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Question Attempting To Rewrite The Book


(more opinions)

“The fastest way to destroy any society is to get it to accept abomination and filth as the norm!”

I and many of you too (I am sure), have seen it all before! Some of the most pristine and beautiful things in life, such as Nature, family, manners and even personal hygiene itself, can be lost in increments that appear on the surface to be minuscule and virtually unseen! But once lost, abandoned, or even cast aside, they can be a real bear to reacquire or gain anew, if ever?

Well, in my opinion, the same is true with most things in life, including “Ones Own Country!” So beware of those who forever try to insert themselves into segments of your life and liberties that you may (at first) consider to be inconsequential or even trite! “As the good intentions of one can often turn into the absolute control of another?”

It is, after all, for each of us to individually decide what works for us personally! And no taskmaster, be it an individual or on a global scale, has ever been content with but half a loaf, “Now Have They?!”

Of course, this is not to say (or to even imply) that all control is bad or even counterproductive! After all, some control is essential to the progress and the advancement of any society! But beware of those authoritarians and control freaks who slowly (but surely) seek to slither that control into all aspects of your life! And even though some of them may be smarter, sharper, richer, more educated, or even more sophisticated than y’all, this still does not grant anyone the right to rule, or even to dictate how you must live!

In short: To Hell with all who would seek (or demand) to control your every thought or movement, your reasoning, your ideas and creativity, your opinions, or even your personality - for these things, like the human mind itself, are yours – “And Yours Alone!”

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