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Old 08-22-2019, 04:13 PM
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Lightbulb Imperfections


(more stupid opinions)

Once again – Who among us is beyond attaining a little continuing education? “And for that matter, no one is even close?”

For not in the last twenty centuries (or so), has there been any human being who could be referred to as perfect, nor is there ever likely to be again, any time soon! And yet, and even taking this into account, there is no shortage of fools out here (myself included), who still attempt to envision ourselves as being at the apex of all human development!

Unfortunately however, this self-deifying and erroneous mindset has been with some members of our species ever since the very first hominids learned how to grunt and fart, all of those many eons ago! And as a matter of fact, mankind has been trying to prove itself worthy of existence, ever since its creation - either through its accomplishments, its braggadocio, or even by way of our own slowly evolving intellect! And if we continue along with these eternal pursuits, who knows, maybe someday we will finally make it to the top of the food chain - if that is -

“We Don’t All End Up As Just Another Menu Item First?”

Now I know that my own rhetoric is fast becoming more than a bit disturbing and repetitive, and being among “The Most Imperfect – Of All Of The Other Imperfects”, I sure as “Hell” am in no position to dictate or to preach to anyone, but logic, truth, and even personal opinion itself, still must be taken into account here or are we too, eventually destined to become naught but an unthinking and burned-out shell of what could have and probably should have been? But then what the Hell – “As only The Almighty, time, tides, and even human nature itself, will eventually determine for sure, what the full potential of our race of beings really amounts to?”

And Now – “We Can All Go Back To Sleep!”

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