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Cool X-Hawk: The Revolutionary, Modular, VTOL Aircraft

X-Hawk: The Revolutionary, Modular, VTOL Aircraft
Whereas most designs for new, VTOL aircraft offer incremental improvements in the state of the art, the X-Hawk flying platform presents a revolutionary advance in both the mobility and utility of VTOL aircraft. Simply put, nothing like it has ever hit the market before.

X-Hawk is a ‘rotorless’ Vertical-Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) aircraft. To be more precise, it is an aircraft that has the VTOL capability of a helicopter, but without the exposed rotors that make it dangerous or impossible for helicopters to maneuver in complex urban and natural environments.

Moreover, X-Hawk’s modular cargo bay allows for tailor-made, task specific configurations that enable this aircraft to be an all-around workhorse. Some of the most obvious applications include, aerial medical access and evacuation, power-line maintenance, bridge inspection and ship-to-shore taxi service, to name a few.

What makes X-Hawk so special?
  • Contained rotors and compact design allow this aircraft to safely hover and/or land in congested areas without endangering either itself or the environment. This aircraft can even land in a crowd of people without compromising their safety.
  • The capability to sustain a stable hover while in direct contact with a wall or the side of a mountain makes possible comfortable access to virtually any location, be it the window of a high-rise building in a major city or a remote mountain ridge in the wilderness. (Urban Aeronautics’ proprietary control system, U.S. Patent # 6,464,166)
  • The aircraft’s ducted-fan design makes it significantly quieter than any helicopter.
  • From the outset, the X-Hawk aircraft is designed to meet all FAA (U.S. Federal Aviation Administration) requirements. It is designed around FAA approved engines and rotors, and safety requirements for ‘powered lift’ vehicles; all with a view to expediting its eventual certification process.
X-Hawk: unrestricted mobility means unlimited utility. At Urban Aeronautics, we’re developing the potential, where we go with it is up to you.

X-Hawk: Medical Rescue and Evacuation

Medical emergencies arrive without regard to location or time. Unfortunately, emergency medical teams don’t have the same luxury. Both location and time are factors that can hamper their effectiveness and make all the difference between life and death. Medical technology may be miraculous, but it’s not much good unless it can get to you.

Traditional ambulances are subject to the whims of urban traffic patterns. Everyone knows the desperate sound of a wailing siren stuck in a rush-hour bottleneck. Even MEDEVAC helicopters have limitations. We’ve all seen footage of a helicopter, it’s rotor hovering precariously close to a mountainside, struggling to lower a medic to a remote mountain ledge.

X-Hawk, in its air ambulance configuration offers a revolutionary capacity for emergency rescue teams to reach their destination quickly, in spite of practical obstacles or complex landscapes.

What makes X-Hawk so much better?
  • ‘Rotorless’ design eliminates the serious safety hazards associated with helicopter rotors and permits secure access to any location.
  • Arrival time is guaranteed and predictably speedy with effectively zero vulnerability to contingencies such as traffic or other access obstacles.
  • The capability to sustain a safe, stable hover adjacent to a window, wall or slope or to land safely in a congested space allows access and evacuation from virtually any location without the use of ladders or hoists.
  • X-Hawk is significantly quieter than any helicopter, an important consideration with regard to urban environments.

X-Hawk: unrestricted mobility means unlimited utility. At Urban Aeronautics we’re working to reset the standard for emergency medical services.

X-Hawk: Variable Payload Configurations PlatformUtility Configuration ConfigurationHigh Rise Rescue (loading)

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