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Question Cowardice, Complacency & Apathy


(more opinions ©)

“The surest way to lose control over one’s own country (and future), is to surrender your rights, your ideals and your duties - and the fastest way of doing this, is through cowardice, complacency and yes - even apathy!”

“This Country of Ours” was not begun by cowards, or even those who were just along for the free ride! Nor could it forever survive by adopting the ways of other nations that were worn-out, past their prime in world history, afraid to make justifiable waves, or just plain timid when it came to defending a heritage that countless- thousands of Americans have suffered and even died to create, and to preserve! For we are either a nation of heroes and patriots - or like “Ancient Rome”, we too could some day become just another bastion of illusion that is in rapid decline?

“For This Is Our Nation People” and it is not the property of any foreign entity or even political sect. Nor should its freedoms be metered-out only in vested or selective degrees! We are ever an enclave of liberty and justice for all, and “Not Just For the Selected Few!”

And contrary to the ramblings of those who might wish to someday become kings, “No Dedicated and Loyal American” is ever a member of a mob for respectfully acting out the part that “OUR FOUNDING FATHERS” once envisioned for us all!

“For We Are Americans People” and this is not only our right, but indeed, it is a sacred responsibility, “And To Hades” with any and all who would ever attempt to turn our being into anything less, as far too many of our own “Fellow Patriots” have suffered and even died over the past two-hundred and forty-three (or so) years to ever allow any overly ambitious individual to pervert, contort, or otherwise bastardize these rights and responsibilities that have served us faithfully and well over our entire existence as “A Free, Proud and Independent Nation” – “And So It Is -And So It Must Forever Remain”

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