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Default An interesting JFK item...

I obtained an item sometime ago from eBay and have just got around to listening to some of it. It includes 39 hours of interviews about the JFK assassination. I have put the current item numbers below, as well as the description of contents below. The speech by Jim Garrison entitled "The Rise of theFourth Reich", is reason enough to get this. The 40th anniversary of this coup will be here soon. Most of us have vivid memories of Nov. 22, 1963. What really happened ? Who stood to benefit ?

eBay # 3634885683

eBay # 3635126853

description from eBay...

I spent over 25 years (more years than I should have) of my life researching and investigating the murder of JFK. During this time I have talked to dozens of primary witnesses and sources, in Dallas, New Orleans, and Washington DC. I?ve read thousands of pages of documents, and have found a few pieces to the puzzle. There are a few things that are crystal clear about this case. #1 Oswald did not kill anybody on 11-22-63. #2 Jack Ruby was on orders to shut Oswald up. And #3 the Federal government is actively involved in an on going 40 year cover up. This of course begs the question, ?WHY.? You may find some of the answers in the MP3 CD. This CD contains over 39 hours of research interviews and information that will be a welcome addition to your research library. You will be glad you got a copy. Nearly everyone who was anyone in the JFK case for the first 30 years can be heard on this extraordinary CD?..FREE SHIPPING to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Here now is the list?????.. 1. JIM GARRISON;S NBC RESPONSE.....In 1967, NBC's Frank McGee, the "respected" veteran news journalist presented an "NBC White Paper," (Documentary)On New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. This "White Paper," pointed out many of the investigative practices by Garrison and his office, regarding changes that Garrison brought against New Orleans business man Clay Shaw. Shaw was charged with conspiracy in the murder of President Kennedy. The "White Paper," was so demeaning and slanderous to Mr. Garrison and his office, that the Federal Communications Commission demanded that NBC give the New Orleans District Attorney equal time. This ruling by the FCC was unprecedented in Network Television history. So on Saturday July 15, 1967 Mr. Garrison got his equal time to set the record straight and answer all those slanderous statements by NBC. This recording is very rare. Many JFK researchers are aware of this equal time broadcast, but have never heard it. Now this audio version is available to you on one CD.........***Bonus*** as an added bonus you will also receive the Radio broadcast: Bob Quessel talks with Mike Ray about the JFK Assassination November 17, 1993 from WIBC Radio in Indianapolis. Bob Quessel took the Warren Report side, and it made for a lively discussion to say the least??????????????????????????????????????????.. 2. JIM GARRISON VS. JOHNNY CARSON...New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison was invited by Talk Show host Johnny Carson to be a guest on the Tonight show (circa 1968). Carson extended this invitation when Comedian Mort Saul told Johnny, that "Garrison had new important evidence in the JFK Assassination." The District Attorney accepted the invitation and came on the show to inform the public of what he had. Carson played the role of "Devil's advocate." He played the role so well that "surprised" viewers by the thousands complained to NBC the next day, that "Johnny was a very rude host." Carson challenged Garrison at every point and turn. One gets a little uncomfortable when you hear how Carson is all over him. Garrison, to his credit, stays very cool, wins the audience over, and frustrates Carson to the point, that he is quoted later as to have said that he would "...never have Mr. Garrison on his program again." Garrison is wonderful, and the exchange between the two is amazing. This legendary broadcast is considered extremely rare. ?????????????????????????????????????.. 3. THE JFK CONFLICT...In the fall of 1988 an independent radio network put together an extensive 2 hour documentary commemorating the 25th anniversary of the JFK Assassination. The program was called the JFK Conflict. This documentary would be like none other, as they would look not only at all the major theories, into who killed JFK, but would also go into great depth on just who was Lee Harvey Oswald. The program featured a who's who of Assassination researchers. You will hear the voices of Peter Dale Scott, Cyril Wecht, David Shime, Henry Hurt, Silvia Meagher, Jean Davidson, Dan Modea, Philip Mellenson, Robert Sam Anson, David Rohm, Bernard Finsterwald, David Lifton, Harold Weisberg and others. The program is hosted by long time NBC newsman Edwin Newman. The program date was November 22, 1988. It is without question the best radio documentary on the subject that I have ever heard. The program is yours on 2-CD's and the shipping is free. ***Bonus*** As an added bonus you will also receive the radio program: Rob Willey talks with Mike Ray about the JFK Assassination on WGVU Radio in Grand Rapids, on November 22, 1993. ??????????????????????????????????????.. 4. JIM GARRISON: THE RISE OF THE FOURTH REICH...New Orleans prosecutor Jim Garrison, was the only man ever to bring charges in the assassination of JFK. Garrison was very articulate, engaging and an imposing figure, standing over 6'6 tale. At times Garrison seemed bigger than life....Garrison was in a long time fight with the CIA, and the establishment forces over this case. Constantly the CIA would do it's best to throw him off course with Misinformation, and infiltration into his staff and office, while the establishment did it's best to discredit him through the media at every turn. After several early mistakes Garrison began to tighten up his act and became a capable opponent for those who insisted that the cover up continue....In October of 1967, Garrison gave one of the legendary speeches ever given on this case. He titled it, the Rise of the Fourth Reich...In this speech Garrison, pulls no punches. He has the courage to say the "King is naked and wares no clothes." This speech points fingers and takes names. It would have to rank in anyone's book as being one of the top 5 speech's ever given on this topic. Love him, or hate him, Garrison left his mark like few others have...This is an absolute must for researchers of this case. ???????????????????????????????????????.. 5. OSWALD-BRINGUIER DEBATE...It's late August 1963, and Lee Harvey Oswald and his "Fair Play for Cuba Committee" have gotten a great amount of publicity. They have had stories about them written up in the New Orleans paper, and Oswald was interviewed on live radio. Carlos Bringuier the Cuban freedom fighter who opposes everything that Oswald stands for has challenged Oswald to a debate about Castro's Cuba. Radio station WDSU offers an invitation to each side to stage the debate on live radio. This incredible, historical debate is a must for anyone studying the JFK Assassination. You can own this actual debate on CD. WDSU Radio New Orleans Bill Slater & Bill Stucky Moderate the Debate Lee Harvey Oswald Vs. Carlos Bringuier August 1963 ***Bonus*** As an added bonus you will receive the radio broadcast: Brian Rogers talks with Mike Ray about the JFK Assassination, on WBCK, Battle Creek Michigan. 11-17-92. ??????????????????????????????????????????.. 6. RADIO NEWS COVERAGE...November 22, 1963 is grafted on the soles of all who lived through that tragic day. We will remember it for the rest of our lives. The tragic events of that eventful day were caught on Radio by many networks across the world. ABC News put together a documentary using the actual radio accounts of that day. You will hear reports for ABC New York, ABC Dallas, and from ABC News outlets all over the world. You will hear many of the historic and important voices that were broadcast on that tragic day and weekend. This program is in the public domain and You can own this ABC News Documentary on CD. It will make a nice addition to your library on the JFK Assassination 77 Minutes. ??????????????????????????????????????????????.. 7. DAVID LIFTON INTERVIEW PORTLAND OR...In 1980 David Lifton's name broke onto the scene with the release of his new book Best Evidence. This book brook new ground, showing how it might just be possible that JFK's body was altered. The theory was that somewhere between the time his body was scene in Dallas by a core of Doctor's and Nurses to the time his body arrived at Bethesda Naval base, the body had been tampered with. This theory was hailed by many and blasted by others. No matter where you stand on this issue, David Lifton is thought provoking in the way he communicates. This memorable interview takes place from a radio station in Portland Oregon in the spring of 1981. ???????????????????????????????????????.. 8. MARK LANE LECTURE IN NEW YORK...Mark Lane wrote one of the first books on the JFK Assassination. It was A brilliant work called Rush to Judgment. In the book Lane interviews Anyone and everyone who was on the scene and was willing to talk. His Book was a big concern for the establishment, who didn't really know how To answer all of Lane's tough questions. Lane has spent many years writing, And lecturing on the subject. One of his most famous lectures took place In New York City in October of 1966. This lecture is a must for anyone seriously looking into the case?????????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????????????.. 9. HAROLD WEISBERG ON SAN FRANCISCO RADIO...In 1984 Harold Weisberg was the featured guest for an all night discussion on the JFK Assassination, on KGO Radio in San Francisco. Talk show host Noah Griffin had in the studio, Robert Ranftell (David Lifton's Researcher) as well as Jay Davis. The three of them were on hand as they talked with Harold from his home in Fredrick Maryland. Despite some static and fading toward the end of the show, this all night program is one the best ever done on the subject on Radio. Many topics of the JFK Assassination are discussed at length. The program is fast paced and Mr. Weisberg, the dean of all Assassination researchers is at his very best; clear, detailed, and hard hitting. This is a program you will not want to miss. The program is over 2 hours and 20 minutes long. ???????????????????????????????????.. 10. OLIVER STONE: ON HIS MOVIE JFK...During the days just before and after the release of Oliver Stone's new movie JFK, the media had a fit. The establishment press, both liberal and conservative jumped on Mr. Stone with both feet. Seldom have we ever witnessed such a foaming of the mouth like we did when this movie was released. As always, the establishment defends the status quo. The Warren Report and the lone nut theory are just a few of their pet lies they love to protect. There is a line from the 23rd Psalm that reads, "Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies..." In November 1991 Oliver Stone was invited to speak before the National Press Club luncheon in Washington DC. Most all of the establishment press on the east cost would be in attendance. Stone accepted the invitation and bravely gave the establishment press core a verbal spanking. He was not afraid to speak the truth and to challenge their integrity over adhering to such a fable. Stone is forceful and moving. In this speech he is a breath of fresh air. Love him or hate him, this is one very good speech. ?????..?????????????????????????????????????..???? ????????????. 11. RICKY WHITE RADIO INTERVIEWS...Ricky White the son of Roscoe White (Dallas Policeman) dropped a bombshell in The summer of 1990 when he claimed that he had evidence that his father Roscoe, Killed JFK. At his original press conference, Ricky provided copies of his Evidence along with pictures to the press and anyone who might be interested In his new findings. In the next few days Ricky along with his "handler" photographer Robert Groden began popping up on interview shows across the country. One very Memorable interview took place at KFI radio in Los Angeles as host Tom Likus talked With White and Groden. Things began to heat up considerably when David Lifton, One of the callers came on the air. It could only be described as fireworks. This in one you don't want to miss. You can own it, on one CD. Also White and Groden are being interviewed by Michael Reagan on KSDO in San Diego. Both interviews are From July 1990. ???????????????????????????????????. 12. HAROLD WEISBERG INTERVIEW...Harold Weisberg was the grand old man of JFK assassination researchers. His book "Whitewash" was one of the first books written to go against the "conventional wisdom" of the Warren Report. Harold wrote 5 other books on the subject as well. Every serious researcher, pro or con has conferred with him on the subject. Many government insiders have had long discussions with him from front and back channels. He worked with Jim Garrison, Mark Lane, Fletcher Prouty and many others. Beloved by many, heated by others, Weisberg was a feisty, take no prisoners kind of guy, who took nothing from anyone. Last Year, he gave all of his research to Hood College. It took 3 full Semi truck loads to haul it out of his home in Fredrick Maryland. I had known Harold for many years when he finally granted me an interview. We covered a wide range of subjects that was hard hitting on several topics within the JFK Murder case. And Harold was as outspoken as ever. The interview dates from July 31, 1991. Harold Passed away in February of 2002. For those who are serious in the study of the JFK Murder, this is a must?CD only. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????. . 13. ANTHONY SUMMERS INTERVIEW.......In 1980 Researcher Anthony Summers wrote the blockbuster best seller "Conspiracy." It was a book that came out after the House Select Committee on Assassinations released It's findings to the public that JFK was killed by way of a Conspiracy. Summers book Was one of the better ones of that day. You can hear him as Announcer Milt Rosenberg poses One interesting question after another about the death of JFK. This CD is a must For JFK researchers everywhere. The interview dates from 1981. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????. . 14. G. ROBERT BLAKEY INTERVIEW.....The House Select Committee on Assassinations concluded that JFK was likely killed by a conspiracy and that 4 shots were fired at the President. The man who was the Chief Council of This committee was Notre Dame Law Professor, G. Robert Blakey. You can hear Blakey tell of his slant on the case, while at the same time debunk a variety of Assassination Theories. He even takes some pot shots at former New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison. Chicago Announcer Milt Rosenberg interview's Blakey from April 29, 1981. You can own this fast passed interview on one CD. Over 78 minutes long.............................................. .............. 16. HARRISON LIVINGSTONE INTERVIEW...When it comes to investigating and researching the JFK Assassination Harrison Livingstone is among the best. When it comes to pure investigative work Livingstone has few equals. It also must be said that he is also a partisan. He loved the President very much, and the loss of this youthful leader helped fuel the passion that lead this man on his search for the truth. Livingstone has left his mark on the case, like few others have. One night he appeared on the Jim Bohannon show. As always Bohannon sarcastic as ever when it comes to "Conspiracy Theories," thought he would attempt to make sport with Livingstone, only to find out that this long time investigator was no push over. To say the least, this is one very interesting program. From May 30, 1992 ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????.. 16.MICHAEL EDDOWS INTERVIEW...British writer, Michael Eddows was the leading proponent of the theory that the person of Lee Harvey Oswald was in reality a Russian who was trained for the task of taking out JFK. This theory also logically pointed to the idea, that if it was a Russian and not the real Oswald, then who was resting in the tomb of Lee Harvey Oswald. Chicago interviewer Milt Rosenberg delves into these and other topics with the legendary Michael Eddows. The interview dates from October 13, 1977?????????????????????????????????????????????? ?.. 17. DEBATE:SPITZ VS. KAISER...This debate about the Warren Report on the Kennedy Assassination is between to establishment figures. On one side we have Dr. Warner Spitz who was the chief medical examiner of Wayne County (Detroit) Michigan. He was the Forensic Pathologist for the Rockefeller Commission (Assassinations) in 1975. He was also a member of the Forensic Committee on the House Select Committee on Assassinations (US House of Representatives) in 1978. He claims that essentially, the Warren Report is correct and that the President was hit twice from bullets fired from behind him. His counter part for the debate is Dr. David Kaiser, Professor of History at Carnegie-Mellon University in Pittsburgh. Dr. Kaiser had written several articles on the Assassination. It is his view that the evidence suggests a 2nd gunman. This debate is fascinating because they are 2 members of the establishment trying to paint a difference in the Warren Report. WXYT Radio Detroit. November 17, 1988. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??????.. 18. GORDON NOVEL........ Political Annalist Dave Emory talks with the mysteries Gordon Novel, the one time "chief of security" for Jim Garrison's office in New Orleans. Later Novel, become a material witness in the Clay Shaw trial. Was Novel a CIA plant to throw Garrison off track? This is one of the most fascinating interviews about the case you will ever hear. A real must for anyone series about the murder of JFK. KOME Radio San Jose. 1984. ***BONUS*** MIKE RAY INTERVIEW: Long time political writers Helen Scholes and Ruth Harper talk with Mike Ray about his views on the Kennedy Assassination. Mike is given the opportunity to go in depth on the motives being JFK's murder. WBYW Grand Rapids, Michigan. 11-19-92. Over 2 hours long?????????????????????????????????????????????? ??.. 19. DR. CHARLES CRENSHAW Interview on CD....Dr. Charles Crenshaw caught the establishment off guard when is new book "Conspiracy of Silence" hit the news stand early in 1992. This book was a major best seller. As an attending physician who was in the trauma room, when JFK's body arrived at Parkland hospital in Dallas, Crenshaw was able to view the body from the front. He clearly stated that the wound to the throat was without question an entrance wound. Crenshaw was one of the people who placed JFK in the "bronze ceremonial casket" and saw that there was a massive gaping wound to the back of JFK's head. Clearly this was an exit wound. Dr. Crenshaw as it turned out was the attending physician when Lee Harvey Oswald was brought into the trauma room almost 2 days later. This incredible radio interview is not to be missed. Crenshaw goes into great detail on all of the things he saw that weekend, including a fascinating phone call he received from the new President LBJ. He explains to all what he means by the term "Conspiracy of Silence." This important interview dated from April 3, 1992???. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ??? 20. SENATOR RICHARD RUSSELL TALKS WITH PRESIDENT JOHNSON...... On September 18, 1964 at 7:54 Pm. Senator Richard Russell responded to a phone message to call President Lyndon Johnson back A.S.A.P. The President wanted to discuss the Warren Commission (Which had concluded its duties earlier in the day) and several other topics as well. The two men had been friends for many years so their conversation flows very comfortably. As the conversation begins, Senator Russell explains his frustration with the Commissions layers who were determined to say that one bullet (Magic Bullet Theory) hit both JFK and Connelly. Russell says "I just don't believe it." To which President Johnson replied "I don't either." The discussion at that point is spellbinding. You almost can't believe what you are hearing. Not only is this discussion historic, it's extremely important and telling. Of course this is the very topic that Johnson and Russell stopped their long friendship over. Other topics discussed were: Tension in Southeast Asia, Disaster Relief, Campaign Contributors and the upcoming champagne against Senator Barry Goldwater. The clarity of the conversation is wonderful, and is a must to any serious researcher. ***Bonus***As an added bonus, you will receive the radio broadcast: Rob Sanford talks with Michael Canfield, Co-author of the book "Coup 'd'etat in America" (1975, revised in 1991) About the JFK Assassination This interview talks about all the research that was done for the book, and it's findings. This very rare interview was done at WOOD Radio Grand Rapids, on November 17, 1993. ??????????????????????.. ??????????????????????????????????????. 21. JIM MARRS INTERVIEW.........Jim Marrs, the author of the book "Crossfire, the plot that Killed Kennedy," (one of the 2 books used as a basis for Oliver Stone's movie JFK) is one of the few researchers who has been on the case since day one. As a young reporter for the Dallas Morning News, Marrs has talked to more primary and secondary sources from this case than any man alive today. He has tracked more miles in the states of Texas and Louisiana covering this case than anyone else as well. The unique experience that Marrs brings to the case, made him a natural for teaching a college level class on the subject, which he has done for many years, and as an advisor to Oliver Stone's movie JFK. In this interview, Marrs covers many aspects of the Case. You will not want to miss this one. December 1991????????????????????????????????.. ?????????????????????????????????????????????????? ???. 22. MARK LANE INTERVIEW.........This interview takes place during the time of the publication of Lane's book "Plausible Denial." Lane goes into great detail about how a Jury trail in Miami deliberated and came to the decision that the CIA killed President Kennedy. This chapter in this on going case is seldom discussed, so this engaging interview is something you are going to want to add to your library. 11-22-91. ***BONUS***As an added bonus you will receive the radio broadcast: Tim Collins talks to Mike Ray about the death of Vince Foster. You will hear Mike tell of a massive government cover-up in Foster's Death. Mike will also demonstrate that is was a physical impossibility that Foster died at Fort Marcy Park. You will notice that the Foster cover-up has the same flavor that the JFK Cover-up has. WBCK Radio Battle Creek, Michigan, July 17, 1995. ??????????????????????????????????????????.. 23. SECRET SERVICE AGENT KILLS KENNEDY.........Howard Donahue has spent over 25 years researching and telling anyone who will listen that a Secret Service Agent, accidentally shot and killed, President John F. Kennedy in Dallas Texas on November 22, 1963. He said it was and incredible accident (A Murphy's Law if you will). It is his contention that a specific agent (He does name the agent) was reacting to shots fired from the Texas School Book Depository. Donahue a ballistics, and weopens expert, has been involved with many trials appearing as an expert witness for such government agencies as the FBI and the BATF. Donahue's book was finally published in 1988. Donahue was interviewed over WBAL Radio in Baltimore back in August 1977. This program is over 2 ? hours long?????????????????????????????????????????????. . ??????????????? 24. COL. FLETCHER PROUTY......Clearly the most intriguing person in the movie JFK was X, played by Donald Sutherland. Of course Mr. Sutherland's character was none other the Col. L. Fletcher Prouty. This real life military and intelligence person has quite a history. His background and experience brought him into contact with many people who may have been involved or had knowledge of the JFK Assassination. Some ten years ago, Col. Prouty sat down and aloud himself to be interviewed on the JFK Assassination and the High Cabal. Over 2 ? hours of Col. Prouty???????????????????????????????????????????? ??????????????????????.. 25. Mary Ferrell Interview........Bernard Finsterwald once called her the greatest citizen researcher in the history of America. Mary Ferrell was a very special person. As a Dallas house wife she did a more thorough and exhaustive investigation into the Assassination of JFK than the entire force that made up the Warren Commission. Mary was diligent and hard working, always turning over another stone in the Case. In this very rare and very important interview she went over several topics in the case: CE-237, 2nd Oswald's all over the place, William George Godey, Oswald in New Orleans, Richard Sprague, Oswald in Mexico, Jack Ruby's involvement with running guns to Cuba, George DeMornshield, Sylvia Odeo, What did Oswald carry with him to work on that Friday, U2 flights, Oswald's note to FBI agent James Hosty, and many many more. Including documented evidence that Clay Shaw, and Gordon Novel (The 2 men that Jim Garrison charged in the JFK Case) were in fact CIA men. You will be amazed at the amount of evidence Mary brings forth in this interview of 2 hours and 30 minutes. If you are serious about the JFK case, then this set is for you. ?????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????.. 26. JACK RUBY VERDICT........ This is the complete coverage of the verdict of Jack Ruby. You will hear Judge Brown read Jury foreman Max E. Cosey's note to the court, that the Jury has declared that Jack Ruby is guilty of Murder in the death of Lee Harvey Oswald, and affix his punishment as Death. This incredible program will give you interviews on the scene with such notables as Melvin Belie, Jack Ruby's attorney, District Attorney Henry Wade, and Judge Brown himself. This will be a wonderful addition to your library. ***BONUS***As an added bonus you will hear the radio broadcast that will feature interviews with Earl Ruby (Jack's Brother) and Alan Adelson (Jack's Lawyer at the time of his death). You will hear Earl and Alan paint a picture that Jack was just inflamed with Oswald, and happen to be in the right place at the right time, to take Oswald out. This is an extraordinary broadcast, from WXYT Detroit on November 22, 1988 ????????????????????????????????????????????????.. . 27. ROGER CRAIG INTERVIEW APRIL 7, 1971???????Former Dallas County Deputy Sheriff Roger Craig was one of the police officers who, upon hearing shots, rushed to the scene of Kennedy's assassination. He investigated the Grassy Knoll, talked with witnesses, and investigated the Texas School Book Depository. He stated that he saw Oswald get into a green Rambler shortly after the shooting. Throughout the years, he made other claims on the assassination that were at odds with Warren Commission findings. This is an interview that Roger Craig gave back in 1971. Craig is one of the most important Crime scene investigators in the case, because he had the character to tell it like it was and did not worry about what people would say, think or do. On May 15, 1975, Craig was found dead in his father's house from a gunshot wound. Roger Craig is listed on the "mysterious deaths," list of Mae Brussell's, Ronald Ecker's, and Day William's. They claim those involved in the conspiracy had to silence him because he had evidence that was damaging to the claim that Lee Harvey Oswald was the lone assassin. This 55 minute interview is one of the most important in the case and is a must to serious JFK Researchers everywhere???????????????????????????????.. 28. Jack Anderson was one of the longest running syndicated columnists in the history of the newspaper game. Anderson along with his mentor Drew Pearson investigated the JFK Assassination from day one. It was not very long before they came to the conclusion that one man could not have killed the President. In 1988 Anderson, produced, directed, and was the narrator of a 2 hour nation wide television exclusive; ?Who Killed JFK.? This documentary was ripped naturally from the establishment, but most in the JFK research community did give Jack credit for doing his home work and not just accepting what the establishment wanted us to believe. 2 weeks after the TV program, Jack was the guest of a nationwide radio program. In this radio interview Jack goes into great detail explaining whey he believes that Cuba and Castro have direct responsibility for the murder, and how the US Government covered it up to keep us from going to war. From December 1988 on one CD. Over 70 minutes long. ????????. ???????????????????. 29. Carol Preston interviews Gerald Posner the author of the best selling book Case Closed??This was an opportunity for Mr. Posner to bring his case before the American public on nation wide radio as to why he believes Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in killing John F. Kennedy. Gerald Posner argues that the Warren Commission properly investigated the Assassination of JFK. He claims to have refuted the critics, purports to show what actually occurred, and asserts simple factual answers to explain complex problems that have plagued the subject for years. In the process he condemns all who do not agree with the official conclusions as theories driven by Conjectures. At the same time his book is so theory driven, so rife with speculation, and so frequently unable to conform his text with the factual content in his sources that it stands as one of the stellar instances of Irresponsible publishing on the subject. At times you don?t know if you should laugh or cry at Posner?s masterful attempt at disinformation. Do not expect to hear the truth from this interview, but rather learn how a member of the establishment twists and turns the truth in such a way as to bring utter confusion to an already complicated subject. This is a must for all Assassination researchers everywhere. On CD over 70 minutes long. ??????????????????????????
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I'd rather be historically accurate than politically correct.
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Best book about the JFK coup I have read, and I have read a lot, is ...

"Kill Zone : A Sniper Looks At Dealey Plaza", by Craig Roberts.

It is only 252 pages ( 60 pages of appendix and footnotes )
but shows who did it, how they did it, type of weapons and ammo used, and the coverup. Much info I have seen no where else.

Here is his website...

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