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Old 07-09-2003, 09:31 AM
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Arrow Reflections Across The Big River

?Our Compadres (friends) in Mexico? (yet another nation that turned it?s back on us during Gulf War II), are now experiencing a backlash of animosity from their very own people, according to the media?! And this particular ally that rests just to the south of the Rio Grande (Big River) is now nestling uncomfortably, amidst its own ?Flames of Discontent and Verbal Rebellion!?

?YES INDEED, THE TAMALE IS DEFINITELY ON THE FIRE?, right along side of Vincente Fox I suspect! ?Aye Chihuahua!!?

To quote our sage-like (?) media: ?Voters have become increasingly disillusioned with the lack of change (for the better) during the first three years of Fox?s Administration!? Maybe the Mexican President should have considered declaring a war or two - that usually seems to work!?

A few of the "Mexican President?s Words", however, echoed through my ears like "A Cannon On The Fourth of July!" He said, and I partially quote: ?We Must Listen To The People, including those who are not voting, as they are also expressing their views with their silence!!"

?Do I see a slight reflection upon yon river, perhaps?!?

And while we are at it - Congratulations to our magnificent troops for capturing those hundreds of (enemy) "Rocket-Propelled Grenades" in Iraq recently! "I am sure that many an American life was saved by this ordnance capture!!"

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Old 07-09-2003, 09:44 AM
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Has a familiar ring to it HC!
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