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Unhappy The Liber-Con Wars


(More Fictional, Personal Opinions and Poetic License)

“Mankind has never been quite satisfied with the status-quo and ever since he first squiggled free of the primordial ooze, he has often sought to dominate, subjugate and even obliterate - his fellow man!”

Ergo, it was inevitable that he would someday regress to a point in time when it was no longer the “North versus the South”, but rather, the “Liberals versus the Conservatives” – or even the ultimate quest (or hunger if you prefer), for absolute power and control!

I can only guess that it all began, away back in the year nineteen hundred and ninety five, with the writing of the Unpublished Book – “CIVILUTION” , a book that pitted a growing mob of freedom-loving fools, against the vested system of those who stole political power and refused to surrender it back to the “People of The Land” - until the people themselves rose up to take back the freedoms and the liberties that had always be

But alas, mankind was not meant to be a slave or a vassal, as “King George III” was destined to learn - not mentally, not physically, not politically nor even spiritually! And try as hard as “King George” did and all throughout those tumultuous years that came shortly after this international blood bath, there have always been those who sought to enslave vast segments of the world’s societies, and they all ended up, eventually beaten-down by various small groups of patriots who refused to be enslaved by any wanna-be king, potentate or dictator of any stripe, color or creed, foreign and domestic alike!

And so it was back in the first half of “The Twenty-First Century” as well – at the time when humanity was irreparably thrust into a great awakening, or a time of international conflict and rebirth, if you prefer? Back to a point in time, in fact, when mankind once again realized that it was within his nature to be free and to think, reason and to decide for himself about the pathways that he would prefer to traverse, how he would live, and what he was willing to fight for, and this in order to gain back his freedoms and his liberties, and so it was!

“No man (or woman), after all, was ever born to be a slave, or even to be unrealistically subservient to the demands of another!” And although this takeover of the minds, the wills, the bodies, and spirits of “This Race Humanity” - was not instantaneous, it did, however, manage to enslave those of feeble mind and will, into believing that there was only one way of doing things – “Their Way!” And that all of those other rationales were just sinful, illegal, irrational or just plain wrong, from a politically collective - point of view of course!

And after a while, wrong even became right, at least within the minds and spirits of those fools, whose only response when commanded to jump was – “How High?”

And thus it was, back at that time - when potentially great men and women were turned into nothing more than mindless automatons, “and the political parties” became our only gods and masters – and mankind’s ability to reason and to think for himself, was quickly transformed and mutated into the rule of the privileged few, and The Law of The “Libercons”, the people who

were in effect, a mutated conglomeration of the politically “Combined Liberals and Conservatives” within any society, who had been brainwashed into the belief that, to survive, one must totally adhere to the edict that but one faction can (and must) seize and maintain absolute control over all things, big, small and political as well!

And so it was to become - within this “Totally-Controlled New World of Ours”, one in which “Those Who Would Be Kings” had finally (and completely), figured out a way of controlling all of the people, all of the time! And this by merely mutating our understanding and perception of language itself!!
Of course, and this must be remembered, “The Neo-Word Libercon” is but a bastardization of both of the words “Liberal and Conservative”, whereby, both major political factions were transformed into an entity that mutually shared power, and this with the people themselves firmly trapped within that “No Man’s Land of Politics”, while being subservient to both political factions at the very same time and while under the absolute control of but a single often- hypocritical political potentate!

Come to think of it, is this not what every politician, ever since the days of “Caligula – 12-41 A.D.”, (and probably even before that as well, wanted), but have never been quite able to attain - because of their refusal to feed their people with but half of the loaf of equality “and so it is!”


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Old 02-01-2023, 10:16 AM
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HC - I agree full heartedly - the man of yester-years is at times his own worst enemy.
The forces within our inner-self are always there. Struggle and loss drive many to fall
over the cliff's of reality. Poets say all men are Brother's - if that were so we would
have less problems today. Life is full of mishaps & disappointments and lately tragedy.
Society today isn't easy to fit into. Who do you trust? Who hurt you during your life?
The issues of today are no different than what they were long ago.
It's the have's and have not's - that can not sustain one or the other.
The tragedies' of one's past - doesn't take much to trigger another.
We have the good and the bad - and those who are not playing with a full deck.
Hardships of the past are even today a result in the tragedies' of each person's life.
How well they resolve those issues is difficult - if not impossible - at times.
The mindset of the radical today is an eye for eye. If someone does bad to
you or your family - he or she may in turn - go against another.
What happened to those who turn to such violence. What motivates them
to do harm to other's; and where or when - did these moments originate?
These insane behavior's are more common today. But not totally without
reason or thought. Many were suffered by others - yet the inner soul wants
revenge on those who in the past - suffered onto them.
It's not biblical its human vengeance. Eye for an eye. To get even to make
one suffer - as he or she once did - growing up or witnessing said events.
It's been said millions of times - that man is his own worst enemy - such
as the on-goings in Ukraine & Russia. And many times during our history.
An eye for an eye attitude. Do onto other's before they do it onto you -
I've heard this a few times in my life.
It's a flaw in mankind - we have good & bad and of course we have the evil.
God himself watched his creations - destroy & suffer mankind.
He took it upon himself to destroy those that were evil according to the Bible.
Yes man is flawed - its genetic - or its pollution - or it's his inability to resolve?
All men are not perfect or are we created equal. We are flawed to some degree.
We don't all think alike. Nor do we speak the same language around the globe.
Our demeanor today is destructive - man will continue to kill man - if and when
he thinks it needs to be done. Our custom's are different - as is our ideology.
We are self thinker's - not the same in our ideology. We are not equal in all things.
Yes we are creatures of habit. It's what we were taught and recall time and
time again. Yet in our minds - we differ - we had to learn to compromise and
yet - it doesn't always resolve the issues - such as we see in our political
social & racial parties.
As long as man has fears - he will remain a dogma. Separate and divided by
his own personal beliefs. Religion is much like that. Here too - there are
divisions amongst the teachings.
We are far from being a perfect world - we may destroy our planet and
whose to blame? Mankind - not the animals - but leadership's all around
globe have to find a better path of commonality or we will destroy
ourselves for all times!
These are just my thoughts.

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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