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Old 07-22-2003, 04:50 AM
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Cool What This Country Needs

What This Country Needs

Exclusive commentary by Dan Abbett

Jul 21, 2003

In 1920, Thomas R Marshall, Vice President under Woodrow Wilson stated, ?What this country needs is a really good five-cent cigar.? Records are not clear as to whether or not we ever attained the goal of the five-cent cigar but one thing is a certainty today, we have an abundance of two-bit politicians.

Under the stewardship of our elected officials over the past three or four decades, our constitution has been rendered meaningless, as courts now make law not elected representatives, and the ?Will of the People? be damned. While the ?Founding Fathers? have long since gone, the time has now come for the ?Sons of the Founders? to follow in their footsteps. What this country really needs is responsible leadership and a government dedicated to the principles that have made the United States the proud nation it is today.

The political ?quagmire? that is congressional politics today is a sham, a joke, a disgrace. The Government of the United States of America has degenerated into a game of political ?gotcha.? Nothing of substance is being accomplished by this out dated, over the hill, dysfunctional body we refer to as those we elected to represent us. The American people need to seriously consider wholesale removal of every current office holder in the United States Government (but if we did it would just be declared unconstitutional.)

What is important of a servant on our Federal Courts is not their position on Roe V Wade, school prayer or gay rights. What is important is the competence to understand and interpret the law in the context it was written, this and nothing more. What is important is to identify and eliminate real threats to the lives of the American People, our way of life, the bounty of our environment and the continuation of our economic prosperity. What is important is a functional governmental body, focused on substance, unencumbered by the pettiness of personal partisanship.

This is the true ?litmus test,? and if they cannot pass it, ?it is time for them to go.?

The politics of today are no longer predicated on such values as principle, pride, honorable conviction and purpose, rather the practice of character assassination and scandal. The government that was once of, by and for the people, has been replaced by power hungry ideologues, driven by their lust to obtain a key position in a ?New World Order.? Harsh rhetoric? Measure their performance with respect to the real issues affecting your state or community. The people?s business is not a function of personal political ambition. This fact needs to be clearly and loudly communicated to those we elect, as most develop a serious hearing disorder in this area once elected.

Lastly, while checks and balances are clearly necessary to ensure equal representation, at last examination, no one elected the media to an office of government. We must never allow any restriction of free speech or the right of any citizen to voice their opinions no matter how conflicting they may be to our own. We must also never allow that same medium, with such a power to persuade, to become an instrument of propaganda. What this country doesn?t need, are selfish ideologues with a personal power agenda, intent on manipulating information to sell us on their ?nickel-dime? solutions.


SSgt. Roger A.
One Proud Marine
Once A Marine............Always A Marine.............
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