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Post West Nile - West Coast


Cleopatra?s Revenge [West Nile Virus] has finally made it to the Shaky-Side [West Coast]. Have you ever thought about the fact that just when mankind seems to have conquered most of his known nemesis, new ones seem to appear out of nowhere to take
their place? With the likes of TB and Influenza generally under control, up rears ?West Nile Virus, Aids, Hanta Virus?, and a plethora of other deadly bugs that can cause mankind no end of grief!

The biggest bugaboo of all, however, and the quintessential disease of all humanity, is [and
always will be] - ?WARFARE!? If someone sneezes wrong, the ?Great Depopulator? [War] seems to set in to wipe away surplus humanity [sorry Scrooge]!? Of course, West Nile is no slouch when it comes to stopping breathing either! With almost 1300 [an
unlucky number] already testing positive for this Mosquito-Borne Disease, and 54 dead thus far, and this being an extremely dry season [drought] at that, this virus may fast become a real pain in the ass-side!

Of course, Jerks like Hussein will not be outdone by a mere mosquito, himself being ?King Cockroach!? ?Saddam the Sadistic?, like all too many damned fools, is not content with just being so stinking ugly [nothing a bar of soap, and a new face wouldn?t cure], he is messing around with Pandora?s box to boot! ?The same box of vermin in fact, that he himself probably crawled out of!!? If it kills people, Saddam has an interest in it!

The same question, however, still comes to mind when Saddam?s name enters any conversation? ?Why in the hell was this ?Sand Worm? allowed to wriggle free when we had him under our combat boots over a decade ago? Repairing a shoddy task, or having to re-do any job a second time, often takes more effort than doing it right the first time! Not that our military didn?t do a superb job back in 1991, but rather that our leadership
underestimated the amount of venom contained within the ?Asp of Iraq?, or were too arrogant to realize that a dead snake is far less deadly that a wounded one!!

As for the [so-called] United Nations, they are [in my opinion] about as useful as a ?Big Titted Boar, or a pocket full of snotty lint!?

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