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Old 05-18-2022, 12:00 PM
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Unhappy Playing Games With Other People's Lives



“Just how much of what you see on the tube (and elsewhere) is actually fact-based, and how much more of it - is just pure hokum?” It is a crying shame, after all, when one’s life is predicated upon their steadfast belief that everything that they view upon their television sets is pure fact, and that all of it is truly geared to better, not only some advertisers affluence, but indeed, it is meant to enhance the combined lot of humanity – would it were always so?

Media advertising is indeed a wonderful concept, but in my opinion, what you see is not always what you get? “And what you hear is not always the truth either, also in my opinion?” And, unfortunately, any wanton liar, in almost any human capacity, can oft-time - also be a destructive force!

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Old 05-18-2022, 02:05 PM
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HC - you're right - and it isn't going to get any better.
All across the US crime fluorishes daily.
Racial issues & Shootings (most common)
As an Astronaut once said - HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM
Well- So Do We.
These insidious actions are out of control.
Our Country has internal issues coast to coast & north to south. (Everywhere).
TV hypes it - yes we all know - they are normally there after the fact - anyway.
You have to admit - crime is more prevalent day after day.
National insecurity is everywhere - can happen at any time.
We have daily neighborhood issues - many have pulled up stakes and left.
Crime is on the rise and will continue to do so until - God Only Knows -
if it can be remedied - or brought under control.
The facts are people are killed or seriously mained by these crimes.
Money shortages - Prices of Gas $5 per gallon or higher.
SS checks don't cover the needs of the lessor's.
Jobs have picked up but still not paying a livable wage as rent surges to
make up for those who left in the middle of the night.
We have many issues within our own country - yet we can spend Billions
to foreign elements - which is shocking to say the least.
Taxes will go up - to compensate for the Billions given away.
We've got a long way to go to say we've recovered - if that's feasible?
As for the media we all know they hype it abit -
What else can I say - the truth is skewed we know that but the
underlined issues are what they are and they need a resolved.

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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