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Old 02-13-2008, 08:32 PM
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Default Cat pulls a fast one on firefighters

The Miami Herald

MIAMI - It was the stereotypical firefighters-try-to-rescue-cat story, but with a twist. Firefighters from the South Florida city of Weston spent a sopping hour in pouring rain Tuesday trying to extract a kitten squeezed in the undercarriage of a stranger's Volvo.

The crew tried jacking up the car and taking off a wheel, all for naught. The feline ducked out of reach at each attempt to grab it.

At some point, the cat escaped undetected, prompting the crew to spend another hour peering in bushes and scouring a Walgreens parking lot.

They finally gave up and headed back to the station, answering at least two more calls on their way.

Five hours after the saga began, the elusive cat reappeared: At the station, in their fire truck's rear wheel well.

This time, firefighters used chunks of meatloaf to try luring it out. It was unenticed, so the crew resorted to an ultimately successful three-pronged strategy: One firefighter poked the feline in the backside with a Slim Jim, another used a hose to force it into an open compartment so a third person could pull it out.

The feline was dirty but unharmed.
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Old 12-12-2008, 01:40 PM
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I would not let my crew go to a "cat in the tree' Call.
You take a $900,000.00 piece of "Emergency" equipment out of service along with 4 personnel for however long it took to get this cat, (that will come down when hungry enough) .
Just doesn't sound like good use of the rest of the taxpayers money. I know it's good story book stuff but if your family needed a ladder truck to get you or your loved one from a 3-4 story building and that truck was set up at a tree to get a cat, just how would I explain that to your family. Emergency trucks are just that, they are for use in an emergency or they are in standby at the station or on training, not getting cats from a tree or anywhere else.
My driver got in big Hot water over a cat in the tree call.
A lady calling in and asked if we had anything to get a cat out of a tree? He said yea, a
12 gage. Well she was a good friend of the mayor and my driver was at city hall the next day.
I had to explain to the Mayor that it was just frustration and a little joking. We don't go on cat in the tree calls and he would not shoot a cat anywhere.

Cat in the tree is a real good Volunteer Fire department PR thing.

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