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Old 03-13-2004, 02:58 PM
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Default Ammo chashe

One time in Band camp/
We came upon this newly turned dirt area, The Lt tells us to dig it up and see what we can see?
we dug for awhile and hit something, CLANK.
We dug more and found around 100 rounds of verious types of LARGE AMMO, all theres, Mortars, rockets etc.
lt calls BN and advises the situation and ask for engineers,
BN said no engineers avilable but the wanted us to sling ammo to be picked up by a Chinook? And they wanted us to sling it in a way that we didn't loose the sling or the netting. OK------?
Along comes this Huhe and drops off this 10x10 net and 4 slings.
The Lt turned to me and told me to get it done.
i thought for a few min and told a guy to tie a rope in the middle of the net and lay the net on the rope, the rope was about 20 feet long. Tie a sling to each corner of the net, We layed all the ammo in the net side by side, and waited for the chinook. When BOXCAR whatever called I told him we were ready. He came in and hovered over ammo and net, I_ME- put the slings in his hook and motioned the guy that was in the trap door to lower the chopper. The chinook came down where I was almost inside through the small door on the floor of the chopper. I handed the rope to the guy and told him to tie it off to something. They lifted off and went >>>>that way with net and ammo slung under. I was monitoring when he dropped the sling over water, He reported the ammo exploded on impact and sling and net were saved. HUUU-HUUU, I save the taxpayers $10.00.
The more I thought about that the pissed offer I got, My BN Commander wanted to save a net and in doing so might have blew up a chinook and crew, What if, one of those things would have clanked togeather while being turned upside down and exploded. For a net??? But Hay, Thats our Army.

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Old 03-13-2004, 06:20 PM
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One day in band camp. A scout dog and Tiny's best friend , Silas I think his name was , tripped a big mine. Both were hurt bad and needed way more help than we could give them. The Squadron Cdr in his loch was near . He landed but could only take one . They took the dog. My CO told me it was cause the dog could save more guys than Silas ever could. I almost shot him. Ten min later we put him on a dust off , but later learned he bled to death.
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Old 03-14-2004, 07:30 AM
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Default Farmer finds WWII weapons cache inside tree

BRIVE, France (AFP) - A cache of World War II grenades and explosives was found hidden inside the trunk of a tree by a French farmer who was preparing to cut it down, police said.

The farmer was using his chainsaw on a dead chestnut tree by the side of the road in village of Chaillac, central France, when it hit a metal box concealed inside. Police experts were called and found two boxes of ammunition, including sticks of explosives and detonators, which they presume were hidden by French resistance members. "If the saw had hit the explosives the whole thing could have gone up," a police officer said.
I'd rather be historically accurate than politically correct.
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