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Old 02-08-2013, 09:07 AM
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Default Why not sray pepper spray into eyes during 'boot camps'

Know anyone going into the Military, or becoming a Trooper or Police Officer? Never agree to spraying of pepper spray into your eyes/ boot camps of military. Pick a boot camp where getting pepper spray sprayed in eyes ... is a choice, not a requirement (Montana ... and?)
Is Pepper Spray unnecessarily used in training Police & Troopers & Military in our Nation? * <---link * <---link
2-10% of pepper spray is 'pepper' the balance are additives and health damaging propellants/ glycol ether chemicals)
Now besides eye damage, autoimmunity, cancers and causing of birth defects & blood damage, what else does exposure to glycol ether chemicals cause? It's not the flu you have to worry about, unless it is 'chemical flu'
A question Gulf War Vets ask: "How to get the globulins to normal levels?"
February 8, 2013
I hope this practice of practicing the spraying of pepper spray into the eyes of those attending boot camps will soon be stopped
Look into BUTYL for CFIDS, CFS, FM & 'Military Syndromes' *

An e-mail request to the CDC

on Flu Symptoms

Traces of blood in urine? *

Diarrhea then Constipation?

Seizures Fainting Dizziness *

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Old 02-19-2013, 02:48 AM
Margaret Diann Margaret Diann is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2004
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Default Don't damage health of recruits during boot camps

Physical rigors in training our military is one thing, causing health damage should NOT be done. The question was not asked whether or not exposure to gas & glycol ether chemicals had turned her system autoimmune.

Flu symptoms are also a sign of glycol ether exposure (What was different just prior to flu?)
Basic trainees are asked to remove their gas masks and report to a readiness instructor while still inside the gas chamber as part of their Warrior Week training. After being exposed to the gas students experience itchy watering eyes, coughing, runny noses and in some extreme cases vomiting. She didn't feel quite right, so she went to the clinic. She started having problems breathing, but took her physical fitness test anyway, falling short in the running test by just a few seconds. She had been meeting the standards prior to this. Then she came down with a high fever, was sent to Wilford Hall Medical Center at Lackland AFB, diagnosis mononucleosis. she had to go back to the hospital. Now she had pneumonia and was placed in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). "Boot Camp Flu." (from a virus or a chemical flu?) In the case of Trainee Villers, now back in hospital, seventy-five percent of her lungs had been struck by the pneumonia. She was placed on a ventilator.
Airman Basic Paige Renee Villers, USAF
“She fought to live to the very end.”
Airman Paige Renee Villers dies at end of Air Force Military Boot Camp on August 7, 2007

This issue with exposure to glycol ether chemical family is that it turns a body autoimmune. Lungs filling up with fluid can be an autoimmune issue, not pneumonia per se. (Pulmonary edema?) The more exposure, the more autoimmune issues and the worse autoimmune issues you have become. Many things are autoimmune: SOME

Glycol ether? Look for blood in urine, and there should be FATIGUE. Look at the red blood cells, & check for autoimmune issues, even elevated blood sugar, blood pressure, body temperature. FATIGUE? Also check for rapid heartbeat, gasping for breath, 'the chills' and the other signs of autoimmune hemolytic anemia. For help check blood plasma for globulin levels, and get them to normal levels. LINK
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Old 02-19-2013, 05:08 AM
Margaret Diann Margaret Diann is offline
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Join Date: Jan 2004
Location: Valdez, ALASKA 99686
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Default boot camp must STOP POLICY of pepper spraying & gassing of recruits

The NATION should stop this practice

The use of chemical weapons in conflict represents a breach of international law as well as a grave violation of human rights
. To gas recruits or include in annual training of our own Troops is equally egregious.

Recruit dies at end of boot camp, after gassing

Family is still not over their loss.

I would share with them, "I read the story about your daughter, and I am sorry for your loss & for the loss to our Nation. It is possible that it wasn't a virus but a chemical over exposure. Do you know whether or not the recruits in boot camp had pepper spray practice? Or what the gas was when they did the gas drill? Lungs filling up with fluid can be an autoimmune issue not pneumonia per se. Could you find out if she had blood in urine?
Don Villers Michelle Villers of Ohio son Codey

Gas: The use of chemical weapons in conflict represents a breach of international law as well as a grave violation of human rights. To gas recruits or include in annual training of our own Troops is equally egregious.
2-chlorobenzalmalononitrile (also called o-chlorobenzylidene malononitrile) (chemical formula:C10H5ClN2)
Toxicity Although described as a non-lethal weapon for crowd control, many studies have raised doubts about this classification. As well as creating severe pulmonary damage, CS can also significantly damage the heart and liver.[10]

On September 28, 2000, Prof. Dr. Uwe Heinrich released a study commissioned by John C. Danforth, of the United_States_Office_of_Special_Counsel United_States_Office_of_Special_Counsel, to investigate the use of CS by the FBI at the Branch Davidians' Mount Carmel compound. He concluded that the lethality of CS used would have been determined mainly by two factors: whether gas masks were used and whether the occupants were trapped in a room. He suggests that if no gas masks were used and the occupants were trapped, then, "...there is a distinct possibility that this kind of CS exposure can significantly contribute to or even cause lethal effects."[1]

Many reports have associated CS exposure with miscarriages.[10] This is consistent with its reported Clastogen Clastogen effect (abnormal chromosome change) on mammalian cells.

CS_gas CS_gas Formula looks a LOT WORSE than that of a simple glycol ether
Marine Corps Basic Training -- The Gas Chamber

From Marine Corps News Service

PARRIS ISLAND, S.C. -- Barely into their third week of training, dozens of nervous recruits file off from their squads into a Weapons and Field Training classroom and wait for the inevitable - the Gas Chamber.

In the classroom, the recruits are educated on how to use a gas mask and how it can save their lives on the battlefield if used properly and to help build their confidence about being in an environment with a potentially hazardous substance.

The gas used in the Gas Chamber is chlorobenzylidene malonitrile, or CS Gas, a non-lethal substance that is used in all branches of the military and police departments as a riot control agent.

Each recruit spends approximately 3-5 minutes, perhaps the longest 3-5 minutes of their life, in the chamber - depending on how well they want to cooperate.

The terrified recruits enter the Gas Chamber with their masks donned and clear, but once the doors are sealed, the masks come off. The first exercise they must execute is to break the seal of their mask, which will allow them to breathe in a little of the gas, but just as the tearing eyes and the coughing sets in, they are instructed to put their masks back on.

The next step is to break the seal again, but only this time, they will set the mask on top of their heads. It is at this time that some recruits feel that they have lost control and panic begins to set in. The recruits' eyes are now full of tears and the coughing gets worse because the gas is in their lungs.

The gas also burns the skin a little too, similar to a sunburn. Some of the recruits refuse to take off their masks because they see the other recruits' reaction to the gas and they fear that they will not be able to put their mask back on again. However, they quickly realize they will not be able to leave the smoke-filled room until they complete the exercise and they regain some of their sanity.
Once their masks are donned and cleared for a second time, they must then remove their masks completely and hold them straight out in front if them, but by this time, most of the recruits have a little more faith in their masks. They know that the faster they take them off, the quicker they will be able to put the masks back on and be able to breathe again.

Once this step is completed, they file out of the Gas Chamber with arms spread out to their sides. Their eyes water like they just stepped out of a shower, and they cough uncontrollably as they pray that they will never have to go through anything like that again.
Their fears are overcome and the recruits now believe in their gas mask and that it will protect them. For those with lingering fear, there is always next year when they will be required to do it again as part of their annual training.
Navy Boot Camp
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