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Unhappy We Have No One To Blame - But Ourselves


We live within a nation that values itself upon the amount of advanced education that is available to many of our people, even though many would agree that some inequity still exists upon our valiant shores! But most of this inequity is indeed systemic by nature, and those who promise to make a positive and affirmative difference, should they be elected to public office, quite often fail to deliver upon their promises – and there-in usually lies the rub!

As a matter of fact, however, we generally have no one to blame for this failure but ourselves! For even with our advanced educations, our generally good health and nutrition, and especially, our ability to think and to reason for ourselves, there are still far too many people out there who are out to screw the system, and mostly to shaft our people in particular! “And for as long as this inequity exists, there will always be a few who feel that it is their right to do - just as they damned well please!?

Now I am not saying that being sharp, well educated, industrious, talented, or even on the ball, is a bad thing, but when a person plays the part of a superior, but loses the essence of truth and humanity in the process, then who will stand up for the perceived under-dog?

And grinning over the top of a fine wardrobe, touting a magnificent command of “The King’s English”, or even claiming a love and understanding of the common man alone, and all of this while being totally self-centered and me-ist in reality, is the sign of a liar and a cad, once again in my own way-undereducated opinion? “Few of us, after all, can be heroes, politically prominent, or even financially well-set, but all of us can be conscientious and caring, and so it should be!” (hrt)

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