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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: K

K Kelvin (absolute temperature scale)
KAC Korea Analysis Center
KADIZ Korean Air Defense Identification Zone
KAIS Korean Air Intelligence System
KAK Key-Auto-Key
KAL Key Asset List
KALCC Korean Airlift Control Center
KAPP Key Asset Protection Program
KAWS Korean Analyst Workstation
KB (1) Kilobyte; (2) Knowledgeability Brief
Kbps Kilobits Per Second (also KPS)
KBS Knowledge-Based System
KBYTES Kilobytes
KCG Korean Consultative Group
KCIA Korean Central Intelligence Agency
KCOIC Korean Combat/Combined Operations Intelligence Center
KCSS Korean Combat Support System
KDC Key Distribution Center
KDEI Key Defense Estimates Issues
KDIA Korean Defense Intelligence Agency
KDII Key Defense Intelligence Issues
KE Kinetic Energy
KEK Key Encryption Key
KELP Kaleidoscope Elint Processor
KEW Kinetic Energy Weapon
KG (1) Kilogram; (2) Key Generator
KGB Committee for State Security (FSU)
KH Keyhole
KHA Killed by Hostile Action
KHz Kilohertz
KIA Killed in Action
KIA-BNR Killed in Action, Body Not Recovered
KIAS Knots Indicated Air Speed
KIES Kodak Imagery Exploitation System
KIEWS Kodak Imagery Edit Workstation
KILLREP Kill Report
KILLSUM Kill Summary
KILOD Killed in the Line of Duty
KIP (1) Key Intelligence Position; (2) Key Indigenous Personnel
KIPPL Key Intelligence Program Priorities List
KISS Korean Intelligence Support System
KIWS KISS Intelligence Workstation
KJ (1) Kilojoules; (2) Key Judgments
KM Kilometer
KMASE Key Management Application Service Element
KMC Key Management Center
KM/HR Kilometers Per Hour
KMODC Key Management Ordering and Distribution Center
KMID Key Management Identification Number
KMP Key Management Protocol
KMPDU Key Management Protocol Data Unit
KMR Kwajalein Missile Range
KMS Key Management System
KMSA Key Management System Agent
KMUA Key Management User Agent
KN Knot
knots Nautical Miles per hour
KP Key Processor
KPH Kilometers Per Hour
KPK Key Production Key
KS South Korea (ROK)
KSA Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
KSC Kennedy Space Center
KSOS Kernelized Secure Operating System
KT (1) Kiloton; (2) Knot
KTAS Knots True Airspeed
KTO Kuwait Theater of Operations
KTTP Korean Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Ku A Satellite Frequency Band
KUSLO U.S. Liaison Office-Kenya
KW Kilowatt
KWH Kilowatt Hours
KVG Key Variable Generator
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Special Projects VOM Staff Contributor 

Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: L

LAAIB Latin American Air Intelligence Brief
LAAM Light Anti-Aircraft Missile
LAB Laboratory
LABS Laboratories
LAD Launch Assist Device
LADD Low Angle Drogue Delivery
LAEO Low-Altitude Electro-Optical
LAEWWING Light-Airborne Early Warning Wing
LAF Launch Alert Folder
LAFTA Latin America Free Trade Association
LAGEOS Laser Geodynamic Satellite
LAI (1) Light Armored Infantry; (2) Look-Down Air Intercept
LAL Library Accessions List
LALO Low-Altitude Low-Opening
LAM Louisiana Maneuvers
LAMM Land Armament and Manpower Model
LAMP Lockwood Analytical Method for Prediction LAMPS (1) Light Airborne Multipurpose System; (2) LANTCOM Message Processing System
LAN Local Area Network
LANDCENT Land Forces Central Region
LANDSAT Land Satellite (Commercial Multi-Spectral)
LANDSOUTH Land Forces Southern Region
LANFORSIXTHFLT Landing Force Sixth Fleet
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
LANT Atlantic
LANTAF Atlantic Command Air Forces
LANTAREA Atlantic Area
LANTCOM Atlantic Command (now ACOM)
LANTCOMDIS Atlantic Command Deployable Intelligence System
LANTCOM JIC Atlantic Command Joint Intelligence Center (AIC)
LANTDAC Atlantic Command Defense Analysis Center
LANTDIS USACOM Deployable Intelligence System
LANTFLT U.S. Atlantic Fleet
LANTIRN Low-Altitude Navigation and Targeting Infrared System for Night
LANTIS Atlantic Intelligence Supplement
LANUP Local Area Network Upgrades
LANWAN Local Area Network/Wide Area Network
LAR Laser-Aided Rocket
LARB Light Amphibious Reconnaissance Battalion
LARS Light Artillery Rocket System
LAS Land Analysis System
LASA Light Armed Surveillance Attack
LASER Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
LASERFAX Secure System for Transmitting Photos
LASH Lighter Aboard Ship
LASINT Laser Intelligence
LASTE Low-Altitude Safety Targeting Enhancement
LAT Latitude
LATAM Latin America
LATIN Atlantic Command Theater Intelligence Network
LATS Large Aperture Tracking System
LATWING Light Attack Wing
LAV Light Armored Vehicle (non-tactical)
LAW Light Antitank Weapon
LAWS Long-Range Cruise Missile Analysis and Warning System
LB Live Broadcast
Lb Pound
L-BAND 1 to 2 GHz
LBR Laser Beam Recorder
lbs (LB) Pounds
LBSR Lightweight Battlefield Surveillance Radar
LC (1) Library of Congress; (2) Line of Contact
LCAC Landing Craft, Air Cushion
LCC (1) Amphibious Command Ship; (2) Logistics Coordination Center; (3) Launch Control Center;
(4) Land Component Commander
LCC-IC Amphibious Command Ship-Intelligence Center
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
LCE Liaison Coordination Element (Special Operations Liaison Team in Coalition Operations)
LCF Launch Control Facility
LCM (1) Medium Landing Craft; (2) Life Cycle Management
LCP (1) Personnel Landing Craft; (2) Launching Control Post
LCPR Ramped Personnel Landing Craft
LCS Low-Cost Satellite
LCSMM Life Cycle Support Management Model
LCSR Swimmer Reconnaissance Landing Craft
LCU (1) Utility Landing Craft; (2) Launch Correlation Unit
LCW Special Warfare Support Craft
LCWS Low-Cost Workstation
LD (1) Line of Departure; (2) Laser Defense
LDC (1) Less-Developed Country; (2) Local Data Concentrator; (3) Light-Weight Deployable Communication; (4) Land Defense of CONUS
LDEF Long Duration Exposure Facility
LDF Lightweight Digital Facsimile
LDIS Library Document Inventory System
LDM Limited Distance Modems
LDMX Local Digital Message Exchange
LDR Low Data Rate
LDS Laser Detection System
LDSD Lookdown/Shootdown
LDT Large Diameter Target
LDX Long-Distance XEROX
LEA Law Enforcement Agency
LEAD (1) Low-Cost Encryption/Authentication Device; (2) List of Emerging Activations and Dispositions
LEAF Law Enforcement Access Field
LEASAT (1) Leased Satellite; (2) Leased System
LED Light Emitting Diode
LEDS Link 11 Display System
LEM Land Engagement Model
LEN Large Extension Node
LENSCE Limited Enemy Situation Correlation Element
LEP Linear Error Probable
LEPCU Lightweight Environmental Protection Combat Uniform
LEO Low Earth Orbit
LEO COM Low Earth Orbit Data Communications
LERTCON Alert Condition
LES (1) Leading Edge Services; (2) Land Earth Station; (3) Limited Effects Submunition
LEW Limited Effects Weapons
LEXIS Meade Data Central Legal Service
LF (1) Low Frequency; (2) Launch Facility; (3) Landing Force
LF6F Landing Force 6th Feet
LFC Large Format Camera
LFICS Landing Force Integrated Communications System
LFM Landing Force Manual
LFOC Landing Force Operations Center
LFOV Limited Field of View
LFR Inshore Fire Support Ship
LFRSV Launch-Fly-Recover Space Vehicle
LFS Amphibious Warfare Fire Support Ship
LG ACC Director of Logistics
LGB Laser-Guided Bomb
LHA Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)
LHA-IC Amphibious Assault Ship (General Purpose)-Intelligence Center
LHD Multi-Purpose Amphibious Assault Ship
L-HOUR Hour on C-Day when deployment begins
LHR Low Hop Rate
LHW Lower High Water
LHX Lightweight Helicopter
LIC Low-Intensity Conflict
LIDAR Light Detection and Ranging
LIGHTSAT Lightweight Satellite
LIMDIS (1) Limited Dissemination; (2) Limited Distribution
LIME Laser-Induced Magnetic Emissions
LIMMER Limited Control of Merchant Shipping
LIN LANTCOM Intelligence Network
LINCS Long-Range Intelligence Networked Communications Service
LIR Launch and Impact Report
LISS LANTCOM Intelligence Support System
LITE Laptop Imagery Transmission Equipment
LITES Laser Intercept and Technical Exploitation System
LITINT Literature Intelligence
LIVID Language Identification and Voice Identification
LIWA Land Information Warfare Activity
LJ Laser Jet
LKA Amphibious Cargo Ship
LKG Loop Key Generator
LL (1) Landline; (2) Latent Lethal Dose
LLLTV/IR Low-Light-Level TV/Infrared
LLSO Low-Level Source Operations (CI/HUMINT)
LLTV Low-Light-Level Television
LLNL Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
LLO Land Liaison Office
LLW Lower Low Water
LLVI Low-Level Voice Intercept
LMBB GENSER Intelligence Broadcast
LMCC LOCE Mobile Correlation Center
LMD Local Management Device
LMD-KP Local Management Device/Key Processor
LME Layer Management Entry
LMI Layer Management Interface
LMR Land Mobile Radio
LMRDFS Lightweight Man-Transportable Radio Direction Finding System
LMS (1) Local Monitor Station; (2) Least Means Squared
LMSR Large Medium Speed RO/RO
LNA Low Noise Amplifier
LNE Liaison Element
LNG Liquefied Natural Gas
LNIS Atlantic Command Naval Intelligence Summary
LNO (1) Limited Nuclear Option; (2) Liaison Officer
LNU Last Name Unknown
LO (1) Liaison Officer; (2) Low Observables
LO/LO Lift-On/Lift-Off
LOA (1) Letter of Agreement; (2) Lead Operational Authority; (3) Letter of Assist
LOAC Law of Armed Conflict
LOB Line of Bearing
LOC(S) (1) Line(s) of Communication; (2) Library of Congress; (3) Launch Operations Center; (4) Liaison Officer Coordinator; (5) Location; (6) ILS Localizer
LOCD Lines of Communication Designators
LOCE (1) Limited Operational Capability, Europe; (2) Linked Operations-Intelligence Centers Europe
LOCK Logical Co-Processing Kernel
LOD Low-Observable Demonstrations
LOFAR Low-Frequency Analysis and Recording
LOG Logistics
LOGCAP Logistics Civil Augmentation Program
LOGEX Logistics Exercise
LOGS Logistics
LOI (1) Letter of Instruction; (2) Location of Interest
LON Longitude
LONG Longitude
LORAD Long-Range Air Defense
LORAN Long-Range Navigation
LOROP Long-Range Oblique Photography
LOROPS (1) Long-Range Optical System; (2) Long-Range Oblique Photographic Sensor
LOS (1) Line of Sight; (2) Law of the Sea
LOTS (1) Lighter Over the Shore; (2) Logistics Over the Shore
LOW (1) Laws of War; (2) Launch on Warning
LOX Liquid Oxygen
LP Listening Post
LPA Amphibious Personnel Transport
LPAR Large Phased-Array Radar
LPC Linear Predictive Coding
LPD (1) Amphibious Assault Transport Dock; (2) Low Probability of Detection
LPD/I Low Probability of Detection/Intercept
LPF Low Pass Filter
LPG Liquefied Natural Gas
LPH Amphibious Assault Ship (Helicopter)
LPI (1) Low Probability Intercept; (2) Lines per Inch
LPO Leading Petty Officer
LPR Amphibious Transport (Small)
LPS (1) Logistics Planning Study; (2) Large Processing Station
LPSS Amphibious Transport Submarine
LPT Logistics Preparation of the Theater
LRA Long-Range Aviation (FSU)
LRAA Long-Range Air Army (FSU)
LRAACA Long-Range Air-ASW Capable Aircraft
LRAAM Long-Range Air-to-Air Missile
LRC (1) Logistics Readiness Center; (2) Logistics Resupply Center; (3) Lesser Regional Contingency; (4) Limited Regional Conflict; (5) Limited Regional Contingency
LRCM Long-Range Cruise Missile
LRCS Light-Reaction Communications System
LRE Launch and Recovery Element
LREO Long Range Electro-Optical
LRINF Longer Range Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
LRIP Limited/Low-Rate Initial Production
LRL Low-Cost Receive Location
LRM Low-Rate Multiplexer
LRP (1) Low-Rate Production; (2) Long-Range Plan; (3) Limited Response Package
LRR Long-Range Reconnaissance
LRRP Long-Range Reconnaissance Patrol
LRSC Long-Range Surveillance Company
LRSO Long-Range Surveillance Out-Post
LRSP (1) Long-Range Surveillance Plan; (2) Long-Range Systems Plan
LRSPRAC Long-Range Special Reporting and Coordination
LRSTIA Long-Range Scientific and Technical Intelligence Assessment
LRSU Long-Range Surveillance Unit
LRTNF Long-Range Theater Nuclear Forces
LRU Line-Replaceable Unit
LSA (1) Logistics Support Analysis; (2) LAN Systems Administrator
LSB Lower Sideband
LSC Linear Shaped Charge
LSCS Logistics Support Command, Somalia
LSD (1) Landing Ship, Dock; (2) Lease Separation Distance
LSDV Swimmer Delivery Vehicle
LSE Logistic Support Element
LSG Large-Scale Graphics
LSI Large-Scale Integration
LSM Medium Amphibious Assault Landing Ship
LSP Launch Sequence Plan
LSS Library Support System
LSSA Logistic System Support Activity
LSSC Light Seal Support Craft
LST (1) Amphibious Vehicle Landing Ship; (2) Local Standard Time
LST-5C Deployable Satellite Terminal
LSV Light Strike Vehicle
LT (1) Light Table (2) Light
LTAC Land Terminal Access Control
LTAS Lightweight Tactical Army Satellite Communications System
LTBT Limited Test Ban Treaty
Ltd Limited
LTDP NATO Long-Term Defense Program
LTDS Laser Target Designator System
LTI Lightweight Thermal Imager
LTID Laser Target Interface Device
LTIOV Latest Time Information of Value
LTMS Light Table Mensuration System
LTOE Living Table of Organization and Equipment
LUA Launch Under Attack
LUT Limited User Test
LVDS Low-Volume Dissemination System
LW Low Water
LWA Light Weight Aircraft
LWIR Long-Wavelength Infrared
LWM Lightweight Motor
LWOP Leave Without Pay
LWR Lutheran World Relief, Inc
LWT Amphibious Warping Tug
LZ Landing Zone
LZCT Landing Zone Control Team
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: M

3M Material, Maintenance, Management
M (1) Meter; (2) Mach; (3) Mega (Million)
MA Mission Assessment
MAA Mission Area Analysis
MAAG Military Assistance Advisory Group
MAAP Master Air Attack Plan
MAB Marine Amphibious Brigade
MAC (1) Military Airlift Command (now AMC); (2) Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Attack Craft; (3) Multi-Array Correlator; (4) Missile Analysis Center; (5) Mandatory Access Control; (6) Message Authentication Code; (7) Military Areas of Coordination
MAC-IN Military Airlift Command-Director of Intelligence
MACA Military Assistance to Civil Authorities
MACCOM MAC Communications (Network)
MACCS Marine Aviation Command and Control System
MACDIS Military Assistance to Civil Disturbances
MACLO MAC Liaison Officer
MACOM (1) Major Army Command; (2) Major Command
MACSAT Multiple Access Communications Satellite
MAD (1) Magnetic Anomaly Detector; (2) Mutual Assured Destruction
MADP Military Attache for Defense Programs
MAE (1) Mean Area of Effectiveness; (2) Medium Altitude Endurance UAV (formerly Tier II)
MAEO Medium-Altitude Electro-Optical
MAE-UAV Medium-Altitude Endurance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
MAF Marine Amphibious Force
MAFC MAGTF All-Source Fusion Center
MAG (1) Marine Aircraft Group; (2) Military Assistance Group; (3) Military Advisory Group; (4) Magnetic
MAGIC Maritime Air-Ground Intelligence Cell
MAGIIC Mobile Army Ground Imagery Interpretation Center
MAGIS Marine Air-Ground Intelligence System
MAGR Miniature Airborne GPS Receiver
MAG Tape Magnetic Tape
MAGTF (1) Marine Air-Ground Task Force; (2) Marine Amphibious Ground Task Force
MAINT Maintenance
MAIS Military Airlift Intelligence System
MAISRC Major Automated Information System Review Council
MAJCOM (1) Major Air Force Command; (2) Major Command
MAMS MASINT Automated Management System
MAN (1) Mandatory Modification; (2) Metropolitan Area Network
MANPADS Manportable Air Defense System
MANPRINT Manpower and Personnel Integration
MAO Major Attack Option
MAOC Modular Air Operations Center
MAP (1) Military Assistance Program; (2) Ministry of Aviation Industry (USSR); (3) Multiple Aim Point; (4) Master Attack Plan; (5) Materiel Acquisition Process
MAPREQ Map Requisition System
MARAD Maritime Administration
MARC MAC ALCE Reaction Communications System
MARCENT Marine Forces Central Command
MARCORSYSCOM Marine Corps Systems Command
MARE Mission Analysis Report-Electrical
MARECS Maritime European Communications Satellite
MARDEZ Maritime Defense Zone
MARDEZLANT Maritime Defense Zone, Altantic
MARDIV Marine Division
MARFOR Marine Forces
MARFOREUR Marine Forces Europe
MARFOR-K Marine Forces Korea
MARFORCENT Marine Forces, Central Command
MARFORLANT Marine Forces Atlantic
MARFORPAC Marine Forces Pacific
MARFORSOUTH Marine Forces, Southern Command
MARG (1) Marine Amphibious Readiness Group; (2) Marginal
MARINETERP Westlant Maritime Intelligence Report
MARINTSUM Maritime Intelligence Summary
MARISAT Maritime Satellite (COMSAT)
Mark-Up Detailed Budget Recommendation from a Congressional Committee
MARPAC Marine Forces Pacific
MARREP Maritime Report
MARS (1) Man-hour Accounting and Reporting System; (2) Military Affiliate Radio System; (3) Monthly Aerial Reconnaissance Summary
MART Mobile Autodin Record/Remote Terminal
MARV Maneuverable Reentry Vehicle
MAS (1) Military Airlift Squadron; (2) Measurement and Signature; (3) Message Analysis Server; (4) Military Agency for Standardization
MASDR Measurement and Signature Data Requirements
MASH Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
MASINT Measurement and Signature Intelligence
MASS (1) Matrix Analysis Subsystem; (2) Missile and Space Summary
MASST Major Ship Satellite Terminal
MAST (1) Mobile Ashore Support Terminal; (2) Manual Acquisition Satellite Track; (4) MILSTAR Advanced Satellite Terminals
MAT Medium Assault Transport
MATB Multi-Spectral Analyst Test Bed
MATC Armored Troop Carrier, Mini
MATDEV Materiel Developer
MATRIX Multi-source Automatic Target Recognition with Interactive Exploitation
MATS Mobile Automatic Telephone System
MATSYM Material Symbol
MATT Multi-Mission Advanced Tactical Terminal
MATWING Medium Attack Wing
MAU Marine Amphibious Unit
MAVUS Maritime Vertical Takeoff and Landing Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System
MAW (1) Military Airlift Wing; (2) Marine Aircraft Wing
MAWTS Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron
MAXI Modular Architecture for the Exchange of Intelligence
MB (1) Megabit; (2) Meteor Burst; (3) Megabits
Mb Megabyte
MBA (1) Main Battle Area; (2) Multiple Beam Antennae
MBB Modular Building Block (of EIF/ECMC)
MBC Meteor Burst Communications
MBFR Mutual and Balanced Force Reduction
MBITR Multiband Inter Team Radio
MBO Management by Objective
MBMR Multiband Multimode Radio
MBPS Megabytes per Second
MBRADIO Multiband Radio
MBT Main Battle Tank
MBYTES/Mbyte Megabytes
MC (1) Military Committee; (2) Mobility Corridor; (3) Joint Military Intelligence College; (4) Multi-Channel MC&G Mapping, Charting and Geodesy
MCA (1) Maritime Collection Assets; (2) Military Capabilities Assessment; (3) Military Civil Action; (4) Mission Concept Approval
MCAR Multi-Channel Acoustic Relay
MCAS Marine Corps Air Station
MC ASI Marine Corps Assistant Chief of Staff Intelligence
MCB (1) Markings Center Brief; (2) Marine Corps Base
MCC (1) Mobile Command Center; (2) Movement Control Center; (3) Mission Control Complex; (4) Military Coordination Center; (5) Mission Control Cell; (6) Mission Control Center
MCCB Modification/Configuration Control Board
MCCC Mobile Consolidated Command Center (USSPACECOM)
MCCP Marine Corps Campaign Plan
MCCS Mobile Command and Control System
MCCT Mobile Command Communications Team
MCDN Marine Corps Data Network
MCDS Multilateral Counterterrorism Data System
MCE (1) Mission Control Element; (2) Modular Control Equipment
MCEB Military Communications Electronics Board
MCG (1) Magneto Cumulative Generator; (2) Minimum Character Grid; (3) Monitor Control Group; (3) Mapping, Charting, and Geodesy
MCG&I Mapping, Charting, Geodesy, and Imagery
MCIA Marine Corps Intelligence Activity
MCM (1) Mine Countermeasures; (2) Military Committee Memorandum; (3) Multi-Command Manual; (4) Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum (Designator)
MCMIP Marine Corps Master Intelligence Plan
MCO MASINT Control Officer
MCOO Modified Combined Obstacles Overlay
MCP Mobile Command Post
MCR Military Command Region
MCRB Military Costing Review Board
MCRC Master Control and Reporting Center
MCRD Marine Corps Recruit Depot
MCRP Mobilization Command Readiness Program
MCS (1) Mine Countermeasures Support Ship; (2) Military Capabilities Study; (3) Maneuver Control System; (4) Master Control Station; (5) Mission Control Segment
MCSF Mobile Cryptologic Support Facility
MCSFBN Marine Corps Security Force Battalion
MCSP Mobile Communications Support Package
MCST Magnetic Card Selectric Typewriter (IBM)
MCT Mobile Communications Terminal
MCTL (1) Mediterranean Contingency Target List; (2) Military Critical Technologies List
MCU Mobile Communications/Command Unit
MCW Modulated Continuous Wave
MD (1) Military District; (2) Map Distance; (3) Mission Director
MDA Missile Defense Act of 1991
MDAP Major Defense Acquisition Program
MDC (1) Manipulation Detection Code; (2) Message Distribution Center
M-Day Day on which mobilization begins
MD Multidiscipline Interaction
MDCI Multidisciplinary Counterintelligence
MDCISUM Multidisciplinary Counterintelligence Summary
MDDS Modular Digital Dissemination System
MDID MSE Data Interface Device
M-DITDS Migration Defense Intel Threat Data System
MDJCS Memorandum by the Director, Joint Staff for the Joint Chiefs of Staff
MDLX Military Demarcation Line Extended
MDPS Mission Data Preparation System
MDO JAPAN Military Defense Office, Japan
MDR (1) MASINT Data Request; (2) Medium Data Rate
MDS (1) Mission Dependent Segment; (2) Modular Dissemination System
MDT Message Distribution Terminal
MDU (1) Mine Disposal Unit; (2) Mission Data Update
MDW Military District of Washington
MDZ Maritime Defense Zone
ME (1) Middle East; (2) Munitions Effectiveness
MEA Munitions Effectiveness Assessment
MEAP Military Economic Advisory Panel
MEB Marine Expeditionary Brigade
MEBE Middle East Basic Encyclopedia
MEC Main Evaluation Center
MECD Military Equipment Characteristics Document (NATO)
MECH Mechanized
MECL Mission Essential Circuits List
MECO Main Engine Cutoff (Shuttle and Expendable Launch Vehicles)
MECS Manual ELINT Collection System
Med Mediterranean
MED (1) Message Element Dictionary (JINTACCS); (2) Manipulative Electronic Deception; (3) Medical
MED-RES Medium Resolution
MEDCAP Medical Civic Action Project
MEDCOM Medical Command
MEDEVAC Medical Evacuation
MEDRETE Medical Readiness Training Exercises
MEDINT Medical Intelligence
MEECN Minimum Essential Emergency Communications Network
MEF (1) Marine Expeditionary Force; (2) Maximum Elevation Figure
MEFCG MEF Command Group
MEFTL Middle East Force Target List
MEIF Master ELINT Intercept File
MECL Mission Essential Circuits List
MELOS Mediterranean Littoral OPINTEL Summary
MELT Maximum Efficiency Language Training
MEM Mission Effectiveness Model
MENA Middle East (and) North Africa
MENS Mission Element Needs Statement
MEO Medium Earth Orbit
MEP (1) Ministry of Electronics Industry (FSU); (2) Mission Enhancement Program (AWACS); (3) Management Engineering Plan
MER (1) Maximum Effective Range; (2) Minimum Essential Requirements
MERADCOM Mobility Equipment Research and Development Command (U.S. Army)
MERCAST Merchant Ship Broadcast System
MERCO Merchant Ship Reporting and Control
MERCOSUR/MERCOSUL Common Market of the South (South American Southern Cone Customs Union)
MERIT Military Exploitation of Reconnaissance and Intelligence Technology
MERSHIP Merchant Ship
MESA Mechanically Steered Antenna
MET (1) Mobile Exploitation Team; (2) Meteorology; (3) MILSTAR Engineering Development Model Terminal
METCOM Control of Meteorological Information
METEOSAT Meteorological Satellite
METL Mission Essential Task List
METOC Meteorological and Oceanographic
METSAT Meteorology Satellite
METT-T Mission, Enemy, Terrain, Troops and Time Available
MEU Marine Expeditionary Unit
MEU(SOC) Marine Expeditionary Unit (Special Operations Capable)
MEWSS Mobile Electronic Warfare Support System
MEWSS PIP Marine Electronic Warfare Support System-Product
MF Medium Frequency
MFC Multinational Force Commander
MF IDB Mainframe Integrated Data Base
MFLOPS Millions of Floating Point Operations per Second
MFO Multinational Force and Observers
MFP Major Force Program
MFP2 Major Force Program 2
MFR (1) Memorandum for Record; (2) Mutual Force Reduction
MFS (1) Ministry of State Security (East German); (2) Multifunction Switch
MFT Mission, Functions and Tasks
MG Machinegun
MGID Military Geographic Information and Documentation
MGMT Management
MGPS Mobile Ground Processing System
MGR Manager
MGRS Military Grid References System
MGS (1) Mission Ground Station; (2) Mobile Ground Station
MGT (1) Mobile Ground Terminal; (2) Management
MHC Coastal Mine Hunter
MHD Magnet-to-Hydrodynamic
MHE (1) Mechanized Handling Equipment; (2) Message Handling Enhancement; (3) Materiel Handling Equipment
MHOP Multiple-Hop
MHS Message Handling System
MHV Miniature Homing Vehicle
MHW Mean High Water
MHz Megahertz
mi Miles
MI (1) Military Intelligence; (2) Message Indicator
MIA Missing in Action
MIB (1) Military Intelligence Board; (2) Military Intelligence Battalion; (3) Management Information Base
MIBNLI Military Intelligence Battalion, Low Intensity
MIBWG Military Intelligence Board Working Group
MIC (1) Mid-Intensity Conflict; (2) Multinational Intelligence Cell; (3) Monolithic Integrated Circuit; (4) Maritime Intelligence Center
MICEP Military Intelligence Civilian Excepted Career Program
MICNS Modular Integrated Communications and Navigation System
MICOM Missile Command (U.S. Army)
micro one millionth
MICFAC Mobile Integrated Command Facility Ashore Center
MICS MIIDS/IDB Interface to Client/Server
MICV Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle
MID (1) Military Intelligence Detachment (2) Military Intelligence Digest MIDB Modernized Integrated Data Base; Migratory Integrated Data Base
MID(S) (1) Military Intelligence Detachments (Strategic); (2) Mobile Imagery Dissemination System
MIDAS MAXI Intelligence Desktop Application Software
MIDE Mean Installation Damage Expectancy
MIDEASTFOR Middle East Force
MI DET Military Intelligence Detachment
MIDL Miniature Interoperable Data Link
MIDLANT Mid-Atlantic
MIDPAC Mid-Pacific
MIDMS Machine Independent Data Management System
MIEF Master Imagery Exchange Format
MIERS Modernized Imagery Exploitation & Reporting System
MIES Modernized Imagery Exploitation System
MIFASS Marine Integrated Fire and Air Support System
MIG (1) Mikoyan (FSU) Aircraft; (2) Military Intelligence Guide; (3) Military Intelligence Group
MIGP Military Intelligence Group
MIIA Medical Intelligence Information Agency (now AFMIC)
MIIDS Military Intelligence Integrated Data System
MIIDS/IDB Military Intelligence Integrated Data System/Integrated Database
MIIPS Military Intelligence Information Processor Subsystem
MIJI Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, and Interference
MIJIFEEDER Meaconing, Intrusion, Jamming, and Interference Report Feeder
MIL Military
MILAN International Antitank Guided-Missile System
MILCOM Military Communications
MILCOMSAT Military Communications Satellite
MILCON Military Construction
MILDEP Military Department
MILGP Military Group
MILGRPS Military Advisory Groups
mili one thousandths
MILNET (1) Military Logistics Equipment; (2) Military Network
MILOBS Military Observer(s)
MILPERS Military Personnel
MILSAT(COM) Military Satellite (Communications)
MILSPEC Military Specification
MILSTAR (1) U.S. Military Communications Satellite Program; (2) Military Strategic and Tactical Relay
MILSTD Military Standard
MIMES Multi-Spectral Imagery Materials Exploitation System
MIMI Multi-Level Interactive Man/Machine Interface
MIMIC Monolithic Microwave/Millimeter Wave Integrated Circuit
MIMS Multiple Independent Maneuvering Submissile
min Minutes
MIN-O Minimum Weapon for Damage
MINI-DISE Compact Version of Deployable Intelligence Support Element
MINTERM Miniature Terminal
MINURSO United Nations Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara
MINX Multi-Media Information Exchange
MIPE Mobile Intelligence Processing Element
MIO (1) Missile Intelligence Officer; (2) Counter-Terrorism Database
MIP (1) Management Implementation Plan; (2) Message Input Processor
MIPE Mobile Intelligence Processing Element
MIPIR (1) Multi-Mission Imagery Photographic Interpretation Report; (2) Multi-Source Photo Interpretation Report
MIPR Military Interdepartmental Purchase Request
MIPS Million Instructions per Second
MIR (1) Mission Intercept Report; (2) Morning Intelligence Report
MIRA Medium-Wave Infrared Acquisition Array
MIRACL Mid-Infra-Red Advanced Chemical Laser
MIRADCOM United States Army Missile Research & Development Command
MIRE Mission Intercept Report-Electrical
MIRF Mission Information Recording Facility
MIRGS Multi-Intelligence Reconnaissance Ground Station
MIRS Miniaturized Imagery Receive System
MIRV Multiple Independently-Targetable Reentry Vehicle
MIS (1) Management Information System; (2) Military/Monthly Intelligence Summary; (3) Mission Integration Segment
MISE Military Information Support Element
MISREP Mission Report
MISSI Multilevel Information System Security Initiative
MIST (1) MCCS Intelligence Support Team; (2) Modular Interoperable Support Terminal; (3) Military Information Support Team
MISTE Miniature Integrated Satellite Terminal Equipment
MIT Mobile Interrogation Team (HUMINT)
MITASK Mission Tasking
MITS (1) Monthly International Terrorism Summary; (2) MAC Imagery Transmission System; (3) Multimedia-Intelligence Tracking Subsystem
MITT Mobile Integrated Tactical Terminal
MITTS Mobile Intelligence Tactical Transmission (System)
MIUW Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare
MIW Mine Warfare
MJCS Memorandum for the Joint Chiefs of Staff
MK-5O Advance Lightweight Torpedo
MK V Mark V Special Operations Craft
MLA Multispectral Linear Array
MLBM Modern Large Ballistic Missile
MLE Mobile Logistics Element
MLLW Mean Lower Low Water
MLM Military Liaison Mission
MLNIS Modified Atlantic Naval Intelligence Summary
MLO Military Liaison Office
MLP Multi-Line Phone
MLPP Multilevel Precedence Preemption
MLRP Marine Corps Long-Range Plan
MLRS Multiple Launch Rocket System
MLS (1) Microwave Landing System; (2) Multi-Level Security; (3) Multi-Level Simulcast
MLSATCOM Military Satellite Communications
MLST Mobile Logistics Support Team
MLW Mean Low Water
MM (1) Millimeter; (2) Million; (3) Manual Morse; (4) Minelayer
MMB Miniature Multiband Beacon
MMI Man/Machine Interface
MMIC Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMIS Military Man in Space
MMP MAGTF Master Plan
MMS Multimission Modular Spacecraft
MMU Manned Maneuvering Unit
MMW Millimeter Wave
MN Multinational
MNAS MAXI Network Access System
MNC Major NATO Command (NATO)
MND Multi-National Division
MNF Multi-National Force
MNIC Multinational Intelligence Cell
MNMIC Modernized NMIC
MNS Mission Needs Statement
MNTHS Months
MNU Middle Name Unknown
MO Counter-Terrorism Database
MOA (1) Memorandum of Agreement; (2) Military Operating Area
MOAF Mission-Oriented Assessment Framework
MOB (1) Main Operating Base; (2) Missile Order of Battle; (3) Mobilization
MOBDES Mobilization Designee (now IMA)
MOBEX Mobilization Exercise
MOBS Multiple-Orbit Bombardment System
MOBSTA Mobilization Station
MOBTDA Mobilization Table of Distribution and Allowances
MOC (1) Minister of Communications; (2) Mission Operations Center; (3) Mission Operations Chief
MOD (1) Ministry of Defense; (2) Mobile Obstacle Detachment
MODA Ministry of Defense and Aviation
MODCOM Modular Communications
MODEMS Modulation/Demodulation Equipment
MODS Multiple Object Data System
MOE Measure of Effectiveness
MOGAS Motor Gasoline
MOICPAC Maritime Operational Intelligence Center, Pacific
MOJT Managed On-the-Job Training
MOL Manned Orbital Laboratory
MOLINK Moscow/Washington Emergency Communications Link
MOLNIYA Soviet (FSU) satellite
MOM Ministry of General Machine Building (FSU)
MOMCOMS Man-on-the-Move Communications System
MOOTW Military Operations Other Than War
MOP (1) JCS Memorandum of Policy; (2) Ministry of Defense Industry (FSU)
MOPOT Mobile PSYOP Transmitter
MOPP Mission-Oriented Protective Posture
MOPS Million Operations per Second
MORL Manned Orbital Research Laboratory
mort Mortar
MORTREP Mortar Bombing Report
MOS (1) Military Occupational Specialty; (2) Maritime Operational Intelligence Summary; (3) Marine Observation Satellite
MOSFET Metal-Oxide Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor
MOSS Manned Orbital Space Station
MOST Mosaic Optical Sensor Technology
MOSW Military Operations Short of War
MOT Military Ocean Terminal
MOTIF Maui Optical Tracking and Identification Facility
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MOUT Military Operations in Urban Terrain
MOV Military Owned Vehicle
MP (1) Military Police; (2) Military Personnel
MP&B Mission Planning and Briefing
MPA (1) Maritime Patrol Aircraft; (2) Mission and Payload Assessment; (3) Mission Planning Agent
MPARE Mission Planning, Analysis, Rehearsal, and Execution System
MPC (1) Mobile Processing Center; (2) Manpower and Personnel Center; (3) Message Processing Center; (4) Media Production Center
MPDS Message Processing and Distribution System
MPDT Message Processing Distribution Terminal
MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group
MPF (1) Maritime Prepositioned Force; (2) Message Processing Facility; (3) Mission Planning Folder; (4) Media Production Center
MPF-E Maritime Prepositioning Force Enhanced
MPI Mean Point of Impact
MPM Mission Planning Module
MPN MSE Packet Network
MPP Massively Parallel Processing
MPRS Mission Planning and Rehearsal Segment
MPS (1) Maritime Prepositioned Ships; (2) Message Processing System; (3) Master Personnel System; (4) Modular Printing System
MPSOC Multi-Purpose Satellite Operations Center
MPSS Ministry of Communications Equipment Industry (FSU)
MPWS Mobile Protected Weapon System
MQS Military Qualification and Standards System
MR (1) Military Region; (2) Medium Range; (3) Motorized Rifle
MRB Motorized Rifle Battalion
MRBM Medium-Range Ballistic Missile
MRC (1) Movement Report Center; (2) Military Region Command; (3) Motorized Rifle Company; (4) Major Regional Contingencies; (5) Major Regional Conflict
MRCA Multirole Combat Aircraft
MRCS Medium-Resolution Camera System
MRD (1) Mission Rehearsal Device; (2) Motorized Rifle Division
MRDBS (1) MASINT Requirements Data Base System; (2) Measurement and Signature Intelligence Requirements Database
MRDFS Man-Transportable Radio Direction-Finding System
MRDC Missile Research and Development Command (U.S. Army)
MRF Ministry of Radio Industry (FSU)
MRI Military-Related Intelligence
MRK Manual Remote (re)Keying
MRL (1) Multiple Rocket Launcher; (2) Master Requirements List
MRLS Multiple Rocket Launcher System
MRLOGAEUR Minimum Required Logistics Augmentation Europe
MROC (1) Multiple-Command Required Operational Capability; (2) Minimum Required Operational Capabilities
MRP Mobilization Readiness Project
MRPE Mobile Receive Processing and Exploitation
MRR Motorized Rifle Regiment
MRS Movement and Reinforcement Study
MRT (1) Mobile Remote Terminal; (2) Miniature Receiver Terminal
MR-UAV Medium-Range Unmanned Airborne Vehicle
MRV Multiple Reentry Vehicle
MRVC Multi-Rate Voice Card (Red Switch)
ms Millisecond
MS (1) Multispectral; (2) Mobilization Station
M&S Modeling and Simulation
m/s Meters per Second
MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System
MSA (1) Military Strength Assessment; (2) Minimum Safe Altitude
MSAM Medium Surface-to-Air Missile
MSB Minesweeping Boat
MSC (1) Military Sealift Command; (2) Coastal Minesweeper; (3) Major Subordinate Command (NATO); (4) Military Staff Committee
MSCD Military Support to Civil Defense
MSCS Multiple Source Correlation System
MSCT Training Coastal Minesweeper
MSD (1) Minesweeping Drone; (2) Mensuration Support Data
MSDF Maritime Self-Defense Force (Japan)
MSE Mobile/Multi Subscriber Equipment (Network) (U.S. Army)
MSEL Master Scenario Events List
MSF (1) Fleet Minesweeper; (2) Mobile Strike Force; (3) Medicines Sans Frontiers
MSG (1) Marine Security Guard; (2) Military Support Group
Msg Message
MSGGEN Message Generator
MSH Mine Hunter
MSI (1) Inshore Minesweeper; (2) Multi-Spectral Imagery; (3) Multisensor Interpretation
MSIC Missile and Space Intelligence Center
MSID Message Identifier
MSIP (1) Multi-Spectral Image Processor; (2) Multisensored Intelligence Processor
MSK Minimum Shift Keying
MSL (1) Missile; (2) Mean Sea Level
MSM (1) Minesweeper (River); (2) Ministry of Medium Machine Building (FSU)
MSN Mission
MSO (1) Ocean Minesweeper; (2) Marine Safety Office; (3) MILSATCOM Systems Office
MSP Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry (FSU)
MSPB Merit System Protection Board
MSPF Marine Special Purpose Forces
MSR (1) Patrol Minesweeper; (2) Main Supply Route; (3) Missile Site Radar
MSRT (1) Mobile Subscriber Radio Telephone; (2) Mobile Subscriber Remote Terminal
MSS (1) Message Support Subsystem; (2) Specialized Minesweeper; (3) Moored Sonobuoy System; (4) Mission-Management Support System; (5) Mission Support System; (6) Multispectral Scanner
MSSC (1) Medium SEAL Support Craft; (2) Specialized Coastal Minesweeper; (3) MEU Service Support Group
MSSI Master of Science of Strategic Intelligence
MSSP Multi-Functional Smart Sensor Packages
MSSS Maui Space Surveillance System
MST (1) Mutual Security Treaty; (2) Maintenance Support Team; (3) Miniature Satellite Transceiver; (4) Multiband Satellite Terminal
MSTS (1) Multisource Tactical System; (2) Multisource Transceiver System
MSU (1) Major Subordinate Unit; (2) Ministry of the Soviet Union
MSW MASINT Server/Workstation
MT (1) Metric Ton; (2) Megaton; (3) Motor Transport; (4) Maintenance Trainer; (5) Machine Translation
MT-LB Soviet (FSU) Tracked Vehicle
MTA Maritime Threat Analysis
MTACCS (1) Marine Tactical Command and Control System; (2) Marine Tactical Air Command Center System
MTAS Multisensor Target Acquisition System
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
MTBF Mean Time Between Failures
MTBSP Mobilization Troop Basis Stationing Plan
MTCACS Marine Corps Tactical Command and Control System
MTCR Missile Technology Control Regime
MTDS Military Tactical Data System
MTF Message Test Format
MTG Master Training Guide
MTH Memorandum To Holder
MTI Moving Target Indicator
MTIB Soviet (FSU) Amphibious Armored Tractor
MTIC Military Target Intelligence Committee
MTIMS Military Target Intelligence Management Structure
MTIT Military Technical Intelligence Team
MTL Mean Tide Level
MTLR Moving Target-Locating Radar
MTL(S) Material(s)
MTMC Military Traffic Management Command
MTN (1) Mountain; (2) M22 Tactical Network
MTO Mission Type Order
MTO&E Modified Table of Organization & Equipment
MTP (1) Mission Training Plan; (2) Master Training Plan
Mtr Motor
MTS (1) Maritime Tactical Schools (NATO); (2) Man-Transportable
SOCRATES; (3) Masked Target Sensor
MTST Magnetic Tape Selectric Typewriter (IBM)
MTT ( 1) Military Training Team; (2) Mobile Training Team
MTTR Mean Time To Repair
MTZ Motorized Infantry
MULE Modular Universal Laser Equipment
MUSARC Major United States Army Reserve Command
MUSIC Multi-User Special Intelligence Communications
MUSE MC&G Utility Software Environment
MUTES Multiple Threat Emitter System
MUX Multiplexer
Mvr Maneuver
MV Magnetic Variation
MVS Multiple Virtual Storage
MVS/XA Multiple Virtual System/Extended Architecture
MW (1) Mine Warfare; (2) Millimeter Wave; (3) Microwave; (4) Missile Wing
MW/AA Missile Warning/Attack Assessment
MWC Missile Warning Center
MWDS Missile Warning Display Subsystem
MWHQ Mobile War Headquarters
MWIR Medium Wavelength Infrared
MWL Mean Water Level
MWR Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
MWS Missile Warning System
MWTGM Millimeter Wave Terminal Guided Missile
MX (1) Missile, Experimental; (2) Peacekeeper Ballistic Missile; (3) Mechanized; (4) Mexico; (5) Mission; (6) Maintenance
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: N

N North
N2 (1) Director of Intelligence (Naval Component); (2) Navy Staff Intellligence Officer
N/A Not Applicable
NA Navy
NAA North Atlantic Alliance
NAADM North American Air Defense Modernization
NAASW Nonacoustic Antisubmarine Warfare
NAAWS NATO Antiair Warfare System
NAB (1) NATO Air Base Satellite (System); (2) Naval Amphibious Base; (3) Naval Air Base
NAC (1) North Atlantic Council (NATO); (2) No Apparent Change; (3) National Agency Check; (4) Network Access Controller
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NACAA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics and Astronautics
NACAM National COMSEC Advisory Memorandum
NACC Net Assessment Coordinating Committee
NACDF National Area Coverage Data File
NACIC National CI Center
NACIPB National CI Policy Board
NACOB National CI Operations Board
NACSI National COMSEC Instruction
NACSIM National COMSEC Information Memorandum
NADGE NATO Air Defense Ground Environment
NADS North Atlantic Defense System
NAEW NATO Airborne Early Warning (System)
NAF (1) Numbered Air Force; (2) Naval Air Facility
NAFI Non-Appropriated Fund Instrumentality
NAFIS Naval Forces Intelligence Study
NAI Named Areas of Interest
NAIC National Aerospace Intelligence Center
NAK Negative Acknowledge
NALE Naval Liaison Element
NAM (1) Non-Aligned Movement; (2) Naval Armaments Model
NAMSO NATO Maintenance and Supply Organization
nano one billionth
NAOB Naval Air Order of Battle
NAOC National Airborne Operations Center
NAOS North Atlantic Ocean Station
NARA National Archives and Records Administration
NARRS NORTHAG Reconnaissance Reporting System
NAS (1) Naval Air Station; (2) Network Access System; (3) National Academy of Science
NASA National Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASACOM NASA Communications Network
NASF NIC Analyst Support Facility
NASIC North American Air Sovereignty Intelligence Capability
NASP National Aerospace Plane
NAT Not Air-Transportable
NAT’L National
NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATO ASWCS Anti-Surface Warfare Combat System
NAV (1) Navigation; (2) Navy
NAVAIR Naval Air Systems Command
NAVAL AIRSHIP Naval AIRSHIP Radar Surveillance System
NAVASTROGRU Naval Astronautics Group
NAVATAC Navy Antiterrorist Alert Center
NAVCAMS Naval Communications Area Master Station
NAVCENT U.S. Naval Forces Central Command
NAVCOMDET Naval Communications Detachment
NAVCOMPARS Naval Communications Processing and Routing System
NAVCOMTELCOM Naval Computer and Telecommunications Command
NAVCOMSTA Naval Communication Station
NAVDAC Naval Data Automation Command
NAVELEX Naval Electronic Systems Command
NAVEUR U.S. Naval Forces, Europe
NAVFAC (1) Naval Facility; (2) Naval Shore Facilities
NAVFOR Naval Forces
NAVFORK Naval Forces Korea
NAVIDS/SIS Navigational Aids/Selective Identification System
NAVINTCOM Naval Intelligence Command
NAVLGRU Naval Liaison Group
NAVMACS Navy Modular Automated Communications System
NAVMIC Naval Maritime Intelligence Command
NAVMAP Navy Missile Analysis Program
NAVMARINTCEN Naval Maritime Intelligence Center
NAVMAT Naval Material Command
NAVNET Navy Data Network
NAVOCEANCOMDET Naval Oceanography Command Detachment
NAVOCEANO Naval Oceanographic Office
NAVOCFORMED Naval On-Call Force for the Mediterranean (NATO)
NAVOPINTCEN Naval Operations Intelligence Center
NAVPGSCHOOL Naval Postgraduate School
NAVRADSTA Naval Radio Station
NAVRES Naval Reserve
NAVS Navigators
NAVSAT Navigation Satellite
NAVSATCOMFAC Naval Satellite Communications Facility
NAVSEA Naval Sea Systems Command
NAVSEC Naval Ship Engineering Center
NAVSECGRU Naval Security Group
NAVSECGRUACT Naval Security Group Activity
NAVSECGRUCOM Naval Security Group Command
NAVSECSTA Naval Security Station
NAVSO Naval Forces, South
NAVSOC Naval Special Operations Command
NAVSOF Naval Special Operations Forces
NAVSOUTH Naval Forces, Southern Command
NAVSPACECOM Naval Space Command
NAVSPASUR Naval Space Surveillance Activity
NAVSPAWAR Naval Space and Warfare Systems Command
NAVSPECWARCEN Navy Special Warfare Center
NAVSPECBOATRON Navy Special Boat Squadron
NAVSPECWARCOM Naval Special Warfare Command
NAVSPECWARDEVGRU Naval Special Warfare Development Group
NAVSPECWARGRU Naval Special Warfare Group
NAVSPECWARUNIT Naval Special Warfare Unit
NAVSPOC Naval Space Operations Center
NAVSTA Naval Station
NAVSTAR Navigation and Satellite Timing and Ranging
NAVSUPACT Naval Support Activity
NAVTECHINTCEN Naval Technical Intelligence Center
NAVTELCOM Naval Telecommunications Command
NAVWARCOL Naval War College
NAWAS National Attack Warning System
NAWC-AD Naval Air Warfare Center-Aircraft Division
NAWS NORAD Attack Warning System
NB Naval Base
NBC (1) Nuclear/Biological/Chemical; (2) National Broadcasting Corporation
NBCE Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Element
NBCWRS NORAD - Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warning Reporting
NBK Non-Battle Killed
NBRG National Basic Reference Graphic
NBS National Bureau of Standards
NC (1) No Change; (2) Node Center; (3) Narrow Coverage
NCA National Command Authority(ies)
NCAPS Naval Controls and Protection of Shipping
NCB Nuclear Contingency Branch
NCC (1) Naval Component Command; (2) Navy Command Center; (3) Net Control Center
NCCD Nuclear Command and Control Document
NCCOSC Naval Command, Control, and Ocean Surveillance Center
NCCS Naval Command and Control System
NCDU Naval Combat Demolition Unit
NCIC National Crime Information Center
NCIS (1) Non-Communications Intercept System; (2) National Counterintelligence Strategy; (3) Naval Criminal Investigative Service
NCISFO NCIS Field Office
NCISRA NCIS Resident Agent
NCISRU NCIS Resident Unit
NCMA National Command and Military Authority
NCMC National Collection Management Cell
NCMP Navy Capabilities and Mobilization Plan
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NCOA (1) Non-Commissioned Officers’ Academy; (2) Non-Commissioned Officers’ Association
NCOC NORAD Combat Operations Center
NCOES Non-Commissioned Officers’ Educational System
NCOIC Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge
NCOS Naval Control of Shipping
NCP Nuclear Contingency Plan
NCPS Nuclear Contingency Planning System
NCR (1) National Capital Region; (2) NSA/Cryptologic Support Service Representative; (3) National Cryptologic Representative; (4) NSA/Central Security Service Representative
NCS (1) National Communications System; (2) NMIC Control Subsystem; (3) Naval Control of Shipping; (4) Network Control Station; (5) Node Center Switch; (6) National Cryptologic School; (7) Net Control Station
NCSC (1) Navy Command Support Center; (2) National Computer Security Center
NCSE NIST Communications Support Element
NCSO Naval Control of Shipping Office
NCSRT Non-Communications Signal Recognition Trainer
NCTAMS Navy Computer and Telecommunications Area Master Station
NCTC Naval Computer and Telecommunications Center
NCTR Non-Cooperative Target Recognition
NCTS Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station
NCWA NATO Civil Wartime Agency
NCWG National Correlation Working Group
NCWR Non-Codeword Reporting
NDA Nondisclosure Agreement
NDAA Non-Developmental Airlift Aircraft
N-Day Days Before D-Day
NDB Non-Direction Beacon
NDCDB National Digital Cartographic Database
NDCP Navy Decision Coordinating Paper
NDD Nuclear Detection Device
NDDS Nuclear Detonation Detection System
NDGZ National Desired Ground Zero
NDHQ National Defense Headquarters (Canada)
NDI Non-Developmental Item
NDIC National Drug Intelligence Center
NDL (1) Network Data Language; (2) National DGZ List
NDOC National Defense Operations Center
NDP (1) National Disclosure Policy; (2) Naval Doctrine Publication
NDPC National Disclosure Policy Committee
NDPO National Disclosure Policy Office(r)
NDRF National Defense Reserve Fleet
NDS (1) Nuclear Detection Satellite; (2) NPIC Data System; (3) Nuclear Detection System
NDU National Defense University
NEA (1) Northeast Asia; (2) National Education Association
NEACP National Emergency Airborne Command Post
NEADS Northeast Air Defense Sector
NEANMCC Navy Element Alternate National Military Command Center
NEC (1) Naval Enlisted Code; (2) Northern European Countries; (3) Navy Enlisted Classification
NEIC USAFE NATO Equipment Interpretation Course
NEMVAC/NISH Non-combatant Emergency Evacuation/NEO Intelligence Support Handbook
NEL National Exploitation Laboratory
NEO Noncombatant Evacuation Operation
NEPA National Environmental Policy Act
NEREP Nuclear Execution and Reporting Plan
NES Network Encryption System
NESDIS National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service
NESEA Naval Electronic Systems Engineering Activity
NESN NATO English-Speaking Nations
NET (1) Not Earlier Than; (2) New Equipment Training
NETS Nationwide Emergency Telecommunications Service
NETT New Equipment Training Team
NEXIS Meade Data Center News Service
NF No Foreign Dissemination, NOFORN
NFA (1) New Fighter Aircraft; (2) No Forwarding Address; (3) No-Fire Area
NFAC National Foreign Assessment Center
NFCS Nuclear Forces Communications Satellite
NFD No Foreign Dissemination
NFDP National Foreign Disclosure Policy
NFE Network Front End
NFI (1) Not Further Identified; (2) No Further Information
NFIB National Foreign Intelligence Board (formerly USIB)
NFIC National Foreign Intelligence Council
NFIP National Foreign Intelligence Program
NFL New Foreign Launch
NFM Near-Full-Motion
NFS Network File System
NFSN NATO French-Speaking Nations
NFWS Navy Fighter Weapons School
NFZ Nuclear Free Zone
NG National Guard
NGA NATO Guidelines Area
NGAZ NATO Gazetteer
NGB National Guard Bureau
NGF Northern Group of Forces (Soviet Forces in Poland)
NGFS Naval Gunfire Support
NGIC National Ground Intelligence Center
NGL Natural Gas Liquids
NGO Non-Governmental Organization(s)
NGS National Ground Site
NHCD National HUMINT Collection Directive(s)
NHCP National HUMINT Collection Plan
NHO Naval Hydrographic Office
NHRTC National HUMINT Requirements Tasking Center
NIA National Imagery Agency
NIAC (1) National Information & Analysis Center; (2) Naval Intelligence Automation Command
NIAG NATO Industrial Advisory Group
NIC (1) Naval Intelligence Command; (2) National Intelligence Council; (4) Naval Intelligence Cell; (5) National Intelligence Cell/Community
NICCIA National CI Coordinating Authority
NICKA Nickname and Exercise Term System
NICOLS NIC On-Line System
NICS NATO Integrated Communications System
NICSCOA NATO Integrated Communications System Central Operating Authority
NID National Intelligence Daily
NIDS NMCC Information Display System
NIE National Intelligence Estimate
NIEO New International Economic Order
NIETB National Imagery Exploitation Target Base
NIETS National Imagery Exploitation Tasking Study
NIEX No-notice Interoperability Exercise
NIG National Input Group
NIHS NAVEUR Intelligence Highlights Summary
NII National Information Infrastructure
NIIC NORAD Intelligence Indications Center
NIIDTS Naval Intelligence Imagery Data Transmission System
NIIRS National Imagery Interpretability Rating Scale
NILS Naval Intelligence Locating Summary
NIM NORAD Intelligence Memorandum
NIMA National Imagery and Mapping Agency
NIO National Intelligence Officer
NIP (1) Notice of Intelligence Potential; (2) National Intelligence Priorities; (3) NATO Interoperability Plan
NIPIR Nuclear Immediate Photo Interpretation Report
NIPRNET Unclassified-but Sensitive (N) Internet Protocol Router Network
NIPS (1) NMCC Information Processing System; (2) Naval Intelligence Processing System
NIPSSA Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Support Activity
NIPSTRAFAC Naval Intelligence Processing Systems Training Facility
NIS (1) National Intelligence Summary; (2) National Intelligence Survey; (3) Naval Investigative Service; (4) NATO Identification System; (5) NPIC Information System (former NDS); (6) Newly Independent States; (7) National Imagery Segment; (8) National Input Segment; (9) NIPCImagery System; (10) Network Information System
NISAC National Industrial Security Advisory Committee
NISAM Naval Intelligence Systems Architecture Manual
NISC Naval Intelligence Support Center (U.S. Navy) (now NIC)
NISCOM Naval Investigative Service Command
NISHQ Naval Investigative Service Headquarters
NISO Naval Investigative Service Office
NISP Nuclear Weapons Intelligence Support Plan
NISR National Intelligence Situation Report
NIST (1) National Intelligence Support Team; (2) National Institute of Standards and Technology
NIT National Intelligence Topic
NITF National Imagery Transmission Format
NIU Network Interface Unit
NKIL North Korea Installation List
NKSR Nonkernel Security Related Software
NLC National Logistical Command
NLI Natural Language Interface
NLM Netware Loadable Module
NLP Natural Language Processing
NLOS Non-Line-of-Sight Weapon System
NLS Non-Lethal Submunitions
NLT Not Later Than
NLZ No-Loan Zone
NM Nautical Mile
NMC (1) Naval Materiel Command; (2) NATO Military Council
NMCC National Military Command Center
NMCC(A) National Military Command Center (Alternate)
NMCS National Military Command System
NMCSSC National Military Command Systems Support Center
NMD National Military Defense
NMI No Middle Initial
NMIC (1) National Military Intelligence Center (archaic, now NMJIC); (2) National Maritime Intelligence Center
NMICC NATO Maritime Intelligence Coordination Center
NMICSS NMIC Support System
NMIS National Military Intelligence Support
NMIST National Military Intelligence Support Team
NMITC (1) Navy-Marine Corps Intelligence Training Center; (2) National Military Intelligence Training Center
NMJCC National Military Joint Command Center
NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center
NMN No Middle Name
NMOSS NATO Maritime Operational Support System
NMRL National MASINT Requirements List
NMS National Military Strategy
NMSD National Military Strategy Document
NMIC National Military Intelligence Center
NMICC National Military Intelligence Collection Center
NMJIC National Military Joint Intelligence Center
NN Neural Network
NNA Neutral and Non-Aligned
NNAG NATO Naval Armaments Group
NNBIS National Narcotics Border Interdiction System
NNICP National Nuclear Intelligence Collection Plan
NNWS Non-Nuclear Weapons States
NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
NOB (1) Naval Order of Battle; (2) Nuclear Order of Battle
NOBS Naval Operations Bases
NOBTS Naval Order of Battle Textual Summary
NOC (1) Naval Operations Center; (2) Network Operations Center
NOCONTRACT Not Releasable to Contractors or Contractor Consultants
NOD Night Observation Device
NOE Nap-of-the-Earth
NOFORN Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NOIAN National Operations and Intelligence Analysts Net
NOIC Naval Operational Intelligence Center
NOIWON National Operations and Intelligence Watch Officers Network
NOK Next Of Kin
NOMS Nuclear Operations Monitoring System
NOPF Naval Ocean Processing Facility
NOR Norway
NORAD North American Aerospace Defense Command
NORD Nordic
NORIP NORAD Intelligence For Planning Document
NORLANT North Atlantic
NORMIB NORAD Missile Intelligence Bulletin
NORSAR Norwegian Seismic Array
NORSIB NORAD Weekly Space Intelligence Bulletin
NORTHAG Northern Army Group
NORTIC NORAD Tactical Intelligence Cell
NOSC Naval Ocean Systems Center
NOSG Naval Operations Support Group
NOSIC Naval Ocean Surveillance Information Center
NOTAL Not To All (message distribution restriction)
NPA New People’s Army
NPB Neutral Particle Beam
NPE Nuclear Planning and Execution
NPES Nuclear Planning and Execution System
NPGS Naval Postgraduate School
NPHR National Foreign Intelligence Plan for Human Resources
NPIC National Photographic Interpretation Center
NPR Nuclear Posture Review
NPS Nuclear Planning System
NPT Non-Proliferation (of Nuclear Weapons) Treaty
NR (1) Research Submarine (Nuclear); (2) Naval Reserve; (3) Non-Recurring; (4) Number
NRAD NCCOSC Research, Development, Test and Evaluation Division
NRC National Research Council
NRCC NORAD Region Combat Center
NRDL Naval Radiological Defense Laboratory
NRF Naval Reserve Force
NRFI Non-Recurring Finished Intelligence
NRI Net Radio Interference
NRIP Naval Reserve Intelligence Program
NRIS National Radar Interpretability Scale
NR JOIC Northwestern Region Joint Operational Intelligence Cell
NRL (1) Naval Research Laboratory; (2) NUWEP Reconnaissance List; (3) National Receive Location
NRO National Reconnaissance Office
NROSS Navy Remote Ocean Surveillance Satellite
NRP (1) National Reconnaissance Program; (2) Net Radio Protocol
NRT (1) Near Real Time; (2) Net Registered Tonnage
NRTEM Near-Real-Time Exploitation Module
NRTI Near-Real-Time Information
NRTS Naval Reconnaissance and Technical Support
NSA (1) National Security Agency; (2) National Shipping Authority; (3) National Standards Association; (4) Naval Support Activity
NSAD Network Security Architecture and Design
NSA/CSS National Security Agency/Central Security Service
NSAM National Security Action Memorandum
NSARC Navy Systems Acquisition Review Council
NSC (1) National Security Council; (2) Naval Supply Center
NSC/DC Deputies Committee of the NSC
NSCID National Security Council Intelligence Directive
NSCIG National Security Council Interdepartmental Group
NSD National Security Directive
NSDD National Security Decision Directive
NSDM National Security Decision Memorandum
NSE (1) Naval Support Element; (2) National Support Element
nsec Nanosecond
NSEP National Security Emergency Preparedness
NSF National Science Foundation
NSFS National Surface Fire Support
NSG Naval Security Group
NSGA Naval Security Group Activity
NSGC Naval Security Group Command
NSGD Naval Security Group Detachment
NSI National Security Information
NSIC Naval Security and Investigative Command
NSN National Stock Number
NSNF Non-Strategic Nuclear Forces
NSO (1) Non-SlOP Option; (2) Network Security Officer
NSOC (1) National Security Operations Center
(formerly National SIGINT Operations Center); (2) Naval Special Operations Command
NSOF Naval Status of Forces
NISPC National In-Service Production Centers
NSPG National Security Planning Group
NSRB National Security Resources Board
NSRDB National SIGINT Requirements Data Base
NSRDC Naval Ship Research and Development Center
NSRL National SIGINT Requirements List
NSRS National SIGINT Requirements System
NSS (1) NMIC Support System; (2) National Seismic Station; (3) National Security Strategy; (4) Network Support Server
NSSD National Security Study Directive
NSSM (1) Navy Spread Spectrum Modem; (2) National Security Study Memorandum
NSST (1) Navy Space Command Space Support Team; (2) National Special Support Teams
NSTAC National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee
NSTD (1) National Strategic Target Database; (2) Non-System Training Device
NSTG Nuclear Strike Target Graphic
NSTGFE Naval Scientific and Technical Group, Far East
NSTISSAM National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
Security Advisory/information Memorandum
NSTISSC/D/I/P National Security Telecommunications and Information Systems
Security Committee/Directive/Instruction/Policy
NSTL National Strategic Target List
NSTS NSA/CSS Secure Telephone System
NSV Netted Secure Voice
NSVN NATO Secure Voice Network
NSW Naval Special Warfare
NSWC (1) Navy Surface Weapons Center; (2) Navy Special Warfare Command
NSWDG Naval Special Warfare Development Group
NSWG Naval Special Warfare Group
NSWP Non-Soviet Warsaw Pact
NSWTG Naval Special Warfare Task Group
NSWTG/U Naval Special Warfare Task Group/Unit or (Unconventional)
NSWTU Naval Special Warfare Task Unit
NSWU Naval Special Warfare Unit
NTA National Tasking Authority
NTB (1) National Targeting Base; (2) Nuclear Test Ban
NTBS National Target Base Server
NTC (1) National Territorial Command; (2) National Tasking Center; (3) Naval Training Center; (4) Network Terminal Concentrator; (5) National Training Center
NTCB Network Trusted Computing Base
NTCC Naval Telecommunications Center
NTCS-A Naval Tactical Communications System-Afloat
NTDI NATO Target Data Inventory
NTDS Naval Tactical Data System
NTF National Test Facility
NTI (1) National Tactical Interface; (2) Near-Term Initiative
NTIA National Telecommunications & Information Administration/Agency
NTIB NATO Tactical Intelligence Broadcast
NTIC Naval Technical Intelligence Center
NTIS National Technical Information Service
NTISSAM National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Advisory/information Memorandum
NTISSC/D/I/P National Telecommunications and Information Systems Security Committee/Directive/Instruction/Policy
NTM National Technical Means
NTMWG Nuclear Test Monitoring Working Group
NTP National Tasking Plan
NTPC National Telemetry Processing Center
NTPR Nuclear Targeting Policy Review
NTPS Near-Term Maritime Pre-Positioning Ships
NTS (1) Nuclear Test Site; (2) Naval Telecommunications System
NTSC National Television Standard Code/Committee
NTSDS National Target/Threat Signatures Data System
NTSS National Time-Sensitive System
NTU New Threat Upgrade
NTZ No Transgression Zone
NUAC Nicaragua Analysis Cell
NUCAP Nuclear Capabilities Data Base
NUCDEF Nuclear Defense
NUCDETS Nuclear Detonation Detection & Reporting System
NUCINT Nuclear Intelligence
NUCREP Nuclear Damage Report
NUCWPN Nuclear Weapon(s)
NUICCS NORAD/USSPACECOM Integrated Command and Control System
NUDET (1) Nuclear Detection; (2) Nuclear Detonation
NUIS NORAD/USSPACECOM Intelligence Systems
NURAD Nuclear Radiation Detection
NUREP Nuclear Weapons Report
NUSC Naval Underwater Systems Center
NUT Naval Upper Tier
NUTEX Nuclear Tactical Exercise
NUWEAMP Nuclear Weapons Employment and Acquisition Master Plan
NUWEP Nuclear Weapons Employment Policy/Plan (NCA)
NVDEP Network Virtual Data Entry Protocol
NVDET Network Virtual Data Entry Terminal
NVG Night Vision Goggles
NVIS (1) Near-Vertical Incidence Skywave; (2) Night Vision Imaging System
NVS Night Vision System
NW (1) Nuclear Warfare; (2) Northwest (region)
NWB Nuclear Weapons Branch
NWC (1) National War College; (2) Naval War College; (3) Naval Weapons Center; (4) NORAD Weather Center
NWFZ Nuclear Weapons Free Zone
NWIP Naval Warfare Information Publication
NWIS Naval Weaponeering Information Sheet
NWL Naval Weapons Laboratory
NWP Naval Warfare Publication
NWR Northwest Region
NWRS Nuclear Weapons Requirement Study
NWS (1) Nuclear Weapons State; (2) North Warning System; (3) National Weather Service
NWSS Nuclear Weapons Storage Site
NWWCSS Naval Worldwide Command Support System
NX Non-Expendable
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: O

O/A On or About
OA (1) Office Automation; (2) Operations Analysis; (3) Operational Area
OAC Objective Architecture Center
OAD (1) Operational Availability Date; (2) Objective Architecture Document
OAD-2 Objective Architecture Document, 2nd Iteration
OADR Originating Agency’s Determination Required
OALAN Office Automation Local Area Network
OAMP Optical Airborne Measurements Program
OAP (1) Organizational Assessment Package; (2) Offset Aim Point
OAPEC Organization of Arab Petroleum-Exporting Countries
OAS (1) Organization of American States; (2) Offensive Air Support
OASA(RDA) Office of the Assistant Secretary of the Army (Research, Development, and Acquisition)
OASD Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OASD(C3I) OASD (Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence)
OASIS (1) Operational Application of Special Intelligence Systems; (2) Office Automation System for Intelligence Support
OATS (1) Operations Analysis for Tactical Support; (2) Online AIF Transaction System
OAU Organization of African Unity
OB Order of Battle
OBC Optical Bar Camera
OBE Overtaken By Events
OBI Observable Human Resources Intelligence
OBI-OC OBI Operations Center
OBIS Order of Battle Intelligence System
Obj Object
OBP On-Board Processing
OBO Official Business Only
OBS (1) Ocean Baseline System; (2) Orders of Battle System; (3) Observations (Optical Tracking)
OBSS (1) Off-Board Sensor Systems; (2) Operational Briefing Support System
OBSUM Order of Battle Summary
OBU OSIS Baseline Upgrade
OC (1) Dissemination and extraction of Information Controlled; (2) Optical Carrier
O&C Operations & Control
OCA (1) Ocean Control Authority; (2) Operational Control Authority; (3) Offensive Counterair
OCAC Operational Control and Analysis Center
OCAM Afro-Malagasy and Mauritian Common Organization
OCAR Office, Chief of Army Reserve
OCCIS Operational Command and Control Information System
OCCULT Optical Covert Communications Using Laser Transceivers
OCEANLANT Ocean Atlantic Area (NATO)
OCJCS Office of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
OCM Operational Coordination Message
OCMA Objective Collection Management Architecture
OCMC Overhead Collection Management Center
OCNO Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
OCOKA Observation and Fields of Fire, Concealment and Cover, Obstacles, Key terrain, Avenues of Approach, and Mobility Corridors
OCR (1) Office of Collateral Responsibility; (2) Optical Character Reader
OCS (1) Officer Candidate School; (2) Offensive Counterspace
OCS3 Optical Carrier 3 Communications
OCSA Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army
OCSURV Ocean Surveillance
OCU Operational Conversion Unit
OD Operating Directive(s)
ODA Operational Detachment Alpha
ODC Office of Defense Cooperation
ODCSINT Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff, Intelligence
ODCSLOG Office of Deputy Chief of Staff for Logistics
ODCSPER Office of Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel
ODECA Organization of Central American States
ODIN Operations Dedicated Imagery Network (LOCE)
ODISC4 Office of Director Information Systems Command, Control, Communications, Computers
ODJS Office of the Director, Joint Staff
ODP (1) Officer Distribution Plan; (2) Office of Defense Planning
ODRP Office of the Defense Representative - Pakistan
ODS (1) Open Data Server; (2) Operation DESERT STORM; (3) Output Data Server
OE Operational Effectiveness
OECD Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OEE Operational ELINT Exploitation
OEF Operational Exploitation Facility
OEG Operational Exposure Guide
OEIC Overseas Economic Intelligence Committee
OER (1) Officer Evaluation Report; (2) Officer Efficiency Report; (3) Operational ELINT Requirements
OET Office of Emergency Transportation
OFC Office
OFCO Offensive Counterintelligence Operation
Off Officer
OFM Office of Foreign Mission
OGOOI Operations Group Operations Officer Intelligence (Air Force)
OGS Overseas Ground Station
OGS I Operations Group Support Intelligence (Air Force)
OHD Over-the-Horizon Detection Radar
OHD-B Over-the-Horizon Detection Radar-Backscatter
OI (1) Operating Instruction; (2) Operational Interest
O&I Operations & Intelligence
OIA (1) Office of Imagery Analysis; (2) Operations Intelligence Automation
OIC Officer in Charge
OICC (1) Operational Intelligence Crisis Center; (2) Operational Intelligence Coordination Center
OICS Operational Intelligence Collection System
OII Operations-Intelligence Interface
OILO Operations Intelligence Liaison Officer
OIP (1) Offset Instrumentation Point; (2) Operator Interface Processor
OIR Operational Intelligence Requirement
OISS Operational Intelligence Support System
OIW OII Workstation
OJCS (1) Organization of the Joint Chiefs of Staff; (2) Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
OJT On-the-Job Training
OL Operating Location
OLC Oak Leaf Cluster
OM Operations Module
O&M Operation and Maintenance
OMA (1) Office of Military Affairs (CIA); (2) Operations and Maintenance, Army
OMAR Operations and Maintenance Army Reserve
OMAT Ocean Measurements and Array Technology
OMB Office of Management and Budget
OMC Office of Military Cooperation
OMC-K Office of Military Cooperation-Kuwait
OMG Operational Maneuver Group (FSU)
OMNG Operation and Maintenance, National Guard
OMOB Offensive Missile Order of Battle
OMV Orbital Maneuvering Vehicle
ON Original Negative (film)
ONA Australia Office of National Assessments
ONC Operational Navigation Chart
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence
ONIR Overhead Non-Imaging Infrared
ONLEXKED On-Line Five Year Exercise Schedule System
ONOO Outline NATO Operational Objective
ONPG Operational Nuclear Planning Group
ONR Office of Naval Research
ONS Operational Needs Statement
ONUC United Nations Operations in the Congo
ONUMOZ United Nations Operations in Mozambique
ONUSAL United Nations Observer Mission in El Salvador
OOA Out of Area
OOB Order of Battle
OODA Observation, Orientation, Decision and Action
OOK On/Off Keying
OOP Object Oriented Programming
OOTW Operations Other Than War
OP (1) Observation Post; (2) Operation; (3) Operational
OPA Other Procurement Activity
OP3 Overt Peacetime PSYOP Program
OPCC Offutt Processing and Correlation Center
OPCEN Operations Center
OPCODES Operational Codes
OPCOM Operational Command
OPCON Operational Control
OPDEC Operational Deception
OPEC Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries
OPELINT Operational Electronic Intelligence
OPF Orbiter Processing Facility
OPFAC Operational Facilities
OPFIS Operational Foreign Instrumentation Signals
OPFOR Opposing Forces
OPG Operations Planning Group
OPI Office of Primary Interest
OPIC (1) Overseas Processing and Interpretation Center; (2) Overseas Private Investment Corporation
OPIC-A Overseas Processing and Interpretation Center - Asia
OPINT Optical Intelligence
OPINTEL Operational Intelligence
OPLAN Operations Plan
OPM Office of Personnel Management
Opn(s) Operation(s)
OPNAV Office of the Chief of Naval Operations
OPNOTES Operational Notes
OPORDER/OPORD Operations Order
OPPAR Opposing Army
OPR Office(r) of Primary Responsibility; Officer Performance Report
OPREP Operations Report
OPREPS Operational Reporting System
OPS/OPNS/OP Operations
OPS/INTEL Operations Intelligence
OPSDEPS Operations Deputies (JCS)
OPSCO Operations Coordinator
OPSCOM Operations Committee
OPSCOMM Operations Secure Communications
OPSEC Operations Security
OPSKAN Open Skies Advanced Notice
OPSNOTE Operations Note
OPT (1) Optional Modification; (2) Operations Planning Team
OPTEMPO Tempo of Operations
OPTEVFOR Operational Test and Evaluation Force
OPTINT Optical Intelligence
OPTIR Optical Infrared
OPUS OBU Program Upgrade System
OR (1) Operational Requirements; (2) Operationally Ready
ORBINT Orbital Intelligence
ORBIT System Development Corporation Data Search Service
ORCON (1) Dissemination and Extraction of Information Controlled by Originator; (2) Originator Controlled
ORD Operational Requirements Document
ORE Operational Readiness Exercise
ORF Official Representation Fund
Org Organization
ORI Operational Readiness Inspection
OS (1) Operating System; (2) Cryptologic Officer
O&S Operations & Support
OSA Open Systems Architecture
OSAP Ocean Surveillance Assessment Program
OSAS Operational Space Application System
OSC (1) Office of the Security Council; (2) Operational Support Company; (3) Operations Support Center; (4) On-Scene Commander
OSCAR Optical Submarine Communications by Aerospace Relay
OSCARCP Operations Support Center and Rear Command Post (Korea)
OSD Office of the Secretary of Defense
OSD(C) OSD (Comptroller)
OSF Open Systems Foundation
OSI (1) Operating Systems Incorporated (Contractor); (2) On-Site Inspection; (3) Off-Shore Islands; (4) Office of Special Investigations; (5) Open System Interconnect; (6) Office of Special Investigations; (7) Open System Interconnect
OSIA On Site Inspection Agency
OSINT Open Source Intelligence
OSIS (1) Ocean Surveillance Information System; (2) Open Source Information Service
OSP (1) Ocean Surveillance Product; (2) Operational Support Package
OSPRA Ocean Surveillance Pattern Recognition Algorithm
OSO Operational Support Office
OSP Operational Support Packages
OSS (1) Operational Storage Site; (2) Operations Support Squadron; (3) Operations Support System
OSSC On-Line System Support Center
OST Outer Space Treaty
OSTP Office of Science and Technology Policy
OT (1) Overseas Territories; (2) Overtime; (3) Operational Test; (4) One Time; (5) Operations Team
OT&E Operational Test and Evaluation
OTA (1) Operational Tasking Authority; (2) Office of Technology Assessment
OTAD Over-The-Air Key Distribution
OTAR Over-The-Air Rekeying
OTAT Over-The-Air Transmission/Transfer
OTAU Over-The-Air Updating
OTC (1) Officer in Tactical Command; (2) Over-the-Counter
OTCIXS (1) Officer in Tactical Command Information Exchange Subsystem; (2) OTC Information Exchange System
OTEA Operational Test and Evaluation Agency (U.S. Army)
OTH Over-the-Horizon
OTH-B Over-the-Horizon Backscatter
OTH-R Over-the-Horizon Radar
OTH-T Over-the-Horizon Targeting
OTIS Operational Targeting Intelligence System
OTM On the Move
OTP One-Time Pad
OTS (1) One-Time Source; (2) Officer Training School; (3) Oahu Telecommunications System
OTT One-Time Tape
OTU Operational Training Unit
OUO Official Use Only
OUSDRE Office of the Under Secretary of Defense, Research & Engineering
OUTS Operational Unit Transportable System
OVOP Overt Operational Proposal
OVPF Object-Oriented Vector Product Format
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: P

P Peacetime
P2E2I Pre-Planned Essential Elements of Information
P-3H Land-Based Anti-Submarine Warfare Patrol Aircraft (re-engined)
P3I Pre-Planned Product Improvement
PA (1) Pulse Amplitude; (2) Probability of Arrival; (3) Public Affairs; (4) Preliminary Assessment; (5) Proper Authority
PAA (1) Primary Aircraft Authorized; (2) Peer Access Approval
PA ANG Pennsylvania Air National Guard
PAATS Precision Approach Area Tracking System
PABX Private Access Branch Exchange
PAC Pacific
PACAF Pacific Air Forces
PACCAAT USPACOM Command and Control AUTODIN Access Terminal
PACCS Post-Attack Command and Control System
PACE Portable Acoustic Collection Equipment
PACFAST Pacific Forward Area Support Team
PACFLT Pacific Fleet
PACOM U.S. Pacific Command
PACOPS Pacific Air Force Operations
PACTAIS Pacific Theater Air Intelligence System
PACTIDS PACOM Theater Intelligence Data System
PACVTCN Pacific Video Teleconferencing Network
PAD Program Action Directive
PADAR Passive Airborne Detection & Ranging
PA&E Program Analysis and Evaluation
PAE Peer Access Enforcement
PAF Production Analysis and Fusion
PAI Project Assignment Instruction
PAIDS PACOM Area Imagery Distribution System
PAIS (1) Personnel Authentication Identification System; (2) Prototype Advanced Indicator System; (3) Pacific Air Intelligence System
PAL Permissive Action Link
PALAPA Indonesian Satellite
PALS Photo Area & Location System
PAM (1) Payload Assist Module; (2) Penetration Augmented Munition
PAMIS Psychological Operations Automated Management Information System
PANAMSAT PAN American Satellite (Communications System)
PANMAN Panama Metropolitan Area Network
PAO (1) Product Activity/Operational Code; (2) Public Affairs Officer
PAOC PACAF Air Operations Center
PAR (1) Precision Approach Radar; (2) Perimeter Acquisition Radar; (3) Phased-Array Radar; (4) Population at Risk; (5) Program Assessment Review
PARCS (1) Perimeter Acquisition Radar Attack; (2) Perimeter Acquisition Characterization System
PARINT Partial Intercept
PARIS Pacific Army Intelligence System
PARMIS Peacetime Airborne Reconnaissance Management Information System
PARPRO (1) Peacetime Aerial Reconnaissance Program; (2) Preplanned Application of Reconnaissance Programs
PAS (1) Plans and analysis Staff; (2) Pan American Satellite
PASEP Passed Separately
PASS (1) Photo Interpretation Analyst Support System; (2) PACOM IPAC Intelligence Computer System Analyst Support System; (3) PACOM ADP Server Site
PASSEX Passing Exercise (Naval)
PASS-H USPACOM ADP Server Site, Hawaii
PASS-J USPACOM ADP Server Site, Japan
PASS-K USPACOM ADP Server Site, Korea
PAT (1) Payload Associated Transporter; (2) Planning Assistance Team; (3) Process Action Team
PATREP Patrol Report
PATRIOT Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target
PATRIOT PAC III Phased Array Tracking to Intercept of Target Advanced Capability III
PATRON Patrol Squadron (Navy)
PATWING Patrol Wing
PAVE USAF Programs Connected (Night) Avionics, Target Designators, Vision
PAWS (1) Portable Analyst Work Station; (2) Prototype Analytical Workstation; (3) Portable ASAS Workstation
PAX Passengers
PB (1) Particle Beam; (2) Patrol Boat
PB(A)(H) Patrol Boat (Air Cushion) (Hydrofoil)
PBAC Program Budget Activity Committee
PBC Program and Budget Committee
PBD (1) Program Budget Decision; (2) Patrol Boat Drone
PBEIST Planning Board for European Inland Surface Transport
PBL Patrol Boat, Light
PBN Public Broadcasting Network
PBOS Planning Board for Ocean Shipping
PBR (1) River/Roadstead Patrol Boat (Navy); (2) Precision Bombing Range
PBTN Panama Backbone Transport Network
PBV Post-Boost Vehicle
PBW Particle Beam Weapon
PBX Private Branch Exchanges
PC (1) Patrol Craft; (2) Positive Control; (3) Production Control; (4) Personal Computer; (5) Project Coordinator; (6) Parallel Computing; (7) Provide Comfort; (8) Patrol Coastal
PCA Point of Closest Approach
PCAC Primary Collection and Analysis Center
PCC (1) POADS Computer Center; (2) Program Coordinating Committee
PCD (1) Program Change Decision; (2) Positive Control Document
PCE Patrol Escort
PCF(A)(H) Fast Patrol Craft (Air Cushion) (Hydrofoil)
PCFS Fire Support Patrol Craft
PCH Patrol Craft (Hydrofoil)
PCL Parallel Communications Link
PCM Pulse Code Modulation
PCMCIA Personal Computer Memory Card International Association
PCN (1) Production Control Number; (2) Packet Switching Node; (3) Personal Communications Networking
PCP (1) Project Concept Proposal; (2) Program Change Proposal
PCR (1) Performance and Cost Report; (2) Program Change Request
PCS (1) Publication Control Sheet; (2) Permanent Change of Station; (3) Submarine Chaser; (4) Personal Communications System; (5) Primary Control Station
PCS/UPT Personal Communications Services/Universal Personal Telecommunications
PCSF Fire Support Patrol Craft
PCT Training Patrol Craft
PCTN Pacific Consolidated Telecommunications Network
PCTCS Pentagon Center Telecommunications System
PCZ Protected Communications Zone
PD (1) Probability of Damage; (2) Presidential Directive; (3) Pulse Duration; (4) Passive Detection; (5) Point Detonation (Fuse)
PDA Personal Digital Assistant
PDB PSYOP Dissemination Battalion
PDC Propaganda Development Center
PDD Presidential Decision Directive
PDI Principal Deputy for Intelligence
PDF Panamanian Defense Force
PDL Program Design Language
PDM (1) Program Decision Memorandum; (2) Pulse Duration Modulation
PDMS Point Defense Missile Systems
PDMT Pursuit Deterrent Munition Trainer
PDOP Position Dilution of Precision
PDP (1) Program Decision Paper; (2) Programmable Data Processor
PDR Preliminary Design Review
PDS (1) Passive Detection System; (2) Power Distribution System; (3) Production Deconfliction System; (4) Protected Distribution System PDSC PACOM Data Systems Center
PDSS Post-Deployment Software Support
PDU Protocol Data Unit
PDUSD(A&T) Principal Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Acquisition & Technology)
PE (1) Probable Error; (2) Personnel Equipment; (3) Program Element; (4) Preliminary Exploitation; (5) Peace Enforcement
PEAD Presidential Emergency Affairs Documents
PEAS (1) Psychological Operations Effectiveness Analysis Subsystem; (2) PSYOP Effects Analysis System
PEC (1) Pacific Command Electronic Intelligence Center; (2) Program Element Code
PEG (1) Photo Exploitation Group; (2) Priority Exploitation Group; (3) Priorities for ELINT Guidance; (4) Program Element Group
PEH Probable Error in Height
PEI Production Enhancement Initiative
PEILS PACOM Executive Intelligence Summary
PEM (1) Purchased Equipment Maintenance; (2) Program Element Monitor
PEO Peace Enforcement Operation
PEOC4I Program Executive Officer for Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
PEP Photographic Exploitation Products
PER Personnel
PERIGEE Perspective Image Generation and Exploitation System
PERINTREP Periodic Intelligence Report
PERINTSUM Periodic Intelligence Summary
PERM Processless Electron Recording Media
PERMCERT Permanent Certification
PERSCON Personal Contact
PEO Program Executive Officer
PEO-CCS PEO Command and Control Systems
PERSEC Personnel Security
PERT Program Evaluation and Review Technique
PES Positive Enable System
PESM Passive Electronic Support Measures
PF Protection Factor
PFADS Psychological Operations Foreign Area Data Subsystem
PFD Power Flux Density
PFIAB President’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PFLP Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine
PFM Production Functional Manager
PFOD Presumptive Finding of Death
PG (1) Patrol Combatant; (2) Persian Gulf; (3) Precision Guidance
PGDR Portable Data Reduction System
PGF Patrol Ship
PGG Guided-Missile Patrol Combatant
PGH Patrol Gunboat (Hydrofoil)
PGIP Postgraduate Intelligence Program
PGM Precision-Guided Munitions
PGR Reconnaissance Patrol Combatant
PGW Precision Guided Weapon
PGSS Publications and Graphics Subsystem
PHD Phase History Data
PHIBGRU Amphibious Group
PHIBRON Amphibious Squadron
PHIGS Programmer’s Hierarchical Interactive Graphics
PHM Patrol Combatant Missile (Hydrofoil)
PHOTOINT Photographic Intelligence
PHOTORECON Photographic Reconnaissance
PHS Public Health Service
PHYSEC Physical Security
PI (1) Photographic Interpretation/Interpreter; (2) Principal Investigator
PIAC PACOM Intelligence Architecture Committee
PIB (1) PACOM Intelligence Board; (2) Photo Interpretation Brief
PIC (1) Pacific Imagery Processing and Interpretation Center; (2) Parent Indicator Code; (3) Processing and Interpretation Center
PIF (1) Processing and Interpretation Facility; (2) Project Investment Fund
PIGS Passive Infrared Guidance System
PIICS PACOM - Intelligence Computer System
PILOT Phased Integrated Laser Optics Technology
PIM Path of Intended Movement
PIN (1) Preliminary Imagery Nomination File; (2) Photographic Intelligence Note; (3) Personal Increment Number; (4) Plan Identification Number; (5) Personal Identification Number; (6) PACOM Intelligence Net
PINES PACAF Interim National Exploitation Segment/System
PIP (1) Project Implementation Plan; (2) Product Improvement Package
PIR (1) Photo Interpretation Report; (2) Priority Intelligence Requirement
PIRATE Portable Imagery Receive and Transmission Equipment
PIREP Pilot Report
Pixel Picture Element
PJ Pararescue Jumper
PK (1) Probability of Kill; (2) Soviet (FSU) Light Machinegun; (3) Peacekeeping
PKA Public Key Algorithm
PKC Public Key Cryptography
PKK Kurdistan Worker’s Party
PKO Peace-Keeping Operation
PKSD Programmable Key Storage Device
PL (1) Phase Line; (2) Plans and Operations Division; (3) Public Law
PLA (1) Plain Language Address; (2) People’s Liberation Army (China)
PLARS Position Locating and Reporting System
PLGR Precision Lightweight GPS Receiver
PLL Prescribed Load List
PLNG Planning
PLRS Position Location Reporting System
PLO Palestinian Liberation Organization
PLP PSYOP Leaflet Payload
PLS Pre-Launch Survivability
PLSDU Physical Layer Service Data Unit
PLSS U.S. Precision Location Strike System
PLT/Plt Platoon
PM (1) Preventive Maintenance; (2) Post Meridian (after noon); (3) Prime Mover; (4) Preventive Medicine; (5) Program Manager; (6) Prime Minister; (7) Provost Marshall; Project Manager; (8) Production Manager; (9) Peacemaking
PMATS Program Management Automated Tool Set
PMB Program Management Board
PME Professional Military Education
PMF Project Management File
PMGM Program Manager’s Guidance Memorandum
PMIS (1) Personnel Management Information System; (2) PSYOP Management Information Subsystem
PMO (1) Program Management Office; (2) Project Management Office
P Model Preproduction Model
PMP Program Management Plan
PMPTS Program Management Performance Tracking System
PMR Primary Mission Readiness
PMRP Program Manager’s Recommended Program
PMS (1) Project Management System; (2) Preventive Maintenance System; (3) Precision Mensuration Software
PMSP Preliminary Message Security Protocol
PMTC Pacific Missile Test Center (Navy)
PN Packet Network
PNAF Prime Nuclear Airlift Force
PNCC PASS Network Control Center
PNEK Post-Nuclear-Event Key
PNE(T) Peaceful Nuclear Explosion (Treaty)
PNG Persona Non Grata
PNL Prescribed Nuclear Load
PNUTS Possible Nuclear Underground Test Site
PNVS Pilot Night Vision System
PO (1) Petty Officer; (2) Peace Operations
POA&M (1) Plan of Action and Milestones; (2) Plan of Attack and Milestones
POADS Psychological Operations Automated Data System
POAS Psychological Operations Automation System
POB (1) Place of Birth; (2) Psychological Operations Battalion
POC (1) Point of Contact; (2) Program of Cooperation; (3) Psychological Operations Company
POC/ET Proof of Concept/Experimental Testbed
POCS Portable Oxygen Charging System
POD Port of Debarkation
POE (1) Plan of Execution; (2) Point of Entry; (3) Port of Embarkation
POES Polar Orbiting Environmental Satellite
POG Psychological Operations Group
POI Program of Instruction
POL (1) Petroleum, Oils, and Lubricants; (2) Political
POL-MIL Political-Military
POLAD Political Advisor
POM (1) Program Objective Memorandum; (2) Preparation for Overseas Movement
POMCUS Prepositioned Organizational Materiel Configured in Unit Sets
POOS Parachute Offset Oxygen System
POP Point of Presence
POR Preparation for Oversees Replacement
PORTS (JOPES) (1) Portable Remote Telecommunications System; (2) Seaports Files; (3) Portable Receive and Transmit System
PORTS-1N Portable Receive and Transmit System - 1N
PORTSREP Ports Report File (JCS/J-3)
Pos Position
POSIX Preliminary Open System Interface Standard
Pos-Nav Positioning and Navigation
POST Prototype Ocean Surveillance Terminal
POTBI Places, Organizations, Things, Biographics, Intangibles
POTF Psychological Operations Task Force
POV Privately Owned Vehicle
POW Prisoner of War
POWERR Prototype Workstation for Electronic Warfare and Radio
PP Preprogramed
PPO Pilot and Payload Operator
PPBES Planning, Programming, and Budgeting Execution System
PPBS Planning, Programming, and Budgeting System
PPC Printing and Publications Center
PPDB Point Positioning Data Base
PPF Photographic Processing Facility
PPGM Planning and Programming Guidance Memorandum
PPI Pulse Position Indicator
PPIF Photographic Processing and Interpretation Facility
PPL Preferred Products List
PPM (1) Parts Per Million; (2) Pulse Position Modulation
PPMS Power Pattern Measurement System
PPS Precision and Positioning Service
PR (1) Production Requirement; (2) Personnel Recover
PRA (1) Permanent Restricted Area; (2) Population Reception Area (NATO)
PRAM Allied Mine
PRB Program Review Board
PRBAC Partition Rule Base Access Control
PRC (1) Policy Review Committee; (2) People’s Republic of China
PRC(I) Policy Review Committee (Intelligence) (now SIG(I))
PRCSO Peacetime Reconnaissance and Certain Sensitive Operations
PRD (1) Production Responsibilities Document; (2) Presidential Review Directive
PRDA Photo Reconnaissance Damage Assessment
PREMSS Photo Reconnaissance and Exploitation Management Support System
PREP/RAMP Pre-Edit Processor/Report and Message Processor
PRF Pulse Repetition Frequency
PRG Program Review Group
PRGB Point Reference Guild Book
PRI (1) Pulse Repetition Interval; (2) Primary Rate Interface
PRIMAC Production and Inventory Management and Control System
PRM Presidential Review Memorandum
PROC Processing/Process
PROCOMM Terminal Emulation Software for DOS Workstations
PROD Production
PROG Program
PROM Programmable Read-Only Memory
PROPIN Caution — Proprietary Information Involved
PRP Portable Radio Program
PRPG Preliminary Reference Point Graphic
PRS PACOM Remote System
PRSCO Peacetime Reconnaissance and Sensitive Collection Operations
PRT Personal Rapid Transit
PRTB Soviet (FSU) Mobile Rocket Technical Base
PRU Photographic Reconnaissance Unit
PS (1) Processing Station; (2) Processing Segmext; (3) Policy Support
Ps Permanent snowfields
PSAA Pacific Special Activities Area
PSAC President’s Scientific Advisory Committee
PSB Harbor Patrol Boat
PSC Principal Subordinate Command (NATO)
PSDU Physical Layer Service Data Unit
PSI (1) Pounds Per Square Inch; (2) Personnel Security Investigation
PSK Phase Shift Keying
PSL Protected Services List
PSN (1) Packet Switching Node; (2) Public Switched Network; (3) Packet Switched Network
Psns Positions
PSO (1) Protective Structure Only; (2) Personnel Security Office; (3) Post Security Officer
PSP (1) Pierced Steel Planking; (2) Planning Support Package
PSPS PSYOP Studies Program Subsystem
PSR (1) Post-Attack Status Report; (2) Periodic Status Report
PSRC Presidential Selected Reserve Call-Up
PSS Packet Switched Service
PST Pacific Standard Time
PSTN Public Switched Telecommunications Network
PSYOP Psychological Operations
PSYOPGP Psychological Operations Group
PSYWAR Psychological Warfare
PT (1) Torpedo Boat; (2) Part Time; (3) Physical Training
Pt Peat
PTADB Planning Terrain Analysis Data Base
PTG Missile Attack Boat
PTGP Part-Time Graduate Program
PTIAP PACOM Theater Intelligence Architecture Program
PTL Small Torpedo Boat
Ptl Patrol
PTN Pacific Tributary Network
PTP (1) Probability to Penetrate; (2) Point-to-Point
PTR/P Paper Tape Reader/Punch
PTS Predicasts Terminal System
PTSR Postmobilization Training Support Requirement
PTSS Passive Thermal Suppression Suit
PTT (1) Training Torpedo Boat; (2) Postal, Telephone, and Telegraph; (3) Push to talk
PTTP USPACOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
PTTDS Projected Target Trends Data Sheet (FTL)
PTTP USPACOM Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
Pub Publication
PUG Partially Underground
PUP (1) Performance Upgrade Program; (2) Pop-Up Point
PV Physical Vulnerability
PVDS Physical Vulnerability Data Sheets
PVITS Portable Video Imagery Transmission System
PVST Port Visit
PVO (1) Air Defense (FSU); (2) Private Voluntary Organization
PVTM Physical Vulnerability Technical Memorandum
PW (1) Prisoner(s) of War; (2) Pulse Width
PWDS Protected Wireline Distribution System
PWHQ Primary War Headquarters
PWI PACOM Warning Intelligence
PWIPS Pre-Launch Warning Intelligence Processing System
PWRS Prepositioned War Reserve Stock
PZ Pick-Up Zone
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: Q

QA Quality Assessment
Q&A Question and Answer
QBE Query by Example
QC Quality Control
QEA Quick Erect Antenna
QM Quartermaster
Q-MESSAGE Classified Message on Navigational Hazard
QOL Quality of Life
QPQ Quid Pro Quo
QPSK Quadrature Phase Shift Keying
Q/R Query/Response
QRA Quick Reaction Alert
QRC Quick Reaction Capability
QRF Quick Response Force
QRG Quick Response Graphic
QRLS Quick Reaction Launch System
QRMP Quick Response Multicolor Printer
QRP Quick Reaction Package
QRRC Quarterly Readiness Report to Congress
QRT (1) Quick Reaction Task; (2) Quick Reaction Terminal
QRSA Quick Reaction Satellite Antennae
QRSP Quick Reaction Shuttle Payload
QSR Quick Strike Reconnaissance
QSTAG Quadripartite Standardization Agreement
QUIP Quarterly Intelligence Production Listing
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: R

R (1) Rock Outcrops; (2) Receiver
RA (1) Restricted Area; (2) Responsible Agency; (3) Resident Agent
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAAP Rapid Application of Air Power
RAC Resident Agent in Charge
RACE Rapid Automatic Cryptographic Equipment
RAF Royal Air Force
RABFAC Radar Beacon Forward Air Controller
RAC Research and Analysis Company
RACO Rear Area Combat Operations
RAD Radiation Absorbed Dose
RADAR Radio Detection and Ranging
RADAREXREP Radar Exploitation Report
RADAY Radio Day
RADBN Radio Battalion
RADC Rome Air Development Center
RADCM Radar Countermeasures
RADCOM Radio Communications
RADCON Radiological Control
RADIAC Radioactive Detection, Indication, and Computation
RADINT Radar Intelligence
RADREL Radio Relay
RAF Royal Air Force (U.K.)
RAG (1) River Assault Group; (2) Regimental Artillery Group (FSU)
RAIDS Rapid Access Imagery Dissemination System
RAILS Relational Analyses of Internetted Linkages System
RAM (1) Rolling Airframe Missile; (2) Random Access Memory; (3) Radar Absorbing Materials; (4) Reliability, Availability, and Maintainability
RAMP Rating Maintenance Program
RAMPART Radar Advanced Measurement Program for Analysis of Reentry Techniques
RAOC (1) Rear Area Operations Center; (2) Regional Air Operations Center
RAOWG Radar and Optical Intelligence Working Group
RAP (1) Rocket Assisted Projectile; (2) Remedial Action Projects
RAPIDE Relocatable Army Processors for IntelligenceData-Europe
RAPIER Rapid Emergency Reconstitution
RAPTOR Responsive Aircraft Program for Theater Operations
RAS (1) Record Assigned Systems; (2) Replenishmest at Sea; (3) Regional Analysis Section; (4) Rear Area Security; (5) Remote Access Support
RASC Required Automated Services Center
RASS Random Access Storage System
RAST Regional Analyst Support Team
RATO Rocket-Assisted Takeoff
RATT Radio Teletypewriter/Teleprinter
RATV Rescue All Terrain Vehicle
RAU Radio Access Unit
RAWS RAPIDE Analyst Workstation
RAWSII Raw Statement of Intelligence Interest
RB/ER Reduced Blast/Enhanced Radiation
RBIF Red Basic Intelligence File
RBS (1) Regional Broadcast System; (2) Remote Base Server
RC (1) Radio-Controlled; (2) Required Capability; (3) Reserve Component; (4) Riverine Craft
RCA (1) Riot Control Agent; (2) Royal Canadian Army; (3) Requirements Control Authority
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
RCAS Reserve Component Automated System
RCC (1) Regional Control Center; (2) Rescue Coordination Center
RCF Remote Collection facility
RCM Radar Countermeasures
RCOC Regional Communications Operations Center
RCMP Royal Canadian Mounted Police
RCP Remote Communications Processor
RCS (1) Radar Cross Section; (2) Remote Collection System
RCSS (1) Reconnaissance Cargo; (2) RC-135 Support Service
RCST RC-135 Support Team
RCU Reserve Component Unit
RCV Receive
RCW Reconfigurable Workstation
RCZ Rear Combat Zone
RD (1) Restricted Data; (2) Radius of Damage; (3) Replacement Detachment; (4) Readiness Division
R&D Research and Development
RD&A Research, Development, and Acquisition
RDA Research, Development, Acquisition
RDAISA United States Army Research, Development & Acquisition Information Systems Agency
RDB Requirements Data Base
RDBMS Relational Data Base Management System
RDC Rapid Deployment Capability
RDD Required Delivery Date
RDE Radiation Detection Experiment
RDEC Research Development Engineering Center
RDF (1) Radio Direction Finding; (2) Rapid Deployment Force
RDI Reconnaissance, Detection & Identification
RDIT Rapid Deployment Imagery Terminals
RDJTF Rapid Deployment Joint Task Force
RDL Recurring Document Listing
RDMSS Rapidly Deployable Mobile SIGINT Systems
RDS (1) Remote Display System; (2) Rapid Dissemination System
RDSS Rapidly Deployed Surveillance System
RDT&E Research, Development, Test and Evaluation
RDV Rapid Deployment Vehicles
RE Receive Element
READ Readiness
READYCAP Fighter Aircraft in Standby Condition
REC Radio-Electronic Combat
RECA Residual Capabilities Assessment
RECA(T) Residual Capability Assessment (Team)
RECAP Requirements and Capabilities System
RECAS Residual Capabilities Assessment System
RECC Regional Emergency Communications Coordinator
RECCE Reconnaissance
RECCEXREP Reconnaissance Exploitation Report
RECI Radar Emitter Classification Identification
RECLAU Reconnaissance Launch Report
RECON Reconnaissance
RECONBN Reconnaissance Battalion
RECONT Reconnaissance Intentions Report
REDCOM Readiness Command
REDCON Readiness Condition
RED Cell Rapid Exploitation and Dissemination Cell
RED FLAG ACC Combat Flying Exercise at Nellis AFB
RED HORSE Deployable Civil Engineering Group
REDTRAIN Readiness Training
REFORGER Return of Forces to Germany (Exercise)
RFC Request for Collection
REG Regulation
REGT/Regt Regiment
REL Releasable
RELCAN Releasable to Canada
RELROK Releasable to the Republic of Korea
REM Route Evaluation Module
REMAB Remote Marshalling Base
REMBASS Remotely Emplaced Battlefield Surveillance System
REMS Remote Employed Sensors
REMT Regional Emergency Management Team
RENS Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare & Naval Intelligence System
REP (1) Range Error Probable; (2) Reserve Exploitation Program; (3) Representative
RES Remote Earth Sensing
Res Reserve
RESDAT Restricted Data
RESTA Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Target Acquisition
RETRANS Retransmission
RETS Remoted Target System
REUTERS A News Service
REW(S) Radio Electronic Warfare (Service)
REWSON Reconnaissance, Electronic Warfare, Special Operations & Naval Intelligence Processing System
RF (1) Radio Frequency; (2) Representative Fraction
RF-4 Designator for Reconnaissance Aircraft (USAF/USMC)
RFA Restricted Fire Area
RFC Request for Collection
RFD Radio Frequency Distribution
RFE/RL Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty
RFI (1) Radio Frequency Interference; (2) Request for Information
RFIS Reserve Forces Intelligence School
RFL Restrictive Fire Line
RFMETS Radio Frequency Mobile Electronics Test Set
RFP (1) Remaining Force Potential; (2) Radio Frequency Pulse; (3) Request for Proposal; (4) Request for Production
RFPI Rapid Force Projection Initiative
RFPW Radio Frequency Pulse Weapon
RFR Request for Requirements
RFS Request for Service
RFTB Reserve Force Target Base
RFTL Reserve Forces Target List
RGB Red-Green-Blue
RGR (1) Ranger; (2) Roger
RGS Relay Ground Station
RGT Regiment
RHAW Radar Homing and Warning
RHIB Rubber Hull Inflatable Boat
RI Routing Indicator
RIB Rigid Inflatable Boat
RIC (1) Regional Intelligence Center; (2) Resource Identification Code
RIF Reduction in Force
RII Request for Intelligence Information
RIM ROTHR Interface Module
RIMPAC U.S. Naval Exercise
RIMS Requirements Inventory Management System
RINT Unintentional Radiation Intelligence
RIO Radar Intercept Officer
RIP (1) Register of Intelligence Publications; (2) Reconnaissance Information Point
RIPL Reconnaissance and Interdiction Planning Line (NATO)
RIPSO Revised IP Security Option
RISC Reduced Instruction Set Computer
RISOP Red Integrated Strategic Operations Plan
RISP Reserve Intelligence Support Project
RIT Remote Imagery Transceiver
RITS Remote Imagery Transceiver System
RJITF Regional Joint Intelligence Training Facility
RL (1) Rocket Launcher; (2) Radio Liberty; (3) Receive Location
RLG Ring Laser Gyro
RM (1) Requirements Management; (2) Resource Management
RMBUX Rocky Mountain Basic UNIX
RMEC Regional Military Emergency Coordinator
RMG Resource Management Group
RMO (1) Records Management Officer; (2) Requirements Management Office
RMS (1) Requirements Management System; (2) Remote Monitoring System
RNAV Area Navigation
RNO Regional Nuclear Option
RNP (1) Radio Navigation Point; (2) Remote Network Processor
RO (1) Reporting Officer; (2) Radar Operation; (3) Receive Only; (4) Resident Office
RO/RO Roll-On/Roll-Off (Ship)
ROB Radar Order of Battle
ROC (1) Required Operational Capability; (2) Republic of China; (3) Reconnaissance Operations Center; (4) Required Operational Capability; (5) Regional Operations Center
ROCC Regional Operations Control Center
ROD Reconnaissance Operations Division
RODCA (1) Reporting of DoD HUMINT Collection Activities; (2) Message Caveat
ROE Rules of Engagement
ROF (1) Rate of Fire; (2) Remote Operating Facility
ROFA Remote Operating Facility Airborne
ROIPB Rear Operations Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield
ROK Republic of Korea
ROKA Republic of Korea Army
ROKAF Republic of Korea Air Force
ROKN Republic of Korea Navy
ROKUSCFC Republic of Korea and U.S. Combined Forces Command
ROM Read Only Memory
RON Remain Overnight
ROP Remote Operating Position
RORSAT Soviet (FSU) Radar Ocean Reconnaissance Satellite
ROSE Remote Optical Sensing of the Environment
ROSS Refinement of SIGINT Support
ROT Rotating Position
ROTC Reserve Officer Training Corps
ROTHR Relocatable Over-the-Horizon Radar
ROU Radius of Uncertainty
ROW Rest-of-World
RP (1) Reference Point; (2) Release Point
RPA Reserve Personnel Allotment
RPB Regional Preparedness Board
RPC (1) Regional Preparedness Committee; (2) Regional Reporting Center; (3) Remote Procedure Calls; (4) Rapid Positioning Capability
RPE Reconnaissance Planning Element
RPG (1) Soviet (FSU) Shoulder-Fired Antitank Grenade Launcher; (2) Report Program Generator
RPK Soviet (FSU) Light Machinegun (similar in design to the AK rifle)
RPM (1) Revolutions per Minute; (2) Rounds per Minute
RPT Report
RPTG Reporting
RPV Remotely Piloted Vehicle
RQS Rescue Squadron
RQT (1) Reliability Qualification Tests; (2) Requirement
RQMTS Requirements
RR (1) Railroad; (2) Radio Relay
R&R Rest and Recreation
RRC Regional Reporting Center
RRDB Rapidly Reconfigurable Data Base
RRF (1) Ready Reserve Force; (2) Rapid Reaction Force (ACE)
RRG Remote Receive Group
RRI Response to Request for Information
RRICS Rapid Response Imagery Capability System
RRII Response to Request for Intelligence Information
RRM Red Resource Monitoring
RRP Rapid Reinforcement Plan
RRS Remote Receive Station
RRT Radio Receive/Transmitter
RRTP Rail-to-Road Transfer Point
RS Reconnaissance/Surveillance
R&S Reconnaissance and Surveillance
RSB PSYOP Regional Support Battalion
RSBN Short-Range Navigation System (FSU)
RSDN Long-Range Navigation System (FSU)
RSC (1) Regional Support Commands; (2) PSYOP Regional Support
R&SC Reconnaissance and Surveillance Center
RSE Ranger Support Element
RSI, R/S/I Rationalization, Standardization and Interoperability
RSN Red Switched Network
RSO (1) Reconnaissance & Survey Officer; (2) Regional Security Officer
RSOC Regional SIGINT Operations Center
RSOD Remote Satellite Operations Demonstration
RSOG Reserve Special Operations Group
RSR (1) Resource Status Report; (2) Required Supply Rate; (3) Radar Service Request
RSSC Regional Space Support Centers
RSSP Reconnaissance Support Survivability Program
RST (1) Recovery Support Team; (2) Regional Survey Team
RSTA Reconnaissance, Surveillance, & Target Acquisition
RSW Reflected Shockwave
RT (1) Real Time; (2) Radio Telephone; (3) Relocatable Target; (4) Radius of Target
RTA Residual Threat Assessment
RTAPS Relocatable Target Adaptive Planning Support
RTASS Remote Tactical Airborne SIGINT System
RTCE Rapid Targeting Capability Europe
RTG Reconnaissance Technical Group (TAC, USAFE, PACAF)
RTIC (1) Regional Threat Information Cell; (2) Real-Time Information to the Cockpit
RTIP Real-Time Interactive Processor
RTM Receiver/Transmitter/Modem
RTOS Real-Time Optical System
RTP Rail Transfer Point
RTS (1) Reconnaissance Technical Squadron; (2) Real-Time Simulator
RTS-I Regional Training Site(s)-Intelligence
RTSP Real-Time Signal Processor
RU (1) Roundup; (2) Resident Unit
RUNT Russian Underground Nuclear Test
RURPOP Rural Population File
RV (1) Reentry Vehicle; (2) Radius of Vulnerability; (3) Reconnaissance Vehicle
RVT Remote Video Terminal
RW (1) Radiological Warfare; (2) Rotary Wing; (3) Reconnaissance Wing
RWH Radar Warning & Homing
RWI Radio Wireline Interface/Integration
RWO Reconnaissance Watch Officer
RWR Radar Warning Receiver
RWS Remote Workstation
RX Receive
RZ Recovery Zone
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: S

S Secret
/s/ Signature
S-1 Personnel Staff Officer
S-2 Intelligence Staff Officer; Brigade, Battalion, and Armored Cavalry
S-3 Operations Staff Officer
SA (1) Logistics Staff Officer; (2) Special Access; (3) Situational Awareness (4) Signals Analysis; (5) Surface-to-Air; used to identify FSU Surface-to-Air Missiles, e.g., SA-7/GRAIL; (6) Situation Assessment; (7) Security Assistance; (8) Special Agent; (9) Stand Alone; (10) Secretary of the Army; (11) Systems
Administrator; (12) Strategic Attack
SAA (1) Special Area Assessments; (2) Strategic Air Army
SAAC Strategic Analysis Applications Center
SAAM Special Assignment Airlift Mission
SAASE Standard Data Element-Based Automated Architecture Support Environment
SACC Supporting Arms Coordination Center
SACCS Strategic Air Command Automated Command & Control System
SACS (1) Secure Access Control System; (2) STU-III Access Control System
SAE Service Acquisition Executive
SAB Subject as Above
SAC (1) Strategic Air Command; (2) Scientific Advisory Committee; (3) Senate Appropriations Committee
SACDIN SAC Digital Network
SACEUR Supreme Allied Commander, Europe (NATO)
SACLANT Supreme Allied Commander, Atlantic (NATO)
SACLANTREPEUR SACLANT Representative in Europe
SACOM Southern Area Command
SACOS SAC Operational Staff
SACWARNS (1) Strategic Air Command Indications and Warning; (2) SAC Warning System
SADARM Sense and Destroy Armor
SADF South African Defense Force
SADO Senior Air Defense Officer
SADT Structured Analysis Design Technique
SAEDA Subversion and Espionage Directed Against the Army
SAF (1) Soviet (FSU) Air Force; (2) Source Acquisitions File; (3) Secretary of the Air Force; (4) US Air Force Staff
SAFE (1) Support for the Analysts’ File Environment; (2) Selected Area for Evasion
SAFF Safing, Arming, Fuzing, and Firing
SAF/O/T Security Assistance Force/Organization/Team
SAG (1) Study Advisory Group; (2) Surface Action Group; (3) Strategic Advisory Group
SAGE Semiautomatic Ground Environment (Radar)
SAI Strategic Command Administrative Instruction
SAIB Safe Area Intelligence Brief
SAID Safe Area Intelligence Description
SAIS Strategic Aerospace Intelligence System
SAL (1) Strategic Arms Limitation; (2) Submarine Alerting and Locating
SALT (1) Strategic Arms Limitation Talks; (2) Supporting Arms Liaison Team
SALUTE Size, Activity, Location, Unit, Time, Equipment (spot report format)
SAM (1) Surface-to-Air Missile; (2) Summary Assessment Matrix
SAMOB Surface-to-Air Missile Order of Battle
SAMSO Space And Missile System Organization
SAMT State of the Art Medium Terminals
SAO (1) Special Access/Activities Office; (2) Select Attack Option; (3) Special Access Only; (4) Security Assistance Organization; (5) Security Assistance Office
SAOB FSU Air Order of Battle
SAOC (1) Space Actions Officers Course; (2) Sector Air Operations Center
SAOCS Submarine/Aircraft Optical Communications System
SAP (1) Special Access Program; (2) System Acquisition Plan
SAPAS Semiautomatic Population Analysis System
SAR (1) Search and Rescue; (2) Synthetic Aperture Radar; (3) Special Access Required; (4) Sea-Air Rescue
SARC Surveillance and Reconnaissance Center
SARDA Secretary of the Army for Research, Development and Acquisition
SARP Storage and Retrieval Processor
SARPF Strategic Air Relocatable Processing Facility
SARSAT Search and Rescue Satellite-Aided Tracking
SART Strategic Aircraft Recovery Team
SARV Strategic Aerospace Reconnaissance Vehicle
SAS (1) Strategic Area Study; (2) Strategic Aerospace Summary; (3) Special Activities Squadron; (4) Support to Analyst Subsystem; (5) Survivable Adaptive Systems
SASC Senate Armed Services Committee
SASM Strategic Air-to-Surface Missile
SASS (1) Small Aerostat Surveillance System; (2) Systems Acquisition Support Services
SAT (1) Satellite; (2) Staff Augmentation Team; (3) Satisfactory
SATCOM Satellite Communications
SATCOMA Satellite Communications Agency (U.S. Army)
SATKA Surveillance, Acquisition, Tracking, and Kill Assessment
SATRAN (1) Satellite Reconnaissance Advanced Notice; (2) Satellite Transmission
SATS Southwest Asia Telecommunications System
SATVUL Satellite Vulnerability
SAVE Situation Analysis and Vulnerability Estimate
SAVI Systems Analysis of Vulnerability to Intrusion
SAWC Special Air Warfare Center
SAWG Simulation and Analysis Working Group
SAWIC Strike and Amphibious Warfare Intelligence Center
SAWS Submarine Analyst Work Station
SAWVS Satellite Attack Warning and Verification System
SB Sentinel Byte
S-BAND 2 to 4 GHz
SBB Sustained Bare Base
SBI (1) Special Background Investigation; (2) Space-Based Interceptor
SBIRS Space-based Infrared Radar System
SBIS Sustaining Base Information Services
SBKKV Space-Based Kinetic Kill Vehicle
SBL Space-Based Laser
SBM Single-Point Mooring Buoy
SBR (1) Special Boat Squadron; (2) Space-Based Radar
SBS Site Backbone Segment
SBSS Space-Based Surveillance System
SBU (1) Special Boat Unit; (2) Sensitive but Unclassified
SBWASS Space-Based Wide-Area Surveillance System
SC (1) Science Committee (NATO); (2) Signal Corps; (3) Security Code; (4) Signal Company; (5) System Center; (6) Structural Category; (7) Screen Commander or Coordinator; (8) Air Force Communications-Computers Directorate; (9) Submarine Conversion
SCA Service Cryptologic Agency
SCAD Subsonic Cruise Armed Decoy
SCAMP Sensor Control and Management Platoon
SCAMPI SOF C3I Telecommunications System
SCARE Standard Collection Asset Request Format
SCATANA Security Control of Air Traffic and Air Navigation Aids
SCC (1) Special Coordination Committee; (2) Standing Consultative Commission (SALT); (3) Surveillance Coordination Center; (4) System Control Center; (5) Space Control Center; (6) Service Component Commander
SC CAT SOUTHCOM Crisis Action Team
SCC(I) Special Coordination Committee (Intelligence)
SCCP Single-Channel Command Post
SCCS-R Single-Channel Collection System - Rear
SCCTV Secure Closed-Circuit Television
SCDL Surveillance and Control Data Link (JSTARS)
SCE Service Cryptologic Element
SCF Satellite Control Facility
SCF-UK Save the Children Federation-UK
SCG Special Consultative Group (NATO)
SCI (1) Sensitive Compartmented Information or Information Programs; (2) Source Code Indicator
SCIBS Sensitive Compartmented Information Billet System
SCIC State Crime Information Center
SCIF Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility
SCIM Subject Codes for Intelligence Management
SCIMITAR System for Countering Interdiction Missiles and Target Radars
SCINET Sensitive Compartmented Information Network (DoDIIS)
SCIP Special Communications Intelligence Package
SCIPMIS Standard Civilian Personnel Management Information System
SCIPS Sensitive Compartmented Information Processing System
SCIS Survivable Communication Information System
SCISS SOUTHCOM Intelligence Support System
SCI-VTC Sensitive Compartmented Information-Video Teleconferencing
SCL Standard Conventional Load
SCLNO SOUTHCOM Liaison Officer
SCM Security Countermeasures
SCN Satellite Control Network
SCO (1) Service Cryptologic Organizations; (2) Sub-Control Office
SCOLA Satellite Communications for Learning
SCORE Signal Communications by Orbiting Relay Equipment
SCOTT Single-Channel Objective Tactical Terminal
SCP Secure Conferencing Project
SCPC Single Channel per Carrier
SCS (1) Signal Collection System; (2) Satellite Control Squadron
SCSC SOUTHCOM Support Center
SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface
SCT (1) Single-Channel Terminal; (2) Single-Channel Transponder
SCUBA Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SCUD Nickname of a Missile System
SD (1) Space Director; (2) Standard Displacement; (3) Senior Director; (4) Security Division; (5) Strategic Command Directive
SDA (1) Ships Destination Authority; (2) Strike Damage Assessment
S&DA Strike and Damage Assessment
SDB Space Data Base
SDC (1) Strategic Dissemination Company; (2) Strategic Defense Command
SDD Secure Data Device
SDF Structured Data Fields
SDHS Satellite Data Handling System
SDI Strategic Defense Initiative
SDIE Special Defense Intelligence Estimate
SDIN (1) Secure Digital Information Network; (2) Special Defense Intelligence Notice
SDIO Strategic Defense Initiative Organization
SDIS Switched Digital Integrated Service
SDLC Synchronous Data Link Control
SDM Standoff Destructive Munition
SDMA Spaced Division Multiple Access
SDMS SINET Data Management System
SDNRIU Secure Digital Network Radio Interface Unit
SDNS Secure Data Network System
SDO System Development Office
SDOB Scaled Depth of Burst
SDR (1) Source-Directed Requirements; (2) System Design Review
SDS (1) Satellite Data System; (2) SIGINT Direct Support; (3) Satellite Dissemination System; (4) Secondary Dissemination System; (5) Strategic Defense System; (6) Switched Data Services; (7) Spatial Data Server; (8) Small Digital Switch
SDV (1) Swimmer Delivery Vehicle; (2) SEAL Delivery Vehicle
SDVT SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team
SDYS Studies
SE Southeastern
SEA (1) Southeast Asia; (2) Senior Enlisted Advisor
SEABEE Navy Construction Battalion Personnel
SEALANCE Anti-Submarine Warfare Standoff Weapons (ASW/SOW)
SEAD Suppression of Enemy Air Defense
SEADS Southeast Air Defense Sector
SEAGA Selective Employment Air Ground Alert Forces
SEAL Sea/Air/Land
SEASTAG SEATO Standardization Agreement
SEATO Southeast Asia Treaty Organization
SEAWATCH NOSIC On-Line Computer System
SEC (1) Second; (2) Section; (3) Submarine Element Coordinator
SECAF Secretary of the Air Force
SECARMY Secretary of the Army
SECC Survivable Enduring Command Center
SECCLEAR Security Clearance (Management System)
SECDEF Secretary of Defense
SECNAV Secretary of the Navy
SECOM Security Committee
SECS Survivable and Enduring Communications System
SECSTATE Secretary of State
SECTY Security
SED Simulated Electronic Deception
SEDSCAF Standard ELINT Data System Codes and Formats
SEE (1) System Engineering and Evaluation; (2) Softcopy Exploitation Environment
SEEI Special Essential Elements of Information
SEEK Soviet Emigre Exploitation Kit
SEI Specific Emitter Identification
SEIP Senior Enlisted Intelligence Program
SEIS Survivable and Enduring Intelligence System
SELA Latin American Economic System
SELORS Ship Emitter Locating Reports
SELMON Selective Monitoring
SEMA Special Electronic Mission Aircraft
SEMEC SOF Enhanced Moldable Explosive Change
SEN (1) Small Extension Node; (2) Space Engagement Node
SEOS SIGINT/Electronic Warfare Operating System
SEP (1) Selective Employment Plan (NATO); (2) Separate
SEPA FSU Extended Planning Annex
SEPS NATO Selective Employment Plan
SERE Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape
SERER Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape, and Recovery
SERNO Serial Number
SES (1) Surface Effects Ship; (2) Systems Engineering Study; (3) Senior Executive Service; (4) Sensor Employment Squadron; (5) Softcopy Exploitation System; (6) Societe European Des Satellites
SESOCC Southeastern Sector Operations Control Center
SESS Space Environment Sensor Suite
SET Sensor Employment Teams
SETAF Southern European Task Force
SEVOCCS Secure Voice Command and Control System
SEVOX Secure Voice
SEWC Space and Electronic Warfare Commander
SEWCC SIGINT/Electronic Warfare Coordination Center
SEWS (1) Satellite Early Warning System; (2) SIGINT Electronic Warfare Subsystem
SF (1) Special Forces; (2) Standard Form
SFA Security Fault Analysis
SFAT Strategic Forces Advisory Team
SFD Saturated Flux Density
SFEM Space Forces Engagement Model
SFG Special Forces Group
SFG-A Special Forces Group-A
SFG(A) Special Forces Group (Airborne)
SFOA Special Forces Operations Area
SFOB (1) Special Forces Operating Base; (2) Soviet (FSU) Forces Order of Battle
SFOD Special Forces Operational Detachment
SFODA Special Forces Operational Detachments-A
SFOD-D First Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta
SFOS Special Forces Operating System
SFQC Special Forces Qualification Course
SFR Statement of Functional Requirement
SFRD Safe Functional Requirements Document
SFT Secure Fault Tolerant
SFTL Strategic Future Targets List
SFUG Security Features Users Guide
SGB SOUTHCOM Ground Order of Battle
SGDPS Second Generation Data Processing System
SGEMP System Generated Electromagnetic Pulse
SGF (1) Southern Group of Forces (Soviet Forces in Hungary); (2) Synthetic Aperture Radar Ground Facility
SGS (1) Secretary to the General Staff; (2) Squadron Ground Station
SGT (1) Satellite Ground Terminal; (2) Sergeant
SHA Secure Hast Algorithm
SHAPE Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (NATO)
SHARES Shared HF Resources
SHC Supreme High Command
SHF Super High Frequency
SHED Special Handling and Evaluation Detachment
SHELREP Shell Report
SHF Super High Frequency
SHOP Special Handling for Operations Purposes
SHORAD Short-Range Air Defense
SI (1) Special Intelligence; (2) Special Instructions
S&IA Security and Investigative Activities
SIAB Senior Imagery Advisory Board
SIAD Strategic Imagery Analysis Detachment
SIAP Strategic Intelligence Architecture Program
SIB Special Intelligence Brief
SIC (1) Subject Indicator Code (NATO message code); (2) System Integration Configuration
SICAM SIGINT Control and Analysis Module
SICR Specific Intelligence Collection Requirement
SID (1) Secondary Imagery Dissemination; (2) Subscriber Identification
SID(S) Selective Imagery Dissemination (System)
SIDA Single Integrated Data Base
SIDAC Single Integrated Damage Assessment Code
SIDPAC Strategic Imagery Detachment Pacific
SIDS Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
SIE Space Intelligence Element
SIF Special Interrogation Facility
SIFR Special Intelligence Functional Requirement
Sig Signal
SIGCEN U.S. Army Signal Center
SIG-I Senior Interagency Group for Intelligence
SIGINT Signals Intelligence
SIGSEC Signals Security
SII Statement of Intelligence Interest
SIIR Special Imagery Interpretation Report
SIL Systems Integration Laboratory
SIM (1) Sensor Interface Module; (2) Systems Integration Management
SIMIR USSTRATCOM IDHS Monthly Integration Review
SIMM Single Inline Memory Module
SIMNET Single Channel Ground/Airborne Radio Sub-Systems
SIMP Space Intelligence Master Plan
SIMS SOUTHCOM Intelligence Management System
SINCGARS (1) Single Integrated Channel Ground and Airborne Radio Subsystems; (2) Single Channel Ground-to-Air Radio System
SINET Strategic Intelligence Network
SIO (1) Senior Intelligence Officer; (2) Space Intelligence Officer; (3) Ship’s Intelligence Officer
SIOP Single Integrated Operational Plan
SIORI Self-Initiated Operational Readiness Inspection
SIPE Strategic Intelligence Processing Element
SIPRNET Secret Internet Protocol Router Network
SIR (1) Shuttle Imaging Radar; (2) Specific Information Requirements; (3) Spectrum Interferance Resolution
SIRADS Shared Imagery Repository and Dissemination System
SIRCS Shipborne Intermediate-Range Combat System
SIREP Sensitive Information Report
SIRVES SIGINT Requirements Validation and Evaluation Subcommittee (of SIGINT Committee)
SIS (1) Significant Indications Summary; (2) Space Intelligence System; (3) Special Intelligence Support; (4) Selective Inquiry System; (5) Special Information System
SISOCS Army Logistics/Maintenance Depot Data Network
SISR SIGINT Security Regulation
SISS (1) Survivable Intelligence Support to SlOP; (2) Subcommittee on Information Systems Security of the NSTISSC
SISUM Sensitive Information Summary
SIT Specialized Investigations Team
SITAS Strategic Industrial Target Analysis Systems
SITDEV Situation Development
SITMAP Situation Map
SITREP Situation Report
SITS Secondary Imagery Transmission System
SITSUM Situation Summary
SITTP (US)STRATCOM Intelligence Tactics, Techniques, and
Procedures for Strategic Operations
SIW Strategic Intelligence Wing
SJA Staff Judge Advocate
SJCS Secretary, Joint Chiefs of Staff
SKCATL South Korea Conventional Air Target List
SKE Station-Keeping Equipment
SKYLINK Communications System Provided by the Diplomatic
Telecommunications System
SKYNET United Kingdom Military Communications Satellite
SL Sea Level
SLA Special U.S. Liaison Advisor
SLAM Standoff Land Attack Missile (Navy)
SLAR Side-Looking Airborne Radar
SLAT Surface-Launched Air-Targeted
SLBM Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile
SLC Space Launch Complex
SLCM (1) Submarine-Launched Cruise Missile; (2) Sea-Launched Cruise Missile
SLDCOM Satellite Launch Dispenser Communications
SLED Safe Low-Energy Detonators
SLEP Service Life Extension Program
SLF Super Low Frequency
SLFCS Survivable Low Frequency Communications System
SLGR Small Lightweight Global Positioning System Receiver
SLIP Serial Line Interface Protocol
SLMM U.S. Submarine-Launched Mobile Mine
SLO Space Liaison Officer
SLOC Sea Lines of Communication
SLOC(S) Sea Line(s) of Communication
SLR Side-Looking Radar
SLS Space Launch Squadrons
SLSSM Submerged-Launched Surface-to-Surface Missile
SLV Space Launch Vehicle
SM (1) Memorandum by the Secretary, JCS; (2) Statute Mile; (3) Service Member; (4) Security Monitor; (5) Smart Modules
SMAA Submarine Movement Advisory Authority
S/MANCO Space/Missile Analyst NCO
SMANCO Space/Missile Analyst NCO
SMART-T Secure Mobile Antijam Reliable Tactical Terminal
SMCC Survivable Mobile Command Center
SMDPS Strategic Mission Data Preparation System
SME Subject Matter Expert
SMEB Significant Military Exercise Brief
S/MEO Space/Missile Event Office
SMG Standard Mail Guard
SMIOC Senior Military Intelligence Officers’ Conference
SMLM Soviet (FSU) Military Liaison Mission
SMM (1) Spatial Model Matching; (2) Special Mission Mandatory Modification
SMO (1) Support to Military Operations; (2) Senior METOC Officer; (3) Special Mission Optional Modification
SMOB Strategic Missile Order of Battle
SMOTEC Special Missions Operational Test and Evaluation Center
SMP Soviet Military Power (the publication)
SMPAS Space Mission Payload Assessment System
SMR Sources, Methods, and Rationale
SMS Stand-Alone Analysis Subsystems
SMTP Single Mail Transfer Protocol
SMU Secure Mobile Unit
SNA (1) Soviet Naval Aviation; (2) System Network Architecture
SNAP Soviet (FSU) Nuclear Artillery Projectile
SNCCDIPP Selected Non-Communist Countries DIPP
SNDV Strategic Nuclear Delivery Vehicles
SNF (1) Short-Range Nuclear Forces; (2) Secret NOFORN
SNI Soviet (FSU) Naval Infantry
SNIE Special National Intelligence Estimate
SNIP Soviet (FSU) Naval Imagery Panel
SNM Special Nuclear Materials
SNMS Security and Network Management Segment
SNO Special Naval Operations
SNR Signal-to-Noise
SNS Shared Network Server
SNUTR SIGINT Numerical Tasking Register
SO Special Operations
SO/LIC Special Operations/Low Intensity Conflict
SOA (1) Special Operations Aviation; (2) Special Operations Area; (3) Speed of Advance
SOAB (1) Special Operations Aviation Battalion; (2) Special Operations Aviation Brigade
SOAC (1) Special Operations Aviation Command; (2) Special Operations Aviation Company; (3) Special Operations Acquisition Center
SOAD Special Operations Aviation Detachment
SOADS Special Operations Automated Data System
SOAE Deputy for Acquisition and Acquisition Executive
SOAG Special Operations Aviation Group
SOAR (1) Special Operations Aviation Regiment; (2) Special Operations Analytical Reports
SOARS Satellite On-Board Attack Reporting System
SOB Space Order of Battle
SOC (1) Special Operations Command; (2) Special Operations Capable; (3) Sector Operations Center; (4) Special Operations Craft
SOCACOM Special Operations Command-Atlantic Command
SOCC (1) Sector Operational Control Center; (2) Special Operations Control Center
SOCCE (1) Special Operations Command Communications Element; (2) Special Operations Command and Control Element
SOCCENT (1) Special Operations Command Center; (2) Special Operations Command Component, CENTCOM
SOCCMO Special Operations Command Collection Management Office
SOCCS Special Operations Combat Control Squadron
SOCCT Special Operations Combat Control Team
SOCDSS Special Operations Command Deployable Support Set
SOCET Special Operations Command Extraction Tool
SOCEUR Special Operations Command, Europe
SOCJIC United States Special Operations Command Joint Intelligence Center
SOCKOR Special Operations Command, Korea
SOC-K Special Operations Command, Korea
SOCLANT Special Operations Command, Atlantic
SOCLITE Special Operations Command Laptop
SOCOM Special Operations Command
SOCOORD Special Operations Coordination Element
SOCOS Special Operations Command Operating Staff
SOCPAC Special Operations Command, Pacific
SOCRATES Special Operations Command Research, Analysis, and Threat Evaluation System
SOCSIDS Special Operations Command - Secondary Imagery Dissemination System
SOCSO Special Operations Command, South
SOCSOUTH Special Operations Command, South
SOD Special Operations Detachment
SODARS Special Operations Debriefing and Retrieval System
SOEAID Special Operations Executive Aide
SOF Special Operations Forces
SOF-IV Special Operations Forces-Intelligence Vehicle
SOF C4I Special Operations Forces Command, Control, Communications, Computers, and Intelligence
SOF-MOSS SOF Modular Remote Sensing System
SOFA Status of Forces Agreement
SOFATS Special Operations Forces Aircrew Training System
SOFCOM Special Operations Forces Command
SOF EW Special Operations Forces Enhanced Weapons
SOFPAC Special Operating Forces, Pacific
SOFI Special Operations Forces Improvements
SOF IRIS Special Operations Forces Imagery Receiver and Intelligence System
SOFIST Foreign Instrumentation Signals Requirement (a collection management software application)
SOFLAM Special Operations Forces Laser Acquisition Marker
SOFPARS Special Operations Forces Planning and Rehearsal System
SOF PLD Special Operations Forces Protection Laser Defense
SOFPREP Special Operations Forces Planning, Rehearsal and Execution Preparation
SOF PSA Special Operations Forces Power Supply Assembly
SOFSA Special Operations Forces Support Activity
SOFTACS Special Operations Forces Tactical Assured Connectivity System
SOG Special Operations Group
SOH SOF Offensive Handgun
SOHFRAD Special Operations HF Radio
SOHI Seminar on Human Intelligence
SOI (1) Signal Operating Instructions; (2) Signal of Interest; (3) Space Object Identification
SOIC (1) Space Operational Intelligence Center; (2) Senior Official of the Intelligence Community; (3) Special Operations Intelligence Center
SOICS Special Operations Improved Cryptographic System
SOIF Special Operational Intelligence Folders
SOIN Special Operations Intelligence Notes
SOINT Staff Officer Intelligence
SOIPS Special Operations Imagery Production System
SOIS Special Operations Intelligence System
SOISUM Space Object Identification Summary
SOIT Seminar on International Terrorism
SOIWSD Special Operations Information Warfare Support Demonstration
SOJ (1) Sea of Japan; (2) Stand-Off Jamming
SOJTF Special Operations Joint Task Force
SOLANT South Atlantic
SOLARS SAC On-Line Analysis and Retrieval System
SOLE Special Operations Liasion Element
SOLIS SIGINT On-Line Intelligence (or Information) System
SOLL Special Operations Low Level
SOLOG Special Operations Logistics System
SOMA Status of Mission Agreement
SOME Satellite Orbit Mission Evaluation
SOMOB Strategic Offensive Missile Order of Battle
SOMPF Special Operations Mission Planning Folder
SOMS Special Operations Media System
SON Statement of Need
SONAR Sound Navigation and Ranging
SONET Synchronous Optical Network
SONI Seminar on National Intelligence
SONMET Special Operations Naval Mobile Environmental Teams
SOO Space Operations Officer
SOP (1) Standard Operating Procedure(s); (2) Senior Officer Present
SOPE Special Operations Planning Exercise
SOPEO Special Operations Program Executive Officer
SOPIF Special Operations Photographic Interpretation Facility
SOPM Special Operations Program Manager
SOPPC Special Operations Photo Processing Cell
SOPPREP Special Operation Forces Planning, Rehearsal, and Execution System
SOPS (1) Space Operations Squadron; (2) Special Operations Power Sources
SOR (1) Specific Orders and Requests; (2) Statement of Requirements
SORD System Operational Requirements Document
SORDAC Special Operations Research, Development and Acquisition Center
SORFMS Special Operations Radio Frequency Management System
SORS (1) Specific Order or Requests; (2) SIGINT Overhead Reconnaissance Subcommittee
SORTIEALOT Sortie Allotment
SORTIC Seminar on Reconnaissance and Technical Information Collection
SORTS Status of Resources and Training System
SOS (1) International Distress Signal (2) Squadron Officers’ School; (3) Special Operations Squadron
SOSC Special Operations Support Command
SOSS Satellite Ocean Surveillance System
SOSST Special Operations Small Secure Transceiver
SOST Special Operations Special Technology
SOSTI Seminar on Scientific and Technical Intelligence
SOSOS U.S. Sound Surveillance System
SOT-A Special or Support Operations Team-Alpha
SOTA SIGINT Operational Tasking Authority
SOTAS Standoff Target Acquisition System
SOT-B Special or Support Operations Team-Bravo
SOTF (1) Special Operations Task Force; (2) Security Operations Training Facility
SOTSE Special Operations Theater Support Element
SOTVS Special Operations Tactical Video System
SOTW Special Operations Training Wing
SOUTHAM South America
SOUTHCOM Southern Command
SOVPACFLT Soviet Pacific Fleet
SOW (1) Statement of Work; (2) Special Operations Wing
SOW/TE Special Operations Weather/Technical Element
SOWG Special Operations Working Group
SOWT Special Operations Weather Team
SP (1) Self-Propelled; (2) Shore Patrol; (3) Security Police
SPA (1) Special PSYOP Analysis; (2) Special PSYOP Assessment
SPACDEFENSE Space Defense and Operations/Anti-Satellite (ASAT) Missile System
SPACC Space Command Center
SPACEAF Space Air Force (14 AF)
SPACING Space Processing and Collection Internals Group
SPAD Special Advisor
SPADATS Space Detection and Tracking System
SPADCCS Space Defense Command and Control System
SPADOC Space Defense Operations Center
SPADVOS Spaceborne Direct View Optical Scanner
SPAF Special Airfield File
SPAIS South Pacific Air Intelligence System
SPAN Security Policy Automation Network
SPATS Strategic Posture and Aerospace Threat Summary
SPB Special Projects Branch (NATO)
SPC SIGINT Processing Center
SPCL Special Purpose Communications Link
SPD Strategic Posture Display
SPEAR (1) Signal Processing, Evaluation, Alert and Reporting; (2) SOF Personal Equipment Advanced Requirements
SPEC Counterterrorism Database
Spec Nav Special Navy Program
SPECAT Special Category (Pneumatic Tube Message Precedence)
SPECBOATRON Special Boat Squadron
SPECBOATUNIT Special Boat Unit
Spectre AC-130 H/U Gunship
SPECWAR Special Warfare
SPETSNAZ Soviet (FSU) Special Purpose Forces
SPF (1) Special Purpose Forces; (2) Single Point of Failure
SPG (1) Self-Propelled Gun; (2) Softcopy Products Group
SPIES Special Insertion and Extraction System
SPIN Space Intelligence Notes
SPINS Special Instructions
SPINTCOM Special Intelligence Communications (Network)
SPIREP Spot Intelligence Report
SPIRES Special Intelligence Reports
SPIRIT Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal
SPK Single Point Key(ing)
SPO Special Project Officer
SPOC Space Operations Center
SPOD Sea Ports of Debarkation
SPOE Sea Ports of Embarkation
SPOT Satellite Pour l’Observation de la Terre (French)
SPOTREP Spot Report
SPP Shared Production Program
SPR Strategic Petroleum Reserve
SPRAA Strategic Plans and Research Analysis Agency
SPS Scratch Pad Store
SPS Special PSYOP Study
SPSS Secured Packet Switched Service
SPT Support
SPTCONF Support Confirmation
SPTD Supported
SPTG Supporting
SPTREQ Support Request
SQ (1) Square; (2) Squadron
SQD Squad
SQDN Squadron
SQL (1) Standard Query Language; (2) Structured Query Language
SQN Squadron
SR (1) Special Reconnaissance; (2) Short Range; (3) Southern Region; (4) Senior
SRBM Short-Range Ballistic Missile
SRF SIGINT Readiness Facility
SRHIT Small Radar-Homing Intercept Technology (BMD Missile)
SRIG Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group
SRIS Surface Range Imaging System
SROC Southern Region Operations Center
SRIG Surveillance, Reconnaissance, and Intelligence Group
SRJOIC Southern Region Joint Operations Intelligence Center
SRAM U.S. Short-Range Attack Missile
SRAMII U.S. Short-Range Attack Missile (XAGM-131A; formerly AASM)
SRAM-T Short Range Attack Missile - Tactical
SRB Senior Review Board
SRBM Short-Range Ballistic Missile
SRC Strategic Reconnaissance Center
SRCU SINCGARS Remote Control Unit
SRD (1) System Requirements Document; (2) Special Research Detachment (U.S. Army)
SRF (1) Strategic Rocket Forces (USSR); (2) Strategic Reserve Forces; (3) Secure Reserve Force (U.S.); (4) Selected Reserve Force; (5) SIGINT Readiness Facility; (6) SPIRIT Remote Facility (TROJAN)
SRFTL Secure Reserve Force Target List
SRI Surveillance, Reconnaissance and Intelligence
SRIG Surveillance/Reconnaissance Intelligence Group
SRINF Short-Range, Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces
SRJOIC Southern Region Joint Operational Intelligence Center
SRMIS Southern Region Maritime Intelligence Summary
SRO Sensitive Reconnaissance Operations
SROE Standing Rules of Engagement
SRP (1) Sealift Readiness Program; (2) SIOP Reconnaissance Plan
SRR (1) Survival, Recovery and Reconstitution; (2) Security Requirements Review
SRS (1) Strategic Reconnaissance Squadron; (2) Software Requirements Specification
SRSG Special Representative to the Secretary-General
SRT (1) Strategic Relocatable Target; (2) Standard Remote Terminals
SRW Strategic Reconnaissance Wing
SRWG Standing Requirements Working Group
SS Attack Submarine
SSA (1) Security Supporting Assistance; (2) Diesel-Powered Auxiliary Submarine; (3) Special Support Activity; (4) SIGINT Support Activity; (5) Soviet (FSU) Strategic Aviation
SSAN (1) Social Security Account Number; (2) Nuclear-Powered Auxiliary Submarine
SSB (1) Ballistic Missile Submarine; (2) Standard Software Base; (3) Single Sideband
SSB Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSBN Nuclear-Powered Ballistic Missile Submarine
SSBSC Single Sideband, Suppress Carrier
SSC (1) Coastal Submarine; (2) Space Surveillance Center; (3) Surface Support Craft
SSCC Special Security Communications Center
SSCI Senate Select Committee on Intelligence
SSD Strategic Studies Detachment
SSE Special Security Element
SSES Ships Signal Exploitation Space
SSF (1) Software Support Facility; (2) Special Service Force
SSG (1) Cruise Missile Attack Submarine; (2) Special Security Group
SSGN Nuclear-Powered Cruise Missile Attack Submarine
SSI (1) Specialty Skill Identifier; (2) Safety, Security and Intelligence
SSIXS Submarine Satellite Information Exchange Subsystem
SSJ Self-Screening Jamming
SSLP Transport Submarine
SSLSM Single-Source Logistics Support Manager
SSM (1) Surface-to-Surface Missile; (2) Midget Submarine
SSM/I Sensor System Microwave Imager
SSM/T Sensor System Microwave/Temperature
SSMA Spread Spectrum Multiple Access
SSME Spread Spectrum Modulation Equipment
SSMO SIGINT Support to Military Operations
SSMOB Surface-to-Surface Missile Order of Battle
SSMP Security System Management Plan
SSN (1) Nuclear-Powered Attack Submarine; (2) Social Security Number; (3) Space Surveillance Network
SSO (1) Special Security Office; (2) Special Security Office(r)
SSO-INT Senior Staff Officer-Intelligence (Canadian)
SSP (1) SIGINT Support Plan; (2) Scheduled Strike Program (NATO); (3) Single-Shot Probability of Damage; (4) Single-Source Processor; (5) SIOP Support Program
SSP-S Single Source Processor-SIGINT
SSQ Auxiliary Submarine, Communications
SSQN Nuclear-Powered Auxiliary Submarine, Communications
SSR (1) Radar Picket Submarine; (2) Secondary Surveillance Radar; (3) Special Security SSRS Representative SIGINT Surveillance and Reporting System
SSS (1) Staff Summary Sheet; (2) Systems Science and Software; (3) System Support Segment; (4) Special Support Section
SSSP Single-Source SIGINT Processor
SST (1) Training Submarine; (2) System Specific Threat; (3) Supersonic Transport; (4) Single Subscriber Terminal; (5) Safe Secure Transport; (6) Strategic Support Team; (7) Space Support Team
SSTO Single-Stage-To-Orbit
SSTS Space Surveillance and Tracking System
SSUS Spin-Stabilized Upper Stage
ST (1) SEAL Team; (2) Strategic Task; (3) Short Tons
S&T Scientific and Technical
S&TI Scientific and Technical Intelligence
ST&E Security Test and Evaluation
STA Surveillance and Target Acquisition
STACCS Standard Theater Army Command and Control System
STAMIS Standard Army Management Information System
STAMP SOUTHCOM Topographic Augmentation Program
STAMPS Stand-Alone Message Processing System
STANAG Standardization Agreement (NATO)
STANAVFORLANT Standing Naval Force, Atlantic (NATO)
STAN-EVAL Standardization and Evaluation
STANS (1) Soviet Tactical Nuclear Study; (2) Space Target Analysis and Networking System
STAP Science and Technology Advisory Panel
STAR (1) Surface-to-Air Recovery; (2) System Threat Assessment Report
STARC State Area Command
STARS Surveillance, Target Acquisition & Reporting System
STAR-T SHF Tri-Band Advanced Range Extension Tactical Terminal
START Strategic Arms Reduction Talks/Treaty
STARTEX Start Date of an Exercise
STASS Submarine-Towed Array Surveillance System
STATDM Statistical Time Division Multiplex
Static RI Static Infrared Workstation
STATS Strategic Target Analysis and Tracking System
STC (1) Sensitivity Time Control; (2) Short Time Constant (ECCM); (3) SHAPE Technical Center
STCFE Science and Technology Center Far East
STD (1) SIGINT Technical Data; (2) Standard
STEL Stanford Telecommunications
STEP Standardized Technical Entry Point
STEPS Scientific and Technical ELINT Processing System
STEPS II Scientific and Technical ELINT Processing System II
STG Special Tactical Group
STEL Secure Telephone
S&TI Scientific and Technical Intelligence
STIC (1) Scientific and Technical Intelligence Committee; (2) Scientific and Technical Intelligence Center
STICS Scalable Transportable Intelligence Communications System
STIFF Strategic Intelligence Forecast File
STIISP Scientific and Technical Intelligence Information Services Program
STINT Science and Technology (S&T) Intelligence
STIR Scientific and Technical Intelligence Register
STITEUR Scientific and Technical Information Team, Europe
STK (1) Satellite Took Kit; (2) Strike
STO Science and Technology Objectives
STOL Short Takeoff and Landing
STON Short Ton
STOPS Stand-Off Optical System
STOVL Short Takeoff, Vertical Landing
STP (1) Space Test Program; (2) Site Transition Plan
Str Strength
STRAM Static Random Access Memory
STRAT Strategic
STRATCOM Strategic Command
STRATJIC USSTRATCOM Joint Intelligence Center
STRATLAT Strategic Command Liaison Assistance Team
STRATMAS Strategic Message Analysis Server
STRATPAT Strategic Planning and Analysis Tool
STRED Standard-Tactical Receive Equipment Display STRICOM Simulations, Training, and Instrumentation Command
STRIKFORSOUTH Strike Force South
S-TRED Standard Tactical Receive Equipment Display
STRUM Standard Technical Reporting Using Modules
STS (1) Special Training Standard; (2) Special Tactics Squadron; (3) Subcommittee on Telecommunications Security of the NSTISSC
STT (1) Small Tactical Terminal; (2) Special Tactics Teams; (3) Shore Targeting Terminal
STU Secure Telephone Unit (STU II & III)
STU-III Secure Telephone Unit III
STUR Secure Telephone Unit/Remote
STVD Southern Theater of Military Operations (FSU)
STW Strike Warfare
STWC Strike Warfare Commander
STX Situational Training Exercise
SUBACS Submarine Advanced Combat System
SUBLANT Submarine Forces, Atlantic
SUBOPAUTH Submarine Operating Authority
SUBORD Subordinate
SUBPAC Submarine Forces, Pacific
SUCCESS Secure UHF Computer Controlled Equipment Subsystems
SUG SAFE Users Group
SUM (1) Surface-to-Underwater Missile; (2) Structural Usage Monitor
SUMS Structural Usage Monitor System
SUPCOM Support Command
SUPINTREP Supplementary Intelligence Report
SUPIR (1) Supplemental Photographic Interpretation Report; (2) Supplemental Phase Interpretation Report
SUPNAVFOR Supporting Naval Force
SUPPLOT Supplemental Plot
SUPREMS Supplemental Preliminary Mission Summary
SUPT Superintendent
SURAN Southeastern Universities
SURFSHIP Surface Ship
SURFWARDEVGRU Surface Warfare Development Group
SURTASS Surveillance Towed Array Sonar System (U.S.)
SURV Surveillance
SUSLAK Special U.S. Liaison Activity Korea
SUSLO Special U.S. Liaison Officer
SV (1) Secure Voice; (2) Special View
SVC Service
SVCN Secure Voice Conferencing Network
SVD Soviet Sniper Rifle
SVGA Super Video Graphics Adapter
SVIP Secure Voice Improvement Program
SVOD Soviet Aircraft Navigation and Landing System
SVS Secure Voice System
SVTC Secure Voice Teleconferencing
SVTS Secure Video Teleconferencing System
SW (1) Short Wave; (2) Surface Warfare; (3) Software; (4) Strategic Wing
S&W Surveillance and Warning
SWA (1) Southwest Asia; (2) Southwest Africa; (3) Standoff Weapons Assembly; (4) Senior Warning Analyst; (5) Senior Weather Analyst; (6) Secure Work Area
SWADII Southwest Asia Defense Information Infrastructure
SWAL Shallow-Water Attack Craft, Light
SWAM Shallow-Water Attack Craft, Medium
SWB Southwest Border
SWC (1) Special Warfare Center (U.S. Army); (2) Special Warfare Craft; (3) Strategic Warfare Center; (4) Strategic Warning Center; (5) Space Warfare Center
S&WC Surveillance and Warning Center/Control
SWCL Special Warfare Craft, Light
SWCM Special Warfare Craft, Medium
SWCS Special Warfare Center and School
SWE Sweden
SWHQ Static War Headquarters
SWI Special Weather Intelligence
SWIR Short Wave Infrared
SWIRTERCAT SWIR Terrain Categorization
SWIS Survivable Wartime Intelligence System
SWO (1) Special Weapons Officer; (2) Staff Weather Officer; (3) Senior Watch Officer
SWORD Submarine Warfare Operations Research Department
SWP Standing Warning Program
SWPS Space & Weapons Systems SIGINT Working Group
SWR Southwest Region
SWRS Slow-Walker Reporting System
SWSC Space Warning Systems Center
SWTMO SW Theater of Military Operations
SYBASE A Collection Requirements Database
SYDET Sympathetic Detonator
SYDP Six-Year Defense Plan
SYG Secretary General
SYNCOM Synchronous Communications Satellite
SYRACUSE Systeme de Radio Communication Utilisant un Satellite
SYRUP System Resource Utilization Package
SYS System(s)
SYSADM System Administrator
SYSADMIN Systems Administration Technical Assistant
SYSCON Systems Control
SYSOPR System Operator
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Military Acronyms and Abbreviations: T

T (1) Tank; (2) Training; (3) Transmitter
T1 1.54 Megabits per Second Throughput
T2 Technology Transfer
T3 44.3 Megabits per Second Throughput
TA (1) Traffic Analysis; (2) Tank Army; (3) Terrain Avoidance; (4) Theater Army; (5) Target Acquisition; (6) Target Analysis
T&A Transcription and Analysis
TAA (1) Tactical Air Army (FSU); (2) Total Army Analysis; (3) Tactical Assembly Area; (4) Theatre Army Area
TAACOM Theater Army Area Command
TAB (1) Target Acquisition Battery; (2) Theatre Air Base
TABNR Table Number
TABS Threat Assement Briefing System
TAC (1) Tactical Air Command; (2) Terrain Analysis Center (U.S. Army); (3) Tactical Access Controller; (4) Tri-Service Tactical Digital Communication System; (5) Technology Assessment Center; (6) Terminal Access Control; (7) Tactical Command Post
TACAC-D Technical Control and Analysis Center-Division
TACAIR Tactical Air
TACAMO (1) U.S. Air Relay Communication System; (2) Take Charge and Move Out
TACAN Ultrahigh-Frequency Tactical Air Navigation
TACAWS The Army Combined Arms Weapons System
TACC (1) Tactical Air Control Center; (2) Tanker Airlift Control Center; (3) Theater Army Communications Command
TACC(A) Tactical Air Control Center (Afloat)
TACCIMS (1) Theater Army Command and Control Information Management System; (2) Tactical Command and Control Information Management System
TACCP Tactical Command Post
TACCS (1) Tactical Airborne Command and Control and Surveillance; (2) Tactical Air Control Center System
TACCSIMS Theater Area Command and Control Information Management System
TACCS-K Tactical Automated Command and Control Systems-Korea
TACCTA Tactical Commander’s Terrain Analysis
TAC-D Tactical Deception
TACE (1) Technical Analysis Cost Estimate; (2) Tactical Air Coordination Element
TACELINT Tactical Electronic Intelligence (Report)
TACFAST Tactical Forward Analysis Support Terminal
TACFIRE Tactical Artillery Fire Control
TACIES Tactical Imagery Exploitation System
TACINTEL Tactical Intelligence
TACIT RAINBOW Anti-Radiation Missile
TACM Tactical Amphibious Collection Management
TACO Tactical Command Post
TACO-2 Tactical Communications-Two
TACOMM Tactical Communications
TACOMSIM Tactical Communications Simulator
TACON Tactical Control
TACOPS Tactical Air Combat Operations Staff
TACP Tactical Air Control Party
TACRECCE Tactical Reconnaissance
TACREP Tactical Report
TACRON Tactical Air Control Squadron
TACS (1) Tactical Air Control System; (2) Technology Acquisition Coordination Subcommittee; (3) Theater Air Control System
TACS/TADS Tactical Air Control System/Tacticai Air Defense System
TACSAM Tactical Surface-to-Air Missile
TACSAT Tactical Satellite
TACSATCOM Tactical Satellite Communications
TACSIM Tactical Simulation (Simulator)
TACTAS Tactical Towed Array System (U.S. Surface Warship)
TACTASS Tactical Towed-Array Surveillance System (USN)
TACTED Tactical Trunk Encryption Device
TACTEL Tactical Telecommunications
TACTERM Tactical Terminal
TACW Tactical Air Control Wing
TACWINGSLANT Tactical Wings Atlantic
TAD (1) Temporary Additional Duty; (2) Theater Air Defense
TADIL Tactical Data Information Link
TADIL-J Tactical Digital Interface Link-Joint
TADIX-B Tactical Data Exchange System-B
TADIXS Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem
TADIXS-B Tactical Data Information Exchange System Broadcast
TADS (1) Tactical Air Defense System; (2) Target Acquisition and Designation System
TADSS Training Aids, Devices, Simulations and Simulators
TADMS TRS ASARS-2 Data Manipulation System
TAE Transportable Applications Executive
TAF Tactical Air Forces
TAFIC Tactical Air Forces Intelligence Center
TAFIES Tactical Air Force Intelligence Exploitation System
TAFIIS Tactical Air Forces Integrated Information System
TAFLC Tactical Air Force Limited Operational Capabilities Europe
TAFSM Tactical Fire Support Model
TAG (1) Target Actions Group; (2) The Adjutant General; (3) Theater Army Group; (4) Target Aimpoint Graphic; (5) TEMPEST Advisory Group
TAGS Theater Air Ground System
TAH Tactical Aviation Headquarters
TAI Target Areas of Interest
TAISS Telecommunication and Automated Information Systems Security
TALM Tactical Air-Launched Missile
TALO Tactical Airlift Liaison Officer
TALON Theater Applicatiaon-Launch on Notice
TAOS Thrust-Assisted Orbiter System
TALP Total Army Linguist Program
TAMPS (1) Threat Avoidance Mission Planning System; (2) Tactical Aircraft Mission Planning System
TANGO Tactical Air, Naval, Ground Operations
TAO Tactical Air Operations
TAOC Tactical Air Operations Center
TAOR Tactical Area of Responsibility
TAP (1) Terrain Analysis Program; (2) Theater Analysis and Planning
TAPA Target Analysis Pacific Area
TAPCOMP Targeting and Analysis Program Computers
TAPS Technical Analysis Processing System
TAR Terrain Avoidance Radar
TARBUL Target Bulletin
TARDEV Target Development
TARE Telegraph Automation Relay Equipment
TAREX Target Exploitation
TARM Tactical Antiradiation Missile
TARPS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Pod System (USN)
TARRRS Tactical Air Reconnaissance Results Reporting System
TARS Tactical Air Reconnaissance System
TAS (1) Tactical Airlift Squadron; (2) Traffic Analysis Survey; (3) Terminal Access System; (4) True Air Speed; (5) Timeline Analysis System; (6) Temporal Analysis System
TASE Tactical Air Support Element
TASES Tactical Airborne Signals Exploitation System
TASM Tactical Air-to-Surface Missile
TASMO Tactical Air Support of Maritime Operations
TASO Terminal Area Security Officer
TASOC Theater Army Special Operations Command
TASOSC Theater Army Special Operations Support Command
TASS (1) Towed Array Surveillance System; (2) Official News Agency
of the FSU; (3) Tactical Air Support Squadron; (4) Tactical Automatic Switching System
TAT (1) Terrorist Action Team; (2) Tactical Analysis Team; (3) Target Area Tactics
TATERS TROJAN Air Transportable Electronic Reconnaissance System
TAV (1) Total Asset Visibility; (2) Trans-Atmospheric Vehicle
TAVR Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve
TAW Tactical Airlift Wing
TAWC Tactical Air Warfare Center
TAWDS Transportable Automated Weather Distribution System
TAXIS-A Tactical Data Information Exchange Subsystem A
TB (1) Tank Battalion; (2) Tuberculosis
TBA To Be Announced
TBD To Be Determined
TBM (1) Tactical Ballistic Missile; (2) Theater Battle Management; (3) Theater Ballistic Missile
TBP To be published
TC (1) Tank Company; (2) Transportation Corps; (3) Transport Cradles
TC3 Theater Command, Control, and Communications
TCA (1) Theater Collection Assets; (2) Theater Communications Architecture; (3) Tactical Communication Augmentation
TCAC Technical Control and Analysis Center
TCAC-C Technical Control and Analysis Center - Corps
TCAC PIP Technical Control and Analysis Center-Product
TCAE (1) Technical Control and Analysis Element; (2) Tactical Control and Analysis Element
TCAE C/D/B Technical Control and Analysis Element Corps/Division/Brigade
TC-AIMS II Transportation Coordinator Automated Information For Movements Systems II
TCB Trusted Computing Base
TCC (1) Telecommunications Center; (2) Tactical Command Center
TCCC Theater Communications Control Center
TCCE/CA Theater Contingency Communications Equipment, Central Area
TCCS Theater Command and Control System
TCD Time Compliance Data
TCICA Theater Counterintelligence Coordinating Authority
TCIM Tactical Communications Interface Module
TCM Tactical Cruise Missile
TCMS Tactical Communications Management System
TCO (1) Test Control Officer; (2) Telecommunications Control Officer; (3) Telecommunications Contracting Office
TCOS Tactical Combat Operations System
TCP (1) Technological Coordinating Paper; (2) Tactical Cryptologic Program; (3) Transmission Control Protocol; (4) Traditional CINC Programs
TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCR Time Critical Requirements
TCS (1) Tactical Computer System; (2) Test/Crisis Service
TCSEC DOD Trusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria
TCT (1) Tactical Commanders Terminal; (2) Tactical Computer Terminal(s)
TCU Tactical Computer Unit
TD (1) Tank Destroyer; (2) Tank Division; (3) Time Dominant (imagery); (4) Tactical Deception; (5) Training Detachment; (6) Target Designator; (7) Transfer Device
TDA (1) Table of Distribution and Allowances; (2) Target Damage Assessment; (3) Tactical Decision Aids
TDAD Training Development and Analysis Directorate
TDAR Tactical Defense Alert Radar
TDC (1) Tactical Digital Computer; (2) Theater Deployable Communications
TDD Target DBZ Designator
TDDP Tactical Defense Dissemination Program
TDDS (1) Tactical Defense/Data Dissemination System; (2) TRAP Data Dissemination System
TDES Theater Document Exploitation System
TDF (1) Tactical Data Facsimile; (2) Tactical Digital Facsimile
TDFD Time Delay Firing Device
TDI (1) Target Data Inventory; (2) Target Data Inventory; (3) ETIBS Datalink Interface
TDM Time Division Multiplex
TDMA Time Division Multiple Access
TDOA Time Difference of Arrival
TDP (1) Threat Display & Projection; (2) Tactical Display Programmer; (3) Tactical Data Processor
TDRSS Tracking and Data Relay Satellite System
TDS (1) Target Data Sheet; (2) Training Device System; (3) Target Development System
TDSS Theater Display Support System
TDT Tactical Data Terminal
TDY Temporary Duty
TE (1) Tactical Exploitation; (2) Table of Equipment
T&E Test & Evaluation
TEA Tactical Exploitation Assessment
TEAMS Trend and Error Analysis Methodology System
TEARR Time, Elevation, Azimuth, Range, Range Rate
TEB Tactical Exploitation Battalion
TEC Topographic Engineering Center
TECCE Tactical Exploitation Collection and Coordination Element
TECH Technical
TECHINT Technical Intelligence
TECHLIB Technical Library
TECHSUM Technical Summary
TECRAS Technical Reconnaissance and Surveillance
TED Trunk Encryption Device
TEDB Technical ELINT Data Base
TEDS Tactical Expendable Drone System
TEG Tactical Exploitation Group (JSIPS)
TEK Traffic Encryption Key
TEL Transporter-Erector-Launcher
TELAR Transporter-Erector-Launcher and Radar
TELCON Telephone Conversation
TELECOM Telecommunications
TELEFAC Telecommunications Facilities Vulnerability Study
TELINT Telemetry Intelligence
TELNET Telecommunications Network
TEMP Test and Evaluation Master Plan
TEMPEST (1) Unclassified Name for Compromising Emanations; (2) Compromising Electronic Emission Control Program; (3) Transient Electromagnetic Pulse Emanations
TENCAP Tactical Exploitation of National Capabilities
TEOC Technical Objective Camera
TEP (1) Tactical ELINT Processor; (2) TEMPEST Endorsement Program
TEPP Tomahawk Employment Planning Package
TERCAT Terrain Categorization
TERCOM Terrain Contour Matching
TEREC (1) Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance; (2) Tactical ELINT Receiver
TERPES Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance Processing and Evaluation System
TERS (1) Tactical Electronic Reconnaissance System; (2) Tactical ELINT Reporting System; (3) Tactical Event Reporting System
TES (1) Tactical Electronic Squadron; (2) Tactical Event System
TESAR Tactical Endurance Synthetic Aperture Radar
TESS Tactical Engagement Simulation System
TET Transportable Electronic Tower
TEWS Tactical Electronic Warfare System
TEXAS Tactical Exchange Automation System
TF (1) Task Force; (2) Transaction Format
TFAS Task Force Able Sentry
TFC Tactical Fusion Center
TFCICA Task Force CI Coordinating Authority
TFCC Tactical Flag Command Center
TFJ2 Task Force Director of Intelligence
TFM Trusted Facility Manual
TFR Terrain Following Radar
TFS (1) Tactical Fighter Squadron; (2) Terrain and Feature Server; (3) Traffic Flow Security
TFT (1) Tri-Band Field Terminal; (2) Tactical Facsimile Terminal
TF/TA Terrian Following/Terrain Avoidance
TFU Tactical Forecast Unit
TFW Tactical Fighter Wing
TFWC Tactical Fighter Weapons Center
TG (1) Task Group; (2) Training Group
T&G Tracking and Guidance
TGA Target Analysis
TGCF Tactical Ground Control Facility
TGIF Transportable/Tactical Ground Intercept Facility
TGPF Transportable Ground Processing Facility
TGS (1) Transportable Ground Station; (2) Turkish General Staff
TGT Target
TGTINT Targeting Intelligence
TGTINFOREP Target Information Report
TGW Terminal-Guidance Warhead
THAAD Theater High-Altitude Area Defense
THAAD/GBR Theater High-Altitude Area Defense/Ground Based Radar
THEC Theater HUMINT Exploitation Center
THMT Tactical High Mobility Terminal
THREATCON JCS Terrorist Threat Condition
THz Terahertz
TI (1) Technical Intelligence (TECHINT); (2) Target Intelligence; (3) Transition Increment
TI/TTR Target Illumination/Target Tracking Radar
TIA Target Implications Annex
TIAP Theater Intelligence Architecture Program
TIAPCO TIAP Communications Overlay
TIARA Tactical Intelligence and Related Activities
TIARRA Target Identification And Recognition Radar
TIAS Target Identification & Acquisition System
TIB Target Intelligence Branch
TIBS Tactical Information Broadcast System
TIC (1) Theater Intelligence Center; (2) Technical Information Center
TICANA Tactical Imagery Communications and Network Alternatives
TICC Tactical Information Communications Center
TICON Tight Control
TID Theater Intelligence Digest
TIDL Tactical Imagery Data Link
TIDY Teletype Integrated Display System
TIEC Theater Imagery Exploitation Capability
TIES Tactical Information Exchange System
TIF(S) Theater Interrogation Facility(ies)
TIFA Theater Intelligence Fusion Architecture
TIFF Tagged Image File Format
TIG Tactical Intelligence Group
TIHB Target Intelligence Handbook
TIIF Tactical Imagery Interpretation Facility
TIIMS Text and Image Information Management System
TILO Transportation Intelligence Liaison Officer
TIM Target Intelligence Material
TIM-DIS Time & Distance
TIMS (1) Tactical Information Management System; (2) TFCC Information Management System
TIO Target Intelligence Officer
TIP (1) Target Intelligence Package; (2) Theater Intelligence Plan; (3) Tracking and Impact Prediction; (4) Tactical Imagery Program
TIPE Tactical Intelligence Product Enhancement
TIPI Tactical Information Processing and Interpretation System
TIPP Target Intelligence Production Plan
TIPS (1) Terrorist Incident Profile System; (2) Tactical Intelligence Processing System; (3) Target Intelligence Packages
TIR Terminal Imaging Radar
TIROS Television Infrared Observation Satellite
TIROS-N Television Infrared Observation Satellite-National
TIRS Thermal Infrared Scanner
TIRSAG Tactical Intelligence, Reconnaissance, Surveillance Action Group
TIRSS Theater Intelligence, Reconnaissance & Surveillance Study
TIS (1) Tactical Intelligence Squadron; (2) Thermal Imaging Sight; (3) Tactical Input Segment
TISD Tactical (Air Forces) Integrated Situation Display
TISEO Target Identification System, Electro-Optical
TISL Target Identification System, Laser
TISO Theater Intelligence Support Officer
TISP Transition Implementation Support Plan
TISS Tactical Intelligence Support Staff
TITF Theater Intelligence Training Facility
TIU ETIBS Interface Unit
TJS Tactical Jamming System
TK Talent-Keyhole
Tk Tank
TKR Tanker
TLAM Tomahawk Land Attack Missile
TLAR Transporter-Launcher and Radar
TLC (1) Telecommunication Link Controller; (2) Teleconferencing
TLCF (1) TACINTEL Link Control Facility; (2) Teleconferencing
TLE Target Location Error
TLS Top-Level Specification
TLST TACAMO Logistics Support Team
TM (1) Tactical Missile; (2) Threat Manager; (3) Target Material; (4) Landsat Thematic Mapper; (5) Technical Manual; (6) Team Materials; (7) Team
TMA Theater of Military Action
TMB Technical Management Board
TMCN Tactical Target Materials Change Notice
TMD (1) Theater Missile Defense; (2) Tactical Map Depot
TMDE Test Measurement and Diagnostic Equipment
TMD/GBR Theater Missile Defense/Ground-Based Radar
TMET Transportable Medium Earth Terminal
TMFU Theater METOC Forecasting Unit
TMMRS Trojan Mobile Remote Receiver System
TMO (1) Technical Management Office; (2) Theater of Military Operations
TMP Training Management Plan
TMPC Theater Mission Planning Center
TMPG Target Materials Producers Group
TMPO Target Materials Program Office
TMPS Theater Mission Planning System
TMRG Terrain-Masked Radar Graphics
TMSR Tactical Meteorological Satellite Receiver
TMS Target Materials Squadron
TMT Target Marking Technologies
TMUG Target Materials Users Group
TMWG Target Materials Working Group
TMWS Target Materials Workstation
TNAPS+ Tactical Network Analysis and Planning System Plus
TNET Teletraining Network
TNF Theater Nuclear Forces
Tng Training
TNI Trusted Network Interpretation
TNIEG Trusted Network Interpretation Environment Guideline
TNK Tanker
TNL Target Nomination List
TNT Tunnel Neutralization Team
TNO Theater Nuclear Option
T/O Take Off
TO&E Tables of Organization and Equipment
TOA (1) Total Obligational Authority; (2) Time of Arrival; (3) Transportation Operation Agency; (4) Time of Attack; (5) Transfer of Authority; (6) Table of Organic Allowance
TOC (1) Tactical Operations Center; (2) Theater of Operations Command
TOE (1) Table of Organization and Equipment; (2) Time of Entry
TOF Time of Flight
TOPCAT Tactical Operations Planner for Collection, Analysis, and Tasking
TOPINS Theater Operational Intelligence System
TOPO Topographic
TOPS Tactical Operations Support
TOR (1) Terms of Reference; (2) Tactical Operations Room; (3) Tentative Operational Requirement; (4) Time of Receipt
TORP Torpedo
TORPCM Torpedo Countermeasures & Deception
TOS (1) Tactical Ocean Surveillance; (2) Theater Operating System
TOSP Tailored Ocean Surveillance Product
TOSS (1) Tactical Operations Support System; (2) Technical Oriented Support System
TOT (1) Time over Target; (2) Time of Transmission
TOVS TIROS Operational Vertical Sounder
TOW Tube-Launched Optically-Tracked Wire-Guided Missile
T/P Terminal/Printer
TPA Theater Production Assets
TPAS Target Planning and Scheduling
TPC (1) Tactical Pilotage Chart; (2) Tempest Personal Computer; (3) Two-Person Control
TPCS Team Portable COMINT System
TPEP (1) TEREC Portable Exploitation Processor; (2) Trusted Products Evaluation Program
TPF Topographic Production Facility
TPFD Time-Phased Force Deployment
TPFDD Time-Phased Force Deployment Data
TPFD(L) Time-Phased Force Deployment (List)
TPI Two-Person Integrity
TPL Time-Phased Line
TPN Tactical Packet Network
TPP Thermal Powerplant
TPS (1) Thermal Protection System; (2) Telecommunications Prioritization System
TPSD (1) Theater Planning Support Division (J-5); (2) Theater Planning Support Document
TPU Troop Programs Units
TPV Terrain Perspective Viewing
TQL Total Quality Leadership
TQM Total Quality Management
T/R Transmit-Receive
TR (1) Tank Regiment; (2) Transportation Request
TRA Temporary Restricted Areas
TRAC (1) Tactical Radar Correlator; (2) TRADOC Analysis Center
TRADOC U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command
TRAINS Interactive Video Teletraining System
TRAM Target Recognition and Attack-Multisensor
TRANSCOM Transportation Command
TRANSEC Transmission Security
TRANSIT Navy Navigation Satellite System
TRANSNAT Transnational
TRAP (1) Threat Research and Analysis Program; (2) TRE and Related Applications; (3) Terrorist Research and Analysis Project; (4) Tactical Related Applications
TRAP-I TRAP-Improved
TRAPS TRE & Related Applications
TRB Technical Review Board
TRDL Tactical Reconnaissance Data Link
TRE Tactical Receive Equipment
TRED Tactical Receive Equipment Display
TREDS (1) Tactical Reconnaissance Exploitation Demonstration System; (2) Tactical Receive Equipment (TRE) Display System
TREE Transient Radiation Effects on Electronics
TRF Topographic Readiness Facility
TRICOMS Triad Computer System
TRI-MEF Tri-Marine Expeditionary Force
TRI-MEFO Tri-Marine Expeditionary Force Order
TRITAC Tri-Service Tactical Communications System
TRI-TAC (1) U.S. Joint Tactical Communications Program; (2) Tri-Service Tactical Communications
TRIES Tactical Radar Imagery Exploitation System
TRIGS TR-1 Ground Station
TRIMSS TRANSCOM Imagery Management Support System
TRITAF Tactical Air Forces of TAC, USAFE and PACAF
TRIX(S) Tactical Reconnaissance Intelligence Exchange System
TRL Target Recommendation List
TRML USAFE Target Reference Material List
TRN (1) Target Reference Number; (2) Target Reference Point
TROFA Temporary Remote Operating Facility, Airborne (NSA)
TROJAN Name of Technical Training System
TROJAN SPIRIT TROJAN Special Purpose Integrated Remote Intelligence Terminal
TROKA Third ROK Army
TROPO Tropospheric Scatter Radio
TROSCOM United States Army Troop Support Command
TRP (1) Target Reporting Parameters; (2) Theater Response Package
Trp Troops
TRRIP (1) Theater Rapid Response Intelligence Package; (2) Tactical Rapid Reaction Intelligence
TRS (1) Tactical Reconnaissance Squadron; (2) Tactical Reconnaissance System; (3) Trunked Radio System; (4) Telecommunications Service Request
TRSS Tactical Remote Sensor System
TRT TEREC Remote Terminal
TRUS Tilting Wing/Rotor UAV System
TRV Tank Recovery Vehicle
TRW Tactical Reconnaissance Wing
TS (1) Top Secret; (2) Transaction Services; (3) Target Spotting; (3) TROJAN SPIRIT
TSAR Transmission Security Analysis Report
TSART Test Support and Analysis Report Terminal
TSB PSYOP Tactical Support Battalion
TSC (1) Tactical Support Center; (2) Top Secret Control; (3) Technical Support Center; (4) Tactical Support Company; (5) TROJAN Switching Center; (6) Training Support Center
TSC2 Tactical/Strategic Command & Control
TSCA Time-Sensitive Collection Actions
TSCE Time-Sensitive Collection Emphasis
TSCIF Tactical/Temporary Sensitive Compartmented
Information Facility
TSCIXS Tactical Support Center Information Exchange System
TSCM Technical Surveillance Countermeasures
TSCO Top Secret Control Officer
TSCR Time-Sensitive Collection Requirement
TSCS Transportable Satellite Communications System
TS/SCI Top Secret/Sensitive Compartmented Information
TSCSI Temporary Surface Cryptologic Support Installation
TSCW Top Secret Codeword
TSDS Tactical SIGINT Data Support
TSE Target Support Element
TSEC Telecommuncations Security
TSF Technical Support Facility
TSG Threat Steering Group
TSIT Technical Service Intelligence Team
TSK Transmission Security Key
TSM Threat Spectrum Model
TSMA Theater of Strategic/Military Action
TSOC Theater Support Operations Cell
TSOR Technical Standards of Readiness
TSP (1) Transshipment Point; (2) Training Support Base; (3) Tactical Sensor Planner
TSR (1) Time-Sensitive Requirement; (2) Telecommunications Support Request; (3) Trans-Siberian Railroad
TSRS Tactical Support Reconnaissance System
TSS (1) Telecommunications Security System; (2) Time-Sharing System; (3) Target Summary Sheets;
(4) Target Selection Standards
TSSAM Tri-Service Standoff Attack Missile
TSSR Tropo Satellite Support Radio
TSSS (TS3) (1) Tactical Simulator Study Support; (2) Time-Sensitive Support System
TSSTM Tactical SIGINT Systems Training Module
TST (1) Tactical Surveillance Technology; (2) Theater Support Team; (3) Tactical Support Team
T-STAR TRANSCOM Situation Transportation Analysis Review
TS/TM Target Support/Target Materials
TSWA Temporary Secure Working Area
TSWG Technical Support Working Group Of IG/T
TT (1) Technology Transfer; (2) Target Track
TT&C Telemetry Tracking and Command
TTAC Technology Transfer Analysis Center
TTADB Tactical Terrain Analysis Data Base
TTAP Telemetry Technical Analysis Position
TTBT Threshold Test Ban Treaty
TTC (1) Transportation Terminal Command; (2) Tactical Telephone Central
TTD Tactical Terrain Data
TTG Technical Training Group
TTI Tactical Target Illustration
TTIC Technology Transfer Intelligence Committee
TTM Tactical Target Materials
TTMC Tactical Target Materials Catalogue
TTMP Tactical Target Materials Program
TTMPD Tactical Target Material Production Document
TTP Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures
TTPI Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands
TTR Target Tracking Radar
TTSB Theater Tactical Selection Board
TTU (1) Transportation Terminal Unit; (2) Tape Transport Unit
TTY (1) Teletypewriter; (2) Teletype
TU Task Unit
TUDE Teletype User Display Equipment
TUHTKP Time Urgent Hard Target Kill Potential
TUSA Third U.S. Army
TUT Tactical User’s Terminal
TUV Task Unit Van
TV (1) Television; (2) Theater of War (FSU); (3) Target Vulnerability
TVA Target Value Analysis
TVD Theater of Military Operations (FSU)
TVITS Tactical Video Imagery Transmission System
TW Targeting and Weaponeering
TW/AA Tactical Warning/Attack Assessment
TWAC Tactical Weather Analysis Center
TWCS (1) Tomahawk Weapon Control System; (2) Tactical Warfare Control System
TWG (1) Threat Working Group; (2) Technology Working Group
TWI Training With Industry
TWRL Two-Way Radio Link
TWS/IPS Topographic Workstation/Imagery Processing System
TWT Traveling Wave Tube
TWTA Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
TYC Tactical Message Central
TX (1) Technology Exploitation; (2) Transmission
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