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Old 10-23-2003, 10:42 AM
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Joy -
I know so little of your persuasions, and do not mean to offend in any way... but may I say here, God Help us, please, if what you say is true.

I have so often thought in the recent several years that Bill Clinton is utterly heedless of the true and full extent of damage he has done to America... not only as to embarassing so many of us in the eyes and heart of world history, but also as to poisoning the harmony of our people for generations to come.

Such selfish acts, as may be inferred from your post, on his part and that of his apologists, may well evolve toward terrible consequences in wars yet unimaginable... for the sake of an egocentric library for an ordinary man who repeatedly defiled his marital vows in the people's house, and then lied about it.
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Old 10-23-2003, 02:10 PM
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We probably disagree in many areas about politics. That has nothing to do with my comments here.

Search for China, Clinton, Gore, campaign and other words you think up yourself. Check nuclear too. Make sure you read articles from both political sides.

I am an engineer. My friends are engineers. Some present white papers to Congress, serve on international committes, travel around the world for their country or their company and know a whole lot more than I do.

I just know enough to know who to call if something in the news scares me.

God help us.


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