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Old 12-01-2022, 12:37 PM
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Exclamation Legally Fighting Back


It may be my own personal opinion, but to me and regardless of those actors, politicians and traitors as well, that haunt our computer and our television screens these days, “This Country” is still ours! It was fought over, bled for, sweated upon and even cried over, for the better part of four (plus) centuries and ‘By God’ man, even though it is still your duty and your mandate to keep it intact, it is still yours by the laws of God, Man and Nature, to preserve - and let no man ever attempt to tell you otherwise!

“The problem is that far too many of our own people now totally take for granted our blessings and the responsibilities of citizenship – and more is the crying damned shame!”

For they totally take in stride, rights that many people bled, and even died to gain and to preserve, and that (in my book), is a travesty and a sin against ‘God and Our Country!’
You know, there are no new worlds out there and we are fast running out of space to hang our own hats upon in this one! So like it or not and face it or not, we had damn well better get our collective acts together and realize that, regardless of what they say, we must protect our own turf and our way of life! Or is it your intention to merely just sit back and let the other guy do it all for you – good luck with that! And I don’t know and maybe it is just me – but far too many of our own people really just don’t give a damn these days?

After all and contrary to the public consensus, talk alone is dirt-cheap! It will take the same kind of effort, guts, sacrifice, love of country and dedication that “Our Forefathers” displayed to “Really Make America Great Again!” The only question remaining now is: “Do We: ‘Lawfully, Patriotically & Respectfully’ - Still Have It Within Us As Well?!”

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