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Exclamation US: 70% of Western military aid don’t reach Ukrainian troops

U.S.: 70% of Western military aid don’t reach Ukrainian troops
By: Boyko Nikolov - Bulgarian Military News - 08-08-22

WASHINGTON — The American news media CBS News published an article analyzing arms supplies in Ukraine. As CBS writes, the supply of Western weapons to Ukraine is “the biggest determining factor.” It is a well-known fact that a large part of the arms supply passes through Poland, and on the border with Ukraine, the arms are provided to the Ukrainian soldiers.

However, CBS News [not only them, but has also repeatedly warned about this] that corruption in Ukraine affects arms supplies. CBS News quoted Jonas Ohman as saying. He is the founder of a Lithuanian organization responsible for the logistics of non-lethal military aid to Ukraine. Ohman says only 30-40% of shipments crossing the border reach their final destination. He made this statement back in April. Today, Ohman claims that the situation has fundamentally changed.

A little-known fact is that at the end of August, the US sent a person to try to monitor what was happening with the supplies to Ukraine. This action confirms fears that the European country has a serious corruption problem. That man is US Defense Attache Brigadier General Garrick M. Harmon. Its responsibility is: to carry out control and monitoring of armaments in Ukraine.

Controlling and tracking weapons delivered to Ukraine is difficult, CBS News writes. The main reason for this is the rapidly changing environment and changing front lines. But not least is another problem: the combination of Ukraine’s ever-shifting front lines with its large volunteer and paramilitary forces. wrote that Ukraine also realizes and already admits that there is a serious problem with the delivered weapons. The Economic Security Bureau of Ukraine registered repeated sales of humanitarian aid coming from Western countries, as well as arms. This was announced by the director of the department, Vadim Melnik, on the air of the TV channel “Ukraine 24” on July 5.

Photo link:

[Note: “Even military goods are sold for cash. We have such facts,” Melnik said. According to him, the bureau is investigating cases related to the sale of humanitarian aid received from foreign partners.]

As far as the sale of military products and weapons is concerned, the department has already registered around ten such criminal cases. Melnyk stressed that this is an incomplete number of similar crimes, as other Ukrainian law enforcement agencies register similar violations.

In recent weeks, more and more signals have come through unofficial channels about the sale of Ukrainian weapons. was one of the first sites to inform the world about the potential illegal trade in Western-donated weapons, goods, and humanitarian aid.

In Washington, they even admitted that the agency responsible for the sale and supply of American weapons abroad [DSCA] could not control the stockpiled supplies, their serial numbers, and their distribution among the Ukrainian armed forces because of the war. At this time, the US cannot send mobile teams to check availability, but DSCA is willing to open an office in the territory of Ukraine. DSCA says that the information they have about how the donated US weapons are used is based solely on assurances from Kyiv. recalls:

* A Javelin anti-tank guided missile system has appeared as a product for sale on the darknet with the location Kyiv. The value that the unknown seller had set was $30,000.

* The Russian armed forces used American Stinger missiles to shoot down Ukrainian helicopters that tried to evacuate Ukrainian soldiers during the siege of the Azovstal plant in Mariupol.

* The online portal Donbas Insider claims, citing its military sources from France, that two Caesar self-propelled howitzers were sold to the Russian armed forces for $124,000 each. French MP and lawyer Régis de Castelnau wrote on his official Twitter account: “Another success of Macron: 2 French Caesar guns were intercepted intact by the Russians. They are currently in the Uralvagonzavod factory in the Urals for study and possible reverse engineering. Thank you Macron, we are paying”. A few days later, on June 23rd, the Russian company [Uralvagonzavod] responded to the French lawyer, through its official Telegram profile and citing Régis de Castelnau’s tweet, writing: “Hello, Mr. Regis. Please convey our thanks to President Macron for the donation of the self-propelled guns. This material is of course not tip-top… not like our MSTA-S! But nevertheless, it will be useful. Send more – we’ll take them down.”

Note: France’s General Staff - has denied reports of a French Caesar self-propelled howitzer being captured [or sold] by Russian forces in Ukraine. “This information is false,” said the General Staff of France. “We categorically deny it. We’ve discussed this with our Ukrainian partners.” According to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, no evidence was provided to support the claim.
Again its stated: US: 70% of Western military aid don’t reach Ukrainian troops!
Personal note: Who are we trusting with these arms shipments and are these
folks - selling these arms to anyone who offers to buy them? If they knew
this - those handler's of the arms needs to be arrested and/or US officials
should go with those arms and ensure they are not sold to others and that
they get to those in Ukraine who need them. I also state Ukraine individuals
may also be looking to make a buck - If we are donating we should send
our people to go with them all the way to those who need them. Blackmarket
is always in play. The US needs to firm up its shipments with US Personel
all the way to those who need them. Russia most likely has contacts who
favor for them the opportunity to intercept those arms in route to Ukraine
or other dirt bags wanting them to profit them on their own.
The amount of money and arms going there "need better management"
and "signed off by reputable and dependable US guards" of said equipment!
I didn't think we were that stupid not to have guards and inventory sign
off's by Ukraine folks receiving these weapons.
Otherwise its like pissing into the wind and that's pretty bad!
I don't care what country we are shipping too our military
should follow it all the way to the end users not through
intermediate operators who skim the products off to
others for self-profiteering!
I'm disgusted and disappointed in the process of shipping
deadly arms in this fashion!

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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