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Arrow Re-Educating The Masses


First of all – We are not the masses! Rather, we are the proud and loyal population of the United States of America, and don’t let anyone ever forget it, especially not our own people or even some of those “bon vivants” who talk the talk (sometimes) but lack any genuine ability to take it to the next logical step! Our freedoms, after all, are a wonderful thing, but, and as “Our Founders” fully understood, it has always taken far more than just mere words to be secure and to progress a nation – and so it is, and so it will always be!

Turning for a moment to education (or re-education if you prefer): “We the People” have been tested by time and tide over our past 243 years of existence. Sometimes, this journey has not been easy, but (up to here) we have always been up to the challenges!

Unfortunately, however, nothing is ever forever, unless those involved remain on their toes and forever vigilant! “And no amount of ego or vanity is ever going to change this axiom!”

“Also, I am not stupid either!” I know damned well that “my redundant rhetoric” is probably getting old and a bit stale by now, but then I ask you: “Are you listening (really listening) yet?” or are you still floating along upon the tides and taking things only as they come?”

Once again people, this is still your nation! “Love it and defend it” or definitely risk the chance of someday losing it to some ambitious puissant with unlimited ambition and a mouth that roars? And once again for the record: “We currently live in a reality where nuclear powers are becoming more and more plentiful!” And as such and in my opinion, it is for us to insure that we continue to remain at least a full step ahead of the pack -

“Friendly or Not!!”

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