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Back during World War II, the Germans attempted a breakout through the Ardennes. Using cooks, clerks, and whoever was available to blunt the tip of the Nazi spear, the American Army, with the help of a little re-supply and a turn in the weather, managed to throw back the German hordes and save the day!

Well, there is yet another ?BULGE? that is threatening America on this very day, and that Bulge is an ?Axis of Absolute Power and A Lack of True Justice and Compassion? in certain arenas!

This Bulge, a ?Government/VA Alliance? is (in my opinion) a ?Two Faced Monster!? One that has no compunctions about getting involved in conflicts (even justifiable ones), calling our gallant military to arms, and then throwing many of these injured (Mentally as well as physically) individuals (veterans) to the ?Dogs of Bureaucracy? when they can no longer function or serve a military purpose!

?A Gigantic Excrement Sandwich? has been created, both in the ?WMD? (Weapons of Mass Destruction Arena), and the so-called ?African Nuclear Connection? just to mention two!

But then I guess "If one means to have a war (or so the old saying goes) "then let it begin here - even if someone has to contrive a (so-called) smoking gun? (opinion)

So where is this ?New Battle of the Bulge?? Is it in Belgium again (our grandiose allies)? Is it at the United Nations or somewhere within the New European Commonwealth perhaps? ?Hell no?, it?s right here in America, that?s where it is!!?

As I mentioned in a prior piece, the ?Noble-Sounding, Adversarial Paternalistic VA? (Granddaddy of All Insulting Oxymorons), replete with it's 400 (many of them veteran-destroying) lawyers (opinion), and a king?s ransom ($63 Billion a year) in ?Tax Funded Hit Money? at their vested disposal, may not have changed one damned bit from one administration to another? Save, that is, for the "Brand-New Golden Nameplates" on their solid mahogany doors! "ABANDON HOPE, MANY WHO ENTER HERE!"

Here in may reside ?THE TRUE BULGE? - an eternally swelling paunch in the ?Pocket Books of State!?? This bulge, however, is paid for by many veterans, the generally patriotic tax payer, and a scant few in government who could give a damn less!

Over 70% of our people, myself included, believed enough in the "President?s Word of Honor" to back his play in Afghanistan and Iraq etc! The sacrifice of American lives, in far away (Hostile) lands, geared to bring an end to tyranny and terrorism, was (on the surface and supported by admittedly faulty intelligence), noble and needed indeed!

And what of those soon forgotten souls who have, and will continue to return from war, mentally and/or physically broken? The men and women, who continue to defend liberty, while keeping up the affluence and ego-derived power of a few of the misguided within the system, as well as some corruptly powerful corporations?

Most of all, we must never forget ?The American Veteran!!? The courageous men and women, many of whom are (upon their return), systematically denied claims for earned benefits, no matter how serious or service-connected their ailments may be?! And this by fellow veterans firmly entrenched within the system, no less!?

Some of these brutalized troopers have even had their records altered and/or destroyed (DAIG-IN 21-75 and COS MEMO 385), are continuously intimidated, killed-off by (pre-planned) time delays, or even viciously threatened (or worse)!!

"This type of scenario, hardly makes for longevity, as I am currently learning as concerns my own health (another story, posthumous perhaps)!"

I will, however, relate but one of many remarks (threats), this one emanating out of the VA System, some time back. It being "WE ARE JUST WAITING FOR YOU TO DIE!!" How many of you out there are in this same sinking boat?

DOES THE GOVERNMENT REALLY CARE (?)?, or will this again be a case, similar to the ?Tuskegee Experiments, Agent Orange and Gulf War Syndrome?, where these ?Domestic Atrocities? are only (partially) addressed after the rich and powerful (who orchestrated them), are exposed by those with enough guts to value truth above absolute power?

But maybe the whole truth will never be known, or will be aired "ONLY AFTER" the stinking guilty and their toadies die-off from terminal over-indulgence, or a shattered consciences, if any of them have a conscience that is?!

Or could it be, as I was warned by very, very powerful entities, that the perps will merely wait until the accusers (victims) themselves, have all been killed-off by "Experiment-Created Diseases or Ailments", shoveled into the sod, or maybe even fall victim to a a Frank Olsen/James Forestall type accident?

Or will, as it was in Watergate, the lower-rung of the affluent ladder, finally sing like birds, when it is their freedom and/or status quo that is ultimately threatened? "And then, there is always 'Hell', where the truth will finally set you free, for all the good it does you?!"

For most returning veterans, the shine upon the brass is (unfortunately) short-lived! The parades, the bugles, the flags waving proudly in the breeze, could soon give way to the pain, the anguish, the denials, the torment, and the "Stark Reality" of being shoved into the nearest corner to make way for a new wave of chest thumpers in government, as well as their scavenging (soul-selling) cohorts within some of the inter-connected $$$$ bureaucracies!!!!!

"If Satan does indeed demands blind obedience from those whom he owns outright, then so does the (few) devils that hide their shame within many of the Powers That Be!" And there is only one thing worse, in my opinion, than those who would needlessly and wantonly destroy their military brothers and sisters after the fact, and that is those who relish in the vile and vulgar acts of their mean-spirited mentors! The vermin who enjoy their "Orgies of Deception", while at the same time, they attempt to pass themselves off as being something special, caring, or even lordly! (Beware the worse of all enemies - the highly placed liar)!

Yes, here indeed resides the ?Second Battle of the Bulge?, and that bulge just may be a cancer, curable only at the polls (non-partisan) by independent thinking patriots!


My health is failing, no details needed or causes either at this point, as some know the reasons why! I will, however, continue to fight on until my end, or justice is served.

To those who relish in this idea, I warn you - I may be waiting and I will have seniority if I hang it (life) up! " SHOULD YOU CONTINUE YOUR FILTHY GAMES, I WILL NOT GO SILENTLY (WITHIN THE LAW) INTO THE DARKNESS, COUNT ON IT!!

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