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Old 04-04-2003, 08:22 AM
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Question What's In The Box?

According to the media, thousands of boxes containing a ?White Powder? have been discovered by Coalition Forces in Iraq. I assume that as of this moment, what this powder is yet undetermined!

While all of this was going on, yet another 2500 Republican Guardsmen were put under wraps, Najaf was isolated by the ?Screaming Eagles of the 101rst Airborne Division?, and Iraqi Air Force Headquarters was blasted. ?Problem is, where are the Iraqi Planes??

I was, however, puzzled over what took place at the ?Ali Mosque?, an Iraqi holy site? Some ?Enemy Bastard(s)? spread the rumor that the Coalition was going to either occupy or lock-down this mosque. This lead to a touchy situation in which a mob of thousands of Iraqi citizens menacingly confronted our troops!

In an attempt to defuse the situation, our soldiers were ordered to point their weapons downward and back-off! Had the Iraqis thought this a sign of weakness or capitulation (and some may have), the situation could have, and still might, prove deadly for some of our forces (opinion)! Can anyone say for sure that their were no armed Republican Guards, Militia or those stinking (literally) Fedayeen Butchers in that mob - ?What then amigos?!?

I also noted the looks of hate upon the faces of many within that crazed mob! What, I ask you, would have happened to this angry mob had they displayed this nonsense to Hussein?s soldiers, especially the Republican Guard, a week or two ago? ?Curtains that?s what, and we all know it!!

Hey, it was a grand (though risky) gesture to point our guns downward. It was, again in my opinion, an unacceptable risk, that had it resulted in death and violence to our troops, could have escalated in a heartbeat! In the end, this might have resulted in protracted fighting, and not the conscientious act of appeasement that it was meant to be!?

At the surrender of the Alamo, some Texans, including Davy Crocket, (contrary to popular legend) attempted to surrender! ?These men were systematically hacked to death with sabers and rifle butts by Mexican Soldiers (1836)!? And for the record, Vicente Fox (Mexico?s current President) refused, like some other so called allies, to join us in the ?Liberation of Iraq?, even though many proud and loyal ?Americans of Mexican Heritage? bravely fought and even died for the liberation of that nation (Iraq)!

The same brand of brutality took place at Andersonville, and again to many of the American Prisoners who were captured at the Battle of The Bulge and Bataan! It was also done to some downed fliers in World War II, Korea and Vietnam!

Getting back to Iraq, was it not reported that our troops were in fact taking fire from this very same Ali Mosque? If it is so holy that fire was not directed at it, then should it not have been too holy for those inside to use it as a fortress?

Yes, it was a splendid gesture to show our peaceful intentions as ?Liberators and not Conquerors?, but it was a gesture none the less, that could have caused a blood-bath among our own personnel! Or have we so quickly forgotten the soldiers from the 507th that were butchered by a few of these people!

These aren't the same people says you, well judging by the looks upon some of their insane faces you couldn't prove that to me!?

If we are intent on future actions like this, then I put it to you that this is an accident waiting to happen, ?and happen it very well may?! Many of the screaming, insanity and rage ridden faces that I saw in that mob, were those of the enemy, or at the least, fanatics and maniacs!

?We are still at war with elements of this nation and one does not turn his back upon or genuflect to a potential enemy!" And remember, we were welcomed as liberators (at first) in Somalia too! As such, extreme caution must be the order of the day, and weeks to come!!

We were indeed lucky this time, and as it was with (the real life) "Colonel Benjamin Grierson" - who John Wayne depicted as Colonel Marlow in the movie ?Horse Soldiers?, when this same Union Colonel attempted a repeat performance of his brilliant action at Newton Station, later on in the War, it resulted in a tragic failure!

Once again, ordering our military to humble themselves and literally disarm by pointing their weapons downward, was extremely dangerous in the face of a potentially deadly foe!! (My Opinion)

Apparently, some have forgotten what we are dealing with here, whereas, the Kurds of Northern Iraq will never forget! They paid for this lesson in blood and sarin!!

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Old 04-04-2003, 09:37 AM
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I want to know what's in the those tunnels beside the rats that are hiding there?

I suspect that somewhere in those underground tunnels are more sub-tunnels and bunker's where that little weasel and his kids are hiding. Now this could be a little harry and they could be booby-traped so let's not take any chances.

Where and the hell are all his soldier's!!!? We didn't kill all of them! These dogs are most likely hiding within the city and no doubt using civies for shields.

What our troops did in 15 days is astounding and I can't believe they've taken over the majority of this entire country in that time. There's an underlining event that hasn't taken place yet and I feel somewhat uneasy and concerned.

Where are our POW's? Do we have any idea yet? Have we overlooked any chance that this former leader could have an escape route(s) that might let this rapid dog get out?

We've been talking here about what should be our next move. Serria (?) could be next - why not we've got the troops and more on the way so why not just stroll along the Iraq western border and see what happens?

I've also been waiting to hear if China has slapped the North Korean's to sleep lately for upsetting the nuclear build up programs of late?

Back to Iraq - We are in a good position to do some real house cleaning and I'd not like to loose an opportunity. I'm wondering what other's like you have to say about that?

No! Iits not easy for me to make these statements afterall I'm now too old to go back into the service any longer - but I'd sure go if they'd take me - my wife knows that.

I'd like to hold off on reconstruction and all the major destruction issues have been dealt with.

Yesterday my wife told me she heard that the VA was protesting against the supplier of the Military Tomb Stones. Who supplies our soldier's tombstones? Dus French!! The VA said they'd like a new supplier for reasons we can all agree on and I agree.

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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Old 04-04-2003, 01:50 PM
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As awkward as this may sound, the US would be very ill advised to so much as touch the Ali Mosque. Oceans of blood have run over the legacy of the Islamic Prophet Mohammed and that particular Mosque contains the tomb of Mohammed?s son-in-law. Whatever the misunderstanding, the Officer or NCO in charge of the group did the exact right thing to show no ill intent. Looking real close at the video, Shiite Islamic Clerics can be seen trying to cool off the hotheads and defuse the situation. That was a close thing that could have exploded into something far beyond we would even want to try to contain and would have had nothing at all to do with the war against Saddam?s thugs. No doubt that Saddam?s punks started the rumor and a patrol heading in the direction of the Ali Mosque met the Moslem faithful out to defend their place of worship. That one goes in the file marked dodged bullets for sure and someone deserves a commendation. The troops did go to one knee buit did not look at all subserivant and were ready for anything.

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Old 04-04-2003, 03:11 PM
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Default Scamp...

Hope you're right. But, only time will tell and/or whether or not HARDCORE & Boats are right-on-track, or you are.

At this stage of the game, one doesn't know if the crowd of civilians there were shoved-out-there at gunpoint, whether actually civilians at all, or just devout followers of Islam???

Also, and besides the religious remains supposedly in The Mosque, who-the-hell can verify that there isn't also a battalion size combat team of iraqi thugs in the very same mosque?

Pretty-much going along with Boats and HARDCORE aside, I know only one thing for certain. Such being that if now in Iraq with My People, I sure-as-hell wouldn't want to be saddled or handcuffed by one sided Rules of Engagement (when enemy has none whatsoever), or have to fight politically-correct warfare, when the enemy has no concept whatsoever of the word: "Correct",...even if it jumped-up and bit-em-in-the-ass.

Besides, and especially against a vicious pack of murderous fanatics, why should any American Trooper be expected to: "Turn the other cheek" and/or be overly sensitive and/or politically-correct? The enemy most certainly isn't. Come to fight,...fight.
Come to do PR, PR. Whatever, don't get the two mixed-up.
Additional Americans, Brits, etc., etc., will die because of such.

Rule One: When in doubt, reconnaissance by fire. Usually someone will fire back. In this instance, let some clerics go in and take out The Remains first,...then just call-in A Fire Mission.
Seems fair enough to me, plus for all Troopers also (what should be the main concern).

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