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Old 11-19-2022, 05:25 AM
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Red face What does Crypto-Sinophobic mean to us?

What does Crypto-Sinophobic mean to us?
That's a good question one of which was unknown to me.

Here's an example's - I found (see below)

A Crypto-Sinophobic is person that is lowkey or openly racist towards Chinese,
but are using the Chinese government as an excuse to shit on Chinese people.
They use racial slurs towards China, not knowing that offends the Chinese people,
Hong Kongers and other Asian ethnics. The amount of Crypto-Sinophobics has
increased since the Hong Kong riots. They pretend to care about Hong Kong but
they treat Western-Asians like trash in their country.

Note: This same term can be applied to both Liberals and Conservatives

Examples (Rude & Crude are but only examples as so stated in congress.
another below:

Trigger's that offend:

a. Crypto-Sinophobic: "We don't hate Chinese people, we only hate the GoVeRmEnT"

b. Crypto-Sinophobic: "Hong Kong should be freed from these ching chong"
Proud Hong Kongers: "Umm my grandparents is from China and we're still
ethnically Chinese!"

c. Crypto-Sinophobic: "Fuck China and their small dick chink leader Pooh"
Proud Hong Kongers: "Shut the fuck up bitch! You have no right to use that word!"

d. Aissam rode on the subway the other day but avoided contact with anyone who
looked or sounded Asian or Chinese - due to his Sinophobic tendencies and ways
therefore making him Sinophobic for doing this.

e. I think we can assume this type of language or mannerisms could apply
to all races as well.
f. Are they crude and/or rude - yes - and often time's hurtful and condemning
which would apply to almost any race on this planet.
g. Now here lies their verbiage and/or religious issues.
h. This trigger's hateful responses often times and brings about conflict or firestorms
in all or some countries.
Let's look at our world:

Brown Eye's - Green or Blue and so forth.
Skin color - Brown - White - Black - or those with skin issues.
Verbiage - We seem to have a variety of dialects' that will vary from place
to place & in every country around the globe.
The world is a mixture of folks. Not all bad - not all good!
Some are disfigured: And are picked on from birth! (avoided by many folks)
Many are tattooed : Here too some take offense to these markings.
Expression's I've heard over the years:

Note: All Men Are Brother's under the skin; a responds could be made such as;
Well that's great - go back under your skin - and send your brother out!
Other trigger issues are trying to talk to different countries where our
languages vary. You may say something that triggers a slang that offends?
Some of these issue's are going on in the good old USA as well.
This results in friction or religious secs battle one another.
We've seen this between the Jewish & Catholics & Protestant's
Trigger's abound in all places in the world. So great care is needed to
intermix with any - as the wrong phrase or comment could cause a
quick response - which may not be favorable or have a good end result!
When traveling abroad or taking a job in another country I read up on
their customs. I worked in Saudi sometime ago for a company out
of London building a new port in Jedda. Many Nationalities were
working there. A group of Turk's were on break and I was fascinated
by this one guy and his knife handle he had. I'm a knife collector so
I asked his translator if I could see it. He gave me a funny look but
asked the guy if I could see his knife. Beautiful piece of workmanship
with an ivory handle - it struck me to ask if he made it? The translator
said - I could see it. I handed it back and he rubbed his knife on
his arm slightly - and it bled! The translator said they had rule that
if they pulled their knife out it had to draw blood before he could
put it away. Not a bad cut but it bled. He was a nice guy and
said nothing - and I thanked him for letting me see his knife.
(while I was there I never asked another guy to show me his
knife). I wrote that down in my handbook. He was pleasant
and his pals (also Turks) smiled and nodded their heads in
my direction knowing - I just learned a valuable lesson!

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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