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Old 06-30-2022, 11:37 AM
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Angry A Reflection Upon All Lying & Thieving, Cheats


(Personal Opinions)

In my opinion, there is nothing lower in this entire world than some scum-bag who is so lackluster, petty, and a complete zero, and who finds it necessary to pirate the works of another! And worst yet, are those who have themselves totally convinced that there is nothing at all amiss with stealing the mental and physical labors of another, or who go through their entire lifetimes splattering their bogus excrement all over creation! So what is wrong with these creatures of darkness, that they themselves really have nothing of their own (of any intrinsic value) to offer up for their existence? And why is it that they often tend to gather with other equally-worthless fools, and this in an attempt to even con “The Creator Himself” into believing that they are truly these magnificent and perfect beings that they usually pretend to be!

“You know - not achieving is one thing!” But stealing the creations (or the honest labors) of another, until you arrive at a point in time when you yourself begin to believe your own publicity, is (in my opinion) a phenomenal waste of air and time itself, and this, both on the part of the phony themselves, right along with all of those disgusting little toadies who obediently bark upon, and barf-up upon each and every command!

“So is this truly some people’s only avenue to success”, and do these pathetic little frauds truly believe that their disgusting, and habitual, little lies and deceit are their only real avenue to worldly accolades?

You know, if these stinking little cretins were not so damned odious and disgusting, and if “This Earth” were not so overly-populated with their numbers, a person could almost begin to feel sorry for them?

“And worst yet, many of these pathetic little creatures know (down-deep) exactly who and what they truly are!”

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