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Old 09-26-2014, 01:55 PM
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Default "Justice & Equality for ALL"???

Now that quite Obama like-minded and condescending AG Eric Holder or one similarly as his boss in general always feigns lordly and moral superiority over most of We Americans is history, will there now quite differently become Justice & Equality for ALL???

Orrrrrrrrrrrrr,...will Race Preferential & Pandering, Minority P&P, Muslim P&P, Athiest P&P and Criminally Illegal Alien P&P such as Prez Obama obviously much prefers (actually orders AG & DOJ to act), just go on dictatorially and unconstitutionally preferential as before?

Hopefully the U.S. Congress, Courts, Military or even the Obama Obedient & Adoring Mainstream Press/Media can do something about returning America to: "A Government of The People, By The People and For The People"?

Or is such wishful thinking just too little - too late?

After all,'s obvious that Six Years of Top Level Government people dividing policies and dictates and pitting American against American meant solely for achieving POLITICAL GAIN, POWER & CONTROL, won't be too easy to correct (if at all?)

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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