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Old 09-02-2013, 11:42 PM
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Default Why is the United States the "World Police"?

It tears my soul apart to see innocent women and children being killed by sarin gas.


But the US cannot keep being the World Police.

If we tried to do that we would be in conflict for the rest of eternity.

Why can't the Arab organizations solve the Syria problem?

It's true that Syria is stronger militarily that any other Arab nation.

But all the Arab nations COLLECTIVELY could kick Assad's ASS!.

The Arabs need to fix this problem instead of waiting for US to do it!

Where the hell is the REST of the world!

My two cents!

""Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln,how did you like the play?"

Steve / 82Rigger
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Old 09-03-2013, 12:02 PM
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"Why is the United States the 'World Police'?" is a truely excellent question, Rigger.

Unfortunately, I've (many others also have) heard such asked Many, Many Times before when Bush was in charge, by the very same naive hypocrites now ruling and dictating that We now even foolishly police Enemy Syria.

I sure hope their Iranian and Russian allies are good sports about their personel being killed and wounded by large scale Tomahawk Missile Attacks and/or what U.S. Administration asininely calls: "Limited warfare", or pretty-much like: "His Barackness" & Lady Hillary muslim panderingly disregarded those 4 Brave Americans killed and the many wounded at Benghazi.

Iranians and Russians might differently and rightfully seek revenge & justice for any of their people mercilessly slaughtered by an overwhelmingly superior force?

Hey, never know.

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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Old 09-12-2013, 06:42 AM
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---It tears my soul apart to see innocent women and children being killed by sarin gas.---
As it does for me aswell. It is, sadly, no where the first time That happens. Saddam Hussein used sarin gas on several occassions, against Kurds in Iraq. The saringas attack on Halabya, was Not an isolated "incident"! The world did not act despite proof. And when the USA, with few allies finally did so, "the world" critizised the USa for doing so.

Now, in Syria, just as previously in Iraq, sarin gas has yet again been used by a regime against civilians. Not many countrys are willing to aid in actually stopping the regime in Syria. Same "M.O" by "the world community" now, as back when it was Iraq. And since we all now who was so heavily critizised by "the world" for acting against the Iraqi massmurdering regime back then, guess whom "the world" will critizise for acting against a Syrian regime doing the very same.....

There is a military frase / term called "Lessons Learned". Perhaps it is time for US p-o-l-i-t-i-c-i-a-n-s to embrase and digest that term / frase.....

Agree, fully!

---But the US cannot keep being the World Police.---
I dissagree. It so can. However, I strongly feel that, it Should Not! Why? Because it is time for the rest of the world to Grow Up, and Act Accordingly. The current situation in Syria, is a Perfect time for USA to tell for example the otherwise so US-critical France, -"OK, you think we have done so many things wrong in the world, how about You now taking on the responsability of "handling" This problem (Syria), as You think would be the "right way".....".

---If we tried to do that we would be in conflict for the rest of eternity.---
Again, time for the rest of the world to grow up, and act accordingly. The so often otherwise US-critical western Europe democraties, should be called on their critical stand, and "up to the plate"!

---Why can't the Arab organizations solve the Syria problem?---
To many fractions fighting eachother, behind the scenes mostly, for that to be a reality. Arab community is just to devided. Just look at for example the infected feelings between "Sunni" and "Shia" muslims (for example within Iraq alone). Then there is the devide between "Hamas" and the late Yasif Arafat's party, regarding Lebanon.... The differences between US Democrats and US Republicans in US senate, pales in comparrisson to That! So, it is just not all that likely, that "the Arab community" will ever be able to actually Do something, in a situation such as that being in Syria currently. That is atleast my own personal assessment I should point out.

---It's true that Syria is stronger militarily that any other Arab nation.---
Have no "stats" to say I agree, or dissagree with that. I would however say that, as far as "AF" is concerned, I somehow beleive that the Saudi nation is stronger than Syria. Possibly also regarding "AAA". Army may be a different story though. But again, nothing solid to actually back that beleif up with. Just thinking about the Saudi AF's specific AC-purchases since the early 1990s, and compareing those to the AC-types Syria is generally purchasing (earlier from former USSR, now from Russian republic). That of course including type or AC armarment (air to air aswell as air to ground missiles), and its technical guidance-systems.

---But all the Arab nations COLLECTIVELY could kick Assad's ASS!.---
Again, they are just to devided, internally.

---The Arabs need to fix this problem instead of waiting for US to do it!---
How about they either fix it themselves (which they can not, because if they were able to, they would and should have done so already), or tell them to wait for the otherwise so often US-critical France instead....

---Where the hell is the REST of the world!---
Sitting on their fat thumbs, eagerly waitng to critizise the USA. If it (USA) acts, for doing just so. If it (USA) does Not, for not doing so.

By the way. For anyone whom does not know.... No. I, "A.B", am Not a US citizen, or even resident. I am Swedish since birth up until typing this post. I am also Greatfull for living in a democracy, and being Free. And I am full aware of to what nation I owe that Greatfullness... And it is not my own country, mind you that. It is instead a country, which initially saved Europe from "the Kaiser", then from "GRÖFAZ", and after that from a certain Georgian-born massmurdering lunatic (by March 1953 followed by additional other Kreml-seated anti-democratic entetys).

As I am a Eurpean myself, I can say: It is Well over due time, that the world in general, and Europe in particluar, grows up and take responsability for itself and its surrounding regions. We, Europe, have more than once been given the chanse to regain some self pride internationally. It is sad that it (Europe) has failed to do so, despite the horrible cost of lives it has demanded to grant us (Europeans) that opportunity.

I quite often do feel ashamed, for being an European.

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