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Old 05-20-2022, 09:56 PM
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Question A White Minority


When will certain elements within “OUR NATION” quite pushing this crap about “Minority Americans?” We are all either proud and defiant citizens of “The United States of America” or we are just scat – and that is a fact!

So why do we keep hearing certain segments within “Our Nation” pushing this stupid theory of racial dominance, when nothing here within “Our Glorious Country” could ever be further from the truth!! In fact, how often has any trooper refused to share a defensive position or a trench, with a comrade and this, just because the guy who is huddled in that hole with him is of a different political party, or skin-color? In fact, it is the gent’s loyalties and the color of his honorable uniform (and upbringing as well), that makes “The Real and Defining Difference!”

“So just what is all of this neo-politicalization, and other assorted garbage that is now surfacing above the swamps of Washington D.C.? And just why is it now being allowed to flourish and to exacerbate, and this where it has no business even existing?

Once again - we are either all unwavering, gallant, and proud patriots, or we are nothing at all, and that is all that there is to it! And if “We Proud Citizens” ever allow ourselves to be subjugated, divided, or even categorized into various political and/or social groupings, or if we sit silently by while some bureaucrat erroneously attempts to convince us that some of us are more deserving of the rights and benefits of those liberties that were paid for with over 246 years of our ancestors’ blood, sweat, tears and toil, then in my opinion, we have definitely lost something in the true definitions of liberty, freedom, equality and even self-determination!!

“And let no man ever attempt to convince you that Our Flag of Freedom, only waves equally and proudly over a selected few – for ‘Elitism’ is now “And Always Has Been” - A Failed and Nation Destroying Concept! (personal opinions)

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