSOPS Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations & Plans
DCSP Design Controlled Spare Part(s)
DCSPER Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
DCS/SSI Deputy Chief of Staff for Safety, Security, and Intelligence
DCSTOP Damage Criteria Study Target Data Base
DCTN Defense Commercial Telecommunications/Teleconferencing Network
DD (1) Destroyer; (2) Deputy Director; (3) Department of Defense; (4) Differential Doppler
D&D Denial and Deception
DDAC Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis Committee
D/DARO Director, DARO
D-Day Day in which a particular operation begins
DDC (1) Defense Documentation Center; (2) Data Distribution Center
DDCI Deputy Director of Central Intelligence
DDCMP Digital Data Communications Message Protocol
DDDDD Demand-Driven Direct Digital Dissemination System
DDG Guided Missile Destroyer
DDGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Destroyer
DDH Aviation Destroyer (ASW)
DDHG Guided-Missile Aviation Destroyer
DDHGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Destroyer
DDHN Nuclear-Powered Aviation Destroyer
DDI Deputy Director of Intelligence
DDL Direct Data Link
DDN (1) Defense Data Network; (2) Defense Dissemination Network
DDO (1) Deputy Director of Operations; (2) Deputy Duty Officer
DDP Defense Dissemination Program
DDPO Defense Dissemination Program Office
DDR&E Director, Defense Research and Engineering
DDRS Defense Data Repository System
DDS (1) Defense Dissemination System; (2) Dry Deck Shelter; (3) Dual Driver Service (courier)
DDS/RL Defense Dissemination System/Receive Location
DDSP Defense Development Sharing Project
DDSS Document Dissemination and Storage Segment
DDT (1) Training Destroyer; (2) Distributed Decision-Aid Terminal
DDU Distant Device Unit
DE (1) Damage Expectancy; (2) Directed Energy; (3) Directorate for Estimates (DIA)
DE-U Dissemination Element-Upgrade
DE/EW Directed Energy/Electronic Warfare
DEA Drug Enforcement Administration
DEACON Defense Estimates Analytical Computer On-Line Network
DEB (1) Digital European Backbone; (2) Defense Estimative Brief; (3) Debris (Orbital)
DEC Digital Equipment Corporation
DEC (VAX) Digital Equipment Corporation (Virtual Address Extension)
DECCO Defense Commercial Contracting Office (now DITCO)
DECM (1) Defense Electronic Countermeasures; (2) Deceptive Electronic Countermeasures
DECON Decontaminate(ion)
DEDAC Deception and Denial Analysis Committee
DEDDF Digital Elevation Data Dubbing Facility
DEF Defense
DEFCON (1) Defense Condition; (2) Defense Readiness Condition
DEFCOS Defense Courier System
DEFPLAN Defense Plan
DEFSMAC Defense Special Missile and Astronautics Center
Deg Degree
DEGRAD Degradation
DELORME a Digital Mapping Computer Program
DEMEX Demonstration Exercise
DEMOD Demodulator
DEMONS Demonstration System
DEMPC Data Exploitation, Mission Planning, Communications/Center
DENAS Daily European Naval Activity Summary
DEP (1) Deflection Error Probable; (2) Defense Estimate for Production; (3) Deployed
DEPCOMUSNAVCENT Deputy Commander, U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
DEPREP Deployment Report
DEPSECDEF Deputy Secretary of Defense
DEPT Department
DES (1) Digital Exploitation System; (2) Data Encryption Standard
DESA Defense Evaluation Support Activity
DESC Defense Electronics Supply Center
DESIGN Designator (U.S. Navy)
DESIST Decision Support and Information System for Terrorism
DESS Defense Exploitation Support System
DESRON Destroyer Squadron
DET/Det Detachment
DEW (1) Distant Early Warning; (2) Directed Energy Weapon
DEWLINE Distant Early Warning Line
DF (1) Direction Finding; (2) Disposition Form; (3) Deuterium Floride
DFAD Digitized Feature Analysis Data
DFDS Data Facility Dataset Services
DFED Digitized Features Data
DFH Deployed Forward Headquarters
DFLP (1) Defense Foreign Language Program; (2) Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine
DFM Deterrent Force Modules
DFOV Dual Field of View
DFRIF Defense Freight Railway Interchange Fleet
DFS Direction Finding Subsystem
DFT (1) Deployed for Training Team; (2) Deployment for Training
DG Defense Guidance
DGCL Ground Mobile Forces Control Link
DGCS Downsized Ground Control Station
DGCT Downsized Ground Control Terminal
DGIAP Defense General Intelligence Applications Program
DGIF Deployable Ground Intercept Facility
DGIS Director General Intelligence and Security
DGITS Digital Graphics Information Tailoring System
DGS Deployable Ground Station
DGU Downgrade to Unclassified
DGZ (1) Desired Ground Zero; (2) Designated Ground Zero
DH-7 deHavilland Dash 7 (Drug Interdiction Aircraft)
DHCA Data Handling Capability Analysis
DHFN Direct Hire Foreign National
DHS Defense HUMINT Service
DI (1) Director of Intelligence (USEUCOM); (2) Directorate for Foreign Intelligence (DIA)
DIA (1) Defense Intelligence Agency; (2) Defense Intelligence Assessment
DIA/CS Defense Intelligence Agency/Command Support
DIAAPR Defense Intelligence Agency Appraisal
DIAC Defense Intelligence Analysis Center
DIAI DIA Instruction
DIAIAPPR DIA Intelligence Appraisal
DIAL Defense Intelligence Agency Liaison
DIAL-J DIA Liaison Office for Japan
DIALO DIA Liaison Office
DIALOG DIA Information Retrieval System
DIAM Defense Intelligence Agency Manual
DIAMCP DIA Master Contingency Plan
DIANM DIA Analytical Memorandum
DIAOB Defense Intelligence Air Order of Battle
DIAOLS DIA On-Line System
DIAR DIA Regulation
DIATP DIA Tactical Program
DIATS DIA Terrorism Summary
DIB (1) Defense Intelligence Board; (2) Defense Intelligence Brief; (3) Directory Information Base
DIC (1) Defense Intelligence Community; (2) Difference in Condition; (3) Defense Intelligence College (Now JMIC); (4) Defense Intelligence Commentary
DICBM Depressed Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
DICP Defense Intelligence Counterdrug Program
DID (1) Data Line Description; (2) Defense Intelligence Digest (Now Military Intelligence Digest); (3) Data Item Description
DIDHS Deployable Intelligence Data Handling System
DIDOP Digital Image Data Output Product
DIDS Defense Intelligence Dissemination System
DIDSRS Defense Intelligence Dissemination, Storage and Retrieval
DIE Defense Intelligence Estimate
DIEB Defense Intelligence Executive Board
DIEC Deployable Imagery Exploitation Capability
DIEPS Digital Imagery Exploitation and Production System
DIEM Defense Intelligence Estimates Memorandum
DIEOB Defense Intelligence Electronic Order of Battle
DIFAR (1) Directional Frequency Analysis and Recording System; (2) Directional Frequency and Ranging
DIFAX (1) Defense Intelligence Facsimile; (2) Defense Intelligence Security Facsimile Network
DIFM Defense Intelligence Functional Manager
DIFR Defense Intelligence Facility Report
DIGITS Digital Geographic Information Tailoring System
DIGOB Defense Intelligence Ground Order of Battle
DIH Daily Intelligence Highlights
DIHEST Direct Induced High-Explosives Simulation Technique
DII Defense Information Infrastructure
DIIN Defense Imagery Intelligence Notice
DIIP Defense Intelligence Interoperability Panel
DIIPS Digital Imagery Interactive Processing System
DIIS DIA Integrated Intelligence System
DILC Dedicated Intelligence Loop Circuit
DIM Defense Intelligence Memorandum
DIMES Digital Image Manipulation & Enhancement System
DIMMD Diver Integral Magnetic Mine Detector
DIMOB Defense Intelligence Missile Order of Battle
DIMSS DSN Integrated Management Support System
DIN (1) Defense Intelligence Notice; (2) Defense Intelligence Network; (3) AUTODIN
DINAH Desktop Interface to AUTODIN Host
DINOB Defense Intelligence Naval Order of Battle
DINSUM Defense Intelligence Summary
DIO (1) Defense Intelligence Officer (DIA); (2) District Intelligence Officer (U.S. Navy); (3) Defence Intelligence Organisation (Australian)
DIOB Defense Intelligence Order of Battle
DIOBS Defense Intelligence Order of Battle System
DIOP Defense Intelligence Objectives and Priorities
DIP (1) Defense Intelligence Plan; (2) Defense Imagery Program
DIPC Defense Intelligence Production Council/Conference
DIPFAC (1) U.S. Diplomatic Facilities Graphic; (2) Diplomatic Facility
DIPOLES Defense Intelligence Photoreconnaissance On-Line Exploitation System
DIPP Defense Intelligence Projection for Planning
DIPS (1) Defense Intelligence Production Schedule; (2) Digital Imagery Processing System; (3) Def Intelligence Production Study
DIR (1) Defense Intelligence Report; (2) Directive; (3) Defense Imagery Report; (4) Director; (5) Direction
DIRCM Direct Infrared Countermeasures
DIRES Defense Imagery Requirements and Exploitation System
DIRINT Director of Intelligence
DIRLAUTH Direct Liaison Authorized
DIRNSA Director, National Security Agency
DIRNSA/CHCSS Director, National Security Agency/Chief, Central Security Service
DIROI Directorate Operating Instruction
DIRS (1) Defense Intelligence Reference Series; (2) Defense Imagery Reference Series
DIS (1) Defence Intelligence Staff (U.K.); (2) Defense Investigative Service; (3) Defense Intelligence Summary; (4) Daily Intelligence Summary; (5) Distributive Interactive Simulation;
(6) Data Integration System; (7) Defense Information System
DISA Defense Information Systems Agency
DISA-EUR Defense Information Systems Agency-Europe
DISA WESTHEM DISA Western Hemisphere
DISAM Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management
DISC Daily Intelligence Summary Cable
DISC4 Director of Information Systems Command, Control, Communications and Computers
DISCAS Defense Intelligence Special Career Automated System
DISE Deployable Intelligence Support Element
DISECS Defense Intelligence Space Exploitation and Correlation System
DISES Defense Intelligence Senior Executive Service
DISIDS Display and Information Distribution System/Subsystem
DISMOB Defense Intelligence Strategic Missile Order of Battle
DISN Defense Information Systems Network
DISNET Defense Integrated Secure Network
DISO Defense Intelligence Support Office
DISOB Defense Intelligence Space Order of Battle
DISP Defense Industrial Security Program
DISPEWT Defense Intelligence Space Electronic Warfare Threat Data Base
DISR (1) Daily Indicator Status Report; (2) Defense Indications Status Report
DISS (1) Digest of Intelligence and Security Services; (2) Dissemination
DISSEM Dissemination
DISSO Deputy Information Systems Security Officer
DIST Digital Imagery Support Terminal
DISTAFF Directing Staff (NATO Commands, JECG)
DISTS Defense Intelligence Secure Telephone System
DISTP Defense Intelligence Special Technologies Program
DISUM (1) Daily Intelligence Summary;(2) Defense Intelligence Summary
DIT Defense Intelligence Thesaurus
DITB Digital Imagery Test Bed
DITCO Defense Information Technology Contracting Office (formerly DECCO)
DITDS Defense Intelligence Threat Data System
DITEQ Defense Intelligence Thesaurus Equivalency List
DITFOR Defense Intelligence Technical Forum
DITS Digital Imagery Transmission System
DITSUM Defense Intelligence Terrorism Summary
DIV (1) Division; (2) Defense Intelligence Videocassette
DIVARTY Division Artillery
DIVISION Enciphered Television
DIW Dead in Water
DIWO Duty Intelligence Watch Officer
DIWS (1) Digital Imagery Workstation Suite; (2) Defense Indications and Warning System; (3) DOD Intelligence Warning System
DJ2 Deputy Director of Intelligence
DJS Director, Joint Staff
DJSM DJS Memorandum
DJTF Deployable Joint Task Force
DJTFAC DJTF Augmentation Cell
DLA Defense Logistics Agency
DLAB Defense Language Aptitude Battery
DLEA Drug Law Enforcement Agency
DLED Dedicated Loop Encryption Device
DLI Defense Language Institute
DLIFLC Defense Language Institute, Foreign Language Center
DLO Defense Liaison Office
DLPT Defense Language Proficiency Test
DLTV Daylight Television
D&M Detection and Monitoring
DM (1) Dissemination Manager; (2) Decompression Monitor
DMA (1) Defense Mapping Agency; (2) Direct Memory Access
DMAAC Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
DMACSC Defense Mapping Agency Combat Support Center
DMAHTC DMA Hydrographic and Topographic Center
DMAI Defense Mapping Agency Instruction
DMAL Defense Mapping Agency Liaison
DMAR Deferred Maintenance and Repair
DMB DODIIS Management Board
DMC&GP Defense MC&G Program
DMD Digital Message Device
DMDG Digital Message Device Group
DME Distance Measuring Equipment
DMED Digital Message Entry Device
DMFE DAWS Message Front End
DMI Directorate of Military Intelligence
DMOB Defensive Missile Order of Battle
DMOS Daily Maritime OPINTEL Summary
DMPC Deployment Media Production Center Project
DMPI Desired Mean Point of Impact
DMS (1) Data Management System; (2) Defense Message System
DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite (or Support) Program
DMZ Demilitarized Zone
DN (1) Data Net; (2) Duplicate Negative; (3) Department of the Navy
DNA (1) Defense Nuclear Agency; (2) Deoxyribonucleic Acid
DNAS (1) DODIIS Network Access System; (2) Data Network Access System
DNC (1) Director, Naval Communications; (2) Digital Nautical Chart
DNCC Data Network Control Center
DND Department of National Defence (Canada)
DNI Director of Naval Intelligence
DNSIX DODIIS Network Security for Information Exchange
DNVT Digital Non-Secure Voice Terminal
DO Director of Operations
DOA (1) Department of the Army; (2) Date of Arrival; (3) Director of Administration; (4) Dead on Arrival
DOAT JAC Counterterrorism/Counterintelligence Analysis Branch
DOB (1) Depth of Burst; (2) Date of Birth; (3) Defense Order of Battle
DOC Department of Commerce
DOCC (1) Defense Communications Agency Operations Center Complex; (2) Deep Operations Coordination Cell; (3) DISA Operational Control Complex
DOCEX (1) Document Exploitation; (2) Document Exploitation Center
DOCKLAMP Defense Attache System Message Channel
DOCS DSCS Operations Control System
DoD, DOD (1) Department of Defense; (2) Date of Death; (3) Date of Departure
DODCI DoD Computer Institute
DODCSC Department of Defense Computer Security Center
DODD DoD Directive
DODFCIP DoD Foreign Counterintelligence Program
DODFDCO Department of Defense Foreign Disclosure Coordinating Office
DODFIP DoD Futures Intelligence Program
DODIIS DoD Intelligence Information System
DODIIS SCINET DoDIIS Sensitive Compartmented Information Network
DODIMS DoD Intelligence Management System
DODIPP DoD Intelligence Production Program
DODNACC Department of Defense National Agency Check Center
DODSATCOM DoD Satellite Communications Program
DOD SAT COM DOD Satellite Communications
DODSI Department of Defense Security Institute
DODSPECREP DoD Special Representative
DOD TCSEC DOD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
DOE Department of Energy
DOF Disposition of Forces
DOI (1) Date of Information; (2) Duration of Illumination; (3) Director of Intelligence; (4) Imagery Division (JAC); (5) Director of Operations and Intelligence; (6) DSSCS Operating Instruction; (7) Date of Intercept
DOJ Department of Justice
DOMS Directorate of Military Support
DOMSAT Domestic Satellite
DON Department of the Navy
DOO Daily Operations Order (NATO)
DOPS DIA Outline Plotting System
DOS (1) Department of State; (2) Date of Separation; (3) Disk Operating System; (4) Direct Operating System
DOSCOM Division Support Command
DoSIP Department of State Intelligence Program
DOSTN Department of State Telecommunications Network
DOT Department of Transportation
DP (1) Duplicate Positive; (2) Development Program; (3) Displaced Person; (4) Delegated Production;
(5) Directorate of Production; (6) Data Processing; (7) Decision Point; (8) Director of Personnel
DPAC Defense Program Analysis Center
DPAE Director, Program Analysis and Evaluation
DPAS (1) Digital Patch and Access System; (2) Defense Priorities and Allocations System
DPC Defense Planning Committee (NATO)
DPF Digital Processing Facility
DPG Defense Planning Guidance
DPI Desired Point of Impact
DPIC (1) Decentralized Pacific Imagery Processing and Interpretation Center; (2) Defense Photographic Interpretation Center
DPICM Dual-Purpose Improved Conventional Munitions
DPKO Department of Peacekeeping Operations
DPL Degausser Products List
DPM Dissemination Program Manager
DPOB Date, Place of Birth
DPOM Directorate of Plans, Operations, and Mobilization
DPOMIS Directorate of Plans, Operations, Mobilization, Intelligence, and Security
DPP (1) Delegated Production Program; (2) Deliberate Planning Process; (3) Distributed Production Program
DPPC Deployable Print Production Center
DPPDB Digital Point Positioning Database
DPPG Defense Policy and Planning Guidance
DPQ Defense Planning Questionnaire (NATO)
DPRB Defense Planning and Resources Board
DPRK Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
DPS (1) Delegated Production System; (2) Data Processing Set; (3) Department of Public Safety
DPSK Digital Pulse Shift Key
DR (1) Director; (2) Dissemination Requirement; (3) Directorate of Resources; (4) Detection Radar
DRA Defense Research Assessment
DRAM Dynamic Random Access Memory
DRASH Deployable Rapid Assembly Shelters
DRB Defense Resources Board
DRC (1) Defense Review Committee (NATO); (2) Defense Research Comment; (3) Data Reduction Center
DR&E Defense Research and Engineering
DRIC Defense Resource Identification Code
DRM Defense Research Memorandum
DRO Departmental Requirements Officer
DRP Disaster Relief Program
DRS (1) Data Relay Satellite; (2) DoD Imagery Requirements Structure; (3) Data Retrieval Subsystem;
(4) Data Reconstruction System
DRSA Defense Reconnaissance Support Activities
DRSEM Deployable Receive Segment Engineering Model
DRSN Defense Red Switch Network
DRSP (1) Defense Reconnaissance Support Program; (2) Defense Red Switched Program
DRU Direct Reporting Unit
DRZ Deep Reconnaissance Zone
DS (1) Defense Suppression; (2) Direct Support
DS&T Director of Science and Technology
DSA (1) Defense Supply Agency; (2) Direct Service Activities (SIGINT); (3) Directed Search Area; (4) Division Support Area; (5) Defense Security Agency (ROK); (6) Digital Signature Algorithm
D&SA Depth & Simultaneous Attack
DSAA Defense Security Assistance Agency
D&SABL Depth & Simultaneous Attack Battle Lab
DSARC Defense Systems Acquisition Review Council
DSAT (1) Developmental Submarine Analysis Terminal; (2) Defense Satellite
DSB Defense Science Board
DSC Defense Satellite Communications
DSCIS Daily Space Command Intelligence Summary
DSCS Defense Satellite Communications System
DSC-SLEP Defense Satellite Communications System Service Life Enhancement Program
DSCSOC Defense Satellite Communications System Operations Center
DSDIO Director, Strategic Defense Initiative
DSE (1) Direct Support Element; (2) Division Support Element
DSEC Directorate of Security
DSFOB Daily Strategic Forces Order of Battle
DSG Defense Steering Group
DSI Defense Simulation Internet
DSIATP Defense Sensor Imagery Application Training Programs
DSIIB Direct Support Imagery Interpretation Brief
DSIMS Deployable SouthCom Intelligence Management System
DSI/TCCS Defense Simulation Internet/Theater Command and Control System
DSM Data Systems Modernization
DSN (1) Defense Switched Network; (2) Deep Space Network
DSNET Defense Integrated Secure Network
DSNET 1 Defense Integrated Secure Network 1 (SECRET level)
DSNET 2 Defense Integrated Secure Network 2 (TOP SECRET level)
DSNET 3 Defense Integrated Secure Network 3 (TS/SCI level)
DSO Direct Support Operator/Operations
DSP Defense Support Program
DSPO Defense Special Projects Office
DSR (1) Defense Source Register; (2) Data Service Request
DSRP Defense Space Reconnaissance Program
DSRV Deep Submergence Rescue Vehicle
DSS (1) Decision Support System; (2) Devices, Simulators and Simulations
DSSCC Defense Special Security Communications Center
DSSCS Defense Special Secure Communications System
DSSCS/DIN Defense Special Security Communications System/Digital Intelligence Network
DSSR Deep Space Surveillance Radar
DSSS Defense Special Security System
DST (1) Daylight Savings Time; (2) Decision Support Template; (3) Decision Support Tools; (4) Direct Support Team; (5) Digital Support Team
DSTE Digital Subscriber Terminal Equipment
DSTF Decision Support Task Force
DSTP Director, Strategic Target Planning
DSTS Deep Space Tracking System
DSU (1) Direct Support Unit; (2) Disk Storage Unit; (3) Data Service Unit (DCTN)
DSV Deep Submergence Vehicle
DSVT (1) Digital Subscriber Voice Terminal; (2) Digital Secure Voice Terminal
DT (1) Developmental Test; (2) Directorate for Science and Technology
DTA Directorate of Threat Analysis
DTC (1) Digital Tape Cassette; (2) Desktop Computer
DTC-2 Desktop Computer-2 (Navy)
DTD Digital Terrain Data
DT&E Developmental Test and Evaluation
DTE Data Terminal Equipment
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DTG Date-Time Group
DTI Doppler-Time-Intensity
DTIC Defense Technical Information Center
DTIO Deputy Target Intelligence Officer
DTIR Defense Technical Intelligence Report
DTLOMS Doctrine, Training, Leadership, Organization, Material, Soldiers
DTLS Descriptive Top-Level Specification
DTM (1) Data Transfer Module; (2) Digital Transfer Module; (3) Digital Target Materials
DTMF Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency
DTNSRDC David W. Taylor Naval Ship Research & Development Center
DTOC Division Tactical Operations Center
DTOCSE Division Tactical Operations Center Support Element
DTOLM Doctrine, Training, Organization, Leader Development and Material
DTD Data Transfer Device
DTP Drug Testing Program
DTS (1) Diplomatic Telecommunications System/Service; (2) Data Transmission System; (3) Direct Transmission System; (4) Dedicated Transmission Service
DTSA Defense Technology Security Administration
DTSG Digital Technology Subworking Group
DTSS Digital Topographic Support System
DTU Data Transfer Unit
DTUC Data Transfer Unit Cartridge
DUCA Distributed Users Coverage Antennas
DUG Deep Underground
DUPLEX Simultaneous Transmit and Receive
DVO Direct View Optics
DVM Digital Voice Module
DVTC Digital Voice Transmit Communications
D/TWP Director, Tactical Warfare Programs
DTWS Digital Topographic Work Station
DU (1) Decision Unit; (2) Depleted Uranium
DUA Directory User Agent
DUSD(AT) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Advanced Technology)
DUSD(P) Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Policy)
DV Distinguished Visitor
DVI Digital Video Interactive
DVITS Digital Video Imagery Transmission System
DVO Defense Visit Offices
DWIO Duty Watch Intelligence Officer (Canadian)
DWIP Defense-Wide Intelligence Plan
DWS Disaster Warning System
DWT (1) Deadweight Ton; (2) Division Wing Team
DZ/LZ Drop Zone/Landing Zone
DZ/LZ/RZ Drop/Landing/Recovery Zone
DZS Drop Zone Study
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: E

e Elipticity
E Evaporites (soil type)
EA (1) Emergency Action(s); (2) Electronic Attack; (3) Executive Agent
E&A (1) Exploitation and Analysis; (2) Engineering and Administration
E3 (1) End-to-End Encryption; (2) Emergency and Extraordinary Expenses
EAC (1) Emergency Action Console; (2) Echelons Above Corps
EACTPC Echelon-Above-Corps Theater Production Center
EACIC Echelon-Above-Corps Intelligence Center
EAD (1) Echelon Above Division; (2) Earliest Arrival Date; (3) Extended Air Defense
EADSIM Extended Air Defense Simulation
EAM (1) Emergency Action Message; (2) Event Analysis Matrix
EAMA African States Associated with the EEC
EAMAS Emergency Action Message Authentication System
EAP (1) Emergency Action Procedure; (2) Emergency Action Plan
EAS Emergency Action System
EASTLANT Eastern Atlantic Command (NATO)
EASTPAC Eastern Pacific
EATTG Enhanced Automated Tactical Target Graphics
EBS Emergency Broadcast System
EC (1) European Community; (2) Expenditure Center; (3) Electronic Combat
ECA (1) Enemy Capability Assessment; (2) Earth Central Angle; (3) Enemy Courses of Action
ECAC Electromagnetic Compatibility Analysis Center
ECB Echelons Corps and Below
ECC (1) Eurasian Communist Countries; (2) European Communist Countries; (3) European Community Commission
ECCM Electronic Counter-Countermeasures
ECDB EISS Consolidated Database
ECG Emergency Coordination Group
ECI External Communications Interface
ECM (1) Electronic Countermeasures; (2) European Common Market
ECMA European Computer Manufacturer’s Association
ECMC Enhanced Crisis Management Capability
ECMO European Collection Management Office
ECO Electronic Collection Outstations
ECOA Enemy Courses of Action
ECOWAS Economic Community of West African States
ECP (1) Emergency Communications Plan; (2) Entry Control Point
ECPL Endorsed Data Encryption Standard Products List
ECS (1) Electronic Combat Support; (2) European Communications Satellite
ECSC European Coal and Steel Community
ECSM (1) Special Assistant for Security Matters; (2) Enhanced Capability Stand-Off Munition
ECSO European Command Special Operations
ECU Environmental Control Unit (GSM)
ED (1) European Capability Datum; (2) EUCOM Directive
EDA Emergency Dissemination Authority(ies)
E-DAY Start Day of an Exercise
EDI European Defense Initiative
EDL Electric Discharge Laser
EDM Engineering Development Model
EDMS Electronic Dissemination Management System
EDN Emergency Data Network
EDP (1) Electronic Data Processing; (2) ELINT Data Processor
EDPSELINT Data Processing System
E-DRB Expanded Defense (Planning &) Resources Board
EDRE Emergency Deployment Readiness Exercises
E&E Escape and Evasion
EEA Essential Elements of Analysis
EEC (1) European Economic Community; (2) East European Countries; (3) Enhanced Explosives Charge
EECT End of Evening Civil Twilight
EEFI Essential Elements of Friendly Information
EEI Essential Elements of Information
EELS Early Entry Lethality and Survivability
EELV Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle
EENT End Evening Nautical Twilight
EEO Equal Employment Opportunity
EEOB Enemy Electronic Order of Battle
EEOC Equal Employment Opportunity Commission
EES Emergency Evacuation Study
EFCS Electronic Filmless Camera System
EFD Electronic Fill Device
EFS (1) Electronic Filing System; (2) Proper Name of System
EFTA European Free Trade Association
EFTO Encrypted for Transmission Only
EFVS Electronic Fighting Vehicle System
EGA Enhanced Graphics Adapter
EGADS Electronic Generation, Accounting, and Distribution System
EGIS East German Intelligence Service
EHF Extremely High Frequency
EI Effectiveness Index
EIA Electronics Industry Association
EIB (1) European Investment Bank; (2) External Intelligence Bureau
EIC Economic Intelligence Committee
EIDB EISS Integrated Database
EIDS Electronic Information Delivery System
EIF (1) ECMC Interface Facility; (2) Enhanced Interface Facility
EIG Explosive Incendiary Grenade
EIP ELlNT Improvement Program
EIRP Effective Isotropic Radiated Power
EIS Enhanced Imagery System
EISI (1) Electrical Interface-SWPS/lDHS 2000; (2) Electrical IDHS-90/SWPS Interface
EISS EUCOM Intelligence Support System
EITO EUCOM Intelligence Training Office EKIP Enhanced Korean Information Package
EKMS Electronic Key Management System
ELDO (1) European Space Vehicle Launcher Development Organization; (2) European Launcher Development Organization
ELECTRO-OPINT Electro-Optical Intelligence Element
ELECTRO-OPTINT Electro-Optical Intelligence
ELEV Elevation
ELF Extremely Low Frequency
ELI Emitter Location & Identification
Elm Element
ELMT Element
ELINT Electronic Intelligence
ELISA Electronic Intelligence Search & Analysis
ELNET European Liaison Network
ELOS Extended Line of Sight
ELS Emitter Location System
ELSEC Electronic Security
ELSET (1) Element Set; (2) Proper Name of System
ELT (1) Emergency Locator Transmitter; (2) Electronic Light Table
ELT 3000 Electronic Light Table for UNIX-based system
ELV Expendable Launch Vehicle
EM (1) Electromagnetic; (2) Enlisted Member; (3) Environmental Monitoring
E-Mail Electronic Mail
EMA European Monetary Agreement
EMAP Electromagnetic Analysis Program
EMATS Emergency Message Automatic Transmission System
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EMCS ELINT Mission Control System
EMCON Emission Control
EMCP Electromagnetic Compatibility Program
EMD Engineering and Manufacturing Development
E&MD Engineering and Manufacturing Development
EMGTN Equivalent Megatonnage
EMHS EUCOM Message Handling System
EMI Electromagnetic Interference
EMIDS Experiment for Management Information Data Systems
EMINT Emissions Intelligence
E-MIPE Enhanced MIPE
EMIS Early Mission Identification System
EMIT Emergency Message Initiation Terminal
EMP Electromagnetic Pulse
EMR Electromagnetic Reconnaissance
EMSEC Emanations/Emissions Security
EMT (1) Emergency Management Team; (2) Equivalent Megatonnage
EMTR Eastern Missile Test Range
EMUT Enhanced Manpack UHF Terminal
En Enemy
ENDEX End Date of an Exercise
E-NET Ethernet
Engr Engineer
ENL Enlisted
ENMCC Expanded National Military Command Center
ENSCD Enemy Situation and Correlation Division
ENSCE Enemy Situation Correlation Element
ENSIT Enemy Situation
ENTNAC Entrance National Agency Check
EO (1) Electro-Optical; (2) Executive Order; (3) Escape Orbit; (4) End Office
EOA Early Operational Assessment
EOB (1) Electronic Order of Battle; (2) Executive Office Building; (3) Enemy Order of Battle
EOBS Electronic Order of Battle Server
EOC Emergency Operations Center
EOD (1) Explosive Ordnance Disposal; (2) Erasable Optical Disks
EOINT Electro-Optical Intelligence
EOP Emergency Operating Procedures
E-OPTINT Electro-Optical Intelligence
EORSAT ELINT Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
EOS Earth Observation Satellite
EOSAT Earth Observation Satellite
EOSS Electro-Optic Sensor System
EOTDA Electro-Optical Tactical Decision Aids
EOW Electro-Optic Warfare
EP (1) ELINT Processor; (2) Electronic Protection
EP-3 U.S. Navy Reconnaissance Aircraft
EPA (1) Environmental Protection Agency; (2) Evasion Plan of Action
EPAC Eastern Pacific
EPAMS Exercise Planning and Message System
EPAT Earliest Possible Arrival Time
EPDS (1) Electronic Processing and Dissemination System; (2) ELINT Processing and Dissemination System
EPF Exploitation Products File
EPIC El Paso Intelligence Center
EPIRB Emergency Position-Indicating Radio Beacon
EPL (1) ELINT Parameters List; (2) Evaluated Products List
EPLRS Enhanced Position Location and Reporting System
EPMO European Production Management Office
EPR (1) Extended Planning Annex; (2) Enlisted Performance Report
EPROM Erasable Programmable Read-Only Memory
EPS (1) ELINT Processing System; (2) Electronic Publication System; (3) Exploitation Problem Set; (4) Encapsulated Postscript
EPW (1) Earth Penetrator Weapon; (2) Enemy Prisoner of War
EPWG Exploitation Plans Working Group
EPUU Enhanced PLRS User Units
EQV Equivalent
ER (1) Enhanced Radiation; (2) Electronic Reconnaissance; (3) Eastern Region; (4) EAGLE REACH
ERA (1) Extended Range Ammunition; (2) Equal Rights Amendment
ERADCOM Electronic Research and Development Command
ERAST Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Technology
ERBM Extended Range Ballistic Missile
ERCS Emergency Rocket Communications System
ERADCOM Electronic Research and Development Command
ERDAS Earth Resources Data Analysis System
ERF Early Reinforcing Force
ERIN Electronic Radio Intercept Network (USCS)
ERINT Extended Range Intercept Missile
ERIR Electronic Reconnaissance Intercept Report
ERIS Exo-atmospheric Reentry Vehicle Interception System
EROS Earth Resources Observational System
ERP Effective Radiated Power
ERPHO Earth Resources Photographic Satellite
ERRS Emergency Regional Reporting System
ERS (1) Emergency Relocation Site; (2) Earth Resources Satellite
ERSSO Emergency Reaction Special Security Officer
ERT Executive Reference Time
ERTM Electronic Intelligence Request Tasking Message
ERTS Earth Resources Technology Satellite
ERTZ Equipment Radiation TEMPEST Zone
ERW Enhanced Radiation Weapon
ES (1) Emplacement Site; (2) Exploitation Support; (3) Electronic Warfare Support; (4) Expert System;
(5) Electronic Support
ESA (1) European Space Agency; (2) Electronically Steered Antenna
ESAA European Special Activities Area (U.S. Air Force)
ESAC El Salvador Analysis Cell
ESAF European Special Activities Facility
ESAMS Enhanced Surface-to-Air Missile Simulation
ESAR Enhanced Synthetic Aperture Radar
ESC Electronic Security Command (U.S. Air Force)
ESD (1) Electronic Systems Division; (2) Ephemeris Support Data; (3) Exploitation Support Section (JSIPS)
ESF (1) Environmental Scale Factor; (2) Extended Superframe Formatted
ESG (1) Electronic Security Group; (2) Exploitation Steering Group
ESI Extremely Sensitive Information
ESIAC Electronic Satellite Image Analysis Center
ESJ Escort Jamming
ESM (1) Electronic Warfare Support Measures: (2) Electronic Support Measures; (3) Electronic Security Measures
ESMC Eastern Space and Missile Center
ESMT External Supply Management Tools
ESP Emergency Special Measures
ESR ELINT Summary Report
ESRO European Space Research Organization
ESS (1) Electronic Security Squadron; (2) ELINT Support System; (3) Exploitation Support Segment; (4) Exercise Support Subsystem; (5) Electronic Switching System; (6) Exploitation Support Section (JSIPS)
ESSA (1) Expert System for Situation Assessment; (2) Environmental Satellite Service Administration
ESSM Electronic Shop, Shelter-Mounted
Est Estimated
ESV Earth Satellite Vehicle
ESW Electronic Security Wing
ET (1) Enhanced Terminal; (2) Earth Terminal; (3) Embedded Training
ETA (1) Estimated Time of Arrival; (2) Equivalent Target Area
ETAC Enlisted Terminal Attack Controllers
ETAP Education Training Awareness Program
ETAWG ELINT Technical Analysis Working Group
ETC (1) Estimated Time of Completion; (2) Et Cetera
ETD (1) Estimated Time of Departure; (2) Effective Transfer Date
ETDS Elapsed Time Distribution System
ETF Enhanced Tactical Fighter
ETHICS European Theater High Capacity Intelligence Communications System
ETI Estimated Time of Impact
ETIBS Enhanced Tactical Information Broadcast Service
ETII External-to-Internal Interface
ETIWCS European Theater Intelligence Warning and Communications System
ETL (1) Endorsed Tools List; (2) Engineer Topographic Laboratories
ETO (1) European Theater of Operations; (2) Earth-To-Orbit
ETP (1) Extended Tether Program; (2) Enhanced Thermal Protection
ETPL Endorsed TEMPEST Products List
ETR (1) Estimated Time of Return; (2) Eastern Test Range
ETRAC Enhanced Tactical Radar Correlator
ETRO Estimated Time Return to Operation
ETS (1) European Telephone System; (2) Estimated Time of Separation; (3) Expiration of Term of Service; (4) Earth Technology Satellite; (5) Engineer Test Satellite
ETSC Electronic and Telecommunications Subcommittee
ETSS Electronic Telecommunications Switching System
ETTP EUCOM Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
ETUT Enhanced Tactical User Terminal
EU Expenditure Unit
EUCI Endorsed for Unclassified Cryptographic Information
EUCOM U.S. European Command
EUCOM/JIC (1) U.S. European Command/Joint Intelligence Command; (2) EUCOM Joint Intelligence Center
EUDAC European Defense Analysis Center
EUF ECME User Facility
EUL Economically Useful Life
EUMETSAT European Meteorological Satellite (Organization)
EURATOM European Atomic Energy Community
EUSA Eighth U.S. Army (Korea)
EUSC Effective United States Controlled
EUTE Early User Test & Evaluation
EUTELSAT European Telecommunications Satellite (Organization)
EUV Extreme Ultraviolet
EUVE Extreme Ultraviolet Explorer
EV Enforcement Vector
EVA Extra-Vehicular Activity
EVC DoD Evasion Chart
EVO Event Verification Officer
EVR Enemy Vulnerability Report
EVS Electronic Visual Communications
EW (1) Electronic Warfare; (2) Early Warning
EW/GCI Early Warning/Ground Control Intercept
EWAC Electronic Warfare Anechoic Chamber
EWAS Electronic Workorder Accounting System
EWC (1) Electronic Warfare Center; (2) Electronic Warfare Coordinator
EWCC Electronic Warfare Coordination Center
EWCM Electronic Warfare Coordination Module
EWCS Electronic Warfare Control System
EWIR Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming
EWIRS Electronic Warfare Integrated Reprogramming System
EWMIS Electronic Warfare Management Information System
EWMS EW Mission Summary
EWO (1) Electronic Warfare Officer; (2) Emergency War Order
EWOPFAC Electronic Warfare Operating Facility
EWR (1) Early Warning Radar; (2) Electronic Warfare Reprogramming
EWRL Electronic Warfare Reprogrammable Library
EWS Electronic Warfare Support
EWSE EW Support Element
EWSM Electronic Warfare Support Measures
EWSO EW Staff Officer
EXCRIT Exercise Critique System
EXDEF Exercise Deficiency Program
EXCAP Exercise Capability (simulator)
EXCOM Community Executive Committee
ExDir/ICA Executive Director for Intelligence Community Affairs
EXDIS Exclusive Distribution (Pneumatic Tube Message Precedence)
EXEC Executive
EXERTAS Exercise Timeline Analysis System
EXFIL Exfiltration
EXO Exoatmosheric
EXOPLAN Exercise Operations Plan
EXPER Experience
EXPL Exploitation
EXPLAN Exercise Plan
ExPReS Expoitation Process Reengineering Study
EXRAND Exploitation Research and Development (COMIREX)
EXSCEN Exercise Scenario System
EXSUBCOM Exploitation Subcommittee (COMIREX)
EXSUM Executive Summary
EXTAC Experimental Tactics
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: F

F (1) Fahrenheit; (2) Frequency
FA (1) Frontal Aviation (FSU); (2) Field Artillery; (3) Forward Area; (4) Functional Architecture; (5) Frequency Agile; (6) Full Accounting; (7) Feasibility Assessment
FAA (1) Federal Aviation Agency; (2) Federal Aviation Administration; (3) Foreign Assistance Act
FAAD C3I Forward Area Air Defense Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence
FAADS Forward Area Air Defense System
FAAR Forward Area Alerting Radar
FAARP Forward Area Armament and Refuel Point
FAAS Foreign Affairs Administrative Support
FAC (1) Forward Air Control (Controller); (2) Facilities
FACP (1) Forward Air Control Post; (2) Forward Air Control Party
FACSFAC Fleet Air Control and Surveillance Facility
FAD (1) Fleet Air Defense; (2) Force Activity Designator; (3) Field Arbitrary Designators
FADOC Future Air Defense Operation Concept
FADS Foreign Area Data System
FAE Fuel Air Explosive
FAF Fast Access Format
FAFIC Federal Armed Forces Intelligence Center (FRG)
FAI Fuel Air Incendiary Concussion Bomb
FAIO Field Artillery Intelligence Officer
FAISA FORSCOM Automated Intelligence Support Activity
FAISS FORSCOM Automated Intelligence Support System
FALD Field Administration and Logistics Division
FAM Functional Area Model
FAME FORSCOM Automated Modernization Effort
FAMP Foreign Army Materiel Production
FAMS Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center Analytical Maritime Summary
FAMSIM Family of Simulation
FANS Friendly Allied Nation Support Network
FANT French Atmospheric Nuclear Test
FAO (1) Foreign Area Officer; (2) Forward Area of Operations; (3) Food and Agricultural Organization (UN)
FAPC Food and Agriculture Planning Committee (NATO)
FARP Forward Area Refuel Point
FARRFAA Air Replacement Radar
FARRP Forward Area Rearming and Refueling Point
FAS (1) (U.S.) Foreign Agriculture Service; (2) Frequency Assignment Subcommittee
FAST (1) Fleet Antiterrorist Support Teams; (2) Forward Area Support Team; (3) Forward Area Support Terminal
FAST-I Forward Area SID and TRAP-Improved
FAST/I2 Improved FAST/I
FASTC Foreign Aerospace Science and Technology Center (archaic, now NAIC)
FASTFAX Tactical Digital Facsimile
FASTL Future Analytic Strategic Target List
FAV (1) Field Assistance Visit; (2) Fast Attack Vehicle
FAX Facsimile
FB Fighter Bomber
FBA Fighter Bomber Attack
FBH Force Beachhead
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FBM Fleet Ballistic Missile
FBR Fast Breeder Reactor
FBS (1) Forward-Based Systems; (2) Federal Border Service
FC (1) Fire Control; (2) Fractional Coverage
FCA Foreign Counterintelligence Activity
FCB Functional Control Board
FCC (1) Fleet Command Center; (2) Federal Communications Commission; (3) Fighter Control Center; (4) Fire Coordination Center
FCE Forward Control Element
FCFS First Come, First Served
FCG Foreign Clearance Guide (military)
FCI Foreign Counterintelligence
FCIAD FORSCOM Component Intelligence Architecture Document
FCIP Foreign Counterintelligence Program
FCISD FORSCOM Component Intelligence Strategy Document
FCITP Foreign Counterintelligence and International Terrorism Program (FBI)
FCITTP FORSCOM Component Intelligence Tactics, Techniques and
FCLP FORSCOM Command Language Program
FCO Facility Control Office
FCRC Federal Contract Research Center
FCS (1) Fire Control System; (2) Flight Control System; (3) (U.S.) Foreign Commercial Service
FCSE Forward Control Support Element
FCT Foreign Comparative Test
FCZ Forward Combat Zone
FD Functional Design
F/d Ratio of focal-length to diameter (of reflector type antennas)
FDB Fleet Database
FDBM Functional Data Base Manager
FDBPS Fleet Data Base Production System
FDC Fire Direction Center
FDDAC Foreign Denial and Deception Analysis Committee
FDDI Fiber Distributed Data Interface
FDDS Flag Data Display System
FDIU Fill Device Interface Unit
FDM Frequency Division Multiplexing
FDMA Frequency Division Multiple Access
FDO Foreign Disclosure Officer
FDOA Frequency Difference of Arrival
FDR Foreign Disclosure Representative
FDT&E Force Development Test & Experimentation
FDU Force Design Update
FDW Forward Deployed Workstation
FDX Full Duplex
FEA Front End Analysis
FEAF Far Eastern Air Forces
FEBA Forward Edge of the Battle Area
Fed Federal Reserve System
FEDS Front End Distribution System
FEDSIM Federal Computer Performance Evaluation and Simulation Center
FEL Free Electron Laser
FEMA Federal Emergency Management Agency
FEMD Far East Military District
FEMP Front End Message Processors
FEP (1) Front End Processor; (2) FLTSATCOM EHF Package
FERS Federal Employees Retirement System
FET Field Effect Transistor
FETVD Far East Theater of Military Operations
FEWS Future Early Warning System
FEWSG Fleet Electronic Warfare Support Group
FF Frigate
FFA Free-Fire Area
FFAR Folding-Fin Aerial Rocket
FFG Guided-Missile Frigate
FFGH Guided-Missile Aviation Frigate
FFGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Frigate
FFH Aviation Frigate
FFHGN Nuclear-Powered Guided-Missile Aviation Frigate
FFHN Nuclear-Powered Aviation Frigate
FFL Corvette
FFLG Guided-Missile Corvette
FFM Full Face Mask
FFN Fleet Flash Net
FFR Radar Picket Frigate
FFS (1) Fixed Field Site; (2) Formatted File System
FFT Training Frigate
FGHQ Fighter Group Headquarters (Canada)
FGN Foreign
FH Frequency Hopping
FH/DS Frequency Hopping/Direct Sequence
FI (1) Finished Intelligence; (2) Foreign Intelligence
FI&SS Foreign Intelligence and Security Service(s)
FIA Foreign Intelligence Agency
FIC (1) Fleet Intelligence Center; (2) FORSCOM Intelligence Center
FICEURLANT Fleet Intelligence Center, Europe and Atlantic
FICM Fleet Intelligence Collection Manual
FICPAC Fleet Intelligence Center, Pacific
FID (1) Foreign Internal Defense; (2) Force Integration Division
FIDB Fundamental Intelligence Database
FIE Foreign Intelligence Element
FIG Figure
FIIC Force Imagery Interpretation Center
FIIU Force Imagery Interpretation Unit
FIM Force Integration Master Planner
FIN (1) Fixed-Site Intelligence Network; (2) Financial
FINPLAN Financial Plan
FIO Foreign Intelligence Officer
FIP (1) Force Improvement Plan; (2) Federal Information Processing
FIPC Foreign Intelligence Priorities Committee
FIPS (1) Federal Information Processing Standard; (2) Fleet Intelligence Production System
FIR Field Investigative Region
FIRCAP Foreign Intelligence Requirement Capabilities and Priorities
FIRE Fused Intelligence Report in Europe
FIRF Future Information Requirements Forecast
FIRMS Foreign Intelligence Relations Management System
FIROPS Freedom of Air Operations
FIRST Fleet Intelligence Reserve Support Team
FIRSTEURLANT Fleet Intelligence Reserve Support Team, Atlantic
FIRSTPAC Fleet Intelligence Reserve Support Team, Pacific
FIS (1) Foreign Instrumentation Signals; (2) Foreign Intelligence Service
FISA Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act
FISAP FMFPac Intelligence Sub-Architecture Plan
FISINT (1) Foreign Instrumentation and Signature Intelligence; (2) Foreign Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
FISS Foreign Intelligence and Security Services
FIST (1) Fleet Imagery Support Terminal; (2) Fire Support Team
FIST-T Transportable FIST
FITCPAC Fleet Intelligence Training Center, Pacific
FITD FORSCOM Intelligence Training Detachment
FITWING Fighter Wing
FLA Foreign Launch Assessment
FLAGE Flexible Lightweight Agile Guided Experiment
FLC Foreign Language Committee
FLEETSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications
FLENUMOCEANCEN Fleet Numerical Oceanography Center (U.S. Navy)
FLEX Force-Level Execution System
FLI Force-Level Information
FLIR Forward-Looking Infrared (Radar)
FLO Foreign Liaison Office
FLOT Forward Line of Troops
FLR Forward-Looking Radar
FLRA Federal Labor Relations Authority
FLSG Force Logistics Support Group
FLT Fleet; Flight
FLTBCST Fleet Broadcast
FLTCINC Fleet Commander in Chief
FLTSAT Fleet Satellite
FLTSATCOM Fleet Satellite Communications System
FLTSEVOCOM Fleet Secure Voice
FM (1) Frequency Modulation; (2) Foreign Materiel; (3) File Maintenance;
(4) Factory Marking(s); (5) Functional Manager; (6) Field Manual; (7) From; (8) Comptroller
FMA (1) Foreign Materiel Acquisition; (2) Foreign Media Analysis
FMAO Foreign Materiel Acquisition Operation
FMAR Foreign Materiel Acquisition Requirement
FMAS Foreign Media Analysis Subsystem
FMC (1) Field Maintenance Center; (2) Force Mobile Command
FME Foreign Materiel Exploitation
FMEC Foreign Materiel Exploitation Catalogue
FMEP Foreign Materiel Exploitation Program
FMF Fleet Marine Force(s)
FMFLANT Fleet Marine Force, Atlantic
FMFM Fleet Marine Field Manual
FMFPAC Fleet Marine Force, Pacific
FMIB Foreign Materiel Intelligence Board
FMIG Foreign Materiel Intelligence Group
FMIS Force Management Information System
FMLM French Military Liaison Mission
FMOCC Fleet Mobile Operations Command Center
FMP Foreign Materiel Program
FMPCP Foreign Military Personnel Contact Program
FMPRB Foreign Military Program Review Board
FMRL Foreign Materiel Requirements List
FMs Defense Intelligence Functional Managers
FMS Foreign Military Sales
FMSF Foreign Military Sales Financing
FMTV Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles
FN Foreign National
FNOC Fleet Numerical Oceanographic Center
FNU First Name Unknown
FO Forward Observer
F/O Fiber-Optics
FOA (1) Field Operating Agency; (2) Forward Operating Area
FOAMP Foreign Aerospace Materiel Production
FOAP Foreign Aircraft Production
FOB (1) Forward Operating Base; (2) Foreign Order of Battle
FOBS Fractional Orbital Bombardment System
FOC (1) Final Operational Capabilities; (2) Full Operational Capability; (3) FORSCOM Operations Center; (4) Full Operating Capacity
FOCI Foreign Owned, Controlled or Influenced
FOCUS (1) Interagency Review of Defense Attache Offices; (2) FORSCOM Objective Communications System
FOD Foreign Object Damage
FOFA Follow-on Forces Attack
FofF Field of Fire
FOG Fiber-Optics Guided
FOGM Fiber-Optic Guided Missile
FOI Freedom of Information
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
FOL (1) Forward Operating Location; (2) Family of Loudspeakers
FOLAN Fiber-Optic Local Area Network
FOLPEN Foliage-Penetrating
FOM Figure of Merit
FOMA Foreign Military Assistance
FOMCAT Foreign Materiel Catalogue
FOMP Foreign Missile Production
FONS Fleet Operational Needs Statement for Intelligence
FOP Forward Observation Post
FORDTIS Foreign Disclosure Technical Information System
FORECON Force Reconnaissance
FORGE Force Generation
FORMAT Foreign Materiel
FORMDEPS FORSCOM Mobilization and Deployment Planning System
FORMICA Foreign Military Intelligence Collection Activity
FORMMS Foreign Materiel Management System
FORSCOM U.S. Forces Command
FORSTAT Force Status and Identity Report
FORT Force Trends Data Base
FORTRAN Formula Translator
FOSCAS Foreign Ship Construction and Shipyards
FOSD Family of Sabotage Devices
FOSIC Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center
FOSIC-E Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center, Europe
FOSICLANT Fleet Ocean Surveillance Intelligence Center, Atlantic
FOSICPAC Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Center, Pacific
FOSIF Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility
FOSIF Rota Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility, Rota
FOSIF/WESTPAC Fleet Ocean Surveillance Information Facility, Western Pacific
FOTARS Follow-On Tactical Reconnaissance System
FOT&E Follow-On Test and Evaluation
FOTELSYS Foreign Telecommunications Systems
FOTRS Follow-On Tactical Reconnaissance System
FOUO For Official Use Only
FOV Field of View
FP (1) Fire Position; (2) Field Post; (3) Force Package
FPA (1) Federal Preparedness Agency; (2) Focal Plane Array; (3) Force Projection Army
FPB Fast Patrol Boat
FPE Force Planning Estimate
FPF Final Protection Fire
FPI (1) Foreign Positive Intelligence; (2) Federal Process Improvement
FPIR Force Protection Information Report
FPL Fire Protective Line
FPN Field Post Number
FPO Fleet Post Office
fps Feet Per Second
FPTOC Force Projection Tactical Operations Center
FPU Floating Point Unit
FQ&P Flying Qualities and Performance
FRAG Fragmentary Order
FRAGO Fragmentary Order
FRD (1) Federal Research Division (Library of Congress); (2) Formerly Restricted Data;
(3) Functional Requirements Document
FREQ Frequency
FRG Federal Republic of Germany
FRIES Fast Rope Insertion Extraction System
FRIF Finished Recurring Intelligence File
FROG Free Rocket Over Ground
FROKA First Republic of Korea Army
FROSS Foreign Reliance on Space Systems
FRPG Facility Reference Point Graphic
FRR Frequency Resource Records
FRS (1) Fleet Readiness Squadron; (2) Federal Research Service; (3) Forward Recording Site
FRY Former Republic of Yugoslavia
FRYM Former Republic of Yugoslavia-Macedonia
FS (1) File Server; (2) Fire Support
F3S Field Station Support System
FSAIS FICEURLANT SCI Analyst Information System
FSB (1) Fleet Satellite Broadcast (of FLTSATCOM); (2) Forward Staging Base; (3) Fire Support Base
FSBS Fleet Submarine Broadcast System
FSCC Fire Support Coordination Center
FSCL Fire Support Coordination Line
FSCOORD Fire Support Coordinator
FSD (1) Field Support Division; (2) Forward Support Detachment
FSE Fire Support Element
FSHB Fallout Safe Height of Burst
FSI Foreign Service Institute
FSIC Forward Sensor Interface and Control
FSK (1) Field Station, Korea; (2) Frequency Shift Keying
FSM Federated States of Micronesia
FSO (1) Foreign Service Officer; (2) Fire Support Officer
FSOC Fairchild Satellite Operations Center
FSOF Forward Special Operations Facility
FSP Fire Support Plan
FSRS Functional Security Requirements Specification
FSS (1) Fast Sealift Ship; (2) FAISS SID System; (3) Fixed Satellite Services
FSSG Force Service Support Group (USMC)
FSST Forward Space Support in Theater
FST (1) Future Strategic Targets; (2) Future Soviet Tank
FSTC Foreign Science and Technology Center (archaic; now NGIC)
FSTS Federal Security Telephone Service
FSU Former Soviet Union
FSV Fire Support Vehicle
FSVS Future Secure Voice System
FSWDS Fixed-Site Warning & Detection System
FT (1) Fort; (2) Foot
FT-1 Fractional T-1
FTA (1) Field Training Area; (2) Functions, Tasks, and Activities
FTAM File Transfer Access Management
FTC (1) Fast Time Constant (ECCM); (2) Federal Trade Commission
FTD Foreign Technology Division (USAF)
FTDB Foreign Technology Data Base
FTI Fixed Target Indicator
FTL Future Target List
FTLS (1) Future Target List-Strategic; (2) Formal Top-Level Specification
FTM Full-Time Manning
FTP File Transfer Protocol
FTPS FORSCOM Topographic Production System (Facility)
FTR Fighter
FTS (1) Fleet Telecommunications System; (2) Federal Telecommunications System; (3) Federal Telephone System; (4) Flight Training Squadron
FTS 2000 Federal Telephone System 2000
FTSC Fleet Technical Support Center
FTU Forecast Tactical Unit
FTX Field Training Exercise
FU Forecast Unit
FUD Full Unit Designator
FUE First Unit Equipped
FUNT French Underground Nuclear Test
FUSS Fleet Undersea Surveillance System
FUWOB Forward Unconventional Warfare Operations Base
FV Fighting Vehicle
FVS Foreign Visits System
FW (1) Fighter Wing; (2) Fixed-Wing
FWAIS Free-World Air Intelligence Study
FWAOB Free-World Air Order of Battle
Fwd Forward
FWE Foreign Weapons Evaluation
FWIC Fighter Weapon School Intelligence Course
FWVP Fallout Wind Vector Plot
FY Fiscal Year
FYDP (1) Fiscal Year Defense Program/Plan; (2) Five-Year Defense Program; (3) Future Years Defense Program
FYI For Your Information
FYIP Five-Year Intelligence Plan
FYMOP Five-Year Master Objectives Plan
FYP Five-Year Plan (FSU)
FYROM Federal Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: G

G Gain
G1 Assistant Chief of Staff, G1 (Personnel)
G2 or G-2 (1) Assistant Chief of Staff, G2 (Intelligence); (2) Army or Ground Directorate of Intelligence;
(3) General Corps Staff Intelligence Officer
G3 Assistant Chief of Staff, G3 (Operations and Plans)
G4 Assistant Chief of Staff, G4 (Logistics)
G5 Assistant Chief of Staff, G5 (Civil Affairs)
G6 Director(ate) of C4
G8 Director(ate) of Resource Management
GA Ground Attack
GaAs Gallium Arsenide
GACC Ground Attack Coordination Center
GAD Guards Artillery Division
GADT Ground/Air Defense Threat
GAF Ground Alert Facility (of PAC ABNCP)
GAFIA German Armed Forces Intelligence Agency
GALE Generic Area Limitation Environment
GALS FSU Satellite (“Horizon”)
GAMO Ground and Amphibious Military Operations
GAO General Accounting Office
GAS (1) Gray Area Systems; (2) Getaway Special
GAT (1) Government Acceptance Test; (2) Guidance, Apportionment, and Targeting
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (UN)
GB (1) Gigabyte; (2) Guardband
GBCS(-L or -H) Ground-Based Common Sensor (-Light or -Heavy)
GBI Ground-Based Interceptor
GBL Ground-Based Laser
GBMD Global Ballistic Missile Defense
GBR Ground-Based Radar
GBS Global Broadcast System
GBU Guided Bomb Unit
GC Gun Camera
GCA Ground Controlled Approach
GCC (1) Government Control Center; (2) Ground Component Commander; (3) Gulf Cooperation
Council; (4) Global Control Center
GCCS (1) Ground Command and Control System; (2) Global Command and Control System
GCDCAL Great Circle Distance Calculator
GCE Ground Combat Element
GCI Ground-Controlled Intercept
GCN Ground Communications Network
GCNTTY Ground Communications Network Teletype
GCP Ground-Controlled Processor
GCP-E Ground-Controlled Processor-ELINT
GCS (1) Graphics Compatibility System; (2) Ground Control Station; (3) Global Connectivity Services; (4) Global Communications System
GCSS Global Combat Support System
GDA Gimbaled Dish Antenna
GDBI Generic Data Base Interface
GDBMS Generic Data Base Management Server
GDIC General Defense Intelligence Community
GDIP General Defense Intelligence Program
GDIPP General Defense Intelligence Proposed Program
GDL Gas Dynamic Laser
GDOP Geometric Dilution of Precision
GDP (1) General Defense Plan; (2) Gross Defense Product; (3) Ground Defense Position; (4) Gross Domestic Product
GDPS Ground Data Processing System
GDRS Ground Data Reduction System
GDS (1) General Declassification Schedule; (2) FSU Guards; (3) Group Decision Support
GDSS Global Decision Support System
GDT Ground Data Terminal
Gen General
GEM Ground Effects Machine
GEN (1) Generation; (2) General
GENIC German National Intelligence Cell (NATO)
GENREP General Reports
GENSER General Service (Communications)
GEO Geosynchronous Earth Orbit
GEODIS Geographic Display
GEODSS Ground-Based Electro-Optical Deep-Space Surveillance System
GEOFILE (1) Geographic Locations Code File System; (2) Geolocation File (JOPES)
GEOREF Global Reference System, a worldwide position reference system that may be applied to any map or chart graduated in latitude and longitude regardless of projection.
GEOSAT Geological Satellite
GEP Ground Entry Point
GEPS Generic Electronic Publishing System
GES Ground Entry Station
GFAC Ground Forward Air Controller
GFCP Generic Front-End Communications Package
GFE Government Furnished Equipment
GFTD Global Force Trends Data Base
GFR Gap Filler Radar
GGI&S Global Geospatial and Information Services
GHz Gigahertz
GIGSTER NSA Video Teleconferencing System
GIIPS Geographic Installation Intelligence Production Specifications
GIITS General Intelligence Imagery Training System
GIN Greenland-Iceland-Norway
GIPD (1) General Intelligence Production Detachment; (2) General Intelligence Production Division
GIPMIS General Intelligence Production Management Information System
GIPS Geographic Installation Intelligence Production Specifications
GIPSY Graphics Information or Presentation System
GIS Geographical Information System
GIST Graphical Intelligence Support Terminal
GITAC General Intelligence Training Advisory Committee
GITC General Intelligence Training Center
GITS General Intelligence Training System
GIUK Greenland-Iceland-United Kingdom
GKNT State Committee for Science and Technology (FSU)
GKS Graphics Kernel System
GL Grenade Launcher
GLCM Ground-Launched Cruise Missile
GLLD U.S. Ground Laser Locator Designator (for COPPERHEAD)
GLMX Geological Multi-Source Exploitation (System)
GLOBIXS Global Information Exchange System
GLOMR Global Low-Orbiting Message Relay
GLONASS Global Navigation Satellite System
GM Guided Missile
GMD Global Missile Defense
GMF Ground Mobile Forces
GMFP Global Military Force Policy
GMFSC Ground Mobile Force Satellite Communications
GMI (1) General Medical Intelligence; (2) General Military Intelligence
GMIPP General Military Intelligence Production Plan
GMIT Ground Military Intelligence Team (ROK)
GMRD Guards Motorized Rifle Division (FSU)
GMS (1) Ground Mobile System; (2) Geostationary Meteorological Satellite; (3) Ground Mission Supervisor
GMT Greenwich Mean Time (Zulu)
GMTI Ground Moving Target Indicator GNAS Gateway Network Access System
GNC Global Navigation Chart
GND Ground
GNP Gross National Product
GNS Global Network Segment
GNST Glossary of Naval Ship Types
GO() Government of (Name of Country)
G-O Office of Law Enforcement and Defense Operations (USCG)
G-OINS Intelligence Division (USCG/G-O)
G-OIS Investigations and Security Division (USCG/G-O)
GOB Ground Order of Battle
GOC (1) General Officer Commanding (UK); (2) Government of Canada; (3) Global Operations Center
GOCO Government Owned Contractor Operated
GOES Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellites
GOLDS General On-Line Display System
GOLDWING Army HF Radio; HF communications system for meteorological and other operations
GOMS Geostationary Operational Meteorological Satellite
GOP Generated Option Plan
GOR General Operational Requirement
GORB General Officer Review Board
GOS Grade of Service
GOSC General Officer Steering Committee
GOSIA Government Open System Interconnect Architecture
GOSIP Government Open Systems Interconnected Profile
GOSPLAN State Planning Committee (FSU)
GOSSNAB State Committee for Material-Technical Supply (FSU)
GOTS Government Off-the-Shelf
GP (1) Group; (2) General Purpose
GPALS Global Protection Against Limited Strikes
GPEE General Purpose Encryption Equipment
GPF (1) General Purpose Forces; (2) Ground Processing Facility
gph Gallons Per Hour
GP NAF General Purpose Numbered Air Force
GPNDS Global Positioning & Nuclear Detection System
GPO Government Printing Office
GPS (1) Global Positioning System; (2) Grid Producing Source; (3) Geographical Positioning System; (4) Ground Processing Stations
GPSCS General Purpose Satellite Communications System
GR (1) Graphical Reporting; (2) Gateway Router
GRAD Graduate
GRANITE SENTRY Proper Name of System
GRID Brand of Portable PC
GRIPF GUARDRAIL Integrated Processing Facility
GRD Ground Resolved Distance
GREEN FLAG ACC live-fly electronic combat exercise
GRG Gridded Reference Graphic
GRO Gamma Ray Observatory
GROFIS Ground Forces Intelligence Study
GRP Glass Reinforced Plastic
GRT Gross Registered Tonnage
GRU FSU General Staff Intelligence Organization
GS (1) General Staff, (2) General Support; (3) Geological Survey; (4) General Schedule; (5) General Service; (6) Government Service (Federal Civil Service); (7) Ground Station; (8) Government Civilian
GSA General Services Administration
GSD (1) Ground Sample Distance; (2) Graphical Situation Display
GSE Ground Support Equipment
GSF (1) Ground Support Fighter (FSU); (2) Group of Soviet Forces; (3) Ground Station Facility
GSFC Goddard Space Flight Center
GSFG Group of Soviet Forces Germany
GSFM Group of Soviet Forces Mongolia
GSICS General Support Interim Contractor Support
GSM (1) Ground Support Module (JSTARS); (2) Ground Station Module
GSOAF GGI&S Special Operations Applications Facility
GSP General Strike Plan
GSR (1) General Support Reinforcing; (2) Ground Surveillance Radar
GSRS U.S. General Support Rocket System
GSS (1) Global Support System; (2) General System Specification
GST (1) Ground Sensor Terminal; (2) Ground Station Terminal; (3) Ground Support Terminal
GSTS Ground-Based Surveillance and Tracking System
GSTN General Switched Telephone Network
GSU Geographically Separated Unit
G/T Ratio of Antenna Gain to Noise Temperature
GTA Government Training Aid
GTAB Global Transportation Analysis Bulletin
GTD Guards Tank Division (FSU)
GTN Global Transportation Network
GTS Global Telecommunications Service
GTC Gas Turbine Compressor
GTTC Goodfellow Technical Training Center
GUI Graphics User Interface
GW (1) Guided Weapon; (2) Gateway; (3) Guerrilla Warfare
G/W Gateway
GWC Global Weather Control
GWEN Ground Wave Emergency Network
GWIC Great Wall Industries Corporation (China)
GWIP Global Weather Intercept Program
GWP General Work Plan
GW/R Gateway/Router
GWS Gaps, Weaknesses, and Shortfalls (also GW&S)
GYRO Gyroscope or Gyroscopic
GZ Ground Zero
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: H

H Symbol for the magnetic field of the propagated radio wave
H2O Critical life-essential liquid, commonly known as water
HA Humanitarian Assistance
HAA Helicopter Alighting Area
HAB (1) High Altitude Burst; (2) High Altitude Bombing; (3) High Air Burst; (4) Hardened Aircraft Bunker
HAC (1) House Appropriations Committee; (2) Historical Area Coverage
HACC Humanitarian Assistance Coordination Center
HAE High-Altitude Endurance
HAHO High-Altitude High-Opening
HAIS Hawaiian Air Intelligence System
HAL Helicopter Light Attack
HALE High-Altitude Long-Endurance
HALO High-Altitude Low-Opening
HANE High-Altitude Nuclear Effects
HANG Hawaii Air National Guard
HARDLOOK Special Data Analysis Product of NAVSPACECOM/N24
HARDS High-Altitude Radiation Detection System
HARM High-Speed Anti-Radiation Missile (AGM-88A)
HARV Harassment Vehicle (Drone)
HAS Hardened Aircraft Shelter
HASC House Armed Services Committee
HATS Heuristic Automated Transportation System
HATMD High-Altitude Theater Missile Defense
HAV (1) High Acceleration Vehicle; (2) Heavy Armored Vehicle (non-tactical)
HAWS Hawaii Area Wideband System
HAZCON Hazardous Condition
HAZMAT Hazardous Materials
HB High Burst
HBWP Host-Based Word Processing
HC HUMINT Committee
HCA Humanitarian and Civic Assistance
HCC HUMINT Contingency Cell
HCF High Command of Forces
HCI/DV/AEX Human-Computer Interface/Data Visualization/Automated Expansion
HCR HUMINT Collection Requirement
HCS Helicopter Combat/Search and Rescue
HCU High Capacity Computer Unit
HD Horizontal Ground Distance
HDL Harry Diamond Laboratories
HDM Hierarchical Development Methodology
HDO Humanitarian Demining Operations
HDX Half Duplex
HX Half Duplex
HE High Explosive
HEAT High-Explosive AntiTank
HEC Helicopter Element Coordinator
HEDI High Endoatmospheric Defense Interceptor
HEF Hostile Establishment File
HEI High-Explosive Incendiary
HEL High-Energy Laser
HELIP HAWK European Limited Improvement Program
HELRATS High Energy Laser Radar Acquisition & Tracking System
HELSTF High-Energy Laser Systems Test Facility
HELW High-Energy Laser Weapons
HELWING Helicopter Wing
HEMP High-Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
HEMT High-Electron-Mobility Transistor
HEO (1) High-Earth-Orbit; (2) Highly Elliptical Orbit
HEP High-Explosive Plastic
HERO (1) Hazards of Electromagnetic Radiation To Ordnance; (2) Historical Evaluation and Research Organization
HERT Headquarters Emergency Relocation Team
HES Hardcopy Exploitation Systems
HESS Hangul English Support System
HEST High-Explosive Simulation Technique
HET Heavy Equipment Transporter
HF (1) High Frequency; (2) Height Finder; (3) Hydrogen Fluoride
HFE Human Factors Engineering
HFA High-Frequency Antenna
HF/DF High-Frequency Direction-Finding
HFE Heavy-Fuel Engine
HFEA Human Factors Engineering Assessment
HFP Host Front-End Protocol
HH Hand-Held
HHC Headquarters and Headquarters Company
HHD Headquarters and Headquarters Detachment
HHS (1) Headquarters and Headquarter Services; (2) Hasty Hide Shelter
HHW Higher High Water
HIL High Interest List
HI-PAR High-Performance Precision-Approach Radar
HI-RES High-Resolution
HIC High-Intensity Conflict
HICOM High Command (CINCPACFLT Voice Network)
HIDSS Helmet-Integrated Display & Sight System
HIFAR High-Frequency Fixed-Array Radar
HIMAD (1) High- to Medium-Altitude Defense; (2) High to Medium Altitude Adjustment
HIMS HUMINT Information Management System
HIP Howitzer Improvement Program
HIRMS Human Intelligence Requirements Management System
HIROCC Hawaiian Islands Regional Operational Control Center
HIS (1) Honeywell Information System; (2) Hostile Intelligence Services
HISP Hostile Intelligence Service Profiler System
HIT High-Interest Track
HITS (1) Human Intelligence Tasking System; (2) Hawaii Information Transfer System
HJ HONEST JOHN (U.S. Surface-to-Surface Rocket)
HL Hand-Launched
HLA Helicopter Landing Areas
HLA/DZ Helicopter Landing Area/Drop Zone
HLA/DZS Helicopter Landing Area/Drop Zone Study
HLLV Heavy-Lift Launch Vehicle
HL-UAV Hand-Launched Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
HLW Higher Low Water
HLZ Helicopter Landing Zone
HM Helicopter Mine Warfare
HMC HUMINT Management Center
HMCII Higher Military Command, Interior and Islands (Greece)
HMF Handbook of Military Forces
HMI (1) Host-Message Interface; (2) Human-Machine Interface
HMMWV High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle
HMS (1) Her Majesty’s Ship; (2) HUMINT Management System
HMTV Head-Mounted Thermal Vision
HN Host Nation
HNAF Host Nation Armed Forces
HNIS Host Nation Intelligence Support
HNS Host Nation Support
HNSC House National Security Committee
HOB Height of Burst
HOBO Homing Optical Bomb
HOC (1) History of Coverage; (2) HUMINT Operations Cell
HOCNET HUMINT Operational Communications Network
HOE Homing Overlay Experiment
HOIS Hostile Intelligence Service(s)
HOJ Home on Jam
HOL High-Order Language
HOM (1) Head of Media; (2) Head of Mission
HOTA HUMINT Operational Tasking Authority
HOTOL Horizontal Takeoff & Landing
HOTPHOTOREP Hot Photographic Interpretation Report
HOTSIT Hot Situation Message
how Howitzer
HP (1) Headquarters Pamphlet; (2) Horsepower
HPA High-Power Amplifier
HPG Hardcopy Products Group
HPM High-Power Microwave
HPT (1) High-Payoff Target; (2) High-Priority Target
HPSC High-Performance Computing Research System
HPSCI House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
HQ/HQS Headquarters
HQDA Headquarters, Department of the Army
HQJTF Headquarters, Joint Task Force
HQMC Headquarters, U.S. Marine Corps
HQMRHITS Quarterly Management Report
HQ USAF Headquarters, Department of the Air Force
HR (1) High Resolution; (2) Humanitarian Relief Service
hr Hour
HR/MR Human Readable/Machine Readable (Data)
HRC Human Resources Committee
HRCS High-Resolution Camera System
HRMS Human Intelligence Requirements Management System
HRPT High-Resolution Picture Transmissions
HRR High-Resolution Radar
HRS (1) Hours; (2) Humanitarian Relief Service
HRTV High-Resolution Television
HRU Hardcopy Reconstruction Unit
HRV High-Resolution Visible Range Instruments
HS (1) Helicopter Squadron; (2) Home Station
HSD HUMINT Support Detachment
HSE HUMINT Support Element
HSE-E HSE-Europe
HSI (1) Human Systems Integration; (2) Hyperspectral Imagery
H-SIP H-Camera Spectral Improvement Program
HSLLADS High Speed Low Level Aerial Delivery System
HSMS Human Sources Management System
HSS Health Service Support
HTACC Hardened Tactical Air Control Center
HTKP Hard-Target Kill Potential
HTLD High-Technology Light Division
HTOHL Horizontal Take-off and Horizontal Landing
HTML Hypertext Markup Language
HUD Heads-Up Display
HULTEC Hull-to-Emitter Correlation
HUMINT Human Resources Intelligence
HUMMV High Utility Mobile Mechanized Vehicle
HUMRO Humanitarian Relief Operations
HUS Hardened Unique Storage
HUSK Hardened Unique Storage Key
hv Heavy
HVA High Value Asset
HVAC High-Voltage Air Conditioning
HVAP High-Velocity Armor-Piercing
HVAPFSDS High Velocity Armor-Piercing Fin-Stabilized Discarding-Sabot
HVAT High-Velocity Antitank
HVF Highly Volatile Fuel
HVIT High Volume Information Transfer
HVT High-Value Target
HW (1) High Water; (2) Hardware
HWAS High Wycombe Air Station
HWC Hobart Walk-in Cooler
HW/SW Hardware/Software
HWY Highway
Hz Hertz
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: I

i Inclination
I2 Intelligence Information
IA (1) Imagery Analyst; (2) Intelligence Assistant; (3) Initial Assessment; (4) Intelligence Analyst; (5) Intelligence Agent
IAA Interagency Agreement
I&A (1) Imagery and Analysis; (2) Identifcation and Authentication
IAB Imagery Analysis Branch
IAC (1) Intelligence Analysis Center; (2) Intelligence Advisory Committee; (3) Intelligence Analyst Course (DIA); (4) Information Analysis Centers
IAD (1) Intelligence Analysis Division; (2) Integrated Air Defense
IADB Inter-American Defense Board
IADS Integrated Air Defense System
IAEA International Atomic Energy Agency
IAG (1) Intelligence Analysis Group (formerly ITAD); (2) Imagery Analysis Group
IAGC Instantaneous Automatic Gain Control
IAGS Inter-American Geodetic Survey
IAIPS Integrated Automated Intelligence Processing System
IAM Imagery Analysis Memorandum
IAMP Imagery Acquisition and Management Plan
IAMS Individual Aerial Mobility System
IAN Imagery Analysis Notice
IAP International Airport
IAPF Inter-American Peace Force
IAR Imagery Analysis Report
IAS (1) Intelligence Access System; (2) Interactive Applications System; (3) Intelligence Analysis System
IAS WS IAS Work Station
IASSA INSCOM Automated Systems Support Activity
IAT Intelligence Augmentation Team
IATA International Air Transport Association
IAW In Accordance With
IAWG Interagency Working Group
IAWS Improved Analyst Workstation
IBAC Identity-Based Access Control
IBs Issue Books
IBBS Interim Brigade/Battalion Simulation
IBD Intelligence Baseline Document
IBDTF IBD Transaction Format
IBE Field-Initiated BE Number
IBERLANT Iberian Atlantic Area
IBIS Imaging Background Limited Infrared System
IBM International Business Machines
IBO Intelligence Baseline Overview
IBOS Intelligence Battlefield Operating System
IBS (1) Interactive Beacon System; (2) Integrable Base Station; (3) Integrated Broadcast Service; (4) Intelsat Business Service; (5) Integrated Bridge System
IBSSIR Background Signature Survey
IBTA Integrated Battlefield Targeting Architecture
IBUR Intelligence Bottom-Up Review
IC (1) Intelligence Community; (2) Intelligence Collection; (3) Integrated Circuit; (4) Intelligence Center; (5) Irish Concern
IC/EC Intelligence Community/Executive Committee
ICA Intelligence Center Atlantic
ICAF Industrial College of the Armed Forces
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization
ICAP Improved Capabilities Program
ICARIS Intelligence Communications Architecture and Requirements Information System
ICBM Intercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICC (1) Integrated Communications Center; (2) Intelligence Continuity Cell; (3) IMlNT Coordination Cell; (4) Intelligence Coordination Center (Coast Guard); (5) Initial Connectivity Capability
ICCC International Council for Computer Communication
ICD (1) Interface Control Document; (2) Intelligence Collection Division; (3) Initiative Communications Deception
ICDP Intelligence Career Development Program
ICE (1) Independent Cost Estimate; (2) Interface Control Element
ICEDEFOR Iceland Defense Forces
ICES International Cooperation in Ocean Exploration
ICF (1) Intelligence Collection Flight; (2) Intelligence Contingency Funds; (3) Interconnect Facility
ICFTU International Confederation of Free Trade Unions
ICIG IDHSS CSSR Interface Guard
ICITAP International Criminal Investigative Training and Assistance Program
ICL Intelligence Coordination Cell
ICM (1) Improved Conventional Munitions; (2) Intelligence Correlation Module; (3) Integrated Common Modules
ICMC Intelligence Collection Management Course
ICOD Intelligence/Information Cut-Off Date
ICON Image Communications and Operations Node
ICP (1) Intelligence Collection Platform; (2) Interface Change Proposals; (3) Incremental Change Packages
ICPS Intelligence Communications Processing Shelter
ICR Intelligence Collection Requirement
ICRC (1) Intelligence Contingency Readiness Center; (2) International Committee of the Red Cross
ICRS Imagery Collection Requirements Subcommittee (COMIREX)
ICS (1) Intercommunications System; (2) Intelligence Community Staff
ICTF Interagency Crisis Task Force
ICTT (1) Improved Commander’s Tactical Terminal; (2) Interim Commander’s Tactical Terminal
ICU Interface Control Unit
ICV Infantry Combat Vehicle
ICW In Coordination With
ICWG (1) Interface Control Working Group; (2) Imagery Coordination Working Group
ID (1) Identification; (2) Infantry Division; (3) Intelligence Division
IDA Institute for Defense Analysis
IDAD Internal Defense and Development
IDB (1) Integrated Data Base; (2) Inter-American Development Bank
IDB-II PC-Based Integrated Data Base
IDBM Integrated Data Base Maintenance
IDBR Integrated Data Base Retrieval
IDBTF Intelligence Data Base Transaction Format
IDC Interagency Defector Committee
IDCSP Initial Defense Communications Satellite Program
IDEAS Intelligence Data Element Authorization Standards
IDES Installation Damage Expectancy Summary
IDEX Imagery Data Exploitation System
IDEX II Imagery Data Exploitation System II
IDF (1) Israeli Defense Force; (2) Installation Data File
IDHS Intelligence Data Handling System
IDHS IDHS for the mid-1990s
IDHS-2000 Intelligence Data Handling System for the Year 2000
IDHS-II Intelligence Data Handling System, Second Iteration
IDHSC Intelligence Data Handling System Communications
IDHSC-II Intelligence Data Handling System Communications, Version II
IDIMS Interactive Digital Image Manipulation System
IDIQ Indefinite Delivery, Indefinite Quantity
IDIRA Introduction to Defense Intelligence Research and Analysis (DIA)
IDL Interoperable Data Link
IDM Improved Data Modem
IDMS IPAC Document Management System
IDN Integrated Data Network
IDNX Integrated Digital Network Exchange
IDP Intelligence Data Processor
IDPS (1) Imagery Data Processing System; (2) Integrated Deployable Processing System; (3) Interim Deployable Processing System
IDS (1) Intrusion Detection System; (2) Infrared Detection Set
IDSCS Initial Defense Satellite Communications System
IDSCP Initial Defense Satellite Communication Program
IDSF Intelligence Defector Source File
IDTT Inactive Duty Training Travel
IDZ Inner Defense Zone
IEA International Energy Agreement
IEBL Inter-Entity Boundary Line
IEC (1) Imagery Exploitation Center; (2) Intelligence Exchange Conference
IED (1) Improvised Explosive Device; (2) Imitative Electronic Deception
IEG Imagery Exploitation Group
IEMATS Improved Emergency Message Automated Transmission System
IEP Independent Evaluation Plan
IEPG Independent European Program Group
IEPR Information Exchange and Processing Requirements Report
IER Independent Evaluation Report
IES Imagery Exploitation System
IESS Imagery Exploitation Support Segment
IEW Intelligence and Electronic Warfare
IEWCS IEW Common Sensor
IEWD Intelligence and Electronic Warfare Directorate
IEWFAM IEW Functional Area Model
IEWSE IEW Support Element
IEWTAC IEW Technology Assessment Center
IEWTPT IEW Tactical Proficiency Trainer
IF (1) Interrogation Facility; (2) Identification Frequency; (3) Intermediate Frequency
IFAC International Federation of Automatic Control
IFF Identification, Friend or Foe
IFFN Identification, Friend, Foe or Neutral
IFOR Implementation Force (Operation JOINT ENDEAVOR)
IFOV Instantaneous Field-of-View
IFPS Interformation Position System
IFR Instrument Flight Rules
IFRB International Frequency Registration Board
IFS Imagery File Server
IFTE Integrated Family Test Equipment
IFV Infantry Fighting Vehicle
IG (1) Interagency Group; (2) Inspector General; (3) Intelligence Group (Air Force)
IGCP Intelligence Guidance for COMINT Programming
IGD Intelligence Guidance Document
IGS Image Generation System
IGSM Interim Ground Station Module
IGT Interdepartmental Group on Terrorism
IGY International Geophysical Year
IHC Intelligence Information Handling Committee
IHE Insensitive High Explosive
IHFR Improved High Frequency Radio
IHO (1) International Hydrographic Organization; (2) In Honor of
IHR In-Extremis Hostage Rescue
II (1) Imagery Interpretation; (2) Imagery Interpreter
IIC Imagery Interpretation Center
IICT Interagency Intelligence Committee on Terrorism
IID Integrated Information Display
IIDP Integrated Intelligence Development Plan (USCINCEUR)
IIE Installation Identification Element
IIF Imagery Interpretation Facility
IIG (1) Imagery Intelligence Group (formerly USAlIC); (2) Intelligence Inspector General
IIM Interagency Intelligence Memorandum
IIN Imagery Interpretation Note
IINCOMNET Intratheater Intelligence Community Network
IINS Imagery Information Need Statement
IIPL Integrated Intelligence Priority List
IIR (1) Imaging Infrared; (2) Intelligence Information Report; (3) Imagery Interpretation Report
IIRES Imagery Interpretation, Reporting, and Exploitation System
IIRK Interarea Interswitch Rekeying Key
IIRS Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale
IIS (1) Indirect Identification System; (2) IPAC Intelligence Summary; (3) Imagery Interpretation Segment
IISE Intelligence Information System Enhancement
IISS Intelligence Information Subsystem
IITLPC Inter/Intra Team Low Power Communications
IITS (1) Intra-Theater Imagery Transmission System; (2) Installation Information Transfer Systems
IIU (1) Imagery Interpretation Unit; (2) Imagery Interface Unit
IJMS Interim JTIDS Message Standard
ILAM Improved Limpet Assembly Modular
ILC International Lines of Communication
ILD Injection Laser Diode
ILE Intelligence Liaison Element
ILEA International Law Enforcement Academy
ILO Intelligence Liaison Officer
ILP Intelligence Liaison Party
ILS (1) Instrument Landing System; (2) Integrated Logistic Support
ILSA Improved Lightweight Satellite Antenna
IM (1) Information Management; (2) Intermodulation
IM/GD Intelligence Management/Guidance Document
IMA (1) Institute for Military Assistance; (2) Intelligence Mobilization Augmentee; (3) Information Mission Area
I-MAE Interim Medium Altitude Endurance UAV (formerly Tier I)
IMAF 1st Marine Amphibious Force
IMAP Interim Mission Assessment Program
IMB (USCENTCOM) Intelligence Management Board
IMC The International Medical Corps
IMCO Intergovernmental Maritime Consultative Organization
IMD Intelligence Management Document
IMEF First Marine Expeditionary Force
IMET (1) International Military Education and Training; (2) Integrated Management Evaluation Team
IMETS Integrated Meteorological System
IMF International Monetary Fund
IMINT Imagery Intelligence
IMIS (1) Intelligence Management Information System; (2) Integrated Management Information System
IMLETT International Maritime Law Enforcement Training Team
IMMP Information Management Master Plan
IMNET Imagery Network
IMOM Intelligence Many-on-Many
IMOC International Maritime Officer Course
IMP (1) Interface Message Processor; (2) Input Message Processor; (3) Image Product; (4) Information Management Program
IMPs Imagery Products
IMS International Military Staff (NATO)
IMSAT Imagery Satellite
IMSE Imagery Management Support Element
IMSO International Maritime Satellite Organization
IMTT Intelligence Mobile Training Team
IN (1) International Negotiations; (2) Intelligence; (3) Infantry; (4) Director of Intelligence (Air Force Component) (also A2)
INA Information Not Available
INCA (1) Intelligence Communications Architecture; (2) Integrated Nuclear Communications Assessment
INCOLLNOM Intelligence Collection Requirement Nomination
INCOMNET Intratheater Intelligence Communications Network
INCSEA Incidents at Sea
INDICOM (1) Indications Communication Network; (2) Indications and Warning Communications
INDICOMM Indications Intelligence Communications
INEWS Integrated Electronic Warfare System
inf Infantry
INF Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
INFIL Infiltration
INFLIGHTREP Inflight Reports
INFLTRPT Inflight Reports
INFO Information
INFOSEC (1) Information Security; (2) Information Systems Security
INGO International Nongovernmental Organizations
INI Initiation
INL International Narcotics and Law
INMARSAT International Maritime Satellite
INMS Integrated Network Management System
INR Bureau of Intelligence and Research (State Department)
INS (1) Inertial Navigation System; (2) Immigration and Naturalization Service
INSAT Indian Satellite
INSICOM Integrated Special Intelligence Communications
INSCOM U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command
INST Instruction
INSTA Automated Installations File (DIAOLS)
INSTAL Installation
instl Installation
INSUM Intelligence Summary
INT/INTEL Intelligence
INTACS (1) Integrated Tactical Communications System; (2) Integrated Tactical Communications Study
INTCP Intercept
INTEL Intelligence
INTELCAST Intelligence Broadcast
INTELCOM Worldwide Intelligence Communication
INTELDATA Intelligence Data
INTELINK Proper Name of System
INTELSAT International Telecommunications Satellite Organization
Intelink Command server/client system that allows secure SCI connectivity to all commands on the network, and access to available files without additional log-on.
INTELNET Intelligence Network Internet International Network
INTI CI database
intg Interrogation
INTRA International Travel by Selected Foreign Officials
Intranet Internet with local scope
INTREP Intelligence Report
INREQ Intelligence Request
INTSUM Intelligence Summary
INUT Indian Nuclear Underground Test
IO (1) Indian Ocean; (2) Intelligence Officer; (3) Information Objectives; (4) Intelligence Objective; (5) Intelligence Operations (Division); (6) Information Operations; (7) Information Objectives
I/O Input/Output
IOA Indian Ocean Area
IOB Intelligence Oversight Board
IOC (1) Initial Operational Capability; (2) Intelligence Operations Center
IOCTL Indian Ocean Conventional Target List
IOD Intelligence Operations Division (USEUCOM)
IOF Intelligence Operations Facility
IOIC Integrated Operational Intelligence Center
IOM Input/Output Module
IOMDWG Interagency Offensive Missile Deployment Working Group
IONDS Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System
IOR Individualized Operational Ration
IONDS Integrated Operational Nuclear Detection System
IOS (1) Intelligence Operations Specialist; (2) International Organization for Standards
IOSS (1) Integrated Operational Support Study; (2) Intelligence Organization Stationing Study
IOT&E Initial Operational Test and Evaluation
IP (1) Initial Point; (2) Imagery Processing; (3) Intelligence Problem; (4) Instrumentation Point; (5) Immediate Permanent Incapacitation Dose; (6) Internet Protocol
IP/MP Inphase/Midphase
IPA (1) Intelligence Production Activity; (2) Imagery Product Archive
IPAT Intelligence Planning/Programming Analysis Tool
IPB Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield/Battlespace
IPC (1) Industrial Planning Committee; (2) Intelligence Producers’ Council; (3) Intelligence Production Center
IPCP Intelligence Production Campaign Plan
IPCS Intelligence Producers Council Staff
IPD (1) Intelligence Planning Document; (2) Intelligence Plans Division (USEUCOM); (3) Intelligence Production Division
IPDB Intelligence Production Data Base
IPDS Imagery Processing and Dissemination System
IPE Intelligence Production Element
IPF (1) Integrated Processing Facility; (2) Intelligence Processing Facility (Guardrail)
IPG Implementation Planning Group
IPIR (1) Immediate Photo Interpretation Report; (2) Initial Photographic Interpretation Report; (3) Initial Programmed Interpretation Report; (4) Initial Phase Interpretation Report
IPR Integrated Personal Armor
IPIX Interface Processor for Imagery Exchange
IPM (1) Interface Processor for Imagery Exchange; (2) Intelligence Programs Management
IPMA Intelligence Production Management Activity
IPMO Intelligence Program Management Office
IPL Integrated Priority List
IPM Interpersonal Messaging
IPOIC Interagency Prisoner of War Ad Hoc Committee
IPOM Intelligence Program Objective Memorandum
IPP (1) Intelligence Producer Profile; (2) Impact Point Prediction
IPR (1) Intelligence Production Requirement; (2) In Process Review; (3) Impulse Response; (4) Internet Protocol Route
IPRG (1) Intelligence Priorities Review Group; (2) Intelligence Program Review Board
IPS (1) Integrated Program Summary; (2) Intelligence Production System; (3) Imagery Processing Segment (CARS); (4) Intelligence Production Section; (5) Instructions Per Second; (6) Imagery Processing System
IPSC Information Processing Standards for Computers
IPSG Intelligence Program Support Group (now CISA)
IPSO Internet Protocol Security Option
IPSP Intelligence Priorities for Strategic Planning
IPT Integrated Product Team
IPU Inter-Parliamentary Union
IPW Interrogation of Prisoners of War
IPWG Intelligence Priorities Working Group
IPX Internet Packet Exchange
IR (1) Infrared; (2) Intelligence Information Report; (3) Illumination Rate; (4) Impulse Response; (5) Information Requirement; (6) Intelligence Requirement; (7) Initial Radiation; (8) Induced Radiation; (9) Information Ratio
I2R Imaging Infrared
IRA Intelligence-Related Activities
IRAC Interdepartmental Radio Advisory Committee
IRBM Intermediate-Range Ballistic Missile
IRC (1) International Red Cross; (2) International Rescue Committee
IRCM Infrared Countermeasures
IRCS Improved Radar Calibration System
IR&D Independent Research & Development
IRD (1) Independent Research & Development; (2) Intelligence Resources Division; (3) Intelligence Reserve Detachment
IRDB Integrated Requirements Data Base
IRDC Intelligence Research and Development Council
IRDHS Imagery-Related Data Handling System (see AIRES)
IREMBASS Improved Remotely Monitored Battlefield Surveillance System
IRDS Infrared Detection System
IREMBASS Improved-Remotely Monitored Battlefield Sensor System
IREPS Integrated Refractive Effects Prediction System
IRF (1) Imagery Readiness Facility; (2) Intelligence Readiness Facility
IRG Interdepartmental Regional Group
IRGM Infrared Guidance Module
IRINT Infrared Intelligence
IRIS Infrared Imaging System
IRISA Imagery Report Index Summary
IRISF Intelligence Report Index Summary File
IRK Interswitch Rekeying Key
IRLS Infrared Line Scanner
IRM (1) Intelligence Requirements Management; (2) Information Resource Management
IRMS Imagery Requirements Management System
IROF Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives File
IROL Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives List
IROP (1) Imagery Reconnaissance Objectives Plan; (2) Infrared Optical Intelligence; (3) Imagery Requirements Objectives Program
IRPG Installation Reference Points Graphics
IRPIA Intelligence Information Report Photo Index
IRR (1) Individual Ready Reserve; (2) Intelligence Requirement Request; (3) Intelligence Readiness Report
IRS (1) Intelligence Research Specialist; (2) Internal Revenue Service; (3) Interface Requirements Specification; (4) Intelligence Requirements Subcommittee
IRSCOM Imagery Requirements Subcommittee
IS (1) Information Systems; (2) Intelligence Specialists; (3) Intelligence Squadron
I&S (1) Intelligence and Security; (2) Intelligence and Surveillance
ISA (1) International Security Affairs; (2) Interservice Support Agreement; (3) Intelligence Support Activity; (4) Integration Support Activity; (5) International Support Agreement
ISAF Israeli Air Force
ISAR Inverse Synthetic Aperture Radar
ISARC Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance Cell
ISB (1) Initial Staging Base; (2) Intermediate Staging Base; (3) Intelligence Systems Board; (4) Intelligence Support Base
ISC (1) Information Systems Command; (2) Information Science Center; (3) Intelligence Support Cell
ISCO Intelligence Support to Combined Operations
ISC/SC Intelligence Specialist Chief/Senior Chief
ISD (1) Intelligence Support Detachment; (2) Intelligence Security Division; (3) Intelligence Support Division
ISDB Integrated Satellite Data Base
ISDN (1) Integrated Services Data Network; (2) Intelligence Services Digital Network ISEIntelligence Support Element
ISEMS Improved Spectrum Efficiency Modeling and Simulation
ISEW Intelligence, Security, and Electronic Warfare
ISF Intelligence Support Facility (U.S. Navy)
ISG Intelligence Support Group (U.S. Navy)
ISHMRS Improved SOF High Frequency Manpack Radio System
ISIC Intelligence Support and Indications Center
ISID Interim Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
ISINT Instrumentation Signals Intelligence
ISIP Intelligence Support Interface Program
ISIS (1) Integrated Signals Intelligence System; (2) Interim SOCOM Intelligence Threat Data System
ISLES Information Systems for Law Enforcement Support
ISM Industrial Security Manual
ISMB Intelligence Systems Management Board
ISO (1) Information Systems Office; (2) International Standards Organization
ISOFAC Isolation Facility
ISOPREP Isolated Personnel Report
ISOS Intelligence System of Systems
ISP (1) Intelligence Support Plan; (2) Industrial Security Program; (3) Intelligence Support Processor; (4) Integrated Survey Program; (5) Intelligence Survey Program
ISP DCS Integrated Survey Program Data Collection System
ISP CPE Integrated Survey Program Central Production Element
ISPER IPAC Special Reports
ISPO Intelligence Support Program Office
ISPR Information Systems Processing Request
ISPS (1) ISP Server; (2) Improved SOF Power Sources
ISPT Intelligence Support Processor Tool
ISR (1) Imagery Support Requirement; (2) Inter-Agency Source Registry; (3) Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance
ISRD Information Systems Requirement Document
ISS (1) Intelligence Support System; (2) Intelligence Support Subsystem; (3) Intelligence Support Staff; (4) Information Security System; (5) Information Systems Security
I&SS Intelligence and Security Service
ISSA (1) Information Systems Support Activity; (2) Inter-service Support Agreement
ISSM Information Systems Security Manager
ISSO (1) Information Systems Security Officer; (2) Intelligence Systems Support Office
ISST ICBM SHF Satellite Terminal
IST (1) Imagery Support Terminal; (2) Intelligence Support Team; (3) Intelligence System Team
ISTA Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition
ISWG Intelligence Support Working Group
ISYSCON Integrated System Control
IT Immediate Transient Incapacitation Dose
ITA (1) Intelligence Terrain Analyzer; (2) International Telegraph Alphabet
ITAAS Intelligence Training Army Area Schools
ITAC (1) Intelligence and Threat Analysis Center (U.S. Army); (2) Intelligence Tracking Analysis and Correlation
ITACIES Interim Tactical Imagery Exploitation System (U.S. Army)
ITACS Integrated Tactical Air Control System
ITAR International Traffic in Arms Regulations
ITAS Improved Target Acquisition System
ITC Interagency Training Center
ITCT Improved Tactical Commander’s Terminal
ITD (1) Interim Terrain Data; (2) Individual Training Directorate; (3) International Training Division
ITDB Intercept Tasking Data Base
ITDN Integrated Tactical Data Network
ITEP (1) Interim Tactical ELINT Processor (U.S. Army); (2) Integrated Threat Evaluation Program
ITF Intelligence Task Force
ITFN Intra-Task Force Network
ITG Interdiction Target Graphic
ITIC-PAC INSCOM Theater Intelligence Center-Pacific
ITII Internal-to-Internal Interface
ITL Interagency Telephone Laboratory
ITO (1) International Trade Organization; (2) Integrated Tasking Order
ITOC Interrogation Translation Operations Center
ITP (1) Intelligence Town Plan; (2) Interrogation/Translation Platoon
ITS Imagery Transmission System
ITSS Integrated Tactical Surveillance System
ITT Interrogator Translator Team
ITU (1) Interrogator-Translator Unit; (2) International Telecommunications Union
ITUT Interim Tactical Users Terminal
ITW (1) International Targeting Workstation; (2) Integrated Threat Warning
ITW&AA Integrated Tactical Warning and Attack Assessment
IU (1) Interface Unit; (2) Image Understanding
lUG Intelligence Users’ Guide
IUS Inertial Upper Stage
IUSS Integrated Undersea Surveillance System
IVAN Intelligence Van
IVCS Integrated Vehicle Communications System
IVD Interactive Video Disk
IVIS Inter-Vehicle Information System
IVSN Initial Voice Switched Network
IW (1) Information Warfare; (2) Intelligence Wing
I&W (1) Indications and Warning; (2) Intelligence & Warning
IWC Information Warfare Center
IWD Intermediate Water Depth
IWG Intelligence Working Group
IWO Intelligence Watch Officer
IWS (1) Intelligence Work Station; (2) Information Warfare Squadron
IWSDB Integrated Weapon System Data Base
IWST Information Warfare Support Team
IWT Intelligence Watch Team
IWTS Indications and Warning Training System
IWW Inland Waterway
IX Unclassified Miscellaneous Ship
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: J

J3 Director(ate) of Operations
J4 Logistics Directorate
J5 Director(ate) of Plans, Policy, and Programs
J6 (1) Director(ate) of Command, Control, Communications; (2) Director(ate) of Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems
J7 Joint Operational Plans Staff
J8 Director(ate) of Resource Management
JA Judge Advocate (General)
JAADS Joint Allied Air Defense System
JAAT Joint Air Attack Team
JAC Joint Analysis Center
JACC/CP Joint Airborne Communications Center/Command Post
JAD Joint Assessment Data
JAEIC Joint Atomic Energy Intelligence Committee
JAG Judge Advocate General
JAI Joint Administrative Instruction
JAIEG Joint Atomic Information Exchange Group
JAIS Japan Air Intelligence System
JAIS-PAC Joint Area Information system-USPACOM
JAMIP Joint Analytic Model Improvement Program
JAN Joint Army-Navy
JANAF Joint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication
JANAP Joint Army/Navy Publication
JAO Joint Area of Operations
JAOC Joint Air Operations Center
JAOP Joint Air Operations Plan
JAPC Joint Attrition and Penetration Committee
JAR JIC Analysis Report
JARCC Joint Air Reconnaissance Control Center
JARIC (1) Joint Aerial Reconnaissance Intelligence Center; (2) Joint Air Reconnaissance Interpretation Center (UK)
JAROC (B) Joint Allied Refugee Operations Center (Berlin)
JARP Joint Aerospace Reserve Program
JASDF Japanese Air Self-Defense Forces
JASORS Joint Advanced Special Operations Radio System
JASPO Joint Airborne SIGINT Program Office
JASS Joint Airborne SIGINT System
JAST Joint Advanced Strike Technology Program
JATCCCS Joint Advanced Tactical C3 System
JAWS (1) Joint Analytical Workstation; (2) Joint Advanced Weapons System; (3) JDISS-Army Workstation
JBS (1) Joint Base Station; (2) Joint Broadcast Service
J2C CIA Liaison
JC2WC Joint C2 Warfare Center
JCAT (1) Joint Crisis Action Team; (2) Joint Crisis Analysis Tool
JCC Joint Coordination Center
JCCC Joint Communications Control Center
JCCOC Joint Communications & Control Operational Concept
JCCWC Joint Command and Control Warfare Center
JCET Joint/Combined Exercises for Training
JCF Joint Communications Facility
JCISB Joint Counterintelligence Support Branch
JCISOC Joint CI Staff Officer’s Course
JCMC (1) Joint Crisis Management Capability; (2) Joint Crisis Management Center
JCMEC Joint Captured Materiel Exploitation Center
JCMO Joint Collection Management Office
JCMOTF Joint Civil Military Operations Task Force
JCMPO Joint Cruise Missile Project Office
JCMST Joint Collection Management Support Tool (renamed JCMT)
JCMT Joint Collection Management Tool
JCNJSIC Center Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Base (CMAFB) Node
JCNICC Joint Counternarcotics Intelligence Coordination Center
JCP Joint Congressional Committee on Printing
JCPES Joint Chiefs Planning and Execution System
JCPX Joint Command Post Exercise
JCRC Joint Casualty Resolution Center
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JCSAN JCS Alert Network
JCSAR Joint Combat Search and Rescue
JCSE (1) Joint Communications Support Element; (2) Joint Contingency Support Element
JCSM Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
JCSS (1) Japan Combat Support System; (2) Joint Communications Support Squadron
JCTG-ME Joint Technical Coordinating Group for Munitions Effectiveness
J2D DIA Liaison
JDA (1) Joint Deployment Agency; (2) Japan Defense Agency; (3) Joint Duty Assignment
JDAC Joint District Area Command
JDAL Joint Duty Assignment List
JDAM Joint Direct Attack Munition
JDC Joint Debriefing Center
J-DEC JICPAC-Detachment Japan
JDEC Joint Document Exploitation Center
JDF Joint Development Facility
JDGW Joint Digital Geopositioning Workstation
JDIA Joint Digital Intelligence Assessment
JDIPC Joint Deployable Imagery Production Center
JDISS (1) Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System; (2) Joint Defense Intelligence Support Services
JDISS-C Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System-CENTCOM
JDISS-S Joint Deployable Intelligence Support System-SOCOM or
JDIVS Joint Deployable Intelligence Video/Data System
JDMAG Joint Deployable Maintenance Analysis Group
JDS Joint Deployment System
JDSS Joint Decision Support System
JDSIR Joint Deployment System Incident Reporting System
JDSSC Joint Data System Support Center
JEAP (1) Joint Electronic Analysis Program; (2) Joint Electronic Analysis Position
JEC Joint Economic Committee
JECC(G) Joint Exercise Control Center (Group)
JECG Joint Exercise Control Group
JECM Joint Electronic Countermeasures
JEEP Joint Emergency Evacuation Plan
JEIO Joint Engineering and Interoperability Organization
JEFPROS JAC EUCOM Force Protection Summary
JEIR JAC EUCOM Intelligence Review
JEL Joint Electronic Library
JEM Joint Exercise Manual
JES JDISS Embedded Support
JESS Joint Exercise Support System
JET JWICS Earth Terminal
JETDS Joint Electronics Designation System
JEWC Joint Electronic Warfare Center
JFACC Joint Force Air Component Commander
JFC (1) Joint Fusion Center; (2) Joint Force Commander
JFFC Joint Force Fires Coordinator
JFFSC Joint Force Fire Support Coordinator
JFI Joint Force Integrator
JFIC Joint Force Interdiction Coordinator
JFITL Joint Force Integrator Task List
JFK CTRMA John F. Kennedy Center for Military Assistance
JFLCC Joint Force Land Component Commander
JLOTS Joint Logistics Over the Shore
JFM Joint Force Memorandum
JFMCC Joint Force Maritime Component Commander
JFMO Joint Frequency Management Office
JFSOCC Joint Force Special Operations Component Commander
JGITSS Joint General Intelligence Training System Subarchitecture
JGSDF Japanese Ground Self-Defense Forces
JIATF Joint InterAgency Task Force
JIATF-E Joint InterAgency Task Force - East
JIATF-W Joint InterAgency Task Force - West
JIB Joint Intelligence Bureau (Commonwealth Countries)
JIC (1) Joint Intelligence Center; (2) Joint Interrogation Center; (3) Joint Intelligence Cell
JIC-E Joint Intelligence Center-Europe
JIC-SOUTH Joint Intelligence Center-U.S. SOUTHCOM
JIC-2000 Designation of JICSOUTH upon movement to CONUS
JICEUR Joint Intelligence Center Europe
JICPAC Joint Intelligence Center Pacific
JICREP Joint Intelligence Center Report
JICTRANS Joint Intelligence Center for Transportation
JIEO Joint Interoperability Engineering Organization (DISA)
JIEP Joint Intelligence Estimate for Planning
JIF Joint Interrogation Facility
JIFF Joint Interdiction of Follow-on Forces
JIIKS Joint Imagery Interpretation Key Structure
JIIM Joint Intelligence Information Management
JILE Joint Intelligence Liaison Element
JIM JESS Intelligence Model
JINTACCS Joint Interoperability of Tactical Command and Control Systems
JINTC Joint Intelligence Task Force
JIO Joint Intelligence Organization
JIOC Joint Intelligence Operations Center
JIPC Joint Imagery Production Center
JIPTL Joint Integrated Prioritized Target List
JISA Joint Intelligence Support Architecture
JISAD JTF Intelligence Support Architecture Document
JISC (1) Joint Intelligence Support Center; (2) Joint Intelligence Support Concept
JISE Joint Intelligence Support Element
JISI Joint Intelligence System Integration
JISS Japan Intelligence Support System
JITAP Joint Intelligence Training Activity Pacific
JITC Joint Interoperability Test Center (DISA)
JITF Joint Integration Testing Facility
JIVA Joint Intelligence Virtual Architecture
JLA Joint Logistics Assessment
JLARG Joint Logistics Assessment Review Group
JL-COE Joint Logistics Center of Excellence
JLD Joint Liaison Detachment
JLE Jammer Locator Electronics
JLMIS Joint Logistics Management Information System
JLOTS Joint Logistics Over the Shore
JLPPG Joint Logistics and Personnel Policy and Guidance
JLRC Joint Logistics Readiness Center
J4/LRC Joint Logistics Readiness Center
JLREID Joint Long-Range Estimating Intelligence Document (JSPS)
JLRSA Joint Long-Range Strategic Appraisal
JLSP Joint Logistics Steering Panel
JM Joint Mission
JMA (1) Joint Mobilization Augmentation; (2) Joint Mission Analysis
JMAT Joint Mobility Assistance Team
JMC Joint Movement Center
JMCC (1) Joint MC&G Coordination Center; (2) Joint Mobile Command Center
JMCIS Joint Maritime Command Information System
JMEM Joint Munitions Effectiveness Manual
JMENS Joint Mission Element Needs Statement
JMETL (1) Joint Mission Essential Target List; (2) Joint Mission Essential Task List
JMI JTIDS Modular AOC Integration System
JMIC Joint Military Intelligence College
JMICS JWICS Mobile Integrated Communications System
JMIE Joint Maritime Information Element
JMIE/JEM JMIE Support System and Modernization
JMINI Joint UHF MILSATCOM Network Integrated
JMIP Joint Military Intelligence Program
JMISE Joint Military Intelligence Support Element
JMITC Joint Military Intelligence Training Center
JMNS Joint Mission Needs Statement
JMO Joint Management Office
JMOCC Joint Mobile Operations Command Center
JMP (1) Joint Manpower Program; (2) Joint Mobilization Program
JMPAB Joint Material Priorities Allocation Board
JMPP Joint Munitions Production Panel
JMRR Joint Military Readiness Review
JMSDF Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
JMSIP Joint Modeling and Simulation Integration Program
JMSNS Justification for Major System New Start
JMST Joint Management Support Tool
JMTB Joint Military Transportation Board
JMTG (1) Joint Military Terminology Group; (2) Joint Master Training Guide
JMTK Joint Mapping Tool Kit
JNACC Joint Nuclear Accident Coordinating Center
JNAF Yugoslavia National Air Force
JNC Jet Navigation Chart
JNC-A Jet Navigation Chart-Air
JNIDS (1) Joint National Intelligence Dissemination System; (2) Joint National Intelligence Development Staff
JNPE Joint Nuclear Planning Element
JOA Joint Operations Area
JOC Joint Operations Center
JOC/INT Joint Operations Center/Intelligence Team
JOG Joint Operations Graphic
JOG-A Joint Operations Graphic-Air
JOG-C Joint Operations Graphic-Combined
JOG-G Joint Operations Graphic-Ground
JOG-R Joint Operations Graphic-Radar
JOIC Joint Operational Intelligence Center/Cell
JOIN Joint Operations Intelligence Network
JOINT REDTRAIN Joint Readiness Training
Joint STARS Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
JOP Joint Operating Procedure
JOPES Joint Operations Planning and Execution System
JOPS Joint Operational Planning System
JOS Joint Operational Stocks
JOSE Joint Operations Support Element
JOTS Joint Operational Tactical System
JP (1) Jet Petroleum; (2) Joint Publication
JPAM Joint Program Assessment Memorandum
JPAT Joint Planning and Assistance Team
JPD Joint Planning Document
JPEA Joint Planning and Exercise Activity
JPEC Joint Planning and Execution Community
JPL Jet Propulsion Laboratory
JPM Joint Program Manager
JPMIE Joint Program for Military Intelligence Education
JPMO Joint Program Management Office
JPN JSIC Peterson Node
JPO Joint Project Office
JPOTF Joint Psychological Operations Task Force
JPOTG Joint Psychological Operations Task Group
JPPR Joint Planning and Program Review
JPRS Joint Publications Research Service
JPSD Joint Precision Strike Demonstration
JPSS Joint Planning Staff for Space
JPSIO Joint Precision Strike Integration Office
JRA Joint Rear Area
JRB Joint Reconnaissance Board
JRC (1) Joint Reconnaissance Center; (2) Joint Recovery Center
JRCB Joint Reconnaissance Coordination Board
JRCC Joint Rescue Coordination Center
JRCP Joint Readiness Command Program
JRDC Joint Regional Defense Command
JRDOD Joint Research and Development Objectives Document
JRFL Joint Restricted Frequency List
JRIP Joint Reserve Intelligence Program
JRMB Joint Requirements and Management Board
JRO Joint Reconnaissance Office
JROC Joint Requirements Oversight Council
JROC-B Joint Refugee Center, Berlin
JRS Joint Reporting System/Structure
JRSC Jam-Resistant Secure Communications
JRTC (1) Joint Readiness Training Center; (2) Joint Regional Training Center
JRTC-IS JRTC Instrumentation System
JRX Joint Readiness Exercise
JRX MILES JRX Milestone System
JS Joint Staff
J/S Ratio of received power level of a jamming signal and a desired signal
JSAJAC Security Activity
JSAC Joint State Area Command
JSAM Joint Security Assistance Memorandum
JSAMSA Joint Security Assistance Memorandum Supporting Analysis
JSB Joint Synthetic Battlespace
JSC (1) Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center; (2) Joint Spectrum Center
JSCP Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSCS Joint Strategic Connectivity Staff
JSDF Japanese Self-Defense Forces
JSEAD (1) Joint Surveillance Enemy Air Defense; (2) Joint Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses
JSFC Joint Space Fundamentals Course
JSIC Joint SPACECOM Intelligence Center
JSIMS Joint Simulation System
JSIOC Joint Space Intelligence Operations Course
JSIOPC Joint Space Intelligence Operations Policy Course
JSIP Joint Services Imagery Processor
JSIPS Joint Service Imagery Processing System
JSIPS-N Joint Service Imagery Processing System-Navy
JSMB Joint Space Management Board
JSO (1) Joint Staff Office; (2) Joint Support Office
JSOA (1) Joint Special Operations Agency; (2) Joint Special Operations Area
JSOACC Joint Special Operations Air Component Commander
JSOC (1) Joint Special Operations Center; (2) Joint Strategic Operations Center; (3) Joint Special Operations Command
JSODC Joint Special Operations Deception Course
JSOFI Joint Special Operations Forces Institute
JSOIC Joint Special Operations Intelligence Course
JSOIT Joint Special Operations Intelligence Training
JSOIO Joint Special Operations Intelligence Orientation
JSOP Joint Strategic Objectives Plan
JSOPW Joint Special Operations Planning Workshop
JSOR Joint Service Operational Requirement
JSOSOC Joint Special Operations Staff Officer Course
JSOTF Joint Special Operations Task Force
JSOTFSO Joint Special Operations Task Force South
JSOTP Joint Special Operations Training Project
JSOW Joint Standoff Weapon
JSPD Joint Strategic Planning Document
JSPDSA Joint Strategic Planning Document Supporting Analysis
JSPO Joint System Program Office
JSPS Joint Strategic Planning System
JSR (1) Joint Strategy Review; (2) Joint Special Reports
JSRC Joint Search and Rescue Center
JSS (1) Joint Surveillance System; (2) JMIE Support System
JSST (1) Joint Space Support Team; (2) Joint Special Support Team
JSTARS Joint Surveillance and Target Attack Radar System
JSTPS Joint Strategic Target Planning Staff
JSWG (1) J-TENS Special Working Group; (2) Joint Service Working Group
JT Joint
JTA (1) Joint Task Analysis; (2) Joint Table of Allowances
JTAGS Joint Tactical Ground Station
JTAO Joint Tactical Air Operations
JTARS Joint Tactical Aerial Reconnaissance System
JTASC Joint Training, Analysis and Simulation Center
JTB (1) Joint Transportation Board; (2) Joint Targets Board
JTC (1) Joint Target Committee; (2) Joint Technology Center; (3) JFACC Target Cell
JTC3A Joint Tactical Command, Control, and Communications Agency
JTCAE Joint Tactical Control and Analysis Element
JTCB Joint Targets Coordination Board
JTCG Joint Technical Coordinating Group
JTCG(ME) Joint Technical Coordinating Group (For Munitions Effectiveness)
JTC/SIL Joint Technology Center/ Systems Integration Laboratory
JTD Joint Table of Distribution (Manning Authorization for a Joint Organization)
JTDA Joint Table of Distribution and Allowances
JTEB Joint Test and Evaluation Board
J-TENS Joint Tactical Exploitation of National Systems
JTENS Joint-Service Tactical Exploitation of National Systems
JTF (1) Joint Tactical Fusion; (2) Joint Task Force
JTF-6 Joint Task Force-6
JTFCEM Joint Task Force Contingency Engineer Manager
JTF-FA Joint Task Force-Full Accounting
JTF-LOCE Joint Tactical Fusion-Limited Operational Capability Europe
JTF-PM Joint Task Force-Panama
JTFPO Joint Tactical Fusion Program Office
JTF-SWA Joint Task Force-South West Asia
JTFHQ Joint Task Force Headquarters
JTFP Joint Tactical Fusion Program
JTFPMO Joint Tactical Fusion Program Management Office
JTFSO Joint Task Force South
JTG Joint Task Group
JTIC Joint Transportation Intelligence Center
JTID Joint Digital Team Information Device
JTIDS Joint Tactical Information Distribution System
JTL Joint Target List
JTMD (1) Joint Theater Missile Defense; (2) Joint Table of Mobilization and Distribution
JTN Joint Targeting Network
JTOSS Joint Task-Organized Software Subsystem
JTP Joint Training Plan
JTR Joint Travel Regulation
JTRU Joint Transportation Reserve Unit
JTSC Joint Technology Steering Committee
JTSG Joint Targets Steering Group
JTT Joint Tactics Terminal
JTTP Joint Tactics, Techniques and Procedures
JTWS Joint Threat Warning System
JTX Joint Training Exercise
JUAVTC Joint UAV Training Center
JUDI Joint Universal Data Interpreter
JULL Joint Universal Lessons Learned
JULLS Joint Universal Lessons Learned System
JUMPS Joint Uniform Military Pay System
JUSMAG Joint United States Military Advisory Group
JUWC Joint Unconventional Warfare Command
JUWTF Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
JVIDS Joint Visual Integrated Display System
JWAC Joint Warfare Analysis Center
JWARS Joint Warfare Simulation
JWBCA Joint Whole Blood Control Agency
JWC (1) Joint Warfare Center; (2) Joint Working Group
JWCA Joint Warfighting Capability Assessment
JWFC Joint Warfighting Center
JWG Joint Working Group
JWICS (1) Joint Warning Indications Communications System; (2) Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System
JWID Joint Worldwide Interoperability Demonstration
J2X JTF J2 Support Element
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