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Old 12-04-2005, 11:30 AM
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Lightbulb Credit Where Credit Is Due!

Being neither a Democrat nor a Republican, I am quick to praise (and just as quick to yell like hell) when I perceive a royal political screwing in the making! ?As such, I leave political ambition and the likes to the big boys!?

I just read a piece on one congressman who came up through the educational system (I believe?), and not the (often-polluted) back alleys of politics. A man who has, from what I have seen, championed veteran programs, and from what I have read, quite effectively at that!

It seems that the wife of this Congressman was utilized as a perfectly legal, self-employed consultant - something that I and every married man out there does on a daily basis! And although most of our wives undertake this arduous task (and many others) for but room and board, the Congressman paid his wife a salary of about $45,000 a year as an effective consultant to his office. Admittedly, she did a damned good job and earned every dime that she was paid and then some, it was written!

Politics being what they are, however, the upcoming opponent of this incumbent congressman has claimed that because of her (the congressman?s wife?s) self-employed status, the constituents have no way of knowing if some of this congressman?s campaign contributions made their way into his household income? ?For the record, neither do they know that they did either!?

In my opinion, this amounts to cheap shot against a family member, and the kind of attack in other directions, that is usually undertaken by people with very little going for them personally? Also worthy of note is the fact that there is no proof that I know of, of this vicious allegation, but rather, and as usual, it is the kind of smut that often surfaces in and around election time.

?So what is next - will some political aspirant attack the family dog because he pissed on a local fire hydrant??

Now for the record, the relatively moderate funds, as political spending goes (salary for provable services received), were checked out with a lawyer before hand, and reported as such on campaign statements. And unlike another congressman who may be (or may not be - politics being what they are) in some trouble for his favor selling, the moderate salary paid to this congressman?s wife was legal and apparently aboveboard?

This congressman has also (according to the piece that I read in the papers), filed disclosure reports on his wife?s employment as a ?Self-Employed Consultant!? A position in which she has proven her worth, according to segments of the media! After all, with both a Bachelor Degree in Political Science, and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from recognized state universities (according to the media), the lady is indeed qualified and deserving of a paycheck for her labors, in my opinion!

Now to infuriate matters even more, the regional political opponent throwing most of the dirt in this particular case, is from the same political faction as the sitting congressman! ?Gee, ain?t politics and party loyalty grand??

And before it comes up - ?No, this piece should not go into the political debate section in my opinion, as no party or individual is referenced by name or locale. It is merely a general observation and object lesson into human nature! If, that is, politics and humanity can be mentioned in the same breath??

In today?s political/bureaucratic arena, it seems that even the families of political aspirants have become fair game? And in this train of thought, it makes no difference what political party is involved, as they too are usually targeted!

It is also a long-standing practice in politics (both parties) to select certain family members to serve alongside the elected official, just so long as that person is qualified and effective in the job! With an advanced degree and practical and effective experience in this field, this lady was by any stretch of the imagination - QUALIFIED!!

Now I may not personally agree with this habit, but it has long been done by both political parties, and it is legal. And in most cases, it does work to the benefit of the masses! But when a political opponent has so little going for him or her, that they are forced to attack the innocent families of their opposition, then again in my opinion, it just goes to prove what lengths a few people will go to in order to become a demigod!

Hell, I even recall a now departed WWII hero who, many, many years ago, ran for a relatively meager political office in California?s Central Valley. Even he (a well known, courageous and respected entity), had shit slung at him from all directions, and lost that election!

And for the record again, the congressman that I was referring to above, lived (not on a luxury yacht), but rather in a condominium! And this congressman?s wife has been sought after (and probably for far more money?) by other DC lawmakers as a consultant. She has, however, remained steadfastly in her husband?s corner! ?And that is something that many of us can relate to!!?

In closing, and according to the law, the congressman?s wife needs to remedy one problem, however - ?She does need to register a trade name, and she (according again to what I read) plans to do just that!?

Being but a bum myself, I never have had any political ambitions, and I thank God for that! From what I have seen of some in politics, I am surprised that we have survived for better than two centuries, despite the attempts of a few along the way to bastardize our sacred mandate into a license to steal!


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Old 12-05-2005, 07:19 AM
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Join Date: Jul 2002
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Just an after thought - Could it be that the problems being experienced by a congressional member of the opposite political party motivated this attack? Hell no, as this attack came from right in the same party by a very ambitious (opinion) politico!

Even though (apparently) no laws were broken, and the intent of the incumbent was honorable, the damage done by such a vicious attack did accomplish more than one thing - the attacker has shown his (or her) true colors, and colors like these can garner for one a one way trip to the infernal regions (eventually)!

Is the lure of power and bucks so great in politics, as to overpower ethics, integrity, and even common decency? "APPARENTLY IN SOME DARK CORNERS OF POLITICS, IT HAS DONE JUST THAT?"

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