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Old 10-11-2017, 04:25 PM
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Angry Basic Values


“Let’s cut through all of that bureaucratic suet and the wasted wind for a change!” Many politicians are just that – politicians, And Little More? They would promise you “Eden Itself”, if not for the fact that they were driven out of there eons ago. “Besides, they can not deliver upon, that which they do not own, even though they often try!”

Now right about now, many an ever rigid bureaucrat is fuming over the fact that I am openly saying what many people truly believe, but still fear to say! And after all is said and done, more than a few politician still genuinely believes that they are far more than just “Temporarily Elected and Handsomely-Paid Hired Hands” - people who were selected because their old lies (but with a new twist), has resonated anew with those who hunger for that which always appears to be just beyond their grasp? But always remember this:

“This country, with its institutions, (still) belongs to the people who inhabit it!” (Abraham Lincoln – April 8, 1861)

Isn’t it amazing however, that no more than a few days after this speech was delivered (April 14, 1861 to be exact), “Our Great Nation” was violently plunged into four bloody years of “Civil War”, a conflict that claimed as many as “750,000 Irreplaceable American Lives” – a staggering number, especially considering our population at the time!

“And finally, many of “These American Patriots (on both sides of that tragic conflict)” fought for what they truly believed in!” And many of these same tenets and ideas are still numbered among the basic values that yet supply the haughty and indomitable winds to the sails that still propel “Our United States of America” - to this very day!”

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Old 10-11-2017, 05:17 PM
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Arrow Past Immigrants Had It Easier Than Today’s Newcomers

Past Immigrants Had It Easier Than Today’s Newcomers

This site relates to immigration it may not apply but its a factor that the US I don't think was really ready for the long terms effects. But that's just my view on it. My grand-parents and my wife's came over around 1850 to 1913 I do believe - via boat. They kissed the ground upon their arrival for they knew they had a chance to make something of themselves and provide for their children. And they worked hard - very hard - because they didn't speak the language real well and they brought with them their beliefs and hopes that they could sustain a better life. They did a fine job and worked harder than most to build a life in a country they only used to dream about. The old country called to them on several occasions and they went back only to tell stories about how great the USA was.

Today we seem overwhelmed by the influx of immigration. They tend to group together in cities and states where many of their kind live. The folks who came before them showed them the ropes got them to slowly adjust to the American system. And even then they were treated poorly by many. It took a long time to get acclimated to these new liberties they were blessed with plus the language and mannerisms of the American people.

They believed in everything the American's said to be truth. They sacrificed like many others did. It took time to assmylate and they did. WWI - WWII - Korea and many other conflicts were still to come into their lives. They joined up to fight for the USA and later sent their kids into one or more of these wars. Their kids went to Viet Nam and many lost their kids to these wars. But it was something they wanted to do.

Today we have split divisions amongst our peoples. My Grand-Parents wouldn't recognize what has taken place. Our system of politics and many of our peoples are at odds with each other. The USA is splintered into divisions of which will lesson our abilities to grow and prosper. We are imploding - hurting ourselves in many ways. Our government is under question by many who feel they no longer are part of their system. We are here only to pay our taxes and not worry about things we have no control over! The voting is our only way of changing the political system. Many vote many do not! This is the issue that surrounds us today.

Life - Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is all we ask and yet it doesn't come from the Top Down rather lately its lost something along the way. Corruption and greed along with the Power one can attain if allowed to pursue this option.

We need to strengthen the bonds of all people's and ensure those in office do right for us not to corrupt the values that our Fore-Father's once tried to provide. It's still "We the People" unless we strive to become one - we will splinter off into catastrophic realm of internal conflicts and world wars - over and over again. We are on that path folks.

Ever notice many of our Leader's come from well to do backgrounds. Very few have had to struggle of late. They will give you the old dog and pony BS but having made it to the top they do not want to relinquish all they have getting there. How do you define leadership?
It can come in many forms but mostly those with these designs have other things in mind once there. The tunes they sprout off with are ones many of us have heard before.

Most come from big money were given the best life could offer and they liked it. Their roots of power were born into them and manifested by the family members who taught them the way of the powerful. They could not live like the majority of the US peoples. Not after having cake and ice cream since birth.

The big business billionaires run this country. They finance and groom the people they want to run for office and low and behold - those favors will come back two-fold or more.
The good ones who make into congress or seats of power try their damn hard to make changes for all but they are not the majority. You see where this is going - its a no win scenario and its been this was for many decades. Business folks get the breaks and the little guys pay for their losses - if they know it or not. They suck off the cream and leave the grounds for others.

We praise Lincoln who had a good heart and good intentions. His demise was that he was too good at what he did. He was a great President and made some god awful decisions to strengthen this county - but after that things ballooned into a free for all of whose on top and how can the stay there and maintain this power that eats them alive and we the little guys are like retreads year after year.

Sorry about all this - its only how I see things after my 71 years of life.


O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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