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Default A CINCPAC Glossary of Commonly Used Abbreviations and Short Titles

A CINCPAC Glossary of Commonly Used Abbreviations and Short Titles

Compiled by LTC J. R. Johnson, USA, CINCPAC Command Historian

Senior Chief Yeoman D. E. Bentley, USN.

Staff Sergeant William J. Stanish, USAF.

Camp H. M. Smith, Hawaii



AAAir America; Antiaircraft
AAAAntiaircraft Artillery; Army Audit Agency
AABFSAmphibious Assault Bulk Fuel System
AADCPArmy Air Defense Command Post
AAFArmy Airfield
AAFESArmy and Air Force Exchange Service
AAFVAustralian Armed Forces, Vietnam
AAFWBArmy-Air Force Wage Board
AAMAir-to-air Missile
AAOCAntiaircraft Operations Center
AARMAAssistant US Army Military Attache
AATTVAustralian Army Training Team, Vietnam
AAWAntiaircraft Warfare
AAWEX Antiaircraft Warfare Exercise
ABAir Base
ABAAirborne Assault
ABADAir Battle Analysis Division
ABATAir Base Advisory Team
ABMAnti-Ballistic Missile
ABMAArmy Ballistic Missile Agency
ABNCPAirborne Command Post
ABRAirborne Resupply
ABWGAir Base Wing
ACApproach Chart
ACAAirlift Clearance Authority
ACAADAuthorized Commanders Atomic Air Defense
ACCArmy Component Command; Alternate Command Center; Air Control Center
ACCSAirborne Command and Control Squadron
ACCSEATOAir Component Commander(s) SEATO
ACDAArms Control and Disarmament Agency
ACEArmy Combat Engineers; Alternate Command Elements
ACEPAirborne Emergency Communications Post
ACMAir Chief Marshall; Additional Crew Member
ACNBAustralian Commonwealth Naval Board
ACofSAssistant Chief of Staff
ACPAllied Communications Publication
ACRAerial Combat Reconnaissance; Air Crew Rescue
ACSAir Commando Squadron
ACTIVArmy Concept Team in Vietnam
AC&WAircraft Control and Warning
ADAir Defense; Air Division
ADAAir Defense Artillery
ADARAir Defense Area
ADCAir Defense Command
ADCCAir Defense Command Center
ADCSPAdvanced Defense Communications Satellite Project
ADDCAir Defense Direction Center
ADIZAir Defense Identification Zone
ADMINOAdministrative Office
ADMSCAutomatic Data Message Switching Center
ADOAuto Defense Ordinance
ADPAutomatic Data Processing
ADPSAutomatic Data Processing System
ADRIIndonesian Army
ADTActual Departure Time
ADTAKEAdvise Action Taken
ADVAdvanced Development Unit
ADVONAdvance Squadron
AEAeromedical Evacuation
A&EArchitectural and Engineering
AEACAlternate Emergency Action Center
AEACPAirborne Emergency Alternate Command Post
AEWAirborne Early Warning
AEWC(ADC)Airborne Early Warning and Control (Aerospace Defense Command)
AFAir Force
AFADGRUAir Force Advisory Group
AFAGAir Force Advisory Group
AFAKArmed Forces Assistance to Korea
AFBAir Force Base
AFCCAir Force Component Commander
AFCENTAllied Forces Central Europe
AFCRCAir Force Cambridge Research Center
AFCSAir Force Communications System
AFICAir Force Intelligence Center
AFKArmed Forces of the Republic of Korea
AFLCAir Force Logistics Command
AFMAir Force Manual
AFMDCAir Force Missile Development Center
AFPArmed Forces of the Philippines
AFPSCArmed Forces Philippines Supply Center
AFRAir Force Regulation
AFRSArmed Forces Radio Service
AFRTSArmed Forces Radio and Television Service
AFSCArmed Forces Staff College; Air Force Systems Command
AF-SEMPArmed Forces Socio-Economic Program
AFSSAir Force Security Services
AFSWCAir Force Special Weapons Center
AFSWPArmed Forces Special Weapons Project
AFTACAir Force Technical Application Center
AFWTRAir Force Western Test Range
AGCAmphibious Force Flagship
AGEAssociated Ground Equipment
AGILAirborne General Illumination Light System
AGSSurveying Ship
AGSCCoastal Surveying Ship
AGSSAuxiliary Target Submarine
AHAttack Helicopter; Hospital Ship
AIDAgency for International Development
AIFAerospace Intelligence File
AIGAddress Indicator Group
AIKAid in Kind; Assistance in Kind
AIRAircraft Recovery
AIRAAir Attache
AIRRESAir Rescue
AJCCAlternate Joint Command Center
AJWRAlternate Joint War Room (now ANMCC)
AKCargo Ship
AKLLight Cargo Ship
AKPAgence Khmer Press (Cambodian Newspaper)
ALAAirland Assault
ALCJArmy Logistics Command Japan
ALCONAll Concerned
ALNAccounting Line Number
ALRAirland Resupply
ALRIIndonesian Navy
ALUSLOUS Naval Liaison Officer
ALUSNAUS Naval Attache for Air
AMAlert Message; Amplitude Modulation
AMAAir Material Area
AMCArmy Materiel Command
AMCONGENAmerican Consulate General
AMCONSULAmerican Consul
AMDAir Movement Designator
AMEMBAmerican Embassy
AMFAustralian Military Forces
AMFPAAir Material Force Pacific Area
AMSArmy Map Service
ANFEAircraft Non-Flying-Electronics
ANGLICOAir and Naval Gunfire Liaison Company
ANMCCAlternate National Military Command Center
AN/TSQ-51JAir Defense Fire Distribution System
ANZAMAustralia, New Zealand and Malaysia
ANZUSAustralia, New Zealand, United States
AOBAir Order of Battle
AOCAir Operation Center
AOCPAircraft out of Commission for Parts
AODAviation Operating Detachment
AOGAuxiliary Oil and Gasoline Tanker
APTransport Ship
APAAttack Transport
APACLAsian Peoples Anti-Communist League
APCArmored Personnel Carrier
APDHigh speed transport
APLBarracks Craft (non-self-propelled)
APRFEAir Procurement Region Far East
APSFArmed Public Security Force
ARArmed Recce; Army Regulation
ARADCOMArmy Air Defense Command
ARDFAirborne Radio Direction Finding; Air Reconnaissance Detection Force
AREFSAir Refueling Squadron
ARFCOSArmed Forces Courier Service
ARG Amphibious Ready Group
ARGMAArmy Rocket and Guided Missile Agency
ARKRoyal Cambodian Army
ARLLanding Craft Repair Ship
ARMAArmy Attache
ARPAAdvance Research Projects Agency
ARPACArmy Pacific
ARSAir Rescue Service
ARRSAerospace and Recovery Service; Air Rescue Squadron
ARVNArmy of the Republic of Vietnam
ASAArmy Security Agency; Association for Southeast Asia
ASAPAs soon as possible
ASAPACArmy Security Agency Pacific
ASCACAntisubmarine Classification and Analysis Center
ASCATAir Service Command Advisory Team
ASDFAir Staff Defense Force; Air Self Defense Force (Japan)
ASD(I&L)Assistant Secretary of Defense (Installations and Logistics)
ASD/ISAAssistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs
ASD(M)Assistant Secretary of Defense for Manpower
ASDOAssistant Staff Duty Officer
ASESBArmed Services Explosive Safety Board
ASHAssault Support Helicopter
ASIFAirlift Service Industrial Fund
ASLAuthorized Stock Level; Authorized Stockage List
ASMMCCArmed Services Medical Material Coordination Committee
ASPAnnual Service Practice; Ammunition Supply Point
ASPACAsian and Pacific Council
ASPBAssault Support Patrol Boat
ASPRArmed Services Procurement Regulation
ASOCAir Support Operation Center
ASRAvailable Supply Rate
ASROCAntisubmarine Rocket
ASRTAir Support Radar Team
ASTAAerial Surveillance and Target Acquisition
ASTIAArmed Services Technical Information Agency
ASWAntisubmarine Warfare
ASWBPLArmed Services Whole Blood Processing Laboratory
ATAActual time of arrival
ATACArmy Tank and Automotive Command
ATBANAtomic Bargain Analysis Report
ATCAir Target Chart
ATCOAir Transportation Coordination Office
ATCUAir Transportable Communication Unit
ATDSAirborne Tactical Data System
ATFAmphibious Task Force; Fleet Ocean Tug
ATMPAir Target Materials Program
ATRSoviet Rescue Ocean Tug
ATRANAutomatic Terrain Recognition and Navigation (Guidance System)
ATSFAutomatic Target Selection File
AugAugment(ed); August
AURIIndonesian Air Force
AUTHGRAAuthority Granted
AUTODINAutomatic Digital Network
AUTOSEVOCOMAutomatic Secure Voice Communications System
AUTOVONAutomatic Voice Network
AUWAntiunderwater Warfare
AVGASAviation Gasoline
AVRKCambodian Air Force
AWAutomatic Weapons; All Weather (acft)
AWCSAutomatic Weapon Control System; Air Weapons Control System
AWRAmmunition War Reserve
AWRLAmmo War Reserve Level
AWXAll Weather Interceptor

BABurmese Army
BACBase Area Command
BADGEBase Air Defense Ground Environment (Japan)
BAFBurmese Air Force
BAHTThailand Currency
BAISBattlefield Airborne Illumination System
BARBrowning Automatic Rifle
BARCBarge - Amphibious Resupply Cargo
BASBomb Alarm System
BASICBattlefield Area Surveillance & Integrated Communication
BBPBorder Boundary Police (Thailand)
BCBody Count
BCTBattalion Combat Team
BDABomb damage assessment
BDLBeach Discharge Lighter
BDPBase development planning
BDSTARVN Military Intelligence Collection Company
BDSWBritish Defense Staff, Washington
BEBombing Encyclopedia
BEFBattalion Expeditionary Force
BEGBrigade Engineer Group (USMC)
BGBrigadier General; Battle Group
BIBattalion Infantry
BIOSBiological Investigation of Space
BIRDIEBattery Integration and Radar Display
BLSGBrigade Logistic Support Group (USMC)
BLTBattalion Landing Team
BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System
BMTBeginning Morning Nautical Twilight (24 min before sunrise)
BMUBeachmaster Unit
BNBurmese Navy
BOABroad Ocean Area (PMR Use)
BOBBureau of the Budget
BODBeneficial Occupancy Date
BOMREPBombing Report
BOPDBataan Ocean Petroleum Depot
BOQBachelor Officer Quarters
BOSBase Operating Support
BPBaghdad Pact
BPDBasic Planning Document (MAP)
BPPBorder Patrol Police
Brig GenBrigadier General
BRLBomb Release Line
BROBase Requirements Overseas
BRMCBritish Royal Marine Corps
BSABeach Support Area
BSDBallistic Systems Division
BSPBarisan Socialist Party (Leftist-Malaysia)
BSTSBattle Staff Teams
BSUBoat Support Unit
BTWBoat Wave
BUDOCKSBureau of Yards and Docks
BUPERSBureau of Naval Personnel
BUSANDABureau of Supply and Accounts
BUSHIPSBureau of Ships
BUWEPSBureau of Naval Weapons
BWBiological Warfare; Bango Whiplash
BWCCBomb to Warhead Conversion Components
BWIBattle Wound Injury

CACivil Affairs; Chinese Army; Civic Action; Heavy Cruiser
CABCivil Affairs Branch
CACCivic Action Centers
CACPCasualty Assistance Calls Program
CAFChinese Air Force
CAFOBCombined Air Force Operating Base
CAGCivic Action Group; Guided Missile Heavy Cruiser
CALSUCombat Air Lift Support Unit
CAMRAConsolidated Air Mission Results Analysis
CAMTTCivil Affairs Mobile Training Team
CANCOMARPACCanadian Commander Army Pacific
CAOCoordinated Atomic Operations; Communications Allocation Order
CAOCCombat Air Operations Center
CAPCombat Air Patrol; Country Assistance
CARCommanders Availability Report
CASControlled American Source; Close Air Support
CASFComposite Air Strike Force(s)
CASSCountry Assistance Strategy Statement
CATCivil Air Transport
CATFCommander Amphibious Task Force
CBConstruction Battalion (Sea Bees)
CBMUConstruction Battalion Maintenance Unit
CBRChemical, Biological and Radiological Warfare
CBUCluster Bomb Unit
CCCommercial Consumables
CCAChinese Communist Army
CCACNCINCPAC Command and Control Alert/Conferencing Net
CCAFChinese Communist Air Force
CCEWTCentral Control Evaluation and Warning Team
CCF Corps Contingency Force; Chinese Communist Forces
CCGCombat Cargo Group
CCICatalog of Completed Items "Target Materials"
C&CIContingency & Confidential Intelligence
CCKChing Chuan Kang
CCNChinese Communist Navy
CCRDESConcept for a Radiological Detection System
CCRSFFCommander, Central Region SEATO Field Forces
CCTSCombat Crew Training School
CDCombat Developments
C&DCover and Deception
CDCControl Data Corporation
CDIControl Director Intercept
CDNICommittee for the Defense National Interest
CDTCCombat Development Test Center
CECCivil Engineer Corps - Navy
CEICommunications Electronics Instruction
CEIPCommunications -Electronics Implementation Plan
CENTOCentral Treaty Organization
CEOICommunications Electronics Operating Instruction
CFSContract Field Service
CGCommanding General; Civil Guard
CGUSARF TAIWANCommanding General, United States Army Forces, Taiwan
CGUSARMACCommanding General, US Army Material Command
CGUSARYIS /IXCORPSCommanding General, US Army Ryukyu Islands: IX Corps
CHAFSECChief Air Force Section
CHDLG INDONESIAChief, Defense Liaison Group, Indonesia
CHICOMChinese Communist
CHJUSMAGChief, Joint United States Military Advisory Group - Country
CHMAAGChief Military Assistance Advisory Group - Country
CHMEDT BURMAChief, Military Equipment Delivery Team, Burma
CHMILTAGChief Military Technical Advisory Group, Indonesia
CHMPOChief Military Planning Office
CHNAVADGRUChief Naval Advisory Group - Country
CHNAVSECChief Navy Section
CHOPChange Operational Control
CHPROVMAAGKChief, Military Assistance Advisory Group, Korea (Provisional)
CHUSAOSASFChief United States Army Overseas Supply Agency, San Francisco
CHUSMSIChief US Military Supply Mission India
CHWTOChief, Western Pacific Transportation Office
CICounterinsurgency; Counterintelligence
CIACentral Intelligence Agency
CIBCommand Information Bureau
CICCombat Information Center
CIDGCivilian Irregular Defense Group; Current Intelligence Digest
CIGCOREPCounter Infiltration - Counter Guerrilla Concept and Requirement Plan
CIICCurrent Intelligence Indication Center
CIMCommunication Improvement Memo
CINCCommander in Chief
CINCALCommander in Chief Alaska
CINCEURCommander in Chief Europe
CINCFESCommander in Chief Far East Station (British)
CINCLANTCommander in Chief Atlantic
CINCLANTFLTCommander in Chief, United States Atlantic Fleet
CINCMEAFSACommander in Chief Middle East, Southern Asia, Africa South of the Sahara
CINCNELMCommander in Chief US Naval Forces, Eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean
CINCNORADCommander in Chief North American Air Defense Command
CINCPACCommander in Chief Pacific
CINCPACAFCommander in Chief Pacific Air Force
CINCPACFLTCommander in Chief United States Pacific Fleet
CINCPACREPCommander in Chief Pacific Representative
CINCPACSTAFFINSTRCommander in Chief Pacific Staff Instruction
CINCSACCommander in Chief Strategic Air Command
CINCSTRIKECommander in Chief of the Strike Command
CINCUNCCommander in Chief United Nations Command
CINCUSARPACCommander in Chief, United States Army, Pacific
CIPCounterinsurgency Plan
CIRADSCounterinsurgency Research and Development Symposium
CIRVISCommunication Involving Restricted Visual Information Sightings
CIVACTGPCivic Action Group
CIVADCivil Administrator
CIVCCombined Intelligence Center, Vietnam
CJCSChairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff
CJOEPCoordinated Joint Outline Emergency Plan
CJTFCommander Joint Task Force
CLCombat and Liaison; Light Cruiser
CLFCommander Landing Force
CLIP Country Logistics Improvements Plan
CMCCommandant Marine Corps
CMFCitizens Military Force (Australia)
CMPOChief, SEATO Military Planning Office
CMSOChief Japanese Maritime Staff Office
CNChinese Navy
CNOChief of Naval Operations
COCommanding Officer
COACTCombat Air Activity Reports
COAMSComputerization of Army Movement Schedules
COBClose of Business
COCCINCPAC Operation Center; Combat Operations Center
CODELCongressional Delegate/Delegation
CODFlight Carrier on Board Delivery Flight
COFRAMControl Fragmentation Munitions
CofSChief of Staff
COGARDCoast Guard
COGLSymbol for Medical Material
COICommunications Operating Instruction
COMASWFORPACCommander Antisubmarine Warfare Force U. S. Pacific Fleet
COMBARPACCommander Barrier Pacific
COMINTCommunications Intelligence
Comm/ElectCommunications /Electronics
COMNAVFORCommander Naval Forces
COMNAVFORJAPCommander, US Naval Forces, Japan
COMNAVMARIANASCommander, US Naval Forces, Marianas
COMPHIBGRUCommander Amphibious Group
COMPRADCOComposite Radio Company
COMSATCommunications Satellite
COMSECCommunications Security
COMSTSCommander Military Sea Transportation Service
COMSTSFECommander, Military Sea Transportation Service, Far East
COMSTSSEACommander, Military Sea Transportation Service Southeast Asia
COMTAIWANPATFORCommander, Taiwan Patrol Force
COMUSCommander, United States Forces
COMUSARJAPANCommander, United States Army, Japan
COMUSJAPANCommander, United States Forces, Japan
COMUSKOREACommander, United States Forces, Korea
COMUSMACTHAICommander, United States Military Assistance Command, Thailand
COMUSMACVCommander, United States Military Assistance Command, Vietnam
COMUSNAVSOCommander, US Naval Forces, South
COMUSSEASIACommander, United States Forces, Southeast Asia
COMUSTDCCommander, United States Forces, Taiwan Defense Command
COMWESTAFCommander Western Transport Air Force (Travis AFB)
CONARCContinental Army Command
CONEFOConference of New Emergency Forces
CONELRADControl of Electro-Magnetic Radiations
CONUSContinental United States
COPRLCommand Operational Priority List "Target Materials"
COSChief of Staff
COSALConsolidated Ship's Allowance List
COSTARCombat Service to the Army
COUSSF (P)Commanding Officer US Special Forces (Provisional)
CPCommand Post
CPAClosest Point of Approach
CPFLContingency Planning Facilities Lists
CPRChinese Peoples Republic (Communist China)
CPRCCombined Personnel Recovery Center
CPSVNComprehensive Plan South Vietnam
CPXCommand Post Exercise
CRCommand Representative; Communication Representative
CRAContinuing Resolution Authority
CRAECombat Readiness Assessment Exercise
CRBCam Ranh Bay
CRCControl and Reporting Center
CRCCCentral Rural Construction Command; Communist Rebel Combat Captives
CRITICCritical Intelligence Report
CROWNDeath Report
CRPChinese Peoples Republic; Control and Reporting Post; Coordinated Reconnaissance Plan
CRSFF Central Region SEATO Field Forces
CSControl Slip used on the CINCPAC Staff to control correspondence; A riot control agent
C/SChief of Staff
CSAChief of Staff, Army
CSAFChief of Staff, Air Force
CSBPDCINCPAC Supplement to DOD Basic Planning Document
CSCCoastal Surveillance Center
CSECommittee of Security Experts
CSFFCommander SEATO Field Forces
CSFODCombined Special Forces Operational Detachment
CSLCombat Support Liaison
CSMAMCINCPAC Supplement to the Military Assistance Manual
CSMPCurrent Ship's Maintenance Project
CSPCommitted to Scheduled Programs; Concurrent Spare Parts
CTCountry Team
CTFCommander Task Force
CTF 77Commander, Attack Carrier Striking Force, Seventh Fleet
CTFCCommunications Technical Control Facility
CTGCommander Task Group
CTG 31.7Commander Panama Section, Western Sea Frontier
CTSPContract Technical Service Personnel
CTZCorps Tactical Zone
CULTCommon User Land Transportation
CURTSCommon User Radio Transmission Sounding
CUSCourse (Ships)
CUWTFCombined Unconventional Warfare Task Force
CVAAttack Aircraft Carrier
CVA(N)Attack Aircraft Carrier (Nuclear propulsion)
CVSAntisubmarine Support Aircraft Carrier
CVWCarrier Air Wing
CWCold War; Chemical Warfare; Continuous Wave
CWAGCold War Activities Group
CWFCurrent Working Estimate
CWOCommunications Watch Officer
CYCalendar Year

DADepartment of the Army
DAARDaily Air Activity Report
DACDepartment of the Army Civilian; Development Assistance Committee
DACCCDefense Area Communication Control Center
DACEDA Alternate Command/Control Element
DAFDDepartment of Army Forward Depot
DAISDefense Automatic Integrated Switch
DANDeployment Adjustment Notification
DAODefense Attache Office
DARDeployment Adjustment Request
DASADefense Atomic Support Agency
DASCDirect Air Support Center
DASEDefense Against Sound Equipment
DASHDrone Antisubmarine Helicopter
DASODemonstration and Shakedown Operation
DASTDirect Air Support Team
DATAFAXSecure Data Facsimile System
DATOSDetection and Tracking of Satellites
DATTDefense Attache
DBLDatabase List; Damage Before Launch
DCADefense Communications Agency
DC/GCIDirection Center-Ground Controlled Intercept
DCIDepartment of Central Intelligence. (Thai)
DCMDeputy Chief of Mission
DC of SDeputy Chief of Staff
DCPGDefense Communications Planning Group
DCSDefense Communication System
DCSLOGDeputy Chief of Staff, Logistics
DDCADirector Defense Communications Agency
DDDDirect Distance Dialing
DDEPDefense Development Exchange Program
DDR&EDirector, Defense Research and Engineering
DEEscort Ship
DEAData Exchange Agreement
DECEMDefense Communications-Electronics
DEFCONDefense Condition
DEFENSEDepartment of Defense
DEMSDefense Equipment of Merchant Ships
DEPCHDeputy Chief
DEPEXNIKE-X Deployment Study
DEPTARDepartment of the Army
DEPUTY CHJUSMAGDeputy Chief, Joint United States Military Advisory Group
DERRadar Picket Escort Ship
DEWDistant Early Warning
DFDiverted Force; Diesel Fuel
DFA(Phil)Department of Foreign Affairs
DFEDivision Force Equivalent
DFSCDefense Fuel Supply Center
DGZDesired Ground Zero
DIADefense Intelligence Agency
DIANEDigital Integrated Attack Navigation System
DICSTaiwan Down-Island Communication System
DINSDirectorate for Inspection Services (Assistant Secretary of Defense for Administration)
DIRLAUTHDirect Liaison Authorized
DIRMDefense Intelligence Requirement Manual
DIRNSADirector, National Security Agency
DIRWSEGDirector Weapons Systems Evaluation Group
DISTADDistrict Administrator
DISUMDaily Intelligence Summary
DIWDead in Water
DLFDevelopment Loan Fund
DLGDefense Liaison Group
DMSCDefense Medical Supply Center
DMZDemilitarized Zone
DNBIDisease and Non-Battle Injury
DNCDirectorate of National Coordination; Director of Naval Communications
DNIDirector, Naval Intelligence
DOBStatus Dispersed Operating Base Status
DOCADefense Orientation Conference Association
DODDepartment of Defense
DODDACDepartment of Defense Damage Assessment
DODEPDepartment of Defense Exercise Planning
DODPRODepartment of Defense, Pacific Research Office
DOSDays of Supply
DPRKDemocratic Peoples Republic of Korea (Communist)
DPSCDefense Petroleum Supply Center
DRCDemocratic Republic of China
DRCCC-FEDefense Regional Communications Control Center, Far East
DRCCC-SEADefense Regional Communications Control Center, Southeast Asia
DRVDemocratic Republic of Vietnam (North)
DSDefense Support; Direct Support
DSADefense Supply Agency
DSPDemocrat Socialist Party Japan
DSSCDefense Subsistence Supply Center
DSTPDirector of Strategic Target Planning
DSTPSDirector of Strategic Target Planning Staff (Offutt AFB)
DTADivision Tactical Areas
DTCDesert Test Center
DTGDate Time Group
DTSDiplomatic Telecommunications System
DVDistinguished Visitor

EAEscort Aircraft
EACEmergency Action Console
EACCEmergency Alternate Command Center
EAFEmergency Actions File
EAMElectronic Accounting Machine
EASTAFEastern Transport Air Force (McGuire AFB, NJ)
EBREmergency Bomb Release
ECEscort Convoy
ECADEngineer Construction Advisor Detachment
ECBEngineer Construction Battalion
ECBSEngineer Combat Battalions
ECCEmergency Control Center
ECCMElectronic Counter Countermeasures
ECCOILEastern Construction Company in Laos
ECMElectronic Countermeasures
ECPEngineering Change Proposal
EDCSExtended Defense Communication System
EDFEEngineer District Far East
EDPElectronic Data Processing; Equipment Deadline Parts
EDPACEstimated Departure from Pacific
EDPSElectronic Data Processing System
EDRExperimental Development Requirements
E&EEscape and Evasion or Evasion and Escape
EEIEssential Elements of Information
EFTOEncrypted for Transmission Only
EGAEast German Army
EGPACOM Environmental Group, Pacific Command
EHEscort Helicopter
EICExercise Intelligence Center
EIPEconomic Inventory Procedure
EIREquipment Improvement Recommendation
ELEEngine Lifetime Expectancy
ELGEuropean Liaison Group
ELINTElectronics Intelligence
EMEmergency Message
EM/AMEmergency Message; Alert Message
EMATSEmergency Message Automatic Transmissions System
EMCONEmission Control
EMIElectro-Magnetic Interference
EOBElectronic Order of Battle
EODEstimated Operational Date
EOQEconomic Order Quantity
E&PExercise & Plans
EPGEniwetok Proving Ground
ERBMExtended Range Ballistic Missile
EROPExecutive Review, Overseas Program
ERSFFEastern Region SEATO Field Forces
ESEscort Ships
ESIExtremely Sensitive Information
ESSAEnvironmental Science Services Administration
ESWLEstimated Surface Wheel Load
ETEscort Trains
ETAEstimated Time of Arrival
ETATEducation and Training Advisory Team
ETDEstimated Time of Departure
EUSAEighth United States Army
EWElectronic Warfare; Early Warning
EWOTSEarly Warning Observation Teams
EWTEvaluation and Warning Team
EXAExecuting Agency Identifier
EXDIRExercise Director

FAField Artillery; Forces Armees; Flag Allowance; Special Forces Opns Team (2 Officers 10 EM)
FAAFederal Aviation Agency
FACForward Air Control; Facility(s)
FADForce Activity Designator; Force Activity Director
FAEField Advisory Element
FAFWCFuchu Air Force Weather Central
FAIAUFleet Air Intelligence Augmenting Unit
F/AIFField Automated Intelligence File
FALForces Armees Laotiannes (Federated Army of Laos) (Friendly Force of Gen PHOUMA)
FALCONAn air-to-air Guided Missile
FALLEX Fall Exercises
FAMFFloating Aircraft Maintenance Facility
FANForces Armees Neutralist
FAPSForeign Affairs Programming System
FAPUSMCEBJoint Frequency Allocation Panel Military Communications Electronics Board
FARForces Armees du Royaume (Royal Armed Forces of Laos)
FARELFFar East Land Forces
FARKForces Armee Royal Khmere (Cambodian Army)
FASTForward Air Strike Task
FAUFrequency, Allocation and Uses
FBSpecial Forces Control Team (6 Officers and 17 EM) (Controls two or more FA's)
FBISForeign Broadcast Information Service
FBMFleet Ballistic Missile
FCCFederal Communications Commission
FEAREAFar East Area
FEBAForward Edge of the Battle Area
FECFar East Command
FELGFar East Liaison Group
FENFar East Network
FEPIFilipino Employment Policy Instruction
FFARFolding Fin Aircraft Rockets
FFDForward Floating Depot
FFORCEVField Force(s) Vietnam
FFVField Force Vietnam
FIABForeign Intelligence Advisory Board
FICPACFleet Intelligence Center Pacific
FIINSFederal Item Identification Numbers
FISFighter Interceptor Squadron
FLFFriendly Laotian Forces
FLTFleet; Flight
FMAWFirst Marine Air Wing
FMDFrequency Management
FMFPACFleet Marine Force Pacific
FMMFrench Military Mission
FMSForeign Military Sales
FMSOFleet Materiel Support Office
FMTForeign Military Training
F/OForce Objective
FOBForward Operating Base
FOCAFFlag Officer, Commander Her Majesty's Australian Fleet
FOCCPACFleet Operation Control Center, Pacific
FOEUForeign Organizational Employee Union
FOGFlow of Gold
FOICFlag Officer in Charge
FOMINForeign Minister
FONECONTelephone Conversation
FOOTFollow-on Operational Tests
FORSTATForce Status Report
FOSFollow on Spares
FOUOFor Official Use Only
FPGForce Planning Guide
FPSOForms and Publications Supply Office
FRAMFleet Repair and Modernization
FRGFederal Republic of Germany
FRNForce Requirements Number
FROGFree Rocket Over Ground
FROKAFirst Republic of Korea Army
FSCCFire Support Coordination Center
FSLForeign Service Local
FSNFederal Stock Number
FSRForce Service Regiment
FTBField Team Bulletin
FTDForeign Technology Division (USAF)
FTMFrench Training Mission
FTSField Training Service
FTTField Training Team
FULROFront Unifie de la Lutte de la Race Opprime (United Front for the Struggle of Oppressed Races) [Montagnard tribal organization in South Vietnam]
FWMAFree World Military Assistance
FWMAFFree World Military Assistance Forces
FYFiscal Year
FYIFor Your Information

GAOGeneral Accounting Office
GAMGuided Air Missile
GARGuided Air Rocket
GCAGround Controlled Approach
GCIGround Controlled Intercept
GDFGround Diverted Force
GDRGerman Democratic Republic
GEEIAGround Environment Electronic Installation Agency; Ground Electric Engineering Instruction Agency
GEOPGeneral Emergency Operations Plan
GEOREFGeographic Reference
GHQGeneral Headquarters
GMGroup Mobile
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GNPGross National Product
GOAGovernment of Australia
GOBGovernment of Burma
GOIGovernment of Indonesia
GOJGovernment of Japan
GOMGovernment of Malaysia
GOPGovernment of the Philippines
GOPLGeneral Outpost Line
GOSGovernment of Singapore
GPVGeneral Purpose Vehicle
GPWDGeneral Political Warfare Department
GRCGovernment of the Republic of China
GSAGeneral Services Administration
GSDFGround Self Defense Force (Japan)
GSSFGeneral Supplies Stock Fund
GUBGovernment, Union of Burma
GVNGovernment of the Republic of Vietnam
GWGuerrilla Warfare

HAJCHawaiian Area Joint Committee
HA(L)Helicopter Attack Squadron (Light)
HANGHawaii Air National Guard
HARNGHawaii Army National Guard
HAWTELHawaiian Telephone Company
HCHelicopter Combat Support Squadron
HDCHelicopter Direction Center
HEHigh Explosive
HEDSUPPACTHeadquarters Support Activity
HEIHigh Explosive Incendiary
HESHamlet Evaluation System
HF High Frequency
HFPHostile Fire Pay
HHGHousehold Goods
HICOMHigh Commissioner
HICOMTERPACISHigh Commissioner Trust Territory Pacific Islands
HIGH HEELS VIWorldwide Command Post Exercise
HIPHabitability Improvement Program
HIPARHigh Powered Acquisition Radar
HIRANHigh Range Navigation
HISHeliborne Illumination System
Hist BrHistory Branch
Hist OffHistory Officer
HJHonest John (Surface-to-Surface Missile)
HMCSHer Majesty's Canadian Ship
HMHMarine Helicopter Squadron (Heavy)
HMMMarine Helicopter Squadron (Medium)
HMOHonolulu Magnetic Observatory
HMSHer Majesty's Ship
H&MSHeadquarters and Maintenance Squadron
HNGHawaii National Guard
HOBHeight of Burst
HQUSAFHeadquarters United States Air Force
HSHelicopter Squadron
HSASHeadquarters Support Activity - Saigon
HSTHelicopter Support Team
HUKHunter Killer Group
HUKSHukbong Mapagpalaya ng Bayan, (People’s Liberation Army, Philippines)
HUMINTHuman Resources Intelligence
HWPBHeavy Weather Patrol Boats
Hwy Highway

IADBInter-American Defense Board
IADPGIntelligence Automatic Data Processing Group
IANCAInter-American Naval Coordinating Authority
IAWIn Accordance With
IBDAIntermediate Bomb Damage Assessment
IBMInternational Business Machine Company
IBOPInternational Balance of Payment
ICAInternational Cooperation Administration
ICAFIndustrial College of the Armed Forces
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICBMIntercontinental Ballistic Missile
ICCInternational Control Commission
ICEIndex of Combat Effectiveness
ICFIntelligence Contingency Funds
ICNNDInterdepartmental Committee on Nutrition for National Defense
ICPInventory Control Point
ICRCInternational Committee Red Cross
IDAIntrusion Detection Alarm
IDCSPInitial Defense Communications Satellite Project; Interim Defense Communications Satellite Plan
IDCSSInitial Defense Communications Satellite System
IDFInflight Diverted Force
IDHSIntelligence Data Handling System
IDPInternal Defense Plans
IECSIntelligence Evaluation Center (Saigon)
IEGImperial Ethiopian Government
IFIrregular Force
IFFIdentification, friend or foe
IFSInshore Fire Support
IJBSIntegrated Joint Broadband System
ILNInternational Logistics and Negotiations
IMAInitial Military Assistance
IMFInternational Monetary Fund
IMHQInternational Military Headquarters
IMRInitial Missile Report
INCREPIncident Report
INDMANIndustrial Manager
INFOREPInformation Report
INSCInternal Shape Components
INSURVInspection and Survey
INTBULIntelligence Bulletin
INTELSAT IIIntelligence Satellite
INTSUMIntelligence Summary
IOCInitial Operational Capability
IOLInitial Outfitting List
IPInitial Point
IPIRImmediate Photo Interpretation Reports
I&RIntelligence and Reconnaissance
IRANInspect and Repair as Necessary
IRBMIntermediate Range Ballistic Missile
IRCIndications Review Committee
IROLImagery Reconnaissance Objectives List
ISAInternational Security Agency
ISCInfiltration Surveillance Center
ISPInternal Security Plan
ISSAInterservice Support Agreement
ISSCInterservice Supply Support Committee
ISSLInitial Spares Support List
ISSSCInterservice Supply Support Sub-Committee
ITACSIntegrated Tactical Air Control System
ITOInvitational/Individual Travel Order
ITTInterrogation-Translation Team
IUWInshore Undersea Warfare
IWCSIntegrated Wideband Communications System
IWGIntelligence Working Group

JAAFJoint Action Armed Forces
JACCJoint Alternate Command Center
JACEJoint Alternate Command Element
JAEICJoint Atomic Energy Intelligence Center
JANAFPACJoint Army, Navy, Air Force, Pacific General Message (Serially Numbered)
JANAPJoint Army, Navy, Air Force Publication
JAOCJoint Air Operations Center
JASJoint Administrative Services
JASDFJapanese Air Self Defense Force
JATFJoint Amphibious Task Force
JCAJoint Communications Agency
JCCDGJoint Chiefs of Staff Command and Control Development Group
JCCRGJoint Command and Control Requirements Group
JCEAGJoint Civilian Employee Advisory Group
JCECPACJoint Communications -Electronics Committee, Pacific
JCEGJoint Concepts and Evaluation Group
JCGROJoint Central Graves Registration Office
JCIJoint Communications Instruction
JCPJapanese Communist Party
JCSJoint Chiefs of Staff
JCSANJoint Chiefs of Staff Alert Network
JCSMJoint Chiefs of Staff Memorandum
JCSPFJoint Cubi Point Photographic Facilities
JDAJapan Defense Agency
JECFEJoint Coordination Center, Far East
JEIT Joint Equipment Identification Team
JEPAPJoint Emergency Personnel Augmentation Plan
JFYJapanese Fiscal Year
JGS Joint General Staff (Vietnam)
JGSDFJapanese Ground Self Defense Force
JGWTC Jungle & Guerrilla Warfare Training Center
JHWCJoint Hurricane Warning Center
JIBJoint Intelligence Bureau
JMAADJoint Military Assistance Affairs Division
JMGJoint Meteorological Group
JMPJoint Manpower Program
JMPABJoint Materiel Priorities Allocations Board
JMSDFJapanese Maritime Self Defense Force
JMTBJoint Military Transportation Board
JNPJoint Nuclear Plot
JNRJapanese National Railroad
JOCJoint Operations Center
JOCARGJoint Wideband Circuit Allocation and Requirement Group, Thailand
JOEG-VJoint Operational Evaluation Group - Vietnam
JOREPJoint Operational Reporting
JPJoint Pacific
JP4Jet Fuel
JP5Jet Fuel
JPOJoint Petroleum Office
JPVJoint Pacific Voice
JRATAJoint Research and Test Activity
JRCJoint Reconnaissance Center
JSJoint Staff
JSARCJoint Search and Rescue Center
JSCJoint Staff Council (Japanese)
JSCMJoint Service Commendation Medal
JSCPJoint Strategic Capabilities Plan
JSDFJapan Self Defense Force
JSOPJoint Strategic Objectives Plan
JSP Japan Socialist Party
JSRKJeunesse Socialiste Royale Khmer (Cambodia)
JSTPSJoint Strategic Target Planning Staff
JTBPACOM Joint Transportation Board
JTDJoint Table of Distribution
JTFJoint Task Force
JTGJoint Task Group
JTIGJoint Target Intelligence Group
JTMBJoint Transportation Movements Board
JUSMAGJoint United States Military Advisory Group
JUSMAGPHILJoint United States Military Advisory Group, Philippines
JUSPAOJoint United States Public Affairs Office
JUWTFJoint Unconventional Warfare Task Force
JWGAJoint War Games Agency
JWGCGJoint War Games Control Group
JWRJoint War Room (JCS)
JWRAJoint War Room Annex

KADSKorea Air Defense System
KANZUSKorea, Australia, New Zealand and the United States
KBAKilled by Air
KCACKorean Civil Action Corps
KIAKilled in Action
KIPLaotian Currency
KKKKhmer Kampuchea Krom
KKOIndonesia Marine Corps
KLKong Le
KLPKorean Labor Party (Communist)
KLSCKorean Logistic Service Corps
KMCSouth Korean Marine Corps
KOCCCGKunia Operations Control Center Coordination Group
KOCOKorea Oil Corporation
KOSCOKorea Oil Storage Company
KSCKorean Service Corps
KY-9Secure Voice Communication

LAAMLight Antiaircraft Missile (Bn)
LABSLow Altitude Bombing System
LAMPLaos Ammunition Procedures
LANSHIPRONLanding Ship Squadron
LANTFLT US Atlantic Fleet
LAPESLow Altitude Parachute Ejection System
LARALight Attack Reconnaissance Aircraft
LARCLighter, Amphibious, Resupply, Cargo (Amphibious Craft)
LASLong Range Assistance Strategy
LAWLight anti-tank weapon
LBRLocal Base Rescue
LBSLiberation Broadcasting Station
LCMLanding Craft Medium
LCPLLanding Craft Personnel, Large
LCULanding Craft Utility
LCVPLanding Craft, Vehicle and Personnel
LDPLiberal Democratic Party (Japan)
LFLow Frequency
LFSLanding Force Support
LFTLight Fire Team
LLVMALight Light Support Counterinsurgency Aircraft
LNFLocal National Forces (SEATO Term)
LOC Lines of Communication
LOFARLow Frequency Analysis and Recording Equipment
LOGAIRLogistical Air
LOGREQLogistic Requirements
LOHLight Observation Helicopter
LORANLong Range Navigation
LOTSLogistics Over the Shore
LOYALWounded Report
LPDLanding Platform, Deck
LPHLanding Platform Helicopter
LPKLao Pen Kang (Laotian Neutralist Party)
LPLALao Peoples Liberation Army
LP&PLogistics Policy and Procedures
LRALong Range Aviation
LRCLogistics Readiness Center
LSALogistic Support Area
LSDDock Landing Ship
LSILLanding Ship
LSMMedium Landing Ship
LSMRLanding Ship Medium Rocket
LSSLSupport Landing Ship (Large)
LSTTank Landing Ship
LTCLieutenant Colonel
Lt ColLieutenant Colonel
LTGLieutenant General
Lt Gen Lieutenant General
LVTLanding Vehicle Track
LWRLocal Wage Rate

MAMilitary Assistance
MAAGMilitary Assistance Advisory Group
MAAMAMiddletown Air Material Area
MABMarine Amphibious Brigade
MABPDMilitary Assistance Basic Planning Document
MABSMarine Air Base Squadron
MACMilitary Airlift Command; Military Assistance Command
MACSOGMilitary Assistance Command Studies and Observation Group
MACVMilitary Assistance Command, Vietnam
MAEMean Area of Effectiveness
MAFMarine Amphibious Force
MAGMarine Air Group
MAGARLMMilitary Assistance Advisory Group, Army Branch, Logistics-Medical
MAIMilitary Assistance Institute
MAJCOMMajor Commands
Maj GenMajor General
MAMMilitary Assistance Manual
MAPMilitary Assistance Program (Plan)
MAPETTMilitary Assistance Program Evaluation Team, Thailand
MAPLAMilitary Assistance Program Liaison Agency
MAPOMMilitary Assistance Program Owned Material
MAPTMilitary Assistance Program Training; Military Assistance Program Transfer
MARUS Marine Corps
MARBOMariana-Bonin Islands
MARBRIGMarine Brigade
MARCOMNAVADGRUMarine Corps Component Navy Advisory Group
Mar CorpsMarine Corps
MARSMarine Aircraft Repair Squadron
MASMilitary Airlift Squadron; Military Assistance Sales
MASFMilitary Assistance Service Funded
MASHMobile Army Surgical Hospital
MASLMilitary Assistance Program Articles and Services List
MASOMilitary Assistance Sales Order
MATAMilitary Assistance Training Advisor
MATPMilitary Assistance Training Program
MAWMarine Air Wing; Military Airlift Wing
MBAMilitary Base Agreement
MBPAMilitary Blood Program Agency
MCBMobile Construction Battalion
MCCMovement Control Center
MCEBMilitary Communication-Electronics Board
MC&GMapping, Charting and Geodesy
MCMManual for Courts-Martial
MCNMAP Control Number
MCON (MILCON)Military Construction
MCPMalayan Communist Party
MCUMountain Commando Units
MDAAMutual Defense Assistance Agreement
MDBMutual Defense Board (US-Philippines)
MDCMAP Data Center
MDCSMission Data Collection Sheets
MDLMilitary Demarcation Line
MDRAFMekong Delta Riverine Assault Force
MDUMobile Development Units (Thailand)
MEAMinister External Affairs
MEBMarine Expeditionary Brigade
MEBLEXMarine Expeditionary Brigade Landing Exercise
MEDCAPMedical Civic Action Program
MEDTMilitary Equipment Delivery Team (Burma)
MEEMilitary Essential Equipment
MEECNMinimum Essential Emergency Communications Net
MEFMinimum Essential Force; Marine Expeditionary Force
MELGMid-East Liaison Group
MEOTribal Group in Laos
MERMultiple Ejection Racks
METASCOPEInstrument to Detect Infra-red Rays
METUMobile Electronics Technical Unit
MEUMarine Expeditionary Unit
MFPMaster Force Plan (Thailand)
MGMajor General
MGDMilitary Geographic Documentation
MGRSMilitary Grid Reference System
MHEMateriel Handling Equipment
MICCMilitary Information Control Committee
MICSMilitary Integrated Communications System
MIDASMissile Detection Alert System
MIDEFOMission Debrief Forms
MIECMilitary Intelligence Exchange Center
MILAMedical Information & Intelligence Agency
MILADMilitary Advisor (SEATO or ANZUS Council)
MILADREPMilitary Advisors Representative
MILBAMilitary Base Agreement
MILCONMilitary Construction
MILSTAGMilitary Standardization Agreement
MILSTAMPMilitary Standard Transportation & Movement Procedures
MILSTRIPMilitary Standard Requisitioning and Issue Procedures
MILTAGMilitary Technical Advisory Group (Indonesia)
MINIMIZEA Term Used to Control Message Communications when a State of Emergency Exists
MIPMateriel Improvement Program
MIUWSUMobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Surveillance Unit
MLIMinimum Line of Interception
MLSMobile Logistic Support
MMCMinelayer, Coastal
MMPCMobilization Materiel Procurement Capability
MMRBMMobile Medium Range Ballistic Missile
MMR&SMilitary Medical Research & Services Program
MMSAMilitary Medical Supply Agency
MNDMinistry of National Defense
MOBMain Operating Base
MOBCONMobilization Construction
MOBEXMobility Exercise
MOCMinistry of Communications
MODMinistry of Defense
MOGASGasoline, Automotive
MOLManned Orbiting Laboratory
MOMACMonkey Mountain Advisory Center
MORESTMobile Arresting Gear (acft landing strip gear)
MOTMinistry of Transportation
MOTBAMilitary Ocean Terminal, Bay Area
MOTUMobile Ordnance Technical Unit
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
MOVECAPMovement Capabilities
MPMilitary Police
MPCMilitary Payment Certificate
MPIMinistry of Public Information
MPOMilitary Planning Office (SEATO)
MPRMongolian Peoples Republic
MPSMilitary Planning Staff
M/RMemorandum for the Record; Military Reserve
MRBMMedium Range Ballistic Missile
MRCMilitary Revolutionary Council; Movement Report Center
MRIMILSTRIP Routing Indicator
MRKRoyal Cambodian Navy
MROMovement Report Office
MSBMaritime Safety Board (Japan); Mine Sweeping Boat
MSCMinesweeper, Coastal (non-magnetic)
MSDFMaritime Staff Defense Force
MSEGMissile Systems Evaluation Group
MSFMinesweeper, Fleet (steel hull)
MSGMobile Support Group; Message
MSMSMutual Security Military Sales
MSOMaritime Self-Defense Office (Japanese Naval Staff)
MSOPMutual Security Objectives Plan
MSPMutual Security Program
MSRMain Supply Route
MSTMobile Support Team
MSTSMilitary Sea Transportation Service
MSTSOMilitary Sea Transport Service Officer
MTAMobile Training Assistance
MTBMotor Torpedo Boat
MTDSMarine Tactical Data System
MTMTSMilitary Traffic Management and Terminal Service
MTTMobile Training Team
MTUMobile Training Unit
MUSTManpower Utilization Survey Team
MUXMultiplex Equipment
MWDPMilitary Weapons Development Plans
MWHGMarine Wing Headquarters Group
MWSGMarine Wing Service Group

NADNaval Ammunition Depot
NADACPacific Command North Vietnam Air Defense Analysis and Coordinating Group
NADAR No After Duty Action Required
NAFNaval Air Facility
NAFANon-Appropriated Fund Activity
NAFECNational Aviation Facilities Experimental Center (Atlantic City)
NAGNaval Advisory Group
NAMRUNaval Medical Research Unit
NAMTCNaval Air Missile Test Center (Pt Mugu, Calif)
NANNo Action Necessary
NANACNational Aircraft Noise Abatement Council
NARCNational Army Revolutionary Committee/Council (Laos)
NASNaval Air Station
NASANational Aeronautics and Space Administration
NASARNorth American Search and Ranging Radar
NATONorth Atlantic Treaty Organization
NATOPSNaval Air Training & Operating Procedures
NATTUNaval Air Technical Training Unit
NAVADGRUNaval Advisory Group
NAVBEACHGRUNaval Beach Group
NAVCONNaval Countermeasures
NAVCOSSACTNaval Command Systems Support Activity
NAVFORNaval Forces
NAVFORVNaval Forces, Vietnam
NAVICNaval Information Center
NAVOCEANONaval Oceanographic Office
NAVOPNETNaval Operations Net
NAVSECGRUNaval Security Group
NAWNon All Weather
NBCNuclear, Biological, Chemical
NBLNuclear Bomb Line
NCCNaval Component Command
NCINuclear Capability Inspection
NCONon Commissioned Officer; Non Combatant Evacuation Order
NCRNational Constabulary Study
NCSNational Communication System; Net Control Station
NCSORGNaval Control Shipping Organization
NDTANational Defense Transportation Association
NEANortheast Asia
NEACPNational Emergency Airborne Command Post
NECNavy Enlisted Classification/Naval Exercise Coordinator
NECPANational Emergency Command Post Afloat
NEFANortheast Frontier Agency (India)
NEFOSNew Emerging Forces
NEGDFNaval Emergency Ground Defense Forces
NESEPNavy Enlisted Scientific Education Program
NEWZADNew Zealand Army Detachment
NFSONavy Fuel Supply Officer
NGFNaval Gunfire
NHMNon Hostile Missing
NICPNational Inventory Control Point (CONUS)
NIENational Intelligence Estimate
NIKESurface-to-air Missile
NIPSNational Military Command System Information Processing System
NISNational Intelligence Survey
NKNorth Korea
NKANorth Korean Army
NKAFNorth Korean Air Force
NKNNorth Korean Navy
NLFNational Liberation Front (Communist in SVN)
NLHNew Lao Hak (Lao Patriotic Front). Variants: NLHS, HLHZ for Sat and Zat respectively.
NLTNot Later Than
NMNautical Mile
NMCBNavy Mobile Construction Battalion
NMCCNational Military Command Center
NMCSNational Military Command System
NMCSSCNational Military Control System Support Center
NMFRLNaval Medical Field Research Lab
NNCNeutral Nations Committee
NNSCNeutral Nations Supervisory Commission
NOANew Obligation Authority
NOBCNaval Officer Billet Classification
NOFORNSpecial Handling Required, Not Releasable to Foreign Nationals
NOPNaval Objectives Plan
NORNumber of Rounds
NORADNorth American Air Defense Command
NORMNuclear Ordinance Readiness Maneuver
NORSNon-Operational Ready Supplies
NOTALNot to all
NOTSNaval Ordnance Test Station
NPNational Police
NPANational Police Agency (Japan)
NPICNational Photographic Interpretation Center
NPPNational Policy Paper
NPSSNational Police and Security Service (RVN)
NRLNaval Research Laboratory
NSANational Security Agency
NSAMNational Security Action Memorandum
NSAPACNational Security Agency Pacific
NSCNational Security Council; Naval Supply Center
NSDLNational Strategic DGZ List
NSFONavy Special Fuel Oil
NSONational Security Organization (RTG)
NSTAPNational Strategic Targeting and Attack Policy
NSTDBNational Strategic Target Data Base
NSTLNational Strategic Target List
NSWG Nuclear Safety Working Group
NTAPNational Targeting and Attack Policy
NTDSNavy Tactical Data System
NTPLNavy Technical Proficiency Inspection
NUCAPNuclear Capability Report
NUCREPNuclear Report
NUDETNuclear Detonation
NVANorth Vietnamese Army
NVNNorth Vietnam
NWCNavy War College
NWIPNaval Warfare Information Publication
NWPNaval Warfare Publication
NWRSNuclear Weapons Requirements Study
NWSBNuclear Warfare Status Branch
NZNew Zealand

OAOperational Analysis
OAOOrbiting Astronomical Observatory
OAROffice of Aerospace Research
OASOrganization of American States
OASDOffice of the Assistant Secretary of Defense
OASD/ISAOffice of Assistant Secretary of Defense International Security Affairs
OASD(SA)Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Systems Analysis)
OBOrder of Battle
OBEOvertaken by Events
Obsr Observe
OCBOperational Coordination Board
OCCOperations Control Center (Kunia)
OCEOfficer Conducting the Exercise
OCMMOffice of Civilian Manpower Management
OCSOfficer Candidate School
ODMAOffice of the Director of Military Assistance
OEGOperations Evaluation Group
OEMOn equipment materiel
OHRIOverhaul (Recurrent/Removal) Item
OICOfficer in Charge
OICCOfficer in Charge of Construction
OIPOperational Improvement Program
OIROffice of Industrial Relations
OISPOverseas Internal Security Program
OJTOn the job training
OLDFOSOld Established Forces
O&MOperations and Maintenance
OMPFOfficial Military Personnel File
ONIOffice of Naval Intelligence
ONROffice of Naval Research
OPlansOperation Plans
OPREPOperational Reporting
OPSUMCommander's Operational Summary
OPTEVFOROperational (Training/Test) and Evaluation Force
O&ROverhaul and Repair
ORDALTOrdnance Alteration
ORIOperational Readiness Inspection
OSAOffice of Special Activities; Overseas Supply Agency
OSAPOcean Surveillance Air Patrol
OSASFOverseas Supply Agency, San Francisco
OSDOffice of the Secretary of Defense
OSEOfficer Scheduling the Exercise
OSIOffshore Islands; Office of Special Investigation
OSIROut of Service in Reserve
OSOOrdnance Supply Office
OSPOff-shore Procurement
OSPJOff-shore Procurement (Japan)
OSTOperational Suitability Test
OTAOther than Air
OTADOverseas Terminal Arrival Date
OTCOfficer in Tactical Command
OTSROptimum Track Ship Routing
OUSAOffice of U.S. Army
OUSAIRAOffice of the United States Air Attache
OUSARMAOffice of the U. S. Army Attache
OVMOn vehicle material

PA Philippine Army; Public Affairs
PACPeoples Army Congress
PACAFPacific Air Forces
PACAMPunched Card Accounting Machine
PACEPacific Alternate Command Element
PACEXPacific Exchange System
PACFLTPacific Fleet
PACGEEIAPacific Area Ground Environment Electronic Installation Agency
PACOMPacific Command
PACOM ELINTCenter Pacific Command Electronics Intelligence Center
PACOMEPPacific Command Emergency Procedures
PACOMEWPacific Command Electronic Warfare
PACOMINTSPacific Command Intelligence School
PACSCATPacific Ionospheric Scatter
PACVPatrol Air Cushion Vehicle
PADProgram Actions Directive
PADAFPacific Command Air Defense Analysis Facility
PADGERCPACOM Air Defense Ground Environment Requirements Committee
PAFPhilippine Air Force
PAJGProcurement Agency of the Japanese Government
PALPermissive Action Link; Price and Availability List
PAMPAPACOM Movements Priority Agency
PAPPeoples Action Party (Singapore)
PAOPublic Affairs Officer (USIS)
PARCPacific Air Rescue Center/Command
PARRCPacific Air Rescue Center
PARUPolice Aerial Reinforcement Unit (Thailand)
PASEPPassed Separately (Message Transmission)
PATPeoples Action Teams
PATMRGPACOM Air Target Materials Review Group
PAUPacific Command Frequency Allocation and Uses
PAVNPeople's Army Vietnam (North)
PBRRiver Patrol Boat
PCPhilippine Constabulary; Submarine Chaser Ship
PCAPermanent Change of Assignment
PCCPolitical Consultative Council
PCEPatrol Craft Escort
PCFPatrol Craft Coastal (fast)
PCH&TPacking, Crating, Handling and Transportation
PCPProgram Change Proposals
PCSPermanent Change of Station
PDCPacific Defense College
PDJPlaine de Jarres
PDOProperty Disposal Office
PEDMANPACFLT Enlisted Personnel Distribution Manual
PEGPerformance Evaluation Group
PEOPrograms Evaluation Office (Defunct)
PERGRAPermission Granted
PESTATPersonnel Status Report
PFPopular Force; Patrol Escort Ship
PFDPreliminary Functional Description
PFFPolice Field Force
PFIABPresident's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board
PFNSPosition Firing Navigational System
PGProvince Guard (Cambodia)
PGMMotor Gunboat
PHIBLEXAmphibious Landing Exercise
PHILCAGVPhilippine Civic Action Group Vietnam
PHSPublic Health Service
PIASTERVietnamese Currency
PICPhotographic Interpretation Center (Navy)
PIMPosition Intended Movement
PKIParty Communist Indonesia/Partai Komunis Indonesia
PKPParty Communist Philippines
PLPublic Law; Pathet Lao
PLAPeople's Liberation Army (CHICOM)
PLADSParachute Low Altitude Delivery System
PLD-PACOMPetroleum Logistical Data Pacific Command
PLLPrescribed Load List
PLOYREPUnit Deployment Report
PLSPPre-Launch Survival Probability
PL-VMPathet Lao - Viet Minh
PMARPPeacetime Manpower Allocation Requirements Plan
PMDAMTPacific Mobile Depot Activity Maintenance Team
PMDCPacific Command, Military Assistance Program Data Center
PMDL Provisional Military Demarcation Line
PMELPrecision Measuring Equipment Laboratory
PMRPacific Missile Range
PNPhilippine Navy
PNIDemocratic Party in Indonesia
POPsychological Operation
POAPetroleum Operating Agreement
PODEPacific Ocean Division Engineers
POIProgram of Instruction
POLPetroleum, Oils and Lubricants
POLADPolitical Advisor
POLOPacific Operations Liaison Office
POSPeacetime Operating Stock
POWPrisoner of War
PPCPhoto Processing Center
PPFPeoples Police Force
PPPProvince Pacification Plan
PPRIPACOM Priority Number
PRParty Raayat (Leftist Organization in Singapore)
PRCPlanning Research Corporation
PRELPriority Reconnaissance Exploitation List
PRERECPACPreplanned Reconnaissance Pacific
PRIPeople's Revolutionary Party (RVN)
PROPacific Research Office
PROPPriority Production List
PROVMAAGProvisional Military Assistance Advisory Group
PROVMAAG-KMilitary Assistance Advisory Group, Korea (Provisional)
PRPLPACOM Reconnaissance Priority List
PRSFPeoples Revolutionary Struggle Force
PSPatrol Ship
PSACPresident's Scientific Advisory Committee
PSFCProvisional Special Forces Company
PSISocialist Party of Indonesia
PSIAPublic Security Investigation Agency (Japan)
PSOPresidential Security Office (RVN)
PSPPierced Steel Planking
PSRLPost Strike Reconnaissance List
PSYOPSPsychological Operations
PSYWAR/PWPsychological Warfare
PTFast Patrol Boat
PTFMRPeacetime Force Materiel Requirements
PTTMCPACOM Tactical Target Materials Catalog
PUNCHIllness Report
PVOSoviet Air Defense System
PWPrisoner of War
PWGPermanent Working Group (SEATO)
PXPost Exchange

QRAQuick Reaction Alert
QRCQuick Reaction Capability
QRFQuick Reaction Force

RAAFRoyal Australian Air Force
RACResearch Analysis Corporation
RADFORadioactive Fallout
RADMRear Admiral
RADSRyukyu Air Defense System
RAGReplacement Air Group; River Assault Group
RALLYCoalition of Conservative Parties in Laos (Also known as LHL)
RAMABReady Afloat Marine Amphibious Brigade
RASReplenish at Sea
RATTRadio Teletype
RAVRestricted Availability (Ship in for Repairs)
RBReconnaissance Bomber
RCATSRadio Controlled Aerial Targets
RCCRescue Control Center
RCNListing Record Control Number Listing
RCSReports Control Symbol
RCTRegimental Combat Team
RDRevolutionary Development
RDDRequired Delivery Date
RDT&EResearch, Development, Test and Engineering
RECOMPRecommended Completion Date
REDLOGLogistic Readiness Report
REDNONOperational Readiness Report (Non -atomic)
REDOPSOperational Status Reports
REFNOReference Number
RF/PFRegional and Popular Forces
RFSReady or Readiness for Sea
RHPRural Health Program
RIELCambodian Currency
RISOPRed Integrated Strategic Offensive Plan
RITOPRed Integrated Tactical Operational Plan
RKAFRoyal Khmere Air Force-Cambodia
RKGRoyal Cambodian Government
RLAFRoyal Laotian Air Force
RLGRoyal Laotian Government; Regional Liaison Group
RLTRegimental Landing Team; Rolling Liquid Transporter
RNMCRoyal Netherlands Marine Corps
ROADReorganization of Army Division
ROCRepublic of China
ROCAFRepublic of China Air Force
ROCMCRepublic of China Marine Corps
ROCN Republic of China Navy
ROERules of Engagement
ROKRepublic of Korea
ROKARepublic of Korea Army
ROKAFRepublic of Korea Air Force
ROKAPRepublic of Korea Civic Action Program
ROKFVRepublic of Korea Forces in Vietnam
ROKGGovernment of the Republic of Korea
ROKMCRepublic of Korea Marine Corps
ROKNRepublic of Korea Navy
RONSquadron; Remain Over Night
ROPRepublic of the Philippines
RO/RIRedistribution Out/Redistribution In
RO/RORoll On/Roll Off
ROT ABCCCRotational Airborne Command and Control Center
ROT AWS Rotational Air Weather Squadron
ROT BSRotational Bomb Squadron
ROT AREFSRotating Air Refueling Squadron
ROT FISRotating Fighter Interceptor Squadron
ROT FIS DETRotating Fighter Interceptor Squadron Detachment
ROT RCSRotational Radar Calibration Squadron
ROT TASRotational Tactical Assault Squadron
ROT TBSRotational Tactical Bomber Squadron
ROT TCSRotational Troop Carrier Squadron
RPRoute Package; Reporting Point; Release Point
RPCRiver Patrol Craft
RPIFederated Republic of Indonesia
RPSRegistered Publication System
RRRadio Relay; Railroad
R&RRest and Recuperation
RSCRegional Service Center
RSRRequired Supply Rate
RSSZRung Sat Special Zone
RSTRolling Stock
RTARoyal Thailand Army
RTAFRoyal Thailand Air Force
RTAFBRoyal Thailand Air Force Base
RTARFRoyal Thailand Armed Forces
RTAVRoyal Thailand Army in Vietnam
RTEGRiver Transport Escort Group
RTFReconnaissance Task Force
RTGRoyal Thai Government
RTMCRoyal Thailand Marine Corps
RTNRoyal Thailand Navy
RTSReconnaissance Technical Squadron
RTSDRoyal Thai Survey Dept
RTTLRolling Thunder Target List
RTVARRoyal Thailand Army Volunteer Regiment
RVN Republic of Vietnam
RVNAFRepublic of Vietnam Air Force
RVNMCRepublic of Vietnam Marine Corps
RVNNRepublic of Vietnam Navy
RWRadiological Warfare

SACStrategic Air Command
SACCSupporting Arms Coordination Center
SACSASpecial Assistant for Counterinsurgency and Special Activities
SAC XRAYA Detachment of the Strategic Air Command
SAFSecretary of the Air Force; Special Action Force
SAGScientific Advisory Group
SAGESemi-automatic Ground Environment
SALGSouth American Liaison Group
SAMSurface to Air Missile; Space Available Mail
SAMFlight Special Air Mission Flights
SAOSingle Airlift Organization
SAPOSub Area Petroleum Office
SARSearch and Rescue
SARCSearch and Rescue Center
SARDSSpecial Air Route Designators
SARPFStrategic Air Relocatable Photographic Facility
SASSealed Authenticator System
SATCOMSatellite Communications
SATMSupply and Training Mission, Laos
SAWSpecial Air Warfare
SAWSSmall Arms Weapons System
SCSubmarine Chaser
SCCSC Security Consultative Committee Sub-Committee
SCDASEATO Central Distribution Authority
SCIPSea Counter-Infiltration Patrol
SCORESelective Conversion and Retention Program
S&DSearch and Destroy
SDCSelf Defense Corps (RVN)
SDOStaff Duty Officer
SEASoutheast Asia
SEABUSoutheast Asia Buildup
SEACOORDCoordinating Committee for U.S. Missions Southeast Asia
SEAITACS Southeast Asia Integrated Tactical Air Control System
SEALSea, Air and Land (Team)
SEAMARFSoutheast Asia Military Air Reservation Facility
SEAMILSeparate Military Committee (under SEACOORD)
SEAPSEATO Military Publication
SEASIASoutheast Asia
SEASTAGSEATO Standardization Agreement
SEATELCOMSoutheast Asia Telecommunications
SEATOSoutheast Asia Treaty Organization
SECDEFSecretary of Defense
SECNAVSecretary of the Navy
SECOSecond Stage Engine Cutoff
SEDSCAFStandard ELINT Data System Code and Format
S&EFunds Supplies and Equipage Funds
SELFShort Expeditious Landing Field
SEMPSocio-Economic Military Program
SERESurvival, evasion, resistance and escape
SFSpecial Forces
SFARGSIOP Force Application Review Group
SFCOSpecial Forces Company
SFFSEATO Field Forces
SFOBSEATO Forces Operating Base
SFODSpecial Forces Operational Detachment
SHADShipboard Hazards Appraisal and Defense
SHAPESupreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe
SHEDSShip Helicopter Extended Delivery System
SHOBShore Based
SICSurvey Information Center
SICRSpecific Intelligence Collection Requirements
SIDSudden Ionospheric Disturbances; Special Intelligence Detachment
SIFSelective Identification Feature
SIGINTSignal Intelligence
SIOPSingle Integrated Operational Plan
SITREPSituation Report
SJAStaff Judge Advocate
SJSSecretary Joint Staff
S&LSystems and Logistics
SLARSide Looking Airborne Radar
SLATSpecial Logistics Actions Thailand
SLAVSpecial Logistic Actions for South Vietnam
SLBMSubmarine Launch Ballistic Missile
SLFSpecial Landing Force
SMIATSpecial Military Intelligence Activities Team
SMPOSEATO Military Planning Office
SMRISSoviet Missile Range Instrumented Ship
SNDLStandard Navy Distribution List
SNOSenior National Officer (SEATO)
SOSail Only Junk; Special Order
SOASpeed of Advance
SOAPSupply Operations Assistance Program
SOC Squadron Operations Center
SOCPACSpecial Operations Center Pacific Command
SOCSSpecial Operations Center
SODSpecial Operations Detachment
SOFAStatus of Forces Agreement
SOFARSound Fixing and Ranging (Aircraft and Sub)
SOFTSpecial Operational Forces Taiwan
SOGStudies and Observation Group
SOKA GAKKI Value Creation Society (Japan)
SOLOGStandardization Agreements on Operations and Logistics (US, British and Canadian)
SOPStanding Operating Procedure
SOPASenior Officer Present Afloat
SORSpecific Operational Requirements
SOTSSpecial Operations Team
SOSUSSound Surveillance System
SPStarting Point
SPADATSSpace Detection and Tracking System
SPCCShip's Parts Control Center
SPDHFSpecial Pay for Duty Subject to Hostile Fire
SPIREPSpot Intelligence Report
SPMSingle Point Manager
SPMDSaigon Municipal Police Directorate
SPOSStrong Point Obstacle System
SPRSupply Performance Report
SPWARSpecial Warfare
Sq. Mi.Square Mile
SRGSystems Research Group
SROKASecond Republic of Korea Army
SRYShip Repair Yard
SSUS Navy Submarine
SSBSingle Side Band
SSBNFleet Ballistic Missile Submarine (nuclear powered)
SSDSpace Systems Division
SSESSSoviet Space Event Support Ships
SSGSpecial Support Group
SSOSpecial Security Office
SSODIASpecial Security Office, Defense Intelligence Agency
SSTSafe Separate/Timing
STAGStrategy and Tactics Analysis Group
STANAGNATO Standardization Agreement
STARSelective Training and Retention Program
STARCOMStrategic Army Communications System
STATSea Bee Technical Assistance Team
STATEDepartment of State
STOLShort Take-off and Landing
STPStandard Temperature and Pressure
STRASupply & Training Mission
STRACStrategic Army Corps
STRICOMStrike Command
STRIPStandard Requisition and Issue Procedures
STS Strategic Technical Service
SUASmall Unit Action
SVNSouth Vietnam
SWADSpecial Warfare Aviation Detachment
SWIMSea Warfare Interim Model
SWOGSpecial Weapons Overflight Guide
SYNCOMSynchronous Communication Satellite System

TATable of Allowances
TAAMTransportation Army Aviation Maintenance
TACTactical Air Control, Tactical Air Command
TACAMONickname for Airborne Very Low Frequency Radio Broadcasting
TACANTactical Air Navigation
TACCTactical Air Control Center
TACPTactical Air Control Party
TACRONTactical Air Control Squadron
TACSTactical Air Control System
TADCTactical Air Directional Center
TAETactical Aeromed Evacuation
TAFStores Ship (MSTS)
TAFDSTactical Airfield Fuel Dispersing System
TAKCargo Ship (MSTS)
TAKVCargo Ship and Aircraft Ferry (MSTS)
TAMIRADThe Army's Tactical Missile Range Air Defense Program
TAMPThailand Ammunition Manufacturing Plant
TANGOA Message Released by the Commander in Chief Pacific, while away from the Headquarters.
TANWERETactical Nuclear Weapons Requirements
TAOTactical Air Observer
TAOGGasoline Tanker (MSTS)
TAORTactical Area of Responsibility
TAPTransport Ship (MSTS)
TAPSTechnical Aerial Positioning System
TARTactical Aircraft Recovery
TASTroop Airlift Squadron
TASCTactical Air Support Center
TASSTactical Air Support Squadron
TAWTroop Airlift Wing
TAXTactical Air Exercise
TBCTaiwan Base Command
TBDLTo be Designated Later
TCMDTransportation Control & Movement Document
TCSTroop Carrier Squadron
TCTOTime Compliance Technical Order
TCWTroop Carrier Wing
TDTable of Distribution
TDCTaiwan Defense Command
TDITarget Data Inventory
TDYTemporary Duty
TETable of Equipment
TEAThai Exiles Association
TEDTroop Exercise Director
TELECONTelecommunication Conference
TEMADDTemporary Additional Duty
TERMTemporary Equipment Recovery Mission
TEWSTactical Electronic Warfare Squadron
TFSTactical Fighter Squadron
TFWTactical Fighter Wing
TGTask Group
TITechnical Information
TIFTarget Intelligence File
TIPITactical Interpretation and Processing of Information
TISTarget Information Sheet
TLRGTarget List Review Group
TMATraffic Management Agency
TMCTransportation Materiel Command (US Army)
TMGTactical Missile Group
TNPThailand National Police
TOTechnical Order; Table of Organization
TOATotal Obligation Authority
TOCTechnical Order Compliance; Tactical Operations Center
TO& ETable of Organization and Equipment
TOTTelephone Organization of Thailand; Time on Target
TOW Tube-Launched, Optically-tracked, Wire-guided Missile
TPITechnical Proficiency Inspection
TPPThermal Power Plant
TQMGThe Quartermaster General
TRTransportation Request
TRACTarget Research Analysis Center
TRANS-PACA Commercial Trans-Pacific Cable
TRPCARTroop Carrier
TRPCAR(M)Troop Carrier (Medium)
TRSTactical Reconnaissance Squadron
TRTFTactical Reconnaissance Task Force
TRWTactical Reconnaissance Wing
TTITactical Target Illustrations
TTMPTactical Target Materials Program
TUCType Unit Code
TUCRsTroop Unit Change Requests
TWTrail Watcher
TYCOMType Commander

UALUnit Allowance List
UDTUnderwater Demolition Team
UDUUnderwater Demolition Unit
UEUnit Equipment Allowance
UFNUntil further notice
UHFUltra High Frequency
UIRUrban Intelligence Reports
UKUnited Kingdom
UMIPSUniform Material Issue Priority System
UNUnited Nations
UNAAFUnified Action Armed Forces
UNCUnited Nations Command
UNCMACUnited Nations Command, Military Armistice Commission
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNODIRUnless Otherwise Directed
UNREPUnderway Replenishment
UNTEAUnited Nations Temporary Executive Authority
UPIRUnifile Photo Interpretation Report
UPSUniversal Polar Stereographic
UQCUnderwater Telephone
URGUnderway Replenishment Group
USUnited States
USAUnited States Army
USAB & VAPACUS Army Broadcasting and Visual Activity Pacific
USADCJUS Army Depot Command, Japan
USAEIGHTEighth United States Army
USAERDLUS Army Engineer Research and Development Laboratories
USAFUnited States Air Force
USAFIUnited States Armed Forces Institute
USAIRAUnited States Air Attache
USAIRLOUnited States Air Liaison Officer
USALCJUS Army Logistics Center Japan
USAMCUnited States Army Material Command
USAMICOMUS Army Missile Command
USAOSAUnited States Army Overseas Supply Agency
USARHAWUnited States Army Hawaii
USARJUnited States Army, Japan
USARMAUnited States Army Attache
USARPAC United States Army Pacific
USARVUnited States Army, Vietnam
USARYISUnited States Army, Ryukyus Islands
USASAUnited States Army Security Agency
USASCCUnited States Army Strategic Communication Command
USASCVUS Army Support Command Vietnam
USASFUnited States Army Special Forces
USASGVUnited States Army Support Group Vietnam
USCINCSOCommander in Chief, United States Southern Command
USCONARCUnited States Continental Army Command
USDAOUnited States Defense Attache Officer
USFUnited States Forces
USFJUnited States Forces Japan
USFKUnited States Forces Korea
USGUnited States Government
USIAUnited States Information Agency
USIBUS Intelligence Board
USISUnited States Information Service
USMUnderwater-Surface Missile
USMCUnited States Marine Corps
USMCPUnited States Military Construction Program
USMILADREPUnited States Military Advisor's Representative
USMILADREPSMPOUnited States Military Advisor's Representative, Southeast Asia Treaty Organization, Military Planning Office
USMSMIUnited States Military Supply Mission, India
USNUnited States Navy
USNAVSUPACTUnited States Naval Supply Activity
USNSUS Naval Ship
USOM United States Operations Mission
USSUnited States Ship
USSF(P)United States Special Forces (Provisional)
USSOUTHCOMUnited States Southern Command
USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
USTDCUnited States Forces, Taiwan Defense Command
USUNUnited States United Nations Delegation
USWUnderseas Warfare
UTMUniversal Transverse Mercator
UTTUtility Tactical Transport
UTWINGUtility Wing
UWUnconventional Warfare

VACRSVocational Assistance Commission for Retired Servicemen
VADMVice Admiral
VAMPVietnam Ammunition Procedures
VAPHeavy Photographic Squadron
VAWCarrier Airborne Early Warning Squadron (USN)
VCUS Navy Composite Squadron; Viet Cong
VCCViet Cong Captured
VCSViet Cong Suspect
VCSSValue Creation Study Society
VDCVolunteer Defense Corps (Thailand)
VDSVariable Depth Sonar
VFPLight Photographic Squadron
VFRVisual Flight Rule
VLFVery Low Frequency
VMViet Minh
VMA(AW)Marine Corps Attack Squadron (All Weather)
VMCJMarine Corps Composite Reconnaissance Squadron
VMFAMarine Fighter/Attack Squadron
VMF(AW)Marine Corps Fighter Squadron (All Weather)
VMGRMarine Transport Refueling Squadron
VMOMarine Corps Observation Squadron
VNNRepublic of Vietnam Navy
VNQDDVietnamese Nationalist Party
VNRSVietnamese National Railway System
VNSFVietnamese Special Forces
VOAVoice of America
VOCOMVoice Communications
VPUS Navy Patrol Squadron
VP(L)US Navy Patrol Squadron (Land)
VPRONUS Navy Patrol Squadron
VP(S)US Navy Patrol Squadron (Sea based)
VQFleet Air Reconnaissance Squadron
VRVisual Recce
VRCFleet Tactical Support Squadron
V/STOLVertical/Short Take-off and Land
VUNCVoice of the United Nations Command
VWUS Navy Airborne Early Warning Squadron

WAAPMWide Area Anti-Personnel Mine
WALLEYETelevision Guided Air to Surface Bomb
WAPGHigh Endurance Coast Guard Cutter (Now Known as WHEC)
WAVPHigh Endurance Coast Guard Cutter (Now Known as WHEC)
WBLCWaterborne Logistic Craft
WEA RCNWeather Reconnaissance
WESTAFWestern Transport Air Force (Travis AFB)
WESTPACWestern Pacific
WESTPACNORTHWestern Pacific North
WETWASH AA Military Cable from the Philippines to Vietnam
WHOWorld Health Organization
WIAWounded in Action
WIDWeekly Intelligence Digest
WIRWeekly Intelligence Review
WOWarrant Officer
WOCWing Operations Center
WPLWar Plan, Long Range
WPMWar Plan, Mid-Range
WPSWar Plan, Short Range; War Planning Slate
WRAWar Reserve Allowance
WRMWar Reserve Mobilization
WRSWeather Reconnaissance Squadron
WSEGWeapons Systems Evaluation Group
WSMTTWhite Star Mobile Training Teams
WSRTWeapons System Reliability Test
WTOWESTPAC Transportation Office
WWMCCSWorld Wide Military Command and Control System

YAGMiscellaneous Auxiliary (Service Craft)
YFCovered Lighter (self-propelled)
YFDYard Floating Dry Dock
YPPatrol Craft (Service Craft)
YRBSubmarine Repair and Berthing Barge
YTBLarge Harbor Tug
YTLSmall Harbor Tug
YWWater Barge (self-propelled)

ZIZone of Interior
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