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Old 12-30-2009, 10:26 AM
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Default "Out of The Clear Blue"

"Out of The Clear Blue" (December 30, 2009)

It coming to light that so many American Intelligence Agencies (Forget about all foreign ones also.) and their Operatives & Agents were longtime knowledgeable about Umar Farouk Abdulmutallah, begs questioning WHY that Muslim Terrorist Suicide Bomber & associates were permitted getting so-damn-far?

Many in government, press/media and public are and have been pretty-much asking and questioning those very same stark facts & realities.

Well folks, just run some of my warped thinking past your noggins or grey matter. The obvious answer to: "WHY" just came to me Out of The Clear Blue.

Remember all that current nonsense about holding CIA Operatives or Agents & Administration infinitely more important & accountable for their intelligence gathering techniques,...than the despicable actions of captured Islamic Terrorists? I sure-as-hell-do.

Hey,...just put yourself in some Intelligence Agent's shoes for awhile. Would you chance informing your superiors about what COULD(?), MIGHT(?) or MIGHT NOT(?) be perpetrated by some Sicko Muslim Terrorist,...if found out that any intel about such was gotten or acquired swiftly by harsh & sensibly America Protecting and/or Politically-Incorrect methods?

Of course not. Why put both your neck & career on the line for ingrates? We all know what obviously will happen. You will be The Bad Guy, and The Merciful Terrorist will be your accuser.

Then too,...maybe any Muslim Terrorists you ferreted-out were just all talk, anyway?
So then, why leave yourself wide-open for the absurdity of America's vindictively prosecutorial Justice Department, plus Homeland Security types also? Agents are paid well,...but not that well.

Most already know that Our Attorney General, Homeland Security Chief & U.S. Congress are actually more so concerned about Muslim Terrorists' Rights, than anything else. Apparently, American Lords much prefer putting Fellow Americans through hell than sending Islamic Terrorists straight to hell?

Hell again,...forget about naive fools ordering the rightful & sensible Wartime Hanging or Executing of Muslim War Criminals. That Old Nurenberg norm will just never happen. Nowadays it's more likely Our Rulers hang some Federal Agent for: "Waterboarding" some Peace Loving (a sarcastic tee-hee) Mass-Murderous Muslim, instead. Go figure?

Besides, why-on-earth coddle or gift U.S. Citizenry Rights to any inept Muslim Suicide Bombers captured or even Illegal Aliens, anyway? Are majority of America's Leaders just plain Nuts? Do "They" now even reward Mass-Murderous Muslim Scum, FOR FAILURE???

Wouldn't just dispatching captured enemies as quick as possible after harshest of tortures & interrogations as our Despicably Unconscionable Muslim Enemies quite commonly do,...make infinitely more sense INSTEAD? I certainly believe so.

Sure,...I know such Destroying & Annihilating all Muslim Enemies isn't Politically-Correct.
But, SO WHAT? It's better being Politically-Incorrect & ALIVE,.....than PC & DEAD.

N.R. Filidei /
My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.

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