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Default Man Of His Word

Remembering all the dad's that lived up to this song, esp the daddy of my children. We didn't have him long but we had more in the short time we had him than many people have in a life time. We were truly blessed.

Man of His Word
recorded by Bob Carlisle

In the final days of summer, 1944,
with just a preacher and a witness
and a humble band of gold,
They set out to find the future,
not a penny to their name.
Still with all the unknown danger,
she knew her heart was safe,

He was a rock
He was the one that she ran to
And when he said the word "forever"
She knew that it was true

He wasn't a saint
But he was saint enough for her
He was a man,
A man of his word

The final days of summer, 1964,
Found a family undivided,
divided on the war.
Turning son against his elder,
debating wrong and right,
He was the image of his father,
though they would not see eye to eye

He was a rock
He was the one the boy ran to
Cause' when he said the words "I love you"
He knew that it was true

And even in the worst of storms
There was an anchor in his world
He was a man, a man of his word

Clutching a strong belief in the Bible,
through all the sweetness in his life,
and the bitterness of war,
He knew what God had made him for....

In the final days of summer, 1994,
surrounded by his family,
and the presence of the Lord,
He set out to find his future,
the one he'd always known,
He didn't want to leave his family,
but he knew deep in his soul,
The Lord had called him home.

He was a rock
He was the One the man ran to
And when he said the word "forever"
He knew that it was true

He wasn't a saint
He is the One the saints bow to
Receiving a man,
A man of his word...

He is the One that I run to
Cause when He says the word "forever"
I know His word is true

He isn't a saint
He is the One the saints bow to
Come to the Man
The Man of His word

Thomas Jefferson, Kentucky Resolutions of 1798: "In questions of power then, let no more be heard of confidence in man, but bind him down from mischief by the chains of the Constitution."
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